Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Chanel Makeover

As y'all know in my previous entry, Chanel is having a beauty makeover at Bintang Circle, Pavilion KL. So me and my big sisters went for it!
Seriously, this is the best makeover I've ever done so far! I have 5 reasons for it..

First because the make up section and photography area is not open and secluded from the public. So they cannot watch us live in action. hehe.
Second because we have to wear their 'Chanel' bip so that our clothes are free from any dust from the makeup. How cool is that? I mean, I've never done a makeover with a bip on! With their own brand name on it! hehe. Now, that's what I call professional! hehe. durh.. it's Chanel.
Okay third because I like the makeup section.Macam backstage and everything. All studio-like. Makes me feel like a model skejap. hehe. =P
Fourth because their service is superb and very professional! They use new sponges, clean brushes(at least i feel clean), a complete skincare treatment(from makeup remover,toner,serum,moisturizer,eye cream,sunblock,foundation,etc, and to all the colors on my face), they treat me nicely, and explains each step they're doing, and et cetera.
And lastly because I like my makeup look! It's rich and majestic. =)
The makeup artist asked me whether I want a natural make up or bright colors or dramatic looks or bold colors, etc. So I said I'd like to have a smoky eyes look because I never try it before. So now it's time for me to experiment it! hehe.

..and I loved it!

and some of my other pictures..

gedik kan? huhu ;p

And pictures with my sisters a.k.a the copycat dolls(the name's TCD because we love to imitate and follow one another,esp. in clothing.. we always buy the same outfit!). heee =)

Anyways, this is what I've redeemed..

and also, one of the reasons why I love this Chanel makeover because they give us this guide:

-Precision Brow Definer in Soft Brown
-Les 4 Ombres Eye Make Up No 95 Sparkling Satin
-Precision Eye Definer in Black Jade
-Lash Building Mascara in Black


-Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color in Admirable
-Creme Lipstick in Rose Paradise
-Aqualumiere Gloss in Bonbon


-Powder Blush in Orchid Rose.

Then, we went to eat at The Loaf. Pastu diorang bagi gamba free! Hehee.. kena pose sambil makan chis kek sbb masuk contest ape tah la.Canon or something.
*moga2 kami mendapat rahmat Canon dan terpilih sebagai juara,berkat mek-ober ini.* haha ;p

Sedap nyeee!

Ok la, I better study now! My next paper's in 5 days!
Bye! Wish me luck!! ;)


Thursday, March 27, 2008





Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Again? hehe.

Hari ini saya telah mengirai duit lagi! hehe.. =p
Well.. i got bored sitting in my room for hours, looking at my thickkk textbook and skimming thru it.. then have to read it sum more.. haiyoo..
Plus, i still have plenty of my bonus.. hehe..
so the temptation to go out itu sangat tinggi! hehee ;p
jadi...ape lagi..Pavillion mari. huhu.

Saya telah mengirai ke atas bahan-bahan berikut: Two pairs of Guess shoes, La Senza super soft robe, undies and 3 silk nighties, Make up Forever mascara, In Wear belt, L’occitane Ruban d’Orange shower gel & a fragrance, a few Stila stuffs(pressies for someone), Biotherm skin care set for homme, 2 Starbucks tumblers and mugs (free! I got it from paksu.Jumpa dia jap. Thanks uncle! He said he wanted to give me lots more! Yeay! hehe), 2 Warehouse tops, and a few Clarins stuffs.

Heee. =D

Okayyy.. Now, i really should start watch my spending. If i don't mend my free-spending ways, i'll definately go bankrupt in future.

Tetapi sekarang saya sudah kembali tenang.. =)
So I should be studying now, another 3 chapters to go!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shopping? (final examination de-stress?)

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be studying! Haha.. but I just finished my first paper yesterday.. and my next paper is on 5th April… lame lagi k! haha.. so..ape lagi…keluar jap la… Plus, I got some bonus for this month. hiks… ;p
So… its time for my retail therapy la! ;p

My sis said I don’t look like those people yang ade final exam pon..haha.. I know! . iskk.. I should be studying 7-8 hours per day or more.. but if I keluar pun, I will make sure at least I would be studying 3-4 hours before I'm out.. So takde laa rase guilty sangat..haha.
I just couldn’t resist the temptation to buy things!! Even at least pergi JJ jap to buy my caramel latte at Starbucks in between my break will do.. Heeeee..

Oh God. This is bad. This is really bad. I really need to change this bad habit! I don’t wanna be like Becky Bloomwood. Haih… but I do want to end up like her! She has Luke! And he sounds so handsome and delicious! Haha. ;p

Hmm… I think I cannot sit for more than 4-5 hours straight la.. I have back pain, neck pain, headache, eye sore, tangan sakit, sume sakit… ;p
And I easily get bored after studying for few hours straight. Especially kalau yang baca2 & hafal2.. malas betul la. heh..

Then later, when I got so bored of studying for hours and hours, and really stressed out myself, the next thing I know, I’m gonna find myself in the mall.huhu
haihh.. Ape laa nak jadi.. blaja 8, 10 jam je boring..huhu. =P

But, never mind… my next paper is about 2 weeks from now! I hope I have plenty of time to cover all my subjects, insyallah. Finance subject kira2… and MMS ada 6 chapters lagi nak cover n MIS lagi 5 chapters.. Hurm... ok laa tu kot..heh

And… hey, look what I got for myself!

• a Stila Guinevere’s Deluxe Palette eye shadow
• a Stila Multi-effect mascara
• a Stila Carol Ann lipstick
• a Stila Lip Pot in Baie
• a Stila Lip Glaze in Mocha
• a Stila Convertible Eye Color in Bronze
• a Stila Brush #26 (free!)
• a Stila Girlfriend Club mug (free!)
• a Stila organizer (free!)

I am officially the Stila Girlfriend Club! Hehehe.

You know, when I was in high school, me and my friend Lily always talk about Stila.. At that time, Stila was still new in M’sia...
We loved the packaging so much!! And I do think the packaging of make-up or fragrances is a bit of a factor when you’re deciding which ones to buy. And that’s why I loved Stila. I think Stila’s packaging is one of a kind. It’s brilliant; it’s cute, all girly-like. And I think if Stila girls had a signature color, it would surely be pink. It’s the hue that defines feminity. Hehe. And also, what I like about this brand is that, some of the products are practical like all the convertible range…

We’re always talked about girly stuff. She was the only girl I knew who loves make-up and other girly things as much as I do. I still remember we were always complaining why Stila doesn’t have a membership club or something because we thought the card would be so nice with the Stila girl pix on it… hehe.

And now that it has, yes, the card is cute! Hehe.. I am so going to collect all my 10 stars to be stickled on the card! I wanted the make-up bag so bad! Its better than Lulu Guinness.
At least, that’s what I think. =)

Okay, I should be studying now!! 4 subjects to go!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

First paper.

Tomorrow’s my first exam! It’s Fiqh for Economist 1 at 2.30 in the afternoon. It’s a 2 hours & 30 minutes paper. Wish me luck!
And to my classmates,

All the best and Good Luck!!!
Let us score A in this paper. Heheh ;)


Monday, March 10, 2008

Chanel makeover

I received a pamphlet from Parkson the other day. Chanel is going to have a makeover in the next 2 weeks! I am so excited!
Me and my darling sisters are so going! Hehe.. dah lame tak buat makeover. The last time I did was in 2005. I was 18. It was from Stila and now i am 21! So kena la buat kan.. hehe.. Plus it’s a Chanel! Lagi la perlu! hehehee ;p

I am a Parkson Elite cardholder, so i'll be getting the Aqualumiere Gloss miniature. Yeay! I love free gifts! hehee =)

Okay Chanel, see you soon!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Exam Mode!

Ouh.. my final exam is just around the corner now! Less than 1 month nak start dah! Yikess!! Takot! Tapi nasib baik ade gap jauh gile.. 13 days okay! Hehehe…pastu berderet2 paper.. haihh..

Ok laa… off to bed now.. Good luck people! =)


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

By the zit and the skin.

Today, after class I headed straight to KLCC to do my facial. It was my first time at the Institut Clarins. I got someone who’s so nice to belanja me. hehe.. Thanks dear! Lav ya loads! Muaxx! ;)

Oh my, the facial...
I think this is the best relaxing treatment of all the facials that I’ve tried so far! And the best part of it, they don’t use any tools or machines on your skin which they said it may cause side effect or harm to your skin. Which I think it’s true!!! I’ve experienced quite a few times already.. I still remember when I was 15, I had my very first facial treatment at Kaj… The therapist knew my whiteheads on my cheeks are not that masak yet, and I already told her to just ignore the whiteheads, but she was so gedik and mengada nak picit jugak the freaking whiteheads of mine! And what happened was she said the whiteheads must be removed so that my pores would not be clogged. And so I let her do her thing la.. And then.. after she tried to squeeze here and there, and still the ‘heads’ won’t come out, she decided to take a needle and start to poke my cheeks and use that sedut2 thing on it!! Darah banyak keluar ok! It’s horrible! My face felt numb for a few hours after that. Oh god, I could still remember how it felt like whenever I look at myself in the mirror and see at the tiny holes on my face! Heesh. Menyesal gile.

Later, I found someone to be my therapist. It was Cindy, I think. And Alhamdullilah, since then my face was back to normal.. No more zits or pimples or break outs or blemishes or whatever y’all call it..hehe.. Just that minor holes larh..haha.. haihh.
But I’m cool with it because it’s just a minor thing and I don’t have pimples after that. Well, at least not for 3 years.

And then, last 2 years (around August 2006, I think), I wanted to start wearing foundation. Because I always thought foundation makes your skin looks glowing. And so I bought a Stila liquid makeup oil free foundation.
After I’ve tried it for a week, to my horror, I had pimples all over my face all at once! tak pernah2 naik jerawat batu, keluar jerawat diamond 4 carat.. eeee.. sakitnye hati!
Okay well, I’m exaggerating. But I looked so busuk and comot ok.. with my jerawats all over my face. Well I think its because the texture of the foundation is thick and it is maybe that’s why it clogs my pores.. and keluar jerawat! erkkk.

At first I didn’t really know it was the foundation that caused my pimples. Because at that time, my sisters had been using foundation for about few years already and nothing really happen pun. In fact, lagi lawa jek muka dorang..huhu. So I continue to use it larh.
Then later, lagi banyak keluar…iskk.. then only I knew it was the stupid foundie.

I’ve tried so many products since then.. but nothing really works! DiorSnow, L’Occitane, Oxy, Clinique, Neutrogena, Biotherm, Body Shop, Olay, Loreal etc, just to name a few.. None of these products could make them disappear. The jerawat is like getting bigger and bigger and nastier.

And at that time, my parents have started to worry about me especially my mum. She thought I was very down and upset and frustrated with someone ke ape.. So comel ok..hehee..

So then, I found an article in a newspaper about DermaGenesis. The ambassador for the company was Anita Sarawak. And y’all know how her skin looks like kan..
So glowing and flawless.

So at that time, I thought if I do the treatments there, my skin would be glowing as Anita’s. hehehe.. The consultant suggested me to sign up for the Acne Management Treatment and Scar Revision Programme. There were sixteen treatments altogether. The treatment was called Clear Peeling (CP). 8 treatments for CP and another treatment were IPL (Intense Pulse Light) & NALA (Non Ablative Laser Abrasion), which is another 8 treatments.The laser treatment for my face was not that painful like the diode laser for hair removal for my legs & underarms. In fact, I didn’t really feel anything. Didn’t know it was laser pun for the first few treatments. But, if I’m not mistaken, I think the CP was something to do with acid. The doctor said it was fruit acid or something. Glycolic acid, I think.The purpose of this acid was to exfoliate dead skin that may be occluding the pores. It restores skin integrity, texture and complexion. And of course, they only use mild intervals. Unfortunately, it does nothing to my skin. Well.. maybe a little. The thing does exfoliate dead skin cells, but it does nothing to my pimples. Then, after the third or fourth treatment, I started to complain about the not-so-much-of-a-difference of my skin because I still have pimples after 3 months of signing up the programme.

Then later, the doctor increased the level of the acid or something.. And oh godd!! It BURNED my skin, I tell u!! It was really really truly horrible! My whole face looked like I was drowned in hot water! Everyone at my campus thought I kena dera or accident or something.. Sumpah, it was that horrible! Redness, inflammation, rashes, my skin felt itchy, and there was a slight change of the color of my skin.. Plus my skin texture became so rough!! It felt like I have a three-day-beard all over my face! Isk.
Semua orang dah start tegur.. ada siap ejek lagi.. iskk.. I cried… so many times whenever I looked at myself in the mirror… I looked like a zombie.

Only my two buddies knew how devastated I was.. selalu takde mood.. selalu sorang2…. Taknak jumpa org langsung… jalan pun tunduk.. My self-esteem was so low! I was extremely down.
Heeshh… ingat lagi mcm mane rase dia… ee… ngeri!! I looked really horrible! Even my sister, Along pun mase 1st time nampak pun terkejut gile… huhuh. Padahal mase tu yang dah last punya treatment. Dia pun kata mcm kena dera.. iskk.. Dah la pedih.. Sakit pulak tu.. Menggelupas kulit hakuu! =(
Pastu semua orang pulak tegur! Lagi la tension!! Hee..

I found this pic on internet and this guy here suffered from laser.And in my case, I looked quite the same, minus the square-shaped scar thing..cuz mine is like smeared all over the face! Eeeek!

I was really really upset about it. I regretted and cursed the day I signed up the programme.. bukan nye jadi lagi elok.. lagi teruk ada la! Iskk. but alhamdullilah, it recovered in 3 weeks time. dia jadi mcm terkopek2..

Then… later…few months after I completed the whole treatment, my face was not back to normal pun.. I still have the pimples.. And the worst part is that my skin has become so sensitive since then. It became so thin. And easily irritate and redness and of course, big fat ugly pimples still there!! And so they wanted me to continue another treatment.. Arghh.. Never in a million years!! heh.

I still have the picture of my nasty pimples AFTER I completed the whole treatments! Well.. I’m not really supposed to show you guys this pic.. Because I think its nasty.. (and kinda embarrassing..hehe)
And I hated the pic so much. But what the heck.. dah lame pun kan.. hehe.. ;p

This picture was taken few months after I completed the whole treatments ok!

Okay, obviously the after pic was the one that has rocks sprinkled with fire on top of my cheeks..
Stupid CP!
Well.. yeah I know it was not that serious like some other people out there. But bear in mind, this was after zillions of treatments and products okay!! Plus, my skin was not the type yang selalu ade jerawat.. sangat jarang ok.. kalau ada pun, satu je skali keluar. itu pun mase period je. Dia sangat segan nak keluar banyak2.. haihh.

Then later, my mum bought for me a Proactiv Solutions skincare set.
And alhamdullilah, my skin has improved day by day.. Then I continued my monthly facial at Kaj sampai skarang.. My therapist did a great job! I love her!! Hehe..

So… that’s about it..heh. Just wanna share my past experience with you guys.. huhu.. Sorry panjang sangat!! =P

So the moral of the story is, do not try new products or treatments if you’re okay with you’re current products/treatments! But if you really do want and need to try new products.. never buy the whole range or package of the products/treatments. Try one first and see whether it does/does not make any differences, in a good way of course.

Ok never mind, back to the Clarins treatment.. hehee
Ok, so they don’t use any machines kan..They only use hands to massage your face. My therapist was really nice. Her name’s May and she treated me so well.. Their service was superb! Well..the best product combined with the best application techniques, makes it the very best treatments! Hehee..

The treatment was not only for face, but it also includes a little body massage, hand massage, shoulder massage and a bit of yoga or something.. It started off with the little yoga thing followed by a simple body massage to de-stress yourself. And for those who wear contact lenses (CL) like me, they also provide the solutions and contact lens case for you to remove your CL before the treatment.. So your eyes won’t be irritated if the products gets into the eyes..

The treatment was truly unique. The method is entirely manual and integrates a variety of specific and subtlety hand movements. They said, these movements are specially adapted to each treatment so that it heightens the delivery and performance of the active botanical ingredients found in the products used. They stimulate exchanges while maintaining the skin’s integrity and health and also help restore the body and mind’s natural balance and energy.

It really was an unforgettable sensorial experience… Ouh, I really feel so much relaxed now.. hehe.
I really enjoyed the facial. Definitely gonna go there again! Hehe.. I bought some stuff and became their member. And hey, I got a free white patent tote bag! But I don’t think I’m going to use it anyway. So who wants this bag??
And I also got a few vouchers for me to try out their other treatments.. Woohoo!
I bought a complete set of Truly Matte range because my current product (L’occitane & Proactive Solutions) is about to finish. Plus, I’ve tried mum’s Truly Matte lotion and serum and so far okay jer.. And I also bought some White Plus HP products. But I forgot to buy toner.. time la…

And hey,there’s also treatments for a new mum to be and even for pregnant ladies.. How cool is that? I mean, usually pregnant ladies are not allowed to do facials, massages, etc, rite? Hmm… I’m not so sure why. But I think it’s because some beauty salon uses some chemicals and some sort of machine that has urm… waves maybe? Or something.
Which would cause harm to your body and skin and is not healthy for the baby, I think.

Anyways, the treatments for mommies are called Beautiful Mother-to-Be for 3-6 Months, Beautiful Mother-to-Be for 6-9 Months and Beautiful New Mother. Each treatment is for 2 hours and it’s for RM 315. Hmm… quite pricey.. tapi kalau skali skala nak indulge in the best pampering experience with Clarins ape salah nye kan…hehee ;p
(And by the way ah-long, when you’re pregnant; I think I wanna give this gift to u larh! Just tell me when kay! We go together2. I can collect my points! Hehe)

I think on my next visit, I’m gonna try the body massage or maybe the Refined Waist treatment. It sounds great! =)

Then after the facial, I watched Step Up 2 with Girl and Naz..

Movie was ohkay laa… I prefer the first one kot.. because the girl in step up 1 was much much cuter! Haha. Cuma the second one ni, I just like the last part where they dance mcm cool giler je with that torched light..heh.. ;)
Hurm… now I feel like going to a dance class... The one yang boleh kurus kan badan.. haha ;p

True Fitness macam best jer… ada latin dance, ada yoga, Pilates, etc. dah laa ada kat Pavillion.hik hik ;p

We had our dinner at CPK.. We ate 4 slices of pizza each!! Ouch! Gemokk nyee!
Oh, I really need to go to a gym or dance class now!

Or maybe I should just control myself and discipline-ly drink my HL shakes like my Ah Long did. Haihh..
Ok la.. The end.. Off to bed. Nite2! ;)


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Which one?

I'm thinking of buying a new day bag for classes.. I want to stick to only one bag for all my classes. I'm tired of changing my handbags according to my outfit for the day because sometimes I forgot to bring this or that thing. So let's just be loyal and stick to one bag. hehe.

I want a big bag so that I can put all my stuffs like calculators, pencil case, a medium sized notebook, my purse, handphones, ipod, camera, wet & dry tissues, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, eye drops, etc.. well you get the picture. I got loads of stuffs to put in my handbag! So i really need a BIG one! But i dunno which ones to buy.. I want all of them!! hehe.. they're so yummy!!

Basically the bag must have these criterias:
-big enough to put all my junks. heh
-suitable for day bag and for classes
-must be in black or grey or brown or cream or white or skin color
-must be a shoulder bag or a tote not a structured bag
-leather skin

I think that's all kot..
So which one of these, do you think is the most gorgeous and practical bag?

Coach Carly in metallic

Cooper by Anya Hindmarch in grey

DKNY Distressed leather hobo in black

Marc by Marc Jacobs DR. Q Hillier in cream

Jourdan by Anya Hindmarch in grey

Agyness by Mulberry in black

Postman's Lock Soho by Mulberry in white

Leigh by Mulberry in brown

This is a tough decision to make! Nak semua!! isk.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy like a bee...

Argh… This whole week had been really hectic for me. There are a lot of things to do.. There’s my parenting assignment, my fiqh for economists test 2, that boring MIS thing, and in just few weeks is my final exams! Ouh god… how do I cope with this? The dateline for my assignments is so close now… And I have so much to cover for my finals. So many things to do yet so little time! And my back is killing me! I think I cannot sit for more than 4 hours straight dah laa. Ughh.. I feel like an old woman! Iskk…
I need a little me-time larh..
A nice aromatherapy massage sounds really good!!! Oh, I need a break! =(


Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog! =)
It seems like everybody has at least one blog nowadays. And I feel so much outdated.. I don’t even have a Myspace and what more, a blog? haha.. so now… I think I’m gonna start blogging. But I don’t think I’ll update my blog as frequent as other bloggers out there, as I don’t really have time for that because I’m still studying.. And always busy with assignments and homework and exams and quizzes and whatnot.

Hmm.. What do you guys ever write for the very first entry in your new blog? I am really not sure about this.. hmm..
Well… This blog is a beginning point for me to let people know what this girl is about, things she fancies, and what she’s longing to become….
This blog is mainly about some aspects of my life and being; parts of the excitement, mystery, maybe some of the dreadfulness of life, the ups and downs of my daily life, the people I hang out with, the places I visit, the food I eat, my passion for fashion & beauty and… whatever things that I feel like writing…

Well, this blog isn’t really my attempt to expose myself to the whole world and bitch around. It’s just to share some of my thoughts, my experienced and some of what I’ve learned. Heh.

Okay now, happy reading people! Hehehe… ;)

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