Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love Cupcakes!

Cupcakes, I lovee...



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Things that I Love: Pink and Ice Cream!

If anyone ask me, what do I love besides all things happy and girly, my answer would always be Ice Cream....and the color Pink!

I could eat one pint (or maybe more) of a (yummy) ice cream, myself, in a day! Ice cream would always be my number one.. err...meal? haha. Or food or desserts or snack or tea-break or whatever it is that you categorized it and whenever at all that you consumed it! For me, there are no specific time for you to eat ice creams! Ask me and offer me an ice cream, I'd definitely say Y.E.S!! Anytime, anywhere! ;p

If I have a choice, I would always want to be served ice cream as my appetizer/starter! Yeah...I'm that crazy, when it comes to ice creams! Like a fat kid sees a candy store, that's how I'm behaving, when I see an ice cream stall/shop. Yums!

Thisssssss.... is what I ate, on Monday - a Friday's Sundae. 
(LOL. Monday, Friday, Sunday)

I love everrrrything about this particular ice cream! First, it's the vanilla ice cream (Note: Vanilla is my all time fave flavor for ice cream. I don't fancy chocs, thank you very much),'s the caramel hot fudge sauce poured all over the ice cream!!'s the fat creamy whipped cream on top of the ice cream! And it's loads of 'em I tell you! And lastly... the crunchy, roasted walnuts!!! (I always asked for an extra bowl of this walnut, whenever I ordered this dessert in TGIF). Trust me, it tastes soooo much better with extra extra walnuts!!! LOL. Wtf. I sound like a TGIF's waitress cum promoter now! haha. But realllllyyyy, this. is. my. favourite. ice cream. Got it?! ;p

That's all I want to let y'all know! haha. 

Oh yeah... And I love pink too! Hence the new header of this blog (which I still want to decide whether or not to create a new one (if I have time), or just...let it be, or change back like last time... haha. - Anyone wants to voluntarily sedekahkan for me one cute little header that says ME? heheheh ;p) Actually, like some of you think..I too, think that it's quite plain and a little bit look like it's  an advertisement for a lip thingy or like a beauty blog than a personal blog..right? hehe.. Maybe bcuz I'm so used to hear that some people has called and categorized my blog as a beauty blog kot? (though I rarely blog about beauty products pun! haha! ;p)

So anyways... Let's not mind about that now... Just wanna tell you that, I'm excited because I can still fit in my (pink) Marks & Spencer top! (which I bought when I was 18, as one of the presents to myself because I got an excellent SPM result that year..haha). This used to be my very very favourite top! I wore it like over and over again! My eldest sister even borrowed it for her date (was it first date?) with her boyfriend back then (now hubby!). I have not worn this for years.. I think about 3 years? After I entered uni life, and grow so big..and bought some other tops, I ter-forgot about this top! tskk.. But last time when I did like a spring cleaning in my room, I found this! So yeayyy! I'm very happy.. I would definitely keep this top and hand down to my daughter one day (if i have one... and IF, she trust her mommy's fashion sense and taste! LOL). Because this top has a sentimental value to me.. Plus, it's such a nice top for me... And I was surprised that I could still fit in it! - despite my size now... T_T

By the way, it is a hot pink top, with a very nice material (too comfy!!) and a nice printed design on it...with a string to replace the usual button, to tie it into a ribbon! So..all the way from my chest down to the end of the top is a cute little ribbons! hehe.. Me lovin' it! And I hope my daughter would too! hahaha ;p

That's why this girl is too happy. Bcuz she could still fit in that favourite PINK top of hers, and get her favourite ICE CREAM at the same time! LOL.

........Anddddd you guys just wasted a few minutes of your life reading what this girl was too excited about la! Pffft.. Have a great day everyone! Don't forget to wear pink and eat ice cream! xD


Thursday, July 21, 2011

What do you think? :)

As you can see...I just created a new blog header! What do you think?

It's much more girly one...

Hmm...What do you think? Should I stick with the old one..

The classy, whimsical header? Or this new, pink girly header is fine? Does it speak ME? heh


What do you think? :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress... Say Yes to Dressing Up! :)

Hey, I'm a girl.. And we LOVE to play Dress Up!

But we definitely HATE to clean up the mess we made!



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lunch at Dome Cafe

Meeting up with your friends after awhile it's really really fun. There's a lot of things to catch up, to talk about, to gossip around and to laugh about! I really had such an amazing time, on the last 2 weekends that I went out to see my girlfriends.

We met at KLCC. But we only went two places; Dome Cafe and Sephora. But my parking fee for that day was 20 bucks! haha. Can you imagine how loooong we talked? We didn't walk around the mall...we just sit and talk! hehe..

We spent hours at Dome Cafe, having our lunch while talking and laughing and talking some moree... Then we went to Sephora as I needed to get something for my beauty supplies, before everyone went home..  (but I did a little shopping afterwards, at Zara, Topshop and Parkson..some more ;p)

It's really different when meeting us, as working ladies and meeting us when we were kids. haha. Oh well...we still are little kids! ;p

Last time, we were still students. Talking about school stuff, boys, love, lecturers, subjects we hate and love, what movie to watch, assignments, etc... This time, it's a bit different. Now we're talking a bit more stuff. hehe. Well, not entirely.. Cuz we're still young! haha ;p

We talked about a lot of stuff. Work, love, marriage, future stuff, things that revolves around our world, friends, kids, nephews, our vision and mission, and lot of things.... Gosh... we're all grown ups! Next thing I know...we're gonna talk about each other's son and daughter! time flies! =/

I met these girls when I was 18. And until now, we are still good friends. I still remember clearly how much fun we had in our uni years. It's true what my cousin told me last time; friends in university are the bestest ones as compared to your high school friends or your officemates, etc. Because you will never find friends like that anywhere else except during those years. Because you eat, sleep, having fun, go to class, hang out, did bad stuff, fight, cry, laugh, and everything else in between...Together.

And yes it's true. Well..I don't know whether in the future, along the way I'm going to meet anyone else that would become another best friend of mine, but for now...all I know is that I'm thankful and glad to have met these people who I can call my best friends.

These are the machicks I love! hehe. 

I watched they grow.... From a non hijabi, to a hijabi. From a tom boy-ish, to a little bit girly girl (like me. LOL. ;p). From a flat foot, to a high heel...or maybe wedges.hehe.. From wearing specky to wearing contact lenses. From being kasar/rempit, to being err....less rempit. haha. JK ;p From being kepochi to being much more kepochi....heheheh ;p
And same goes with me... A lot has changed ever since we're 18. ;)

Anyway... so we met at 11.30 am till...I don't know what time... But it was quite a few hours we were in there! haha... When I'm with this girls...we couldn't stop talking and talking! The "pendiam" side in me would definitely and instantly die when I'm with them...haha. There's always things to talk and laugh about! ;)

So I ordered our usual favourite menu

Some fruits, as our appetizer

Naz's favourite: Spicy Olio Pasta 

Girl's: Creamy Seafood Pasta

And my all time fave: Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta. Yummm!

This is Girl. The something Analyst at Petrofac (Haha. Sorry babe. I forgot your job title! Was it 'System'? huhu.. This old lady forgot la babe! Sorry! ;p)

And this is Naz... The 23 year old girl who works as a GSE at HSBC. Err...don't know what that GSE stands for! huhu

And... Me! The Editor and Blogger! And soon to be the ___________. You guess! hehehe ;p

Both of us dah tembam. hehe. But of course, I win! =_=

With my favourite cappuccino 

Next...before they both went off, I made a pit stop at Sephora! They just opened here in KLCC! (I still haven't got time to visit the one in BB yet)

Oh heyyy... They have my fave body stuff brand in here too! It's the Soap and Glory!!! *excited!*

"Hmm...what else to get?"

Ah...this! I loved Sephora's range of Bath and Body stuffs!

Mmm...smells like caramel!

Their make up stuff..

And then I off to the Marie France thingy, later that night..  Girls...when can we have this session again? ;)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bzzzzzt... Bizzzyyyy.. Here's a Re-Cap of What this Busy Young Lady did!

I've been so busy with my life lately. Busy having fun. Busing working. Busy finding time for myself. Busy with my loved ones. Busy thisss...Busy that. The word for today is, BUSY.

Yes, I'm a busy young lady... Always got things to do. Dunno doing what....but I'm BUSY! haha... Well...most of the time, busy being tired actually. And that explains why this blog looks like it's almost dead already! ;p

Well well well... here's a little summary of the activities that made me away for a little while...

Busy meeting up with my best friend. Busy being kepochi like achi

Busy taking care of my self 
(I look crappy these days! T_T)

Busy going here and there... Busy collecting some things. Busy buying some things. Busy attending some things. 
Haihh.... Busy Body betul aku ni... =_=

Busy having lunch with friends

Busy doing this.

Busy crying over this.

Busy smiling over this.

Busy eating some more.

Busy getting my Gong Cha Signature Milk Tea for the day at the office before starting to be busy working

Busy going to a spa, after being busy feeling fat and lousy

Busy wandering and wondering around when will I ever be skinny and hot. And skinny. And hot. And slim. And hot. And skinny. And skinny. And skinny. And HOT. And thinnnnnn??!!! *cries*
And busy thinking when will I ever stop thinking about food??!! >_<

Busy hunting for Shark Fin Soup
(yes, makan lagiiii..... Patut laaaaaaaaa. Haihhhz =_=')

Busy this.

Busy car hunting with A'ai and Aizat. 
Busy dreaming driving awesome cars. 

I caught my eye on this by the way. 
But I got no marney to buy lorhh. Just sit and cry and dream on and pose beside it, also can oneee! Hahaha ;p

Busy making love to my hair, at Raymond Choon

Busy melantak Japanese food
(Sushi Zanmai is superb!!! - First time trying it! Love it!)

Busy jalan-jalan, sambil posing dekat signboard/advertisement. PFFFFT! haha..
(No la...actually I got a reason whyyy... Kan awak, kannn? heheheheh ;p)

Busy trying out some natural things on my face
(White egg yolk, yogurt, papayas, milk, etc etc. It's fun!)

Busy main try-try baju dekat kedai. Haha :p

And lastly, today...

 Busy doing this! hehe

Yeahhh... I'm a very busy young lady. Busybody that is! ;p

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