Sunday, March 31, 2013

Planning Ahead on a Sleepless Night

Can't sleep. Too much coffee I drink last night, and I was told about something creepy this afternoon as well, so....that kinda added the un-sleepiness in me tonight. Thus, I decided to not think about that creepy stuff, and focus on what I like to do! So instead of trying to get some sleep, I used all my energy to think of what to wear for this week.....and update my blog! haha.

It was sooooo fun laying out the outfits and put everything together like this actually, instead of trying each and every attire that I'd like to wear, like how I always do before deciding what to adorn for the next day! haha. So yes, this method is actually less tiring...and less time consuming!  - Normally it would take me about 2 to 3 hours every time I play dress-up in my room! ;p

And then by the time I'm done with it, I'd be tooo tired to kemas everything back to their place.. Lepas tu bilik bersepah and I had to hear my mom or my dad or even my sister nag about it! hahaha... ;p 

So yeah, no more playing dress up in the room laa after this. I'm just gonna lay out my outfit like this! - These are the outfits of the week that I've picked, by the way. 

Day 1:
H&M Sunshine Yellow Cropped Jacket
Scarlet Cobalt Blue Tank Top
Warehouse Black Wide-leg Pantsuit 
Tie Rack Paisley Printed Scarf
Aldo Yellow Heels
Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy Bag
Ferragamo Gold Chain

Day 2:
Mango Black & Red Tweed Jacket
Wallis Gold Tunic Top
Levis Jeans
Pasar Malam Red Scarf
Zara Black & Red Pumps
Prada Black Convertible Tote Bag

Day 3:
Topshop Nude Flowy Top
Scarlet Brown Skinny Pants
Tie Rack Red & Brown Leopard Printed Scarf
Duet Red Necklace
Chanel Beige Quilted Caviar Flap Bag
Aldo Red Heels with Bow

Day 4:
H&M White Peplum Shirt
Mango White Straight-Leg Trouser
Diva White & Purple Flower Corsages
Tie Rack Purple Scarf
Prada Purple Saffiano Tote Bag 
Aldo Purple Pumps

Day 5:
Mango Black & White Striped Blazer
Scarlet Tangerine Yellow Tank Top
Ralph Lauren Jeans
TSL Yellow Scarf
 Chanel Pearl Necklace
Dior White Bag
Aldo White Heels

I just realized, I didn't include my ring-of-the-day in these pictures! And also, too many yellow and nude/white hues. Ish..I forgot to add Orange or Green laaaa! haha. Oh, never mind now. Who knows, by mid week, this fickle minded girl would probably change her mind and decide to wear something else pulak! Heee. Or maybe I will wear Orange on Saturday and Green on Sunday, then! heheh

Okay lah, I will try to get some sleep now. I have some important things to do in the morning I better get some sleep! Nighty-nite you guys! I hope I have inspired you girls what to wear this week! ;)

Have a great week ahead darlings!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Easy Facial Regime at Home!

It's a weekend! And I just got back from the malls...which means, I had my make up on..and which means, I'm gonna have to remove it before I go to bed!

Yes ladies, do not sleep with your make up on! It'll clog your pores and it'll cause more problem in the future. You don't want acne and bacteria to berkampung on your face, do you? So don't be lazy and wash your face before bedtime, okie dokie?

Anyway, normally once a month, if I have time (and money) I would do an intensive facial at a salon. Otherwise, I would just do it myself at home, weekly.. Just a simple one. No extractions whatsoever. Just the normal, simple, do-it-myself kind of facial...using just a few items that I have! Well a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? 

So today I'm gonna show you how to do a very simple facial at home and how to take care of your face for the lazy girls, that don't have much time in the world to put so many stuff on their face! haha

So here goes!

First and foremost: You MUST remove your make up with your make up remover. 
There's a lot in the market that you can find..but I personally like the water-based type, or the oil ones. But today, I used my baby oil to remove my make up...

So let's remove my make up and massage the face!

Removing the make up is the most crucial part in doing facial. You gotta make sure that you left no make up at all on your face before you apply other things and go to bed with it. This is because, if you left just a bit of make up..maybe foundation for example, it will definitely go inside your skin while you sleep, and then clog your pores..and later cause a huge ugly acne on your face! So yes, clean them completely and don't leave any trace of your make up on your skin..alright, honey?

And then the next step is of course, cleanse your face with the right facial wash for you! If you have acne-prone skin, it's good that you invest in some of the acne care products that has a tea tree oil in it to be your daily facial cleanser. Because the components like the tea tree oil and Portulaca oleracea extract, can really help those trouble skin, and soothe your irritated face. And for that, I used this Teatree AC-Control Cleansing Foam from Hansaegee Nature, a Korean brand/product. Well, I kinda like this facial wash because not only does it smell so good, but it also gives me this refreshing kind of feeling after I used it...which I like so much!

As a soft, low-acid gel-type cleanser that is close to the optimum skin pH, it maximally reduces skin stimulus more than other general alkaline type products (sore eyes, burning, etc.) So since it is not too harsh for the skin, I would usually use it twice, each time I wash my make sure that I really cleanse my face!

So anyway, after I have wash my face thoroughly, I would either use some facial scrub to cleanse my face even more, or I'd use the pore strips to make sure most of my whiteheads or blackheads are gone, before I go to the last step!

Stripped it off, baby!

And then come to the last part in this simple facial regime! Yes, we've come to the final step.. Like I said, this is a very simple (for the lazy people like me ;p) kind of facial at home! hehe

So if you're the type that is really, really lazy to put on some toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, etc etc after a looooong and tiring day you had, and you just wanna doze off quickly, I would really suggest that you do this final step in your skincare regime! It's really easy, so don't be lazy! (hey, it rhymes! hehe)

So what I'll use on my lazy days before I go to bed....after I've washed my face, I'll use the silk cellulose mask sheet! You know, the one that I have mentioned to you guys last time! I really love this mask because not only it has soooooo much essence in it (the essence are dripping the moment I tear off the packaging!), but it also fits on my skin perfectly! It's so thin and it adheres to my face very well. Unlike any other sheet mask in the market that you have to hold the mask every few minutes because it just won't stick on your face! Pffft. Not cool, ok?

So yes...this is definitely the most favored sheet masks that I've tried so far! You can even sleep with it too..just like I did last time! haha..

Anyway, the mask sheet is heavily soaked with the serum/essence, so be sure to buy the right essence for your skin! Go check out their website..they have plenty of masks to choose from! For this time, I used the Tea Tree Healing Solution one.  I leave it for 20 minutes on my face, for the essence to absorb fully on my skin..

...and then remove it! 
Then I'll go to bed straight without bothering to slap on some moisturizer on my face anymore, because that essence soaked with the mask is really enough! ;)

The best thing about this mask is that, I'll wake up with a bright looking face, the next day! I really have no complaints on this mask, seriously! I can just remove this mask and go to bed peacefully without having to apply my toner, my moisturizer whatsoever like I did every other night! (Hey, I have my lazy days too! hehe) So this mask alone is enough for me to end my night! I'm officially really hooked! ^___^

Now go get some, girls!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's in My Bag!

Ok, I got a request from my readers to do a What's in My Bag post! They're wondering how do I change my handbags every day and decide what color to wear each morning.. So today I will explain a bit what's in my bag and how I choose my bag-of-the-day! ^__^

Before I reveal what are the things in my handbag that I bring every day, let me explain a bit how I change my handbag every day without forgetting some of my essential items. (I get a lot of questions regarding this!)

Ok. After I have chosen my outfit-of-the-day, I would choose what bag I want to wear that would match my outfit...and then transfer all the things inside the current bag to the chosen bag of the day! The key is to have a Bag Organizer! You know...the one Vivy sells on Fashion Valet website! This thing really does help you to organize your things....and can do a big favor for you when you decided to change your handbag in the morning! So for you ladies who tend to forget some important things when you change your handbag, you should definitely own one of these Bag Organizers!

So anyway, I keep all my important things in here. You know like those essential things that MUST PRESENT in my my wallet, my keys, my SmarTag, my handphones, my camera, and my iPhone charger. These are my necessities. 

So every time when I want to change my handbag, I would just grab this little green bag and stuff it inside my Bag-of-The-Day that I choose! It's that simple! hehe let's see what other things inside my handbag that I bring besides that green bag, and break them down into details!

I have 11 items inside my bag! So basically, these are my everyday things. 
Yes, I bring a lot of stuff in my handbag. And as a result, my bag always weighs like 2 kg...which I hate so much....But can't help it not to bring 'em, as I need my things! LOL ;p

Ok so here goes:
  1. I call this Hygiene Bag where I put all my tissue, pads, etc.. (but there are still non related to hygiene things in here! hehe)
  2. My Make-Up Bag (Reason why I bring a bit of my make up when I'm out is because I would need to reapply/touch up my make up a bit after solat)
  3. My sunglasses
  4. My office tag
  5. A little notebook (I like to write ideas and things to do inside that book)
  6. My phones
  7. My camera
  8. My iPhone car charger (I always change the car that I'm driving these days. That's why I don't keep it inside the car)
  9. My house keys and car keys
  10. A little purse which I store cards and coins
  11. My wallet, of course! 

Now let's see what are the things inside those little small bags that I bring!

The Hygiene Bag!

  1. A miniature perfume 
  2. A pen to write in my notebook! (sometimes I didn't put the pen inside this bag.. but instead, I slide it in the little compartment in that green bag organizer)
  3. My Lush tablet toothpaste
  4. A travel size toothbrush
  5. Fresh Breath spray
  6. Some mints or chewing gums
  7. Eye drop
  8. Extra contact lens case
  9. Sanitary Pad for those emergency days! haha
  10. Pantiliners
  11. A digital tasbih (I'll use it whenever I'm bored, waiting for something..or whatever)
  12. Some tissues
  13. Wet wipes
  14. Plasters and some panadols (not in the picture)
  15. Hand Sanitizer
  16. Hand Cream 

Ok..moving on to my little Make-Up case!

  1. Lip Gloss
  2. Lipstick of the day
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Cream Foundation
  5. Mini moisturizer pot
  6. A little Eye Shadow palette
  7. Travel size make up remover
  8. Some mascaras (yes I bring at least two mascaras with me every day! haha ;p)
  9. Compact Powder
  10. Eyeliners (Gel, Pencil and Liquid)

So....That's all the things in my handbag! The key is to get organized, ladies! Put your items in those little small cases, so it'll be easier for you to look for what's inside your bag! ;)

Hope you like this post! Take care and have a great day ahead darlings!


Monday, March 25, 2013

What a Weekend!

I loveeee having a productive weekend! Most of my weekends I'd be like, "Hmmmm....what do I wanna do today? Where shall I go? To the malls again? Ughh..boring. How about I sleep?" haha. Yeah something like that. But last weekend, I had an eventful weekend indeed! - Petronas sponsored me to their Twin Towers Alive 2013 on Friday and Saturday night, and my dad pulak, gave me the F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix tickets for Saturday and Sunday..

Every year ever since the year 1999 when the circuit was just opened, I would get the F1 tickets from my dad..but I don't usually go every year, and gave them away to my cousins or my guy friends, simply because I don't really have any friends who would like to go see this race. They'd give me reasons like, "panas lah", "too far lah", "not my thing" or worse... "there's no handsome drivers that I would like to see. So no thanks"


Sabar je lah akuu. haha

But this year...I went for it! 

So yeah I went to the circuit on the weekend... see these guys again! 
The macho man Lewis Hamilton, and the cutie pie Nico Rosberg! (I met them last Tuesday to cover the Petronas event in Solaris Serdang, by the way - will blog about it later)

Oh, there's a Petronas wall... Gotta take a photo like those models lah! ahahah ;p it baby! ;p

This car worth around 10 million bucks!!! O____o

There's a lot of booths selling the brand merchandise...and also clowns walking around the area!

So was a super hot day on Saturday! And I totally forgot to bring my hat and my umbrella! The only stuff I brought with me were my electronic fan and my shades.. I even forgot to apply a sunblock! tskkk

Oh yeah, I even forgot to bring my earplug! Note: If you ever wanna go to this Sepang Circuit, don't forget to bring something that would protect your eardrums! Otherwise, be prepared to be deaf when you go home later.......or, be prepared to spend RM 10 per ear plug! (Things are really, really expensive at an International events, huh?)

So because we got the front row seats, an earplug just won't do any justice to our ears.. I swear my eardrums felt like they were about to explode when I heard the screeching sound of the cars or the engine or whatever they call that... So we had to buy some sort like a headset but with radio, which is kinda cool actually. Well, my friend bought it for me actually. So thank you! - I saved RM 100 from that! haha

I call it a radiohead (just like the name of the band. Do you know it? hehe)

We sat justtttt across Lewis Hamilton's pitstop station..

That's him racing...

It was a super hot sunny day..
(I've always stay in the buildings these days that I forgot how panas Malaysia really is!!! >__< )

Yes I wear my 6 inch heels to this Sepang Circuit. teeheeee ;p

Oh I can see Mr handsome Hamilton!!!

Awwww.....such a sweety. haha 

He got the second place for the Third Practice Session 

The Qualifying Session

Then there's a Malaysian Super Series race.. where there's a lot of super cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc race with one another...

It's kinda cool actually watching these cars speeding and racing with each other..

This was the winner! From Singapore!

First, second and third place

Winners, from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia

I got the tickets for two days actually, but I only went for Saturday because my friend had to go to the north Malaysia on that Sunday because of work. Thus, I don't have any other friend who would like to accompany me to I went to the mall instead on that Sunday! haha
(I can only be comfortable being alone, when I'm in the malls! ;p)

Our Sepang Circuit is nice, isn't it?  :)

Anyways...that Friday and Saturday night, Petronas gave me the tickets to the Twin Towers Alive at KLCC to cover the event. I didn't go on that Friday night though, as I have some stuff to do. So I gave my tickets away to my friends. But on that Saturday, although I was super exhausted from the F1 that afternoon, I still went for it because I was super duper excited to go see the BSB!!!!!! Been waiting my whole life to see them! haha

This was my first concert. Thank you Petronas for these tix!

When I arrived, I was shocked to see the crowd! (and the smell too. haha ;p)

Since I was out all day, by the time I arrived in KLCC my camera and phone's battery are about to die! So I didn't really get to take a lot of pictures! Which is so sad! :(

What a cool performance! The glow in the dark girls!

I think this thing is so cool!

The moment that everyone was waiting for! huhu

I'm actually lost for words right now.. Cuz I'm really tired and sleepy actually... Sorry for the kinda-short post. Will babble more later k! Mengantukkk sangat niii! I don't like writing stuff when I'm sleepy like this.. haha.. But I still wanna update my blog! LOL

Ok lah.. Talk later! Byeeee nak tidur!

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