Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Welcome 2009!

..and Good Bye 2008!!



Tuesday, December 30, 2008


They always say this, whenever they think they're in love..

"Mandi tak basah,
Makan tak kenyang,
Tidur tak lena.
Aku lemah dan hanyut dalam cintamu. "

"Oh, ku sudah jatuh cinta."


klaka la.

Why do love has to deny your food or oxygen supply or make u having trouble falling asleep?!

Love is supposed to nourish you and make u feel contented! Not making u feel miserable and starving! haha..

Okay, I'm babbling. I should stop.

I just watched a love story btw. heee =P


Monday, December 29, 2008

Class has Begun!

This is the second week for this semester.

But most of my lectures only gonna start this week. Well, actually some of my classes already begun on the first week.. Only 2 classes to be exact.

And hey, this week I got only 3 classes! Which is on Wednesday only!! Yippie!! (Tuesday all class canceled bebeh, and Monday & Thursday - HOLIDAYS!!). *big grin* =D

Anyway, here's my time table for this semester:

SM: Strategic Management
M&B: Money and Banking
HRM: Human Resource Management
MBL: Malaysian Business Laws
RM: Retail Management
CS: Community Service

Hurm..this semester I got 3 management classes. Hopefully my time management would improve too! Takde lambat2 dah! hahaha ;p

Andd speaking about classes..

The thing I like about going to school is that I could use my cute little notebooks and fully utilize it! Every semester, I would buy some cute notebooks-big & small, diaries, notepad, pencilcase, organizer, files, etc, etc. hehe.. I love cute stuff! =)

And oh, and I love love lovee Jordi Labanda's stuff!!! It's a bit pricey though.. but still, their designs are really really nice and most importantly, very girlish! hehe


These are my essentials for class! Big notebooks, small notebooks, Organizer, Scientific Calculator, Financial Calculator and a pink Pencil Case! hee hee ;)

So many notebooks!! But my favorite cover among these, would be the 'HEYDAY' by Jordi Labanda, cuz it looks just like a magazine! hehe. (People always thought I bring magazines to class! haha)

Books, books, books for me to write notes in class!! hehe =P

And these are my diary/organizer/small notebooks.. for me to jot down some important details/assignments/etc

Okay students! Happy schooling! hehe ;)

P/S: Ada sape2 nak pinjamkan buku2 untuk subject yg tertera di atas itu..? Pweety pleaseee.. by Mc Grawhill, please! THANK YOU! ;p


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wedding and Birthday

Last Saturday, I went to Aishah's big brother's wedding at Bandar Tun Razak. Just so u know, Aishah is one of my primary school friends. I was just so very happy to meet my ex school mates! It has been umm... about 9 years since we last met! I was excited to see all of them! hehee..
Especially this girl called Wina. I just can't seem to stop talking whenever I meet this girl! Borak memang tak ingat dunia! Padahal dah lame gile tak jumpe! N the weird part is, I don't even know what I'm talking about! haha. Merepek je keje. N it's like I'm in my own world when I'm with her. hahaha. =P
Semua org tanya, "Apalah..yang korang borak tu? Sampai tak prasan orang lain?" haha. Ntah lah. Saya pun tak tahuu. =P


Here are the pictures for the day.. heh. (Which mostly were taken by Naz. Well, I have to bring my paparazzi wherever I go! hahaha. JK!)
Thanks a zillion Nazirah!!! U're the best! Muaxx! ;)

Meet my primary school friends! (Except for Naz. I met her in matric.hehe)

This is Aishah Zain, tuan rumah

Iylia Roslan, Shazwina Nordin, Anis Azlan, Aishah Zain & Schazwany Hameed. heh

Oh, Shikin(the one in black kebaya)!!! Rinduu nyee, tapi tak sempat jumpe!!! haishh =(

Budak-budak sekolah Taman Midah.. (1994-1999)

Wina keeps on saying I'm sengal laa.. tak boleh blah laa.. etc, etc..hahaha.. Dunno what that really means! =P

Meet the brides and groom!

Main kawin2.. haha


Kami semua sekolah Menengah lain2..Except for 3 girls..heh.
Wani: SAB, Wina: CBN, Naz: Samad (memang sekolah rendah pun lain! haha), Aishah: BTR, Anis: SBU, Iylia: SAB, Amira: SAB

Thanks Aishah for inviting me!! =)



Later.. I went to KLCC with Naz. To buy Miu's birthday pressies since she invited me to her BBQ Birthday Party, which was held at Hartamas Regency 2.

Here's the invitation email:

Hi darlings,

I am inviting you girls who might not know each other very well (or not at all) to my birthday party on this 27th (sat) December. I hope you can come :) just to eat? drop by if u can ^__^ i would be busy serving guests or just preparing the food (bcoz i am the cook/hostess) so don't worry about needing to layan me yah. Come enjoy the food n chat with each other?

u all have one thing in common, which is u girls are shopaholics!

so do rsvp back to me by 22/12/08 so i can prepare food amount to buy..yah?


I had a hard time finding the perfect gifts for her! If I wanna buy shoes, clothes, etc etc..for her, I still dunno her size and taste! So nope.. I can't buy that kinda stuffs.. Hmm..

So just when I was wandering around the mall..
I saw this at TGV!!

This is the hugest paper bag I have ever seen!!! hehe. I'm super excited!


Oh my god!!!!
This movie must be out n released very verryy soon, huh?!!! Aaaaaa.. I cannot wait to watch!! I love love love Isla Fisher!

Oh.. Err.. back to my story. haha..

So then I thought, why not I give her this Shopaholic book since it is listed on
her wish list! She wanted the first book, which is 'The Confessions Of a Shopaholic'. I looked everywhere! But couldn't find any!! So I just bought for her the 2nd and 3rd ones (btw, there are 5 series altogether). And so I decided to give mine(the first book) to her since they're sold out, I guess!

Oh, and I also give her a Starbucks espresso cup, and a teddy bear/fridge magnet, and a fridge magnet from Holland. And it turns out that she's been eyeing this teddy for months!! I'm really glad u like my gifts dear!! =)

Oh hey! I
won the best wrapped gifts!! heheee. All thanks to Naz! =)

Okay.. all set! Now I'm going to Miu's party! ;)

We were verrrry late though! Arrived around 1130 pm! Sesat area Bukit Damansara for 1 hour pluss!! Haishh! =(

Nevermind.. Luckily when we arrived there, she was just about to cut the cake! Pheww!
So I did get the chance to taste the delectable ice cream cake by Haagen Dazs! hehee ;D

It's a house cake or something.. Yummy!!

Oh hey! I met my reader-Tubbies(the one in white scarf) over there! She's very friendly! N she graduated from UIA too! hehe. Ouh, and if you're reading this, err.. hallu hallu!! hehe =P

Then.. me and Miu had our girl talk.. U know.. make up and stuff! hahaha ;p

Btw, she's very cute u know! N her name really suits her face! hehee ;)

Oh..and just when we were talking n talking.. Naz snapped our pics.. and then she asked her, "Hey, what are u doing? Are u taking our pictures?"

Then Naz replied, "Ha? Err.. yeah! hehe"

N I added,
"Oh..she likes to take candid photos. She has a thing with cameras! Everywhere I go, she'll busy taking my photos or maybe other things!" LOL

N Miu said, "Oh really?! No wonder I always see your pictures while shopping/ eating etc.. I was wondering whether u purposely took all those pictures! Wahh.. so nice to have a friend like this!! Later I wanna go shopping with u and she'll take our photos! hahahaa"

Me: "hehehe.. Okay!" =P

I told ya she's cute!! hehe

This is a picture after we realized we're being snapped! heh =P

Such a nice place!! Very beautiful and peaceful and quiet! Oh I am now in love with Hartamas Regency 2!! This condo is like a hotel, I tell u!

This is the camerawoman for the day! hehe

.....and thank you Miu for inviting me! =)

Ahhh... What a happy day! =)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cinnamon, Cranberry, Pine, and Peppermint. Hey, its Christmas!!

Hello everyone!

Last year's Christmas @ Mid Valley

First of all, I would like to wish all of my friends a Happy Merry Christmas! hehee ;)

Sorry for not updating anything.. Been kinda busy since my class already started this week. *sigh* =(

And a lot of things happened a few days ago. So I was super busy. (Busy scheduling my classes, busy thinking and thinking and thinking about a lot of things, busy going to class, busy chit chating with friends, busy sleeping, busy depressing, busy eating lotsa chocs, busy this, busy that...haha.. and guess what? I got into an accident the other day! A stupid lorry hit my car! And trust me, it wasn't my fault at all! Dammmmn u lorry! Yeesh.)

Hmm.. nevermind..

Got every single thing sorted out already. I'm more relaxed now. (I think so. Well..probabbly cuz my ovulation week has already ended? Or was it because of the amount of the chocolates that I consumed? hahah =P )


Last Christmas we went to Mid Valley to have our lunchie and a little get together. heh. Well of course, I don't celebrate Christmas lar. hehe. But I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to get great sales and discounts! heee. Plus, it's a holiday! So I want to get out and have a little fun with friends. heh. Oh, and I loved the Christmas environment, btw! It just makes me feel so excited! haha. ;P
So this year, Bangsar area it was. heh. Yesterday, we went to the Bangsar Villages. Have some lunch, and talk about stuffs. N i did a little shopping too! (as a Christmas gifts for myself.hehee).

We had our lunch at Marco's btw. Super yummy, I tell u! heh. I am glad that I've friends who love love love to eat!! (So we can order a lot and share!!) hehee ;p

Spaghetti Aglio Olio. This is super duper yummy!!! But Dome's still better of course! hehe

Marco's Thin Crust Pizza

Penne Matriciana. Umm...quite okay..but CPK's better!

Cheers! hehe

Aummmmm! Sedap nyee!

Later, we went to Starbucks to get our coffee. And discussed the undiscussable things. haha =P

Santa's little helper! hehe


It's time for gifts!! hehee.. I gave each of them a purse from Esprit and some bath sets from H & M, some chocolates and some lippies! ;)

Souvenirs from Amsterdam =)

And.. gifts for myself!! =)

I bought the Orizaba shoes! It looks exactly like the Christian Louboutin ones! (except for the red soles lah. hehe)

..and Froppers. This is actually a Garlanda. I couldn't find the picture of my real shoes. heh. But it's bright yellow and a peep toe too! And mine's actually a sling back. and is 5 inches heel. And much more nicer! haha =P

Okay, that's all for today's post!

Have a nice weekend and happy holidays everyone!!


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