Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Eve

So I didn't go anywhere on new year's eve.

Oh well.. I'm not the type that have to celebrate these kinda things. It'd be fun if I do, but it'll be okay if I don't as well. I prefer not to, actually. As there'll be a lot of people, and I hate crowds, also, the parking is going to be a pain in the arse, and traffic jam everywhere...and food or parking or whatever would be slightly expensive during this date. Unless if you want to take me out and drive me somewhere, would be an okay thing for me..hehe..

Cuz... why bother with all that when you can just chill at home, and wait until tomorrow or the next day to go out! haha

Well..I just don't celebrate. I don't see any point, to celebrate it unless if it's with my closest friends or something you know, doing something fun and memorable. Plus, I thought we have fireworks each time we have a festival here in Malaysia or anywhere in the world lahh.. So...what's so special/amazing about that? LOL. I's something that is quite common now.. Some people even propose to the girlfriend with fireworks too! So...yeah. Fireworks are not something that is special anymore... To me, at least. heheh. So why bother bersesak-sesak just to see some fireworks? heh. Well..I guess it's the countdown yang the best part kot. Ahh...I dunno. Whatever.

Anyway, on my new year's eve, all I did was watching movie all day and night and online too! Same old, same old activity! hehe..

Anyway... I watched this!

Cried a bit. The father-daughter part, and the part where Halle Berry and his partner videochatted on new year's eve, and the part when Bon Jovi wants to get back with Katherine Heighl again..
So sweet. =)

Happy new year, everyone! Welcome 2012! May this year would be a happy year for me and for you! 


Friday, December 30, 2011

My Little Victorian-Themed Blogniversary Tea Party

This is quite a long post.You have been warned. 


I know it has been over 2 months already since the blogniversary party. Sorry peeps! Procrastinate. Yes, that's the suitable word for me! haha. I've been delaying and delaying to do the post, until I was really busy with work, business, holidays and some plannings, that I got no time to choose and edit the pics and update here some more, until the year has coming to an end already, and there is still NO UPDATE on this! Pfft. I feel so bad. I'm such a terrible blogger  =/

Seriously, if you look at my organizer, you'll be surprised just how many things I want to write, share and update here, but I just never got enough time to do it, just yet! T____T

Ugh. I hate that =/

If only I have all the energy and time to do all that! My blog would be so much fun then.....right? And you guys would love me, right? LOL. Yeah Wani, that's like so trueee...  =_______='
But really, I wonder how do those bloggers update their blog every day??!! Some even every few hours??! WOW. These people really amazed me. It's either they don't have an outside life/world, or simply because blogging is their fulltime JOB! hehe..

Anyway, so here I am. Writing on the little event that I had last time. But before I started to membebel on that, let me just let y'all know how and why I did all this... And also, let me warn you, this post contain a lot of photos. 80++ pics to be exact! I just don't know which ones to omit anymore from that 350 pics that I have! Heee.. ;p

So anyways.. Here it is!

Well, I've been blogging only for about 3 years now (almost 4 actually, this coming March), and throughout this 3 years of (publicly) blogging... (before that it was a private blog since 2005. But that didn't really count, I think?) I've met a lot of awesome people and I had many opportunities/experiences... Although they are not that big, but I am thankful for all those, because initially I only blog to share little pieces of my life here, just for my kids to see one day when their mommy was young. LOL. But now, blogging is not just some activities/hobby I do during my free time, but blogging has becoming part of my daily routine, activities..or I can say like a part time job! haha. And I kinda addicted to it already! (My butt will feel so itchy if I left this blog for far too long! I'd feel like there's something missing in my life! I'd feel like I owe the world or something! Haha. I knowww, so weird! ;p) But really, I'm glad that along the way, I've met new friends and such cool people.. =)

Anyway, so to show my appreciation to my lovely faithful readers, who has been reading and supporting this blog for years, I decided to make a little party for me to get to know y'all..and to be friends with you.. Cuz it's not fair when you guys je yang kenal I, but I didn't really know you guys! heheheh ;p So the party was to actually getting to know you guys, and make more friends here.. hehe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unlock the Code Of Youth!

Being a girly girl who loves all things pretty, of course being able to feel beautiful inside out is kinda like my mission and dream. Well…I think that IS every woman’s dream..right?

But I don’t know whether it is because of lately I was so stressed with things in my life (work and some other stuff), or because I always have lack of sleep (and especially during the past two months), or it’s because of me “falling in love” (I know, as ridiculous as it sounds, but this was mom’s theory of “kuat berangan bila bercinta” or something like that - Don’t know what that really means actually, as I didn’t have any berangan moments, except for the berangan to have my own shoe line. LOL. So yeah, I don’t really know what my mom meant when she said that and what does falling in love have to do with thisss..haha) or maybe it just so happened that I’m having some weird hormonal changes at this stage of my life or something like that or whatever la..

But……….seriously, lately my skin condition has becoming ermm…how do I say this….? Err…Well, not that smooth like last time anymore, I suppose? tsk.

Yes. You guessed it right. It was ACNE problem.

All of a sudden, I got acne on my face. I used to have a smooth skin. I don’t have skin problem at all during my teenage years, and even when I’m in this early 20s.. Except for those little zits that come to visit me every now and then and especially during that time of the month.

But about a month or two ago, I don’t know whyyy, suddenly I had terrible acne on my skin. The acne was so horrible, until everyone who knows me said so..and asked me why, what happened to me. And it made me even more stress about it, when most of them were so “concern” or should I say making fun of me. Tskk. =/

I was so stressed about that, and probably that was the reason why the acne keeps on popping out. And not just that, my skin also looked tired and dull with all that scars and dark spots. And I just can’t stop thinking, just how many more pimples would pop out from my poor skin and when will I have bright, radiant, happy skin again. Sobs.

This was taken in the last week of November. Before that it’s like 6-8 pimples on each cheek! And left a lot of scars as well! But in this pic, the pimple has popped out a bit slower at this time… - But it’s still quite a lot to me, cuz I used to have a clear skin.. Not like that.. =/

And the thing that I hate the most is that I had to cover them up with make up, but you can still see it! – I really do not like the idea of depending on make up to look nice. For me, make up is supposed to just enhance your look, and not covering up your whole face with it and looked completely like a different person! Bcuz I prefer to have a glowing and radiant face/skin, naturally.

Not depending on make up! But I just can’t help it.. I can’t accept the fact that I had a lot of acne and marks and spots on my cheeks. And I looked…..SO. COMOT. =/

See…if you look closely, you can still see my scars (at the right cheek area) even with full, (quite heavy) make up on my face.. (although at this time, I don’t have pimples, but I had acne marks, and dark spots, but had to cover it with a lot of make up)

So anyway..I bought lotsa skincare that time, from high ends to the really cheap ones.. But nothing seems to REALLY work. I mean like, really vanish everrrryyything, the scars, the acne pus, the bumps and what not.. And give me back my skin that I used to have.

Well…I would say, most of the products I have used, are such a bummer. Nothing has really really worked for me. All those products did to my face was only making it so dry instead of banishing all the unnecessary ugly bumps and scars on my face! And somehow, even after using acne medications and whatnot, the acne was still so strong and still popping out! And the scars are still there..even though I put creams or oil for scars and all that… But nothing seems to make them go away from my life! So I was realllllly sad. And stressed out. I did everything that I could..and I don’t know what else should I do.

But then bit by bit, as time goes by, the acne is slowly healed…But only left ugly marks and dark spots. Probably after I bought this miracle essence last 2 weeks, the acne stops coming out especially after I have gone back from Switzerland. The dry and cold weather somehow, made my skin a bit better, after I was back in KL. No more pimples popping out so far. So Alhamdullilah for that. =)

But I still have a few acne marks and some dark spots on my skin.. So I still really need something that could at least lighten them, if it can’t fade them away at the moment..

So, my skincare routine would be: - Cleansing (I use a Gentle Cleanser), and then Toning (a hydrating toner) , and followed by applying a hydrating + whitening essence, and then eye cream for dark circles, and lastly..a whitening/brightening moisturizer...

But just recently, I added a new product in my routine to help make the essence that I’m using much more effective and give me faster result!

Recently, L’Oreal has launched their new Pre-Essence that’s from a range called Youth Code..which I found out that they claimed that this Youth Code Pre Essence acts like an amplifier, to help absorb the benefits of all those skincare products that I use even more, and 5x faster!

L’Oreal claimed that this product can boost skin’s recovery power (mmmm….sounds so good to me!), and can dramatically improve skin’s quality (say bye-bye to dull skin and acne scars!!) and amplifies the effect of any skincare used on top! Woooh! Most of my stuff that I’m using now has that whitening/brightening effect…So I really hope this product can help give me what I want in a short period of time! ;)

So anyway..

What is this Youth Code Pre-Essence for?

Well, it is a PRE essence, which is to apply after your facial toner and before your essence/serum. So that means, the steps would be: Cleanser, Toner, then apply this YOUTH CODE PRE ESSENCE, followed by your usual Serum or Essence, then Eye Cream and lastly, Moisturizer. Oh yeah and one more... don't forget your lip balm too! hehe ;)

Anyways, a little bit about this Youth Code Pre-Essence. It actually helps to activate the recovery genes involved in cellular regeneration to improve skin’s recovery capabilities like it did when we were younger. Because as we age, the natural regenerative process begins to slow down and it replaces old cells, heals wounds, etc more slowly.. So yes, it can help heal your acne or scars or redness, etc as well! Say hello to clear, bright skin! ^_^

So with this Youth Code Pre-Essence, which uses PRO-GEN Technology formula, it activates a specific gene to help boost skin's recovery power more, like it did when it was younger and improves the skin's quality! And as a result, L’Oreal claims that skin’s barrier function is strengthened, as skin recovers better and faster!

(Me, no make up at all. Not a single powder or whatever. This is after using the Youth Code Pre Essence together with my miracle essence! The redness on my skin has lessened a bit! Yeay!)
"Yesss! At last...something that could make my skin look more radiant and clear, without the help of make up!" hehee..

This Pre-Essence amplifies the effect of any skincare used on top of it, by 5 times.. Oh, this is definitely an awesome thing to know!! -- Like mine for example, I use the hydrating and whitening serum twice daily.. So this Pre-Essence would genetically help the serum to work more effectively and penetrate much deeper into the dermis! And thus, help to absorb the benefits of those skincare products I use even more, and dramatically improves skin's quality! ^__^

It says here, Youth Code Pre Essence is suitable for all skin types and any age. And in just 1 drop, your skin is more radiant. And in 1 week, it is more refined. And in just about a month’s time, you’ll have a rejuvenated skin!!!

Now let's try it! This Pre-Essence should be used twice a day on a perfectly cleansed skin. Remember, it's to be applied before your serum and after your toner ya! ;)

I love the packaging! It's a minimalist slender glass bottle, with a dropper that's dispensing just the right amount! The bottle feels quite solid too, which I perceived this product as better, as it is contained in a hard glass.. so it feels more indulgent too! hehe

"Okay I'm done applying my let's apply it!"

Apply, and spread it all over the face. And then continue with your usual serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sun block or whatever!

With only one drop of the liquid is enough for my entire face. And my skin felt smooth, and the liquid absorbed quickly! Definitely see a difference in my skin tone and my face looks "brighter". Combining this Pre Essence and my favorite miracle essence, does leave my skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth and nourished!! It also seems to sort of glow over the surface of my skin with a lovely velvety diffusion. And best of all, not a single breakout, and clearer, smoother skin! My skin has been quite calm whilst using this range. I really love this product! Would definitely continue to use it.. And it also has such a nice, sweet, calming scent too! It reminds me of a perfume I used to use..which I love very much! :)

The Youth Code Pre-Essence claims a "prodigious" result, as it says on the box. And apparently, you'll see amazing results from the first drop!!! My skin felt very hydrated and radiant.. and the skin felt a bit plumped up as well! I am very very happy and satisfied! In one week of twice daily use, your skin will look younger with the texture appearing more refined and elastic, making your skin look radiant and brighter. And in 1 month, maybe you have almost turned back the time and get the baby skin you’ve always wanted!! hehee ;)

Now go on..and unlock your code of youth!


Friday, December 23, 2011

A new member to the Tab family!

Good news! Celcom now adds a new member to the Tab family! – the all-new Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9!!! Yeayy... Variety, I like! hehe. So now you can decide what package and tablets to choose from Celcom, that suits you best!! ^__^

These days, there are so many tablets to choose from. It's hard to decide which one is the best for you, right?! Because some are so big to put inside your fabulous handbag, and some just too small for you that it didn't even make any difference with your existing handphones, or whatever...hehe. And some may be a little heavy for you to carry around. Also, some tablets only have Wi-Fi, and the list goes on and on! So now that Celcom adds a new member to their family, which is the  Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9, you'll have more choices to decide what and which package you want to stay connected through email, messaging, webs and to keep entertained with games and apps anytime, anywhere! Oh, and also, it's important that you need to choose a network that gives you seamless connection anywhere we go.. And Celcom can give you that!

So which Samsung Galaxy Tab suits you best? Well...whichever best fits your need and lifestyle, and Celcom has got them all!! ^__^

Anyway, the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 is the ideal tablet with just the right size. It can store your work files, games, music, emails, and so much more in one convenient tablet! And what's great is that it is thinner, lighter and faster than ever before!!!!

Other key features of the brand new Tab are:
  • Android 3.1 (Honeycomb)
  • 8.9” touch screen display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 2MP front camera, 3MP rear camera
  • Thinner (8.6mm)
  • Lighter (453g)
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Supports Wi-Fi and 3G

Pair it up with Celcom, and it gets even better!!  Because together, you will get:
  • The ideal tablet with the best network connection and widest coverage in the country!
  • Seamless video streaming and richest web experience on your brand new tablet, backed by the best network in Malaysia
  • More savings with the best deals and the perfect plans that suit your needs!
  • Celcom is the most reputable telco provider having won various awards such as the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Broadband Provider for 2 years in a row.
  • Celcom Broadband has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move.
  • Celcom Broadband offers the best network quality, the richest web and video
    streaming experience with its stable connection.

So get the new Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 with the best network and the most affordable packages, from as low as RM1,288 (RRP: RM1,699)

In addition to the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 above, there’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7”) from as low as RM668, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from as low as RM1,468.

Visit for more information on the entire suite of Samsung Galaxy Tab choices!

Happy choosing! ;)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little sneak preview of my Swiss Trip :)

Beautiful country.
Speak 4 languages.
Nice people.
Very pretty ladies.
Amazing skincare.
Fabulous fashion.
Shopping heaven.
Delectable chocolates.
Classic timepieces.
Awesome weather.
Great coffees.
Breathtaking sceneries.
Awesome transportation.
Very clean.
Expensive city, though.

And one happy family.



Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm here again! :)

Hi everyone! How's your December so far? Mine has been great... (except for one thing that happened last night. Tskk)

Anyway, guess where I am right now! Hehee..

Well... I'm here again! After more than 20 years! LOL ;p

So anyways. While I'm here, I don't think I would be blogging as much.. I just wanna enjoy my holiday to the fullest! Heheh... But maybe, i'll tweet update you guys here.. Hehe

Ok, catch you later ya! I need my rest so badly now.. (yesterday in Doha, the thing that happened in the flight during my trip to Perth, happened again! Sobss... But...Alhamdulillah, nothing serious...kot? =\ )
Doakan saya selamat pergi dan pulang ya! :)

Ok will update later! Bye!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's up for grab!

Hi girls!

I have updated some new colors, but all of these are only available in LIMITED PIECES. So do place an order nowww, before it's too late!
Items that has a star (*) mark on it, means they're not available yet.. (Sorry!)

  1. Ivory White
  2. Sunshine Yellow (New!)
  3. Gold Mustard
  4. Olive Green
  5. Dark Green
  6. Teal Blue
  7. Royal Blue (Not available at the moment!)
  8. Cerulean Blue
  9. Forest Green
  10. Emerald Green
  11. Aqua Blue
  12. Jet Black (New!)
  13. Platinum Grey
  14. Taupe Brown
  15. Burgundy Red
  16. Violet Red
  17. Magenta Pink
  18. Coral Red
  19. Crimson Red
  20. Ruby Red (Not available at the moment!)
  21. Blossom Pink
  22. Pink Salmon (New!)
  23. Peach Salmon
  24. Coral Orange (Not available at the moment!)
  25. Tangerine Orange (New!)
  26. Royal Purple (Not available at the moment!)

You can wear them, in various of styles! On your hair, on your shoulder, on your tummy, on your bag, etc etc! And you can also wear it either one piece, or two pieces or more than that, at a time! ;)

These are some of the examples of the colors I've worn..

Okay, a little note here; I will be going for our year-end vacation with my family soon.. And I'll be going off for quite some time.. Thus, I won't be handling the orders for now. However, I have asked my little assistant to help me out with the orders and what not.. So whatever you want to order, pleaseeee send it to my new email account: Not other emails. I repeat, not the other 2 emails please.... And my helper will assist and deal with your purchase! Happy buying... And thanks for choosing my pretty rose buds! LOL. Perasan ;p

Okay, gotta go now...


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Colour, Colours, Colours!

So I did a little wrapping, cutting, gluing, assembling and stuff like that, last few weeks..And here's some pics of them..

Bought some red mahjong paper, A1 coloured cardboards, and some pink cards! All of these were cut and done with my own hands! :)

I bought some cardboards in A1 size, in a few colours. To attach the flower corsage that has the same colour hue, with the same colour of the card! hehe. Last time I dreamt of having a shoe line of my own and make the shoe boxes colour, same as the color of the shoe inside! But now, let's start with doing this first! hehee. 

Anyway, my initial plan was to make the card looks like a flower with five petals. But I ended up doing only four petals as it was kinda hard to do it! So many lekuk! Heeee. Plus, it was kinda hard to cut the shape on the cardboard! It's too thick, and too hard! (There weren't any other types of hard material for papers/cards that were sold at the place I went! >_<)

So after I've been cutting hundreds of pieces of that thing with the help from my Bibik as well... I drew an outline of the weird looking flower petal card at the back & front of each one of them.. My dad saw these..and thought I bought them. hehe. I said no, I bought a big cardboard, and cut each one of this! My brother heard this, and he went like... "Whaaaat? Gila semangat. O_o". haha. Yes, I am. ^_^

...and wrote a little something, so it won't look so plain! hehe

10 hues for 21 different colors that I have

Wrote a little thank you card..

This picture was taken during the fourth batch that I did... 
I wrote and did the same thing over and over again..and by that time/week, my hand couldn't tahan anymore, and I couldn't do it alone. Felt like a zombie, didn't sleep for a few days! haha... So there's someone came to the rescue to help me with hundreds of my orders! Thank youuuuuu! ^_^

Some of them...

Yes, that's my helper! We did it at a kopitiam near my house after office hour! hehe
At first my helper said, just photocopy the thank you note since I'm writing the same sentence over and over again...and it saves time. I know thattt, but I want it to be a little bit personal. So yes..I wrote each one of it! hehe

I assigned him to write all the address.. while I wrote the thank you note..

Back at home, Bibik helped me assembling the boxes and strings to tie each one of it.. 
And she also helped me cut the red mahjong paper I bought, and place it in each of the boxes..

...while me arranged and placed the order accordingly

Oh...and I also wrote a little "invoice" for them as well at the back of the thank you note! hehe

Third batch..

Fourth batch

She ordered a lot! One in every color! hehe

So this is what they get..

Orders that are not done yet...

Orders waiting to be shipped out! hehe

The back seat were packed with boxes! - Some of them I send it myself, some were given to Azhar, and some to my driver... I hope they all has arrived safely and in good shape!


I'm glad I received some happy and satisfied customers. Will open orders again soon. But now...let me breathe a bit! hehe (Probably this coming week I will post it here! Stay tune!)

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