Friday, April 30, 2010

Events, events, events!!

This week has got to be the most tiring week ever! My short semester has just started, so I had to meet some lecturers and admin people due to some problems I had regarding registration, earlier this week.. And for a few days, I had been traveling here and there, to settle some other things.. But good thing is, I have received so many invitations to some events for this week!! Yeay!

But seriously, with the things that I had to settle earlier on, and with so many events to attend (6 to be exact), I can barely breathe! hehe ;p

I do like attending events, especially when I don't really have many things to think of like assignments or exams. But well.. I had to turn down some of the invitations because of the time constraint that I had. And accepted the other four events for this week. =)

One is, as I mentioned earlier; the Shu Uemura Make Up Workshop

Second one is ASCENT Fragrance Press Event.

Third is from Anya Hindmarch, Tattoo Parlour

And lastly, from Nine West Spring/Summer 2010 Launch

One of these paper bags is Reena's. =)

I will blog about all of these events later ya! Right now, I need to resize some of the pics! =)

Later babes!


Friday, April 23, 2010

A Make Up Workshop With Shu Uemura!

Hello there beautiful ladies!!
I got news to tell you! I am SO excited right noww! hehe. Listen up!

Shu Uemura is having a party/make up workshop specially for my blog followers!! Yes, you heard me! For Shazwani Hamid's blog followers! (How cool is that?! hehee). YES, that Shu Uemura, the international make up brand from Japan! Heeeee =)

The event will take place at Shu Uemura Sunway Pyramid, this Saturday. We will learn how to use the right skincare and how to enhance our look with their make up. So yes, there will be a makeover session with the girls! Yeayy! I am SO excited! =)

Unfortunately, they only plan this for a small group of people. (Because they want everyone to participate and get to experience & try the products with their own hands, rather than just listen to the speaker). So, I have invited 7 followers/bloggers to this party...

Click on the picture to enlarge!

So the lucky girls that has been invited are:

1. My eldest sister, Iza (hehe. tak aci! ;p)
2. My second sister, Hanis (pun tak aci! ;p)
3. Leen
4. Fadd
5. Reena
6. Farah
7. Nazlin Adlina

So girls, come enjoy the party and primp with me this Saturday!!
See you there!

"Take a little color, add a little shine.. My oh my! You look divine!"


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Fifth Day in Perth

Okay. So here's a little update on Perth. =)

On this day, we only went for shopping! Yes, shopping for the whole day!! So most of the time, we were indoors. And I was busy browsing and shopping that I forgot to take some photos, for me to share it with you guys here.. So, nothing much to share/show though in this day. sob sob.. =(

So anyway, on that day, Aunt Maria and Uncle Abbas brought us one whole family to the biggest shopping mall in Perth, Karrinyup Shopping Centre to feast our eyes and feed our hands.

It is SO biggg! The shopping mall is only a 2-storey building..but there are so many shops in there! I almost got lost in there! There's a lot of big departmental stores like Myer, David Jones, Woolworths, Big W, anddd more than 60 specialty shops/boutiques in that shopping centre! It is indeed, not enough for me to spend a day in this mall..cuz, there's just so many interesting things to seeee!!! (and maybe buy!) ;p

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Make-Up Girl

Remember this post? Well well well, in that post you've seen a lil' transformation of me since I was a little girl up until today..right? But you've never really seen me in between those times, specifically while I was a teenager (still am! haha - I would like to believe that I am still a 'teenager'. LOL) right? So in this post, you'll about to see the changes on my face from as young as 15 till 21! Hee =) goes.. (Please don't laugh! huhu)

 I was 15 years old. This was my very first time having a full make up on my face. It was from Clinique. It was the day after I got my PMR result. I got 8A's, so I went to KLCC to get my make up done and sort of 'celebrate' it. hehe ;p 

 I looked funny, don't I? With those bushy brows and boring hair. huhu. I hate what they did to my hair. Too plain! They only twisted the upper part of my hair, and then clip. That's all! Ugh. I want to have curlsss la, kakak.. heheh ;p
Oh..btw, my mom said I look like Chinese in this pic. haha. I don't think so. Eh wait.. do I? ;P

This one, I was 16 years old. I don't have this picture of me, alone. I have accidentally delete it. Sob..sobb.. This picture has been edited by my sister years ago. (My sisters' makeover was from; Iza - Lancome and Hanis - Kosé). This make over is from Clinique too. Clinique was my first high-end make up brand that I bought with my own money. But then I stopped..because for me their make up are not as cool as Stila's (in terms of colors)

 I did this with my sister, Iza. She was 21 and I was 16. But with this make up, both of us looked older than our age! I don't quite like this look and this make over session, actually. The make up artist was very rude to me! So, nak posing pun macam serba salah pulak dah jadi. haha ;p
And I already told her that I do not want to arch my brows. Tapi dia degil jugak, nak jugak paksa buat (instead, she was being sarcastic with me) and then suka hati dia je main cukur sampai nipis!! Balik rumah, kena marah dengan my parents. hehe. Yeah, I hate having kening nipis too. Macam hapeee je. Ishh. (Okay Wani, you can stop being emo, right here right now) =P

This one was from Stila. I was 17 turning 18, I think. Can't remember. This make up was done by a make up artist from Britain. Her name was Caroline. She was so nice to me! (Hence, I could still remember her name and face! hehe). I asked for a softer look (because I don't like those two makeovers that I had earlier). So there I've got it.. A softer look on me..hehe. Urmm..I kinda like this look. I looked plainly normal. =)

And this one when I turned 21. From Dior. This look too, made me look a bit soft or girly or err..schweet (heeee) - with the colors and tones, I think.. ;P

The theme for this make over was a "Miss Dior Cherie". So that explains why there's a Dior Cherie girl on that dressing table =)

And...lastly, a make over from Chanel. I was still 21. I love loveee this make up and this look! It was so dramatic, which I like so much! Anyways..I haven't had any make overs since then. Twenty one was the last age that I went for a make over. 

And a picture with my sisters. This is the best make overs that I had as compared with the others. I love my make up, I love my look, I love Chanel, I love the setting of that place. I have my sisters around me. Everything was just perfect for me! =)

P/s: Heyyyy...we should do this more often la kakak-kakak! Cuz I wanna show my kids (when I have one, of course) how her mommy transformed during her younger days. haha ;p


Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Meatball and Wheelball.

Remember when I told you guys that one must never be happy more than you're supposed to? haha. I mean, you should never be extra extra hyper, extra happy, extra excited and extra charged up? BECAUSE.. you will, I repeat, YOU WILL receive a bad news or anything that is disappointing to you, in a VERY short period of time! It happens to me ALL THE TIME! I have noticed when my hyper mood takes place in me, I will somehow get an unfortunate or sad event(s). So, the lesson to be learned here is, whenever you started to laugh like a hyena and act like a mad person, you must remind yourself to stop and bear in mind that you'll receive some bad news later on if you keep on doing it! Not that I believe that this is 'how the world functions'..but, happens to me many manyyy times and so I just think that we should never be super extra happy/excited.
Just be moderate in whatever you do, that's my advice. Heh =)

Like I said, this thing had happened to me many times already! And the one that I could still remember clearly are the ones while I was in Amsterdam and Perth. Something really really bad (and I mean REALLY BAD) had happened to me. Both incident happened while I was on my last day there (and I think because I had TOO MUCH fun on those last days. I was too hyper, too happy semacam. Sampai semua orang, my brother & my parents pelik dengan perangai saya) Tapi..yang Perth la paling teruk. I almost died!! Yes, die as in DIE/MATI!  At that moment, I really felt like that was gonna be my last day on earth. Oh my god..I was so scared! Tskk.
Errrr...I will get back to you about that story later yeah.. - when I finish my story on Perth. heheh.. ;p

Today, I wanna tell you about something that is related to that topic.. - "don't be extra happy thingy". But this story is not so interesting or in other words, the thing that happened, is not that bad lah..
But still, it IS something that is unfortunate for me! heh. So anyway.. On one fine day after class, I was craving for Ikea meatballs, so I asked my friends, Girl and Naz to accompany me to Ikea.

So after about 25 minutes driving from my campus to Ikea, we arrived the Ikea Cafeteria..
 (Tengok tu.. happy je dia.. Tak tahuuu kejap lagi ada benda nak jadi..huhu)

When we were there, we became so tamak, we ordered so many things. Well.. no. Not 'we' actually. It's actually 'me'. haha. I ordered Meatballs with Fries, Daim Cake, Muffins, Egg Tart, Siew Pow and Chicken Wings. Heeeek. (Patut lah haku gemok..)

"Okayy..I'm happie..I got my food! So now I'm just gonna pay!"

Foodies on our table..

Hello world! Meet my pimple..heh ;p

Okayy..makan time! (Okayyy.. Sangat tak senonoh ok this pic. Kepak ayam saya, sedang terbuka dengan sangat luass..haha) =P

We spent quite some time over there, talking and eating and gossiping and talking some more and goofing and joking around and farting and laughing some moree. We had fun. And we laugh. Like a lot.. =P

Borak-borak, gelak-gelak, lepak-lepak...That's what we do best! haha ;P

Burrpp! Kenyang gilaa!

Perut dah kenyang and kembung sangat sangat dah sebab masuk 4 cawan air, masuk makanan yang bermacam macam and masuk angin sebab bukak mulut besar sangat dok gelak gelak dengan mereka..
Niceee. Complete set. So then, it was time for us to leave and head back to UIA...

Little that I know..I was gonna get some bad news..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Benefit Blogger's Party

On the First of April 2010, Benefit Cosmetics organizes its first blogger party (for's followers a.k.a Miu) at its flagship store, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur! So me and other lucky bloggers, Ayna, Hanna, Reiko, Stellar, Candy and Wing were invited to attend this event! The party was called 'Tips & Tricks for Chicks', which is meant for Miu's followers/blog readers! It has been sooooo long since the last time I went to an event. Life was too busy these days (as I'm in my final year), so I always call off any events that I was invited to due to having exams or quizzes and whatnot! (I know! So sad, right!). So anyway, when Miu called me, asking me whether I wanted to attend or not, (despite having exam on that Sunday morning), like a shot I accepted the offer though I was a bit busy on that Thursday! Heee. ;P
This is the invitation card!

And this is the popular girl, Miu the owner of PluSizeKitten's blog or her real name is Tammy Lim. Benefit Cosmetics honored her as Miss Popularity and gave her this sash! How awesome, ey! =)
(Note: My dear bestfriends, please please give me this sash written youknowwhat when that day has come - although memang lama lagi! hiks ;p )


This party was held in conjunction with the latest Benefit's new product launch for this season, Stay Don't Stray..

It is an eye shadow primer and concealer. I have been told that this product is to replace the other Benefit eye primer or base that has been discontinued, which they called it F.Y.Eye

Let me just briefly explain to you guys what does this new product has to offer.
Well..this product is pretty much a multitasking primer. It works 360-degree all the way around your eye - from the eyelid to the under-eye area, to prep and primer. How? By telling your eye makeup to stay, and don't stray! This dual-action primer works around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows REALLY stay put. Your concealers never crease and eye shadows stay vibrant and true! So your eye make up will stay fresh all day!

So anyway..back to the party..

The party was supposed to start around 7.30 pm. But I left my place after maghrib and went to clinic first before I arrived Pavilion. So I arrived a wee bit late. (Sorry Miu!)

Zang Toi was the food provider for our refreshment! I love their pink guava juice!

 Make up class has begun!

 Matt, Benefit's Regional Make Up Artist was doing a make up demo..

Some of their products that they let us try..

Excited bloggers who were listening to him..

I was trying some of their products..

Pencils for the eyes..

Oh look! There's a brow bar!

The tools and stuff used to wax off your bushy brows!

Scissors, wax strips, cotton, tissues, tweezers, brow brush, alligator clips and some stick to apply those wax..

The Pearl Wax. It's a special kind of wax that's skin friendly as compared to the other wax around..

Some water, alcohol, sanitizer, etc..

Miu wanted to wax off her brows!

They will need you to fill in this 'Waxing Release Form' before doing your brows.. (How particular and professional, ey?! Of course Wani, it's Benefit! Duhh.. ;p )

Wax being spread out in between her brows..

and at the end corner of her brow..

And... Zapppp!

Cai had her make up done by Matt too!

Done! Cai posing with her goodie bag..

Some fabulous lippies!

I tried about 6 colors..

..and settled for this one called 'Lady's Choice'. So true! Ladies, this color is verrry nice, I tell you! I think it should be in every woman's purse! And the texture of their lipsticks are so smooth and creamy, which I love so much! You wouldn't regret buying this! =)

Happy me!

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