Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Hello from Maldives! :)

Hello girls...

Yup.. You're right.. Good guess! I am now in Maldives, the sunny side of life! Hehe. - In Male to be exact. Well this is my first time going to the Maldives island.. So I'm a little excited here! Hehe.. Though I'm alone and got no friend and brother to teman me holidaying and take a lot of photos with me, but that's okay... I am still having fun in here! ;)

This place is soooooo beautiful! It's perfect for a honeymoon with your dear hubby! ;) I love all the sceneries..nature, and stuff. It really reminds me of God's power and existence..
Honestly, I couldn't stop myself from ooh-ing and ahh-ing.. It's. So. BEAUTIFUL. =)

So.. On my first day here, I only went around the Male city centre.. For a little sight seeing and visiting and a little shopping! (but they don't have shopping malls at all in here! Only small shops - according to my tour guide. Oh, and they use US dollars in here.. So everything is kinda expensive in here! Sobs.. - Nasi Goreng and Iced Water can cost you about 20-ish dollars! Tskkkk...

So anyways, I bought a little something for myself and my dad today.. And a little souvenir for my sisters, too..Hmm.. As for A'ai and my brother, I am still not sure what to buy because it's really really hard to find some cool shops that sells the things that I would fancy to buy for people... (mostly they sell some souvenir stuff - and I don't like giving people things that they would't use/wear/not practical)

Hmmm... I really really hope before I go back, I'll find some shop that sells things they both would treasure.. Otherwise, I would feel guilty for not buying something for them... :(

By the way, Male is such a small city actually.. You can walk around the whole city in one day.. Yes, just by walking! And in a place that is more sea than land, there is no end to the fun things you do in the water! So most of the fun activity to do in here are those like watersports activities, or fishing or boating, or diving, or snorkeling etc.. Apart from that, you can also have some spa/massage/beauty activity too! ;)

But so sorry I don't have pictures to upload in here just yet.. (I'm only typing this using my iPad..) And I'm signing off now. So.... Till we meet again ya? I'm too tired.. My legs are numb already due to, too much walking in heels! ;p
Plus, I need my rest because tomorrow I'm gonna have some fun in one of their little islands/resorts called Kurumba.. So gotta sleep early and get as much rest as possible because tomorrow I'm gonna have some fun in the sun!

So toodles!! ;)



  1. have fun babe! and dont forget to upload photo(s)

  2. ah. yes Male' is such a small city. I am so excited that you are visiting here.
    For those of us living in Male' it seems like so big. haha

  3. u travel all alone??? goshhh..u r wonder woman..

  4. kan...jalan kaki je pusing2 satu male tu.. hehehe
    nasi mmg mahal kan, sbb in USD kot..
    enjoice wany, nnt bile u pegi resort dia lg lah teruja..
    i dh,trn flight pn dh jakun sbb air dia sgt lacantik biru ittu..

  5. wani...i tot u are heading to bora bora island, tahiti....
    btw...maldives is a great island...ooohh and aahhh-ing, hehe..funny la u wani
    have fun there:)

  6. nk souvenier!hehe
    bilela nk dpt jln2 mcm u..jelesnye..

  7. i was thinking of Maldives tp.. ishh tak kan lah.

    and today you're posting this from Male???? Ya Allah.. Maldives!!! =D And u r alone? Gile adventurous. Heheh.. nway pls pls put up the scenic pictures asap okie ;)

    take care!

  8. have a safe journey dear :)take cre!

  9. erm not related to this entry but may i know which sothys u usually go for facial?

  10. You are so lucky, Wish I am in the island, hv fun k :)

  11. sronok nye wani....asek travel jek...hehe..pulau kat maldives cantik2 tau..

  12. best nyaaa.... ure so lucky!

  13. Assalamualaikum...

    saya just blogwalking..baru tahu pasal blog ni..

    Anyway kalau ada masa, silalah menjelajah ke blog saya.

    happy blogging :-D


  14. dear...
    you're so lucky yeah..
    hmmm i tgk your fb badge kt sblh tuh..u baru tukar tour default kan...cantik but why u bukak your scarf dear????
    u kan a hijab girl???

  15. Oh dear God, I heard Maldives is such a heavenly place to be at :)) Have fun!!!!!


  16. thanks for all the comments! yupp..maldives is indeed such a heavenly place to go for a holiday!

    hana: i usually go to their bangsar centre =)


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