Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY : Homemade Lip Gloss! (or Lip Balm)

I couldn't remember how I was like when I was little.. but recently, mom told me that I started showing interest at all things pretty and girly at such a young age...and no one even taught me that! She said, as a kid, I always had a fascination with all things girly.. and that includes makeup!  - At 3 years old, mom said I would stare closely at my aunt (my mom's closest sister), every time she applies her lipstick. And she told me that I would peek through her little makeup bag and play around with the pretty things I would find in there, whenever we visited her house! (Last time, my mom would visit her sister every week..and bring us there to meet our cousins.) One thing that I remember is that, back then, I was always looking forward to the weekend, to come over to my aunt's house because I really wanted to see her make up stuff on her dressing table and play with it if I got the chance to do so. hehe (My mom never wear make up throughout her life, except on the day she got married. So, having a mom who doesn't like make up.. or even had any make up at all in her room, was making that girly 3-year-old kid so eager and excited to see her aunt's make up collection! haha) 

My favourite item back then was her lipstick and blusher.  Even though I was a little too young to be wearing makeup, but I was always wanted to try and experiment, and play with them in her bedroom mirror every time I visited her house - Oh, and I remember.. I even got caught red-handed, stealing her mini lipsticks! I took more than 10 lipsticks that time!!! hahaa. Evil me. ;p
They were too cute, I swear..and that 4 year old kid just couldn't help, not to take them! LOL. (I realllllly wanted to wear one and have my own lipstick rather than having to wait for the weekend to come and visit my aunt's and play with hers, since my mom didn't have any make up at all for me to play with! haha. Poor girl ;p) 

Anyways, I'm all grown up now...and I still like make up very much! Make up is fun for me.. I really love trying out new products that makes me looking good! hehe. However, I gotta admit that it is not so fun for the wallet though. tskk.

So I thought a good way for me to save some money but still enjoy splurging on makeup, was to start making my own beauty products! hehe. And today, I thought I'd try the DIY lip gloss! It's super easy, and fun! You should give it a try!

So girls.... what would you do with your empty eyeshadow pots or blusher jars? 

I make a homemade lip gloss! (or lip balm if you wanna call it). 

Let's see, what would you need for this little project?

  What You'll Need :  

1. Petroleum Jelly (mine was from Boots. The kind I got has Vitamin E, so it helps condition your lips and make them super soft)
2. An empty jar (for mixing your lip gloss mixtures)
3. A spatula (or spoon)
4. A knife/cutter 
5. Honey or Maple Syrup or Vanilla Essence or Olive Oil (for making your mixture even more sweeter!)
6. Lip Balm / Shea Butter (for that extra softness!)
7. Powder Blusher (for a pop of color!)
8. Little containers (to fill your lippies when you're done mixing them!)

   Steps/Instructions : -  

Scoop some generous amount of your petroleum jelly with your spatula...

...and fill your container with it

Next, pour some honey or maple syrup or vanilla essence into it

...and some Shea Butter if you like, to make your lip gloss has that added benefit to your lips, making it super duper soft! hehe

Next, take your powder blusher.. Sprinkle it on top. I used a ball type powder blusher from Paul & Joe, (which my blog reader, Ayna, gave to me as my birthday gift. Thank you, sweetie!), which I have to smash it up until it becomes like in a powdery form - If you have any shadows or blushers that have broken, they would be perfect for this! Just grind them up until they're a fine powder...and you're good to go!

Next I cut a bit of my Lip Ice Sheer Color lip balm, to make my lip gloss color appear more natural pink, just like this lip balm did to my lips! ;) 

Mix everything up! 

This is where you can get creative! You can mix the colors with different shades, and you can add a little shimmer, or add extra powder to deepen the color! - Just like I did! I added one more pink balls inside my mixture..and I add a bit of my MAC pigment to make it more shimmery! ^___^

Mix it all together well pink!! And sooo shiny!!

Transfer it to your lip gloss containers.  You can reuse old containers that have been cleaned out, just like I did. Or you can buy some from Watson's or Guardians, etc..  

Then, clean up the edges and mess (if needed)
And you can now enjoy your new Lip Gloss!!

Oh, I just made my own makeup! How exciting! hihihi ^__^

After I did this post, I found this trinkets box my sister's friend gave me. Hmm...maybe I should put my Lip Gloss in there making it appear so much cooler and fun!!

I really had fun making this DIY homemade lip gloss, and look forward to sharing more beauty-related DIYs in the future with you girls! A soap maybe? Or some hair products? Mmm...that'd be so exciting! ;)

Talk soon! Take care girls.. Don't forget to wear your lip gloss and be pretty! xx


Friday, October 26, 2012

Living life to the fullest! :)

Hi!!! Do you miss me? ;p

Long time no read my blabbering session, ha? hehe. Ok! It's happening now! LOL.

Alright..firstly, I would like to wish all my muslim readers a Happy Eid ul Adha! So how's your celebration so far? Mine's just so simple. Spent most of my time in the house, talking and chit chatting with my sisters and brothers. And playing UNO as well..haha. I didn't even see any cow today. Only chicken..... Rendang Ayam that mom made, that is. ;p
But it was such a great time, catching up things with my siblings today, since the last time we gathered was during Raya in August. - Everyone has their own agenda and families now.. So seeing one another every now and then like thisss, is nice :)

So anyways, I am, apologizing for not writing much in here.. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Please don't hate me ;p
I know some of you guys have been waiting for a new post from me (I always get a private message asking me to blog more or update soon or where the heck have I gone to??!?!)


Umm...well, for the 100th time, I'm soooo sorry :( I have a lot to tell and to update in here actually! A lot of exciting and great stuff happen to me lately! But I just haven't got much time to really sit my butt on a comfy chair while drinking my cuppa coffee, and switch on my Maccie and update this blog, YET! - That's whyyy! ;p
(Heck, I haven't even chose the winner of my blogniversary still! That's how occupied I am with things lately! tskk. - Will do it next Wednesday! Inshaallah, I think I'd be a bit free after Wednesday!)

Anyhow... Just so you know, great things are happening in my life right now. And I am enjoying every minute of it. Alhamdullilah, syukur syukur syukur.... It seems like every thing makes sense and fall into place now.. (I think, and hope so) 

For now, I am taking care of some things, hence the busyness, hence not much free time, hence I'm really tired, hence I need more sleep, hence NO UPDATE! haha. ;p

But I just created a daily life & routine timetable for myself yesterday. haha.. And in that timetable I have included my time to blog.. So I would try my very best to follow my life timetable! LOL. So let's hope you'll be seeing me blogging like usual, soon!

Ok, it's late...I need to work tomorrow.. So gotta need my sleep now! Take care girls.. Toodles! Love ya! ^____^

P/S: And no, I am not getting married yet la! haha. Why laaaaa...everybody likes that topic? =____='

P/SS: I just started using nuffnangx! Please follow me there!!! Thanks! ;)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So Sorry..

It has been awhile since I last logged in to this site. Life has been really really busy these days..I'm juggling and planning a few things at a time..that's why. sobs. As much as I'm loving every second of my busy life these days, I still miss the old Wani who blogs though. Haha. Oh.. I miss my blog very much! :(

I'm so sorry if I keep you guys waiting for a new entry! I rarely tweet or even check my Facebook these days...and what more updating this blog! Heee. I only update my Instagram in the morning before I go to work.......andddd that's all! haha. ;p

And when I get back home, I'd be too tired to open my laptop..thus, can't update this blog. tskk.. Anyways, I'm in the office right now...I didn't bring my Maccie. - Lotsa photos in there, thus no interesting entry today! =(
My office laptop is so boring - not much of interesting stuff in here.. So, you just have to wait a little more.. Heee

I will try to blog tonight. Gotta get my passion back on track. heh. See you soon! Take care!


Friday, October 12, 2012

The awesome Mango Fall/Winter 2012 collection!

I’ve always love the Mango brand ever since I was in high school. And every season, I won’t miss out buying at least one of their latest collections of the season! My favourite season of the year for fashion, would be the Fall/Winter collection, especially! Simply because I personally think, most of the designs for that season, are more sophisticated and elegant compared to the Spring/Summer ones. And I always look forward to buy more clothes during this time of the year! Hehe..

Anyways, so have you girls checked out the MNG stores recently? The Mango's New Fall/Winter 2012 collection is in stores NOW! - I’ve already bought 12 pieces of their collections!!! They’re so ME! I love every piece that I got for myself! Hehe.. Anyway, the new Fall Winter 2012 collection offers four basic lines: Evening, Suit, Casual-Sport and Jeans plus the other designer’s collection such as the Arabic collection or Limited Edition collections. Each and every collection offers garments that are easy to mix-and-match based on the individual style/preference and personality. And guess who is the new face of Mango’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection??!

It’s the amazing Kate Moss! After all these years, Kate Moss still has it, and she makes every piece of the collection look like a must have!!! - The collection features include epaulettes, patch pockets, contrast piping, leather adornments, buttons with military motifs, padded garments, and everything that I love!! All in a colour palette in which the different shades of khaki become the neutral tones of the season!

 Let’s take a look and feast our eyes, shall we?

Anyway, this Fall/Winter Collection, is also a clear influence of architectural forms which add new volumes, with particular emphasis on volume sleeves and waists to which frills have been added in skirts and dresses. Complete black and white winter outfits are very important in these silhouettes, while deep and bright colours such as cobalt blue also add fervent energy to the Fall! Oh, I really love the colour palettes of the Fall/Winter Collection!


So which one is your favourite look? Do share! - I am definitely gonna buy the bronze/gold jacket, and the red and dark colored panel jacket soon! ;)

Ok, talk soon..gotta hit the stores now! hehe


Friday, October 5, 2012

This week's theme: Yellow!

Day 1: Wearing a zebra printed tank top from Jaya Jusco and a yellow jacket which I got from a vintage store in Perth, a black pants from Warehouse, a black pasar malam scarf, a necklace from Diva, a black ring and gold bangle from The Little Things She Needs, a yellow shoes from Aldo, and my old LV Mini Lin bag!

Day 2: Wearing a yellow top from one of the Indonesian brand (forgot what), Red pants from Victoria Secret, yellow scarf from pasar malam, red tote bag from Celine, red peep-toe heels from Juicy Couture, accessories from Diva.

Day 3: Wearing a Cotton On peplum mustard top, a black Warehouse pants, an Hermes yellow printed scarf, a black waist belt with chains on it from MNG, yellow shoes from Aldo and the LV Mini Lin bag.

Have a great weekend girls! ;)


Monday, October 1, 2012

Barbecue with Friends!

A few weeks ago, my friend, Zeam invited me to join the Melawatians barbecue gathering at his house in Emerald West. And I did.  - I like hanging out with these guys. These guys are the funniest and craziest people I ever met! They're fun, funny, cool and happy people. There is not one time when I hang out with them, I didn't laugh. hehe. It's fun to be around them!'s like their tradition to gather every year or so, ever since high school. They are very close with one another despite everybody has their own agenda now - some married, some engaged, some working, some studying, etc etc... Although they're not as close as they used to be when they were in high school, but they always make an effort to come and see each other every other week or so, for a drink or something.. and would do an activity or a gathering each year, once or twice, at least. And that's why the boys and the girls are still close with one another, up until today! - more than 10 years of friendship, that's realllllly nice! - I think that it's very nice to have friends that you are close with, for such a long time like that... growing up together and experienced the ups and downs with each other.. laugh, cry and be there for one another when needed. - Now.. that's what I called a true friend! ;) 

Anyway, so here are the pics I took..on that day!

The boys setting up the barbecue grill set.. 

Meet Kayroll, the chef of the day! (He studied culinary arts in Taylors)

Mmmm...marinated chickens ready to be set on fire!

While Kayroll grilled the chickens, the other guys helped him out to grill the corns....


And the other guys setting up the shisha thingy..

While the boys do their stuff outside, the girls in the kitchen made some Linguine Olio..

Meet Sarah and Tya!

My fave meal on that day! I've always love aglio olio! ;)

And this is the Honey Mustard sauce and Black Pepper sauce that Kayroll made..

...and the creamy Mashed Potato too! 
(This guy can do a lot of stuff! - Tya, the girlfriend, indeed, is a lucky girl! hehe)

Grilled vege and mushrooms..

Hot chicks

....and err..a bit hangus sausage! hehe

Raimi enjoying his first bite of the hot chick.. hehe


Me enjoying the fruit salad that Kayroll made.. - Sedap! hehe

That day it was Apai's birthday too.. So, I bought the Chocolate Indulgence cake for him, and asked them to make a surprise for him...which turned out to be not that surprise... LOL ;p

Happy Birthday Apai!

Apai  received a birthday kiss! hahah

The thing that the boys would do when it's their friends' birthday.... =_____='

I thank God that I'm not a boy. hahaha ;p
(I remember last time, Zeam had the worst surprise from his friends too, on his 21st birthday. hahahh.)

Sing, shisha,  laugh. That's what they do..

Meet Zully...

...and meet Sarah and Boy. The cutest couple!

I just realized, I took a lot of their pics on that day, and none of my own! LOL. Oh well..never mind. maybe next time then! ;)

Ok, till my next post!

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