Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little 'Thank You' for The Tootsies!

I don't know about you, but I think feet is the most ignored parts of the body by most of us. Well..probably they are the most abused parts of our body! They carry our weight as we move around here and there, help us running some errands, help us to cycle our bike around the park, bring us around the shopping mall and support you to do your daily lives tasks all year long. Such a big responsibilities, huh? They must be so damn tired... Sob sob... (Sorry little tootsies! I know, I'm such a fat chick..) 

Just imagine the amount of weight that they have to carry whenever and wherever we feel like going to, every single day. We drag our feet just about anywhere in the world! We force them to walk. Up and down. Right and left. Front and back. Upstairs, downstairs. Rough roads, slippery floors, and so on..
And when that's not enough, we then force them into some ridiculously tight close-pointed pumps or some pinching shoes with ridiculous toes or tight straps and slingbacks with a super high heels! What's worse is when they are being forced to fit in a very beautiful and glamorous Fendi evening shoes, that is not even their size!! And when they couldn't stand the pain and stress anymore, blisters, bunions, cuts, sweat, swollen, muscle cramps, calluses and so on and so forth will start to appear, to let you know that you are hurting them! If only they could talk, I'm sure they want to curse you everyday for making them feel like they are being taken advantage of, and they would probably say "I hate your shoes! They are too tight. Too high. Too heavy! Too fancy! I don't want to wear those shoes anymore!! And I don't want to walk ever again! Stop abusing me!! Grrrr!".

At the end of the day, it is a sure thing that the parts of us that will be hurting the most are OUR OWN FEET. The feet, therefore, deserve to have a good pampering every now and then! They too, need a little love from you! I'm sure you want your feet to feel that they are as important as the other parts of your body too, right?

Hence, it just sounds SO RIGHT to splurge on having your feet pampered!! =)
And the best part is, you do not need to crash the bank just to go to a spa and get top-of-the-line primping for your feet!
You can do it from the comfort of your home and still get the same results! Do it while you're waiting for your facial mask to dry up, or while you are on the phone with your boyfriend, or while you watch your fave Gossip Girl episode or while you read some blogs or read a magazine or a good book or just about doing anything, you know! That's the beauty of doing a DIY foot spa at can do it your way!
So, how is the do-it-yourself foot spa done?

Here it is, I'll show you step-by-step!

Firstly, lemme show you what are the things needed for your DIY foot spa:

You'll need: A bucket of Hot Water, Salts, Bubble Bath/Bath Foam/Soaps, Organic Herbal Foot Soak (or you can use 5 bags of chamomile tea), Olive Oil, Foot Scrub, Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, Odour Control Foot Spray, Refreshing Foot Spray, Antiperspirant Foot Cream, Energizing Emulsion, Feet Moisturizer, Odour Control Shoe Spray and Socks. Ohhh...and not to forget, a magazine for you to read while you soak your tootsies in the bucket! Heh =)

Oh..and you would also need some pedicure tools:
Pumice Stone, Foot/Nail File, Nail Clipper, Cuticle Balm, Cuticle Remover, Tweezers, Scissors, Nail Buffers, Vaseline, Emery Boards, Toe Separators and Pumice Brush. let's start!

Take a soaking bucket of yours, fill it up with some hot water (hot enough that your skin can tolerate), and then put in some salts (preferably rock salts), then put in some of  your favourite bubble bath or soap.

Mine would be this Boots Bergamot & Clary Sage Bath Foam mix it up with Lemon Body Wash (I love this two items! Smells so invigorating and calming!) and then mix it with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Then, put your feet in the soaking bucket and try to relax! Let your feet soak for about ten minutes.

Next, treat your tired, swollen tootsies to a 'Happy Feet' - a soothing organic herbal foot soak from Earth Mama Angel Baby. This is actually for pregnant ladies...but I am so itchy to get my feet to try this instead of using the chamomile or verbena tea for my foot spa..hehee ;p
The ingredients are: sea salt, Epsom salt, organic rosemary leaf, organic peppermint leaf, organic thyme, organic lavender flowers, organic yarrow flowers, organic rose flower, organic lavender essential oil and organic peppermint essential oil. It's 100% organic content!!

I have to fill the enclosed muslin bag and toss it into the soaking bucket.

It states here on the jar, "Squeeze the bag to release the herbal goodness. Pamper your overworked little feet. They've earned it. And then rinse the muslin bag and reuse". Hmmm.... Okayyy...let's sit in here for a while, no? And in the mean time...let's read the magazine... =)

After 15 minutes or so.. the color started to change..

Yellowish brown.. Like tea or something.. (or maybe urine. haha). I think it has started releasing those herbal goodness... And the smell was soo energizing and calming at the same time.. =)

 Pat your feet dry with a fresh towel (I suggest that you don't use the same towel that you use for your body.. I always separate my facial towel, my hair towel, my body towel and now my feet towel! Heheh)


Time to flake away the dead skin! Like written on this foot scrub from Soap & Glory,  
"Transform your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant!"
"It might be fine if her friends are flaky, but a lady's legs should never be",  
"Now he'll never have to know that all this time you've been flaking it".

 When the skin of your feet has become soft from the warm, soapy and herbal water, scrub the dead skin and the calluses off with a pumice stone. Make sure that your skin is not wet..

 I suggest that you should take your own sweet lil' time to do this, and try not to be too rough in rubbing the extra skin away..

Next, after ridding the feet of the dead skin, work on the toenails. Cut your toenails with a nail clipper. Apply some cuticle balm on your cuticles.. Remove all the cuticles.. And clean them. 

 After clipping the extra length off, file them to give them shape, and then buff them. Do not cut your toenails too short, or else you will end up with painful ingrown nails.
 And after you have done with your toenails, take the tweezers and pluck any of your not-supposed-to-be-there hair on your toes (that if you have such a manly feet like me lah. haha ;p)

Next is, moisturizing! The last step! =) 

You'll need: Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, Energizing Emulsion and a Moisturizer for Feet. These are the items if you wish to stay in after your foot spa activity..

Otherwise, if you're planning to go out and have some fun, which gonna cost you some sweaty feet.. Then maybe you'll need this!

First to apply either the Body Shop Peppermint Foot Spray, OR the Scholl Fresh Step Refreshing Foot Spray. Then after you have sprayed either one of those and it has dried on your feet, slather some of the Oriflame Antiperspirant Foot Cream. And if you'd like, you could also spray the Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray before stepping into your Gucci leather shoes. Oh..and you could also spray the Scholl Odour Control Shoe Spray onto your precious shoes, just to be extra safe so no one could ever smell your feet! teehee ;p

Anyways..since I am not going anywhere...I will opt to wear the first three moisturizing products...

After I sprayed the cooling Body Shop Peppermint Foot Spray, I let it dry and then I spread this Energizing Emulsion from Clarins (which I got as a sample). It's really nice, these two products I tell you! It really does soothes tired feet! It has the tingling, cooling effects fyi, which I like so much!! =)

And lastly, the final step is..
Moisturizer for the whole leg/feet area.. I usually use two types of moisturizer. It's either this one from OPI (that's specially for the feet), or from Garnier AquaDefense Body Moisturizer (which obviously for the whole body). Why I love these two products? Because they really drench my dry skin with moisturizers and smoothing silicones, while adding a layer of protection against irritating skin problems. Skin felt so soft and smooth after application! And the best part is, they really do smell so wonderful!! Sometimes I feel like licking myself! hahaha. These two items are the best! =D

Now remember... after you have changed to your pajama and have applied those rich moisturizers of yours before you're going to bed, do put on a pair of cute lil' socks, to lock in the moisture in your feet while you sleep!!

P/s: The feet are the most worn-out parts of our body. So pamper them a lot and your feet will love you!! And maybe... Just maybe, they wouldn't mind wearing heels everyday! LOL ;p


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's In Your Bag?

If you have known me personally in the real life, you would know that I am so not a sporty kinda girl. I never like or play any sports. Tskk. I know, not good! Since I was in school (primary or secondary) and until now, I would always try to avoid playing any kind of sports (unless you count shopping as a sport activity.haha). So that explains why I am not fit or rather healthy. =(

Reason being, because I am so shy when in comes to doing any kind of sports activity. Saya malu kalau orang tengok saya tak pandai main (especially kalau ada guys yang tengok. Lagi laa malu! Dah la gemok! hehe). And another reason is because I am quite cerewet (or should I say mengada) in choosing what to wear for my sports attire. (Heeee mengadaaa nya! ;p)
Well..the reason why I've been avoiding to play sports since I was young is mainly because of the malu issue and secondly because, I prefer to be 'free' whenever I'm doing any kind of sports activity. And that means, I prefer to wear less clothes on myself, i.e shorts or short sleeved t-shirts or no sleeve t-shirts or whatever that is easy. Dekat sekolah, boleh la. But now that I'm in IIUM, we're not allowed to do that in public or even outside our mahallah/hostel. That's why I didn't join any sports activity while I'm in my uni. Heeee. (alasan tak munasabah langsung! ;p)

So, since I have quit staying in my hostel and decided to travel back and forth to my uni for this semester, I decided to start living healthily. Plus, a few people has asked me to start exercising, and also because lately I've gained tremendous amount of fat! Daymnnn. =/

So recently, my mom has signed me up for a gym. At a place called Phillip Wain. Such gorgeous place!!! This fitness & beauty club is specially for women! How cool, ey? Tak la rasa malu sangat nak exercise, plus I can wear anything I want! hehe.

I really love the place. I've visited a few gyms before signing up for this, like Fitness First, True Fitness, Celebrity Fitness and so on, but none of them are as awesome as this one! Phillip Wain's the best! This place makes me really excited to go there everyday, and makes me motivated to try to make myself sweat like nobody's business! hehe.
Seriously, the place here is really really nice! (and the people too!) =)

Anyways, after signing up and became their member for about a month now, I only had a chance to go there for about 5 times only. That's because I recently fell off a stairs and sprained my ankles. And then last week I had a midterm exam. So I quit for a while. hehe.

But now that I have a lot of spare time in the morning, I think I will start cycling and pedaling and running again! hehee.. I'm excited! I have packed up all my stuff and put in my gym bag just now! Esok nak pergi! Yeayy! hehe.

Now let's have a look in my gym bag!

a Nike hot pink Club Bag. They don't have it in a plain hot pink though..I prefer plain actually. But oh well..I think this is okayy too. Kan?

Let's take a look what's inside my gym bag, shall we?! =)

Pinky stuff!! hehee. Gedix sungguh! ;p

And what are they??

1. The gym bag of course
2. Nike Zoom Trainer Essential in hot pink
3. Nike DriFit - Cool Skin Tank Top in white/pink
4. Adidas Sweatpants in hot pink
5. Tommy Hilfiger ankle socks in soft pink
6. A pair of new and fresh undies (polka dot! Comel kan! hehee ;p)
7. Shu Uemura make up case (to put all my face essentials like toner, moisturizer, powder, etc) - NOT PINK! ;p
8. Juicy Couture make up case (to stuff all my make up tubes like mascaras, eye liner, lip glaze, etc)
9. Adidas Daily Scrub shower gel
10. Toni & Guy shampoo
11. Toni & Guy conditioner
12. Precision Chanel cleansing foam -NOT PINK! ;p
13. Sanex Dermo Intensive deodorant - NOT PINK! ;p
14. Adidas Water Tumbler in pinkish plum
15. Lancome Miracle body lotion
16. Britney Spears Fantasy fragrance
17. The Body Shop hair brush

Okayyy. Saya tahu. Saya gedix




Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey guys! Listen up! I just have to share with you guys about this cool new stuff that I just found out!

The other day, a friend of mine told me all about this new iTalk Whoa portal. At first, I thought it is just another boring website or something, which I don’t really need.. but then after trying it for myself, ohh man..I LOVE it!! Seriously, this has got to be the first thing that I open, whenever I online noww =)
Anyways, this iTalk Whoa is actually a portal that can link to all the different social networks together! That means, it can link Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google talk, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, AOL chats, Windows Live Messenger, etc and a wholeeee lot more!! How cool, ey?!

What’s more is that you can also use this iTalk Whoa to MAKE CALLS as well as sending Web SMS, whether it is to a local or international phone user (mobile/fixed)!
Yet another cool thing!! (Of course, this company is from TM itself. It would be somewhat weird if they don’t include this VOIP feature in this portal, right? hehe).
So now, you don’t need to use Skype anymore to call your friends/family that is overseas! Use iTalk Whoa, people! =)
That’s the best part of this portal as it offers a low voice-call rates and free calls from PC to PC! And users can enjoy nationwide calls, as well as for international calls with the lowest call rates!
Look below to see the rates for some countries that I have listed here for your easy reference (total countries that they cover is up to 79 countries, fyi).

I really think this stuff is SO great as it lets me to link all the major websites that I usually log in or log on to these four websites like Twitter, Facebook, YM, and Gmail.
So now, I only need to open ONE webpage and can enjoy all these websites without needing to enter four different username/emails with four different passwords on four different pages/windows/tabs! Heee. With this new iTalk Whoa portal, I only need to key in one user name and password, but can enjoy all those features!

F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.O isn’t it?! ;)

It lets users to make calls, chat using instant messaging, create e-mail accounts, and send web-based SMSes; a single platform which lets you organize your social networking.
It is indeed the best platform that will let you stay connected to your family and friends without the hassles of logging in to several websites.

Simple and fast. I like. =)

So why wait? Come let’s explore this iTalk Whoa now, cuz it’s truly fantastic, I tell you!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Protect Your Feminine Part!

You use your favorite shampoo to wash your hair every day, toothpaste for your teeth, and a foot scrub to scour away the dirt on your feet, but how about the most intimate and sensitive area of your body? What do you use to clean them?

My mom used to tell me not to wash that area with those soaps that produced a lot of soapsuds or froth. Reason being, soaps can cause vaginal dryness, which is bad for vaginal health. And often that area can easily become inflamed and irritated by the presence of too much soap. So during my early teens, she has suggested me to use Lactacyd® instead of the normal soaps or shower gels to wash that delicate area. And until now, this brand has its special place in my bathroom. =)

Anyway, just to let you know, recently, Lactacyd® has launched the new Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash which contains lactic acid, which preserves the vagina’s natural acidic pH and has proven to be effective in preventing odour and itch for women’s intimate areas. This new feminine hygiene wash also comes with a long lasting floral scent, keeping women feeling fresh and confident throughout the day! (I really love the smell!!)


There are many reasons why you should use Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash. The main reason that you should not ignore is to give your intimate part the genuine protection it deserves. It is not surprising, we would spend extra time and money to buy all those special products to maintain and protect our face, hair and body, but one important part of our body is often forgotten and neglected, which is our intimate part. Most females tend to neglect because they felt that the soap or shower gel that they are using is suffix to cleanse that part. For your information, soap or shower gel has higher pH level which will destroy natural acidic protection of intimate part and cause discomfort or abnormal discharge. A shower gel or normal soap’s pH level is around 6 to 10, which is alkaline and this will prevent the growth of good bacteria in our vaginal ecosystem.

Since female intimate part pH is acidic (pH 3.8 to 4.2), so it acts as a layer of natural protection. It promotes the growth of good bacteria and fight against external bacteria. Hence, it can prevent our intimate part from external irritation and infection. Our vaginal ecosystem consist of Lactic Acid which is the essential element in maintaining acidic pH and that allows our intimate area to have a natural acidic protection. With the new Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash, it prevents external infection and irritation thus, making you feeling fresh all day long!

So what benefit does this brand have to offer?
  •   It is specially formulated for your intimate part
  •  It contains Lactic Acid
  •  It contains natural milk extract
  • It is in harmony with vagina pH level
Now… how often can you use it? And how do you apply it?
You can use it daily in place of shower gel to wash the external vaginal areas.
Just put two to three drops of Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash onto your palm and wash your intimate part. Rinse thoroughly with water. =)

Just put two to three drops..

Lather up.. Can you see that? It doesn’t have much froth, and still smell so good and fresh!! I like! =)

Rinse thoroughly with water..and you’re done! =)

Lasting freshness and confidence, the natural way! So make the right choice today. Give the genuine protection to your intimate part by choosing Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash because it is specially formulated for your intimate part!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Bra Shopping and Feeling Annoyed

Bra shopping can be such a fun thing to do. Especially when you're shopping at those high-end, fabulous stores or brands like La Perla, Lejaby, Valisere, La Senza, Victoria's Secret, Wacoal, Xixili and the list goes on and on..They have such gorgeous style and comfy bras, aren't they?! =)

I love to look at my reflection in the mirror and see those perfect style and color (and lace) being wrapped up all over my chest. It gives me some kinda happiness. hehe

Anyway, I started buying my own bra when I was as little as 14! Reason being, I don't like those bras that my mom usually would pick for me (those unfun, pale, boring plain beige colored bras! hehe). So I secretly went to Jaya Jusco after school, and decided to buy my own choice of pretty Triumph bras. That's when I started to love lingerie shopping!

So up until now, I have never asked my mom to buy any bras for me, cuz I wanna choose myself what I want for my body! haha. My favourite brand is La Senza and Victoria's Secret (But too bad it doesn't exist here in Malaysia! Bummer!).

Anyway, the other day I went to Isetan The Gardens to buy myself a couple of bras since they were having a sale. So I went to the Lingerie Department, and looked around..

And then came a Sales Assistant to assist me..

"Hello miss. What type of bra or brand are you looking for?"

So I told her just the normal ones and without lace. (I prefer the satin plain ones if I wanna wear it with t-shirts or sheer blouses)

After I've made a decision on which bra that I wanted to buy, I asked, where the cashier at.. But the SA wants me to try them on first.

I said, I already know my size, but she told me that I could be wrong because different bra/brand sometimes has different size.

Fine. So I decided to try.

Thus, the SA lead me to a fitting room at the back.. Before I went into the room, she said she wanted to measure my chest. I already told her my size and confident that it is correct and the bras that I took matched my size. (Not that I embarrass or whatever, it's just that I don't feel it is necessary for her to measure me up since I already know my size..)

But she insisted on measuring my chest jugak-jugak as she said,

"Sometimes different cutting and styles can make a big difference in choosing the perfect size. So I wanna make sure you take the right size and the right bra for your body". (Yes, again. I already know that tooo.)

Ok, so fine. I let her do her job.

10 seconds later..after she measured me up and down, left and right, front and back.. She said for that bra that I took, I should take that size.

And then I showed her the size that I took with a smile on my face. (And yes, I was right. The size that I took was correct!). So I went in and pulled the curtain down.

At that time I was wearing Premium Beautiful full corset, by the way. So it consists of the bra corset, waist nipper and girdle. Just so you know, this corset is really hard to get on and get off with (because I rarely wear it! Heee...). So it took me some time to take it off..and just when I was just done removing the bra corset and waist nipper from my body (so I was half naked), the SA came to the dressing room, and trying to pull aside the curtain and said,

"Miss, dah siap ke? Bagi saya tengok?"
("Miss, are you done? Let me see it")

I was surprised to see the curtain was pulled aside a bit when she said that, so I shouted,

 "Heyyy... I am not done yet!!"

"Oh, okay. Sorry. Let me see when you're done, kay", she said.

While I was in there (still trying the bra on my own), it got me thinking, whyyyy does this girl insisted on seeing my boobies on her bra? I really don't feel comfortable because I am so used to shopping bras on my own. All my life, I have never experienced with this kinda situation. I mean, why does she care so much if my boobies don't look that good because I wear the wrong size? It's not like I took those sizes yang memang comfirm is not my size at all, like maybe too damn big or too tight..or something..

First, she insisted on measuring my boobs after I said no, and then after I've tried it, she wanted to see it some moree? Haihh.. I really think just by measuring is enough. Why do you need to see it? It's a different story if I'm the one who show it to her and ask her opinion.. Right? Suka hatilah nak bagi tengok ke tak. Why must you paksa jugak-jugak? Please respect my decision lah! Haihh..

So after I tried the first bra (I took 3 bras to try, btw), and was in the middle of trying out the second bra that I took, which was a satin turquoise bra by the way.. and then came the SA again,

"Miss, tak siap-siap lagi ke?? Bagi lah saya tengok.." - Sumpah, annoying okayy
("Miss, you're not done yet?? Come, let me see it")

At that time I was getting a lil' bit annoyed with the sound of her voice disturbing my fun moments in the fitting room, so I let her see it and pulled aside the curtain.

And she went in. At first, she stood there, looking at me for a few mili seconds.. And then I asked,

"Hmm.. so..this is okay, right?"

And then, she came close to me and start measuring me AGAIN! Ughhh.. At that moment, I really think it's not necessary and that she actually doesn't really know what else to do since the bra really does look okay and suits me well!

So again, while looking at my half naked boobs, she measured me here and there, up and down...bla..bla.bla.. and with a frowned face and a very loud sigh, like there was something wrong.. As if macam masalah besar sangat.. Haihh.. And then after THREE TIMES of measurement, she asked me, to unzip and pull down my skirt!! Because she wanted to measure under my bust area. But still, why do you need me to take off my skirt?? Skirt kat pinggang la! Bukan dekat dada! I dunno why the heck did I follow her instruction! Ughh. It's like I was so blur and dengarrr je apa dia cakap. (Luckily I was wearing the girdle, otherwise, I would be seen in a bra and panty only!!). OMG! What does taking off my skirt has to do with my bra size??! I felt so uncomfortable and annoyed but yet I couldn't say NO to her, and I did what she told me to!! OMG.. I feel so stupid! I dunno why on earth I did that and followed what she said?!

And then, I guess she sensed that I was feeling awkward and uncomfortable, after a few measurements, she looked at me and smiled, and asked me, what size did I take. And then I said X size. And then you know what she replied???

"Oh. Betul la."
("Oh. That's correct")

At that time, seriously, I was really reallllllly annoyed with her!!! Because I really think that there's no purpose at all for her to measure me up and down, here and there from the very first minute she put her hands on me! And especially, the part where she asked me to pull down my skirt!!! What the hell was that for??! As long as the bra looks good on me and fit me correctly, then..I don't see what seems to be the problem??! Haihhh.. Sibukkk sangat lah! Ish.

And then you know what happens nextttt?!

She asked me to try another bra (the 3rd bra) IN FRONT OF HER. She said,  

"Now try this". (And she meant, trying it in front of her!!)

I was like, Huhhhh??! What is this?? Who are youuu?! What is your problem?!

So I told her off (nicely) that I already know my size and said that I will only take the one that I was wearing, and the 1st bra that I tried. And then you know what she said?!

"But I haven't seen you wear the first one yet. Try la, let me see it. You don't have to feel ashamed, we're both women, right?"

With a firm voice (still trying to keep my cool), I said,  

"No, it's okay. You don't need to see it. I'm just gonna pay"... and walk away from that room as fast as I could.

Ugh. I really felt like I was being molested! haha. ;p

That was indeed, a really bad bad bad bad bad experience! Scary, okay! Bra shopping should be fun! Not embarrassing! Sigh. I shall not look for bras in Isetan The Gardens anymore! One very unsatisfied customer!!



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still Trying..

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was away for awhile.. I was making myself busy with some stuff..
I promise to update more and rearrange this blog later on.. =)

Anyway, this entry is specially for my beloved friend, Syarifah Nazirah... It's just a quick post as I got some really important things to do.. Talk to you later!

Dear Naz,

Thank you so much for the much needed laughter, thank you so much for your time and thank you so much for the lovely words. You're the only person I can be 110% Shazwani Hamid. heheh. Thank you so much for your kind words and advice and thanks for being such an understanding friend.. No one could ever replace you!! And lastly, thank you so much for making me smile again. =)

You're the best!

♥♥♥ I love you  ♥♥♥

Your Best Friend.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Long Chat Over A Cuppa Tea (Edited)

Hello guys! I'm back. (In my normal mode! haha). Sorry, about my previous post (that I decided to just delete it and keep it in my Inbox).  Full of negativity, ey? heheee.. I blame the PMS! haha. Anyways, the reason why I deleted it, is because when I read back this entry, it doesn't sound so right. I mean, I wrote that while I was in disappointment and full of anger. And all the words or explanation doesn't sound so right! haha.. Lain yang nak disampaikan, lain pulak saya type! hahaha.
Anyway, now that I'm back, and could think positively and being normal again...I think, I should just let it go and erase that entry (so I can erase it from my mind as well!) =)

 Okayy..time to be happy, Wani!

Ohh..anyways.. just to give this entry a lil' bit of 'sound effect' (haha).. I sang a song the other day.. Oh, dramatic nya saya ni. Heee ;p (sila jangan gelakk.. Ini sekadar suka duka sahaja ye tuan tuan dan puan puan sekalian. Saya tak pernah bercita-cita/perasan nak jadi penyanyi pun..Heee ;p )

By the way, it's a song from Rossa (an awesome Indonesian singer), Hati Yang Kau Sakiti..

It's acapella, no music.. So bunyi nya agak tidak nyaman untuk di dengari. Tapi tidak mengapalah..heee ;p

Jangan pernah katakan bahwa
cintamu hanyalah untukku
karna kini kau telah membaginya

Maafkan jika memang kini
harus kutinggalkan dirimu
karna hatiku selalu kau lukai
Tak ada lagi yang bisa ku lakukan tanpamu
ku hanya bisa mengatakan apa yang ku rasa

Ku menangis membayangkan
betapa kejamnya dirimu atas diriku
kau duakan cinta ini
kau pergi bersamanya

Ku menangis melepaskan
kepergian dirimu dari sisi hidupku
harus slalu kau tahu
aku lah hati yang telah kau sakiti

Okayy.. Go ahead.. Laugh at me.. Pitching lari di sana sini..haha.. Biasalah, budak tak pernah pergi karaoke. huhu..  (Aku nyanyi jadi Rossak bukan Rossa. hahaha.)
Anyways.. here's the full version, (and 100 million times better) of the song.. Enjoy!

Ok byee!

P/s: Thank you so much for the sweet/thoughtful/positive comments/SMSes/emails. You guys are awesome!

P/ss: Dad, Sisters, Naz, I love you! Mmmmmmuah! ;*

Signing Off.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love Fine Dining!

For the Mother's Day eve and Aizat's Birthday dinner, we had a small celebration at Hilton Hotel.
We had it at one of the finest restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, that is Chynna Restaurant to have a fine Chinese cuisine for a family dinner.

Just so you know, this restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the KL Hilton.. The moment I stepped into the Chinese ambiance, I went ooohh-ahhh and a lil' bit of jakun. My oh my..this place can be described in one word, that is: Luxurious! Such beautiful settings and deco for a Chinese ambiance and environment! I really felt like I was in Beijing or Shanghai or know! We were surrounded by lanterns and wall hangings of ‘ancestors’ suspended on high beams, and with the grand tanglungs that were all over the ceiling, checkered black and white tile floors, black table linen, and with the soft lighting that makes all the deco looking so perfect.. and not to forget the grand entrance with 'Chynna' writings on it, and opulent looking cushion seats that were all soaked in the color deep red, the table setting that was arranged so decently (what a luxurious cutlery they have there!) and the gorgeous and slim Chinese ladies that welcomed us to our private room.. =)
Everything was just so...perrrfect..

The huge tanglung in our room..

Very nice, kan? =)

I dunno why, but like seeing how a table is set in a 5 star hotel or in a fine restaurant.. They are somewhat unique and creative and have this 'royalness' feeling whenever your butt sink into the chair and you sit comfortably waiting to be served.. heheh ;p

I love the display plate! Very Chinese and very unique!

Anyways.. after everyone has seated and admiring the ambiance (or the table setting - that was me!), we were served a welcome drink by a chap, known as the tea master who wears a Chinese outfit, carrying a gold teapot with a metre-long spout! This guy is from Beijing and has a skilled in the art of pouring tea with martial arts movements, using a teapot with this one metre-long spout! Hebat!

His 'show' was quite dramatic Everyone in the room was looking at him excitedly! =)

Macam-macam style ada. His kungfu moves while pouring the tea was amazing.

Mmmmm..tasted goood! It's a Chinese tea with ginseng. I super loved it! I had like more than 5 cups of that!

I hate the lighting.. Semua gambar jadi color tak besttt..I look like a ghost heree.. tsk

After a few minutes of enjoying our drinks, there came a server to our room with a huge lobster on his huge tray..

 "Dinner is served!"

Okayyy...more like starters actually..

They served each one of us course by course...

7 course to be exact! Oh my god.. Banyak gila kan?! But honestly, their food are too rugi not to eat!! This has got to be one of the best dining experience I ever had in my life! Sumpah sedap gila. Makin lama, makin sedap makanan-makanan yang dia served tu! Starting from the entree sampai lah ke dessert.. Omg..while writing this pon I dah terliur sebab teringat kesedapan dia tu! haha. And you know what, since the portion of food that they served are all quite small, so I left zero traces of my food on all my plates sebab tak cukup walau dah kenyang sangat-sangat! haha.. Serious sedap gila! Takde yang tak sedap langsung! YOU. HAVE. TO. TRY. IT. TO. BELIEVE. (okayy saya sudah tidak tahu macam mana nak explain betapa sedapnya ia..hahaha)
So I won't explain further on how the taste of each and every meal that I had there.. (Because I really think you gonna feel like slapping my face for having to say "sedap gilaaa" for too many times! But seriously, SEMUA memang sedap sangat-sangat!) 
Just look at the picture to interpret kay, since a picture worth a thousand words, ey? heh ;p

First up on the menu was a Three Combination of Lobster Salad.

And then came a very big bowl of Braised Yellow Shark's Fin Soup with  Crab & Roe, Shanghai Style.

Next, a Grilled Canadian Cod Fish with Cointreau Orange Sauce

Then, a Braised Homemade Pipa Bean Curd with Brine & Sauteed Chicken with Chili and Garlic Sauce

Stuffed Cabbage with Smoked Duck in Abalone Sauce

Seared Portuguese Creamy Prawn with Hand Rolls Rice

And lastly, a Pumpkin Puree with Fig Konyaku Jelly topped with Coconut Ice Cream

My happy and satisfied face! heh ;p

After we had done with our foods, elok pulak my battery camera habis! Grrreat. And then, masa tu lah pulak ada surprise for my brother.. His birthday was on 7th May, btw..
So the waitresses brought in a big carrot cake and sing along the birthday song for the birthday boy.. (Sorry, picture quality very bad, I was using my BB Bold. tskk)

"Happy 19th Birthday, Aizat"

And this is the 8th course! heheh ;p

Us. Sister and Brother. (The sister baru umur 21, adik dia sudah 19. huhuh) ;p

Happy birthday, brothaa! I love you always! =)

P/s: Your birthday present will be given later kayy. I'm kinda on a tight budget. Gotta get that thing done first! heee ;)


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