Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tea Ladies

Before going to Jakarta last Thursday, I had an outing with my course mates on that week.. Well, it was Alia's birthday the day we had a lil' meet up.. And had tea and a late lunch at Cafe Barbera in Bangsar. It was such a cozy place. Great for a lil' chit chat with friends.. =)
You should really have a visit!

This is Sharifah Fara Difla. She is lovely. And her hair is awesome too. 

I ordered a beef carbonara pasta. It was really yummy and creamy, which I like..but the portion is quite big..and I couldn't finish it off.. Rasa macam muak pun ada..

As for drinks..everyone ordered teas! Earl Grey, English Tea, etc. I feel like we were in a Datin-Datin's meeting or something on that evening! haha =P

So this is the four of us. The Single Datins. hahaha =P

These are their desserts. I didn't order any. Too full. Setakat rasa sikit-sikit je.. The tiramisu tasted great, though..

And this is Alia. The one on the left. This is the Birthday Girl

When girls get together, it is indeed a mandatory for them to have a cam whoring session, no? Teehee. That's what we did! Well..quite a lot pictures we took. But I will only upload some here ok? Otherwise you guys would want to poke your eyes for having to see the same faces over and over again! hahaha =P

Shaz, Alia, Mira

Wani, Illani and Difla

Happy Birthday my dear friend!

P/S: I really hope you like the Stila Lip Glaze I gave you! Mmmuah mmuah!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry for not updating! I was away (and still am) to Jakarta since Thursday (Last minute decision!). Will be back soon! With loads of photos!

P/s: I can't wait to be back home. This is by far my worst holiday experience ever! No, not the place nor people (they are really fine). But my health. I am sick all the time! Ishh. :(
Will let you know soon. Please pray for my health.

God bless you all.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


 Have you watch the new movie from Disney’s Pixar, Toy Story 3? I have! Just yesterday! There are a lot of new characters! Such as Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear, Ken, The Baby, Bonnie and so on! Oh..and Andy has grown up, you know! He’s 17 and handsome and he is going to college already! I used to watch the VCDs all day long, after school! I just loved that movie! Watching Andy going to college now, reminds me of myself.. I mean, I watched Toy Story 1 and 2 while I was so little.. (that was when I was still in my primary school!)..and now, I have graduated and Andy’s has grown up too! He’s going to college! And that made me realized, oh..I’ve grown up too! time flies! =(

Anyways.. The movie really really reminds me of myself cuz when I was little, I too just like Andy, have lotsa toys (Barbie especially!)..and when I grow up..all those toys were given to other people, to small kids, to orphanage and etc.. That’s what Toy Story 3 is all about! – It focuses on these toys dealing with a situation in which their cherished owner, Andy is preparing to depart for college. So as Andy prepares to depart for his college, Buzz, Woody and the rest of his loyal toys are troubled about their uncertain future. The toys were kinda disappointed that Andy doesn’t want to play with them anymore. So they sneak into a box to be donated to Sunnyside Daycare and over there, they met some other toys and receive a warm welcome from the toys at Sunnyside, led by Lotso the cuddly, plush, warm and fuzzy called "Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear"… I won’t continue on the have to watch it for yourself ok!

But my most fave part is the toys accidentally reset Buzz to his Spanish mode! It was so funny hearing Buzz speaking in Spanish! =)
(I always find it Spanish language is somewhat sexy! Hehe)

Anyway guys.. I have something to tell you today!

Watch the Toy Story 3 at TGV Cinemas nationwide to stand a chance to win one of the new characters in the movie, LOTS-O-HUGGIN’ BEAR! It’ll be great for your sleeping partner at night (cuz it’s SO huggable!) or maybe for your kids or something! The bear is indeed so cute! In the movie the bear smells like strawberry, I’m not so sure though this bear would smell the same as well or not.. (it’ll be great if it is!)

So how do you win this bear? Let’s participate in the simple contest by purchasing two (2) TOY STORY 3 movie ticket stubs to be eligible for one (1) contest form. You can also download the form here

(right click, and Save!)

  • Entry forms are also available at TGV Cinemas. Just purchase 2 TOY STORY 3 tickets at any TGV Cinemas to get one (1) contest form.
  • Each entry requires the participant to answer one simple question and complete a slogan in less than 120 words!
  • 10 LIVED-SIZE LOTS-O’-HUGGIN’ BEARS to be won nationwide! Each bear is worth RM800!
  • Experience the comfort of watching TOY STORY 3 at TGV Cinemas because of the spacious, larger seats, a wide variety of snacks & beverages offered, huge selection of screening times and convenient locations right in the heart of your neighborhood.
  • This contest is held exclusively at TGV Cinemas!



Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is a jumbo, extra-soft teddy bear with a pink and white plush body and a velvety purple nose. This lovable bear stands fuzzy heads and shoulders above other teddy bears because he smells like sweet strawberries! With a smile that will light up your child’s face and a belly just asking to be hugged, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is sure to become a bedtime necessity. Stain-resistant. Spot clean plush surface with a damp cloth.


All you need to do is collect two Toy Story 3 movie ticket stubs to be eligible for one contest form. The person who sends in the correct entry with the best slogan will get to take home a 4ft tall, imported Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear. But hurry, there are only 10 imported Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bears to be won nationwide!

How to enter:

  1. Collect 2 (two) Toy Story 3 movie ticket stubs to be eligible for one entry. Download your entry form above, answer one simple question (Who are Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear’s best friends in Toy Story 3?) and complete a slogan (I deserve a plush, life-sized Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear because…)
  2. Just submit your completed form to any TGV counter with the two movie ticket stubs you’ve collected.
  3. Movie goers may submit multiple entries. There is no limit to the number of entries per person.
  4. The winner will be selected based on the correct entry with the best slogan submitted.
  5. Contest runs from 17 June 2010 until end of the movie’s screening.
  6. Hurry! Any submission after the movie has ended will be considered invalid and disqualified from the contest.
  7. Log on to for more info.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Happy but Clueless Girl

Hey guys! How are youu? How was your weekend? (Okayyy.. Wth? Soalan common. hehee) ;p

Me? Grrrrreat! I am really really in a good mood lately. Probably because I have just finished my very last paper last week! Phewwww..
It was a 2 and a half hour paper. Full essay from A to Z. Gosh..I hate essays. Especially if I can't remember my points! But if my memory system in my brain is functioning normally on that day, then I'd be so happy to answer all of the questions, with long long looooongg explanations. hahaha

Things I usually bring in the examination hall room: Lots and lotsa pens/pencils/highlighters/erasers/correction fluids/etc - The reason why I bring so many stationary items in the hall, because I need to have back ups just in case my pen dies while answering the questions (I do not want to experience like Mr. Bean had! haha), next is Matric Card, Exam Slip, Calculator (if needed), Tissue Paper, Mineral Water 1.5 Litre, Car Keys. Hmm.. that's all I think..

But this time, since it's my last paper, I brought along my camera too, for me to snap some photos after the exam has ended.. Well, just for memories sake =)

Exam Venue: CAC Conference Room 1 & 2, Subject: System Analysis & Design, Time & Date: 2.30 pm - 5.00 pm, 16th June 2010

Okayyy.. Starts answering, students!! 10 short essays, 3 long essays. Hmm..sounds like fun! LOL ;p

Hmm..after a good 2 hours, I managed to answer everything. I think I did okayy. I was happy the whole time I answered the questions. Oh so magical! haha. ;p Well the moment I opened the question booklet, I smiled happily! Kinda prepare for that questions.. Yeayyy.. So I really hope I can score for this subject. Oh all depends on the lecturer's generosity and err..the accuracy of my answers too, I guess..hehe.. So jangan happy sangat, nanti esok esok keluar result, sedih kang baru tahuu.;p

Anyways, I didn't get out earlier though. I used that extra 30 minutes to check back everything, every word, every spelling, sentences, every graph and drawing, and I even highlighted the words with orange, yellow, pink, blue, green for some key important points for the answers, for easy grading and marking. 

So Dr. Hizam, you better give me an A! hehe =) that my exams are over..and studying life is finally over, I really really have no idea what to do next. I mean, I am torn between pursuing my studies to the next level, which is Masters, or Working.

Well, I have spoken to my dad regarding this matter. Years ago, he used to support me to further my studies right after I graduated. But knowing my dad, he would usually say like some positive things you wanna hear, but when the time has come, for some reasons, he sort of hesitating to do it. hehe. So before I start planning something, I asked him again the other day just to make sure.. Because I do not want to plan everything like doing some sort of a research on where to study, the costs, the subjects, studying the map of the selected university, finding out the standard of living there, explore the places such as where to live, the public transportation, the halal food area, and so on and so forth, just yet. 

I do not want to plan/search for everything, and then when asked, all the effort will be crushed into pieces because daddy didn't allow me to. Hmm.. so that's why I prefer to ask him again before starting to do my research. (Sebab benda ni bukannya nak rushing rushing pon. Bila-bila boleh start belajar, right?)

And yup, as expected he said it would be better if I pursue my master when I am a bit older (and wiser) and had some experience of working for about a few years. Well, he got some points there and there's some reasons behind it too, actually.

So yes, true that. I agree.

But..I've seen many people take masters right after their degree programme these days. Right guys? And I have asked their opinion too, and they said, they can still cope and manage as it's not that hard and have a huge difference with degree pun. Hmm.. I dunno about that, sebab susah and senang sesuatu benda tu, is really really subjective. Some people said this thing is so easy, and that thing is hard, and some won't agree with any of it. Or whatever.. Hmmm.. So I dunno.  =/

Actually the reason why I wanted to further my studies right after this, is because a) Degree is too common now. And I have always imagined/wanted to get at least a master just like my dad b) I want to get a master at a young age c) I want to experience to learn in a different environment d) I am still not married yet so I can focus and give full commitment e) I want to learn to be independent and live on my own  f) I am still in the mood to study - I'm afraid that once I work, I don't have a heart to further my studies anymore.. and lastly and most importantly is because g) I am still not ready physically, emotionally and mentally to have a real job. I mean, I am not ready yet to face the world that has no endings. Work, work, work and work every morning from Monday till Friday, and every year until I'm old! I do not want to work like a dog! Goshh..that sucks! hahaha ;p Can't I just study my wholeeee life? Cehhh..macam lah rajin sangat! haha =P

Anyway, mom agreed on this. I mean, she wanted me to pursue.. while daddy, for some reasons he is still hesitating. Hmm.. I am not complaining or whining ke apa.. Not at all. I mean, it is totally my dad's rights and choice. Ye lah, saya anak dia, still under jagaan dia, all the decision and financial planning/source would be from him. So..apa-apa pun, kena dengar cakap dia. Plus, I know he is worried about me studying there alone. Makan minum saya, sakit saya, transportation saya, pergaulan saya and et cetera..

Hmm.. Therefore, I am so clueless on what to plan next. I mean I know what I want, but..I can't have it just yet. So, might as well have some back up plans or something I guess.. Hmm..kalau I dah ada partner kan senang. Not that I am so desperado ke apa la kann.. I just mean like, at least boleh plan future sama-sama. Tak la pening sangat saya pikir sorang-sorang and then nanti plan saya clash dengan plan dia ke apa kan, bila nanti kita dua compare plan masing-masing..hahaha.. Apa aku merepek ni.. ;p (Oh, and for that partner/family part pun, I have another plan! Adeii..banyak betul plan aku ni. haha)  

Haihhh.. Banyak nya kena plan hidup ni!! I hate growing up! =(

Hmm..but whatever it is, all I know is that, as of right now..I do not want to find a job straight away. I want to relax for a few months (five freaking years of studying is sooooo long man! I deserve a break! heh), and then kalau nak kerja baru lah okay..kot? Tah lah.

Kalau end of this year I baru nak start kerja, lama sangat ke cuti I tu? hehee. Or perhaps January next year je lah I start. Lama sikit I boleh lepak, before I start working sampai ke tua.. 
Half a year I cuti, ok lah tu kan kann untuk kerja for like what 20, 30 years straight?! Goshhhh.. Even the thought of it makes me sick! Ishh... Life's suck! hahaha ;p

Plus, there are so many things this 21 year old girl have in her mind for her 'Summer Break'. She wants to travel, she wants to learn to cook (sebab nanti dah start kerja mesti penat selalu or dah hilang mood nak belajar masak..hehe), she needs to finish selling her stuff and clear off her closet, she extremely needs to lose weight, and so many many many things that 'She needs'.

Therefore, she just wants to breathe and relax for now!

Boleh tak? heh

P/S: So kakak-kakak sekalian, what are your opinions? Sambung study ke? Or kerja terus ke? Or kerja for a few years and then only I should pursuing my studies ke.. Or what? What do you think?

P/P/S: I have updated my sales blog. Do check it out. Happy viewing!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

So what happens when I stuck in jam?

Hey guys!

Remember this post? A little tips on things to do while you stuck in jam. Haha.

Well guess what, I did sing a song again the other day.. I was so bored in the car.. The jam made me go crazy - I was so hungry and bored to death (Oh, I even tweeted about it, here. Heh) So I sang some songs just to entertain myself. Heee

While listening to my fave tracks on my CD, I got the idea to record my singing and starts making an album while I stuck in that 45-min jam! hahaha. That way, I wouldn't feel so bored with the jams!

So I took my BB, click on the 'Voice Notes' button and starts singing  5 songs! =P

And here's one of it!

Seriously, it works.. I mean, when you do something while you're stuck in jam.. You wouldn't feel so bored and in no time, you'll arrive your destination! =)

Anyways, this is the only song that I sang for only a few lines. The rest is full song, but I wouldn't want to corrupt your hearings and make you wanna puke or rather sleep. So I won't post it up here. haha =P

Ok, bubbyee now. I have some laundry to do! Taaa!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 10 Perth Destinations!

Experience Western Australia! World class restaurants, stunning national parks and the majestic rivers- all right on Perth’s doorstep! Coupled with AirAsia’s fabulous low fares, it seems like too good a deal to miss!

As you all know, I’ve been to Perth last December. For me, I personally think that Perth is a great place for a family trip. The place is just so relaxing and laid-back.. It’s pretty great for those who want to unwind and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and experience seeing all the Australian wildlife, the national parks and so many other great things!

If you’re looking for a fun holiday that the whole family can enjoy, Perth has many options and destinations to choose from and will guarantee to leave everlasting memories!

From my own experience, here’s the Top 10 Perth Destinations that I think you should really visit and experience for yourself!

1. The Kings Park
Kings Park is one of the highlights of Perth. First thing to observe is this park has locations with excellent views of the City and Swan River. The views from up here were simply panoramic and the gardens just stunning! It is a very large park, which is a great place for a picnic with your friends or family, walking or quiet contemplation. I would definitely recommend it to all travelers!

2. Fremantle
Fremantle is an artistic and vibrant port city; boasting beautiful scenery, unique inhabitants, culture and art. It's truly a vibrant city! They have such amazing heritage buildings, fine restaurants, vintage stores!!, markets, museum, art galleries, and lots more attractive places! A. MUST. VISIT!

3. AQWA, Aquarium of Western Australia
Marvel at the tropical coral reef, rich kelp beds, giant sharks, rays and turtles on an underwater journey at Australia's largest aquarium on the coast of Perth. There’s even a touch pool teeming with starfish, stingrays and itty-bitty sharks! Coooool! This place is definitely not the ordinary aquarium! The creatures on display are very well presented and overall I felt that this was a superb experience. Plus, the staffs were very friendly too!

4. Caversham Wildlife in Swan Valley
Cuddle a wombat, feed a kangaroo or get friendly with a koala at Perth's premier native animal park in the Swan Valley!

Get friendly with a wallaby, cuddle a koala, feed the deer, or watch the monkeys play. Caversham Wildlife Park, a menagerie of native and exotic animals and birds, will prove a fun day out particularly for children. Take a picnic or cook up a feast on one of the on-site barbecues. The kiosk offers light refreshments and ice creams, plus souvenirs. The farm encourages a very interactive environment ensuring plenty of opportunities to get up-close and personal with the residents. 

5. Golden Grove Orchard in Chittering Valley
Situated in the beautiful Chittering Valley some 70+ kms north east of Perth, Western Australia the famous Golden Grove Orchard is THE place to visit for superb citrus fruit!

6. Rottnest Island
Rottnest island is truly inspiring, and some of the finest beaches in the world can be found on Rottnest; with its white luminescent sand, clear turquoise water, coral reefs, and amazing aquatic life. Rottnest Island is definitely a small slice of paradise. Only one word could describe this island: MESMERIZING.

7. Perth Zoo
Revered around the world for its conservation work, Perth Zoo's furry friends enjoy a state-of-the-art African Savannah, Asian Rainforest and Nocturnal House.

8. Hillarys Marina/Sorrento Quay
20 kilometres north of Perth at the end of Hepburn Avenue. While you are there: look at boats and luxury launches, sit and enjoy the restaurants, cafes and bars, browse in 60+ shops along the boardwalks, book ferries and fishing trips, ride a water slide, fish from the jetty, swim or walk along the beaches, catch a wave at nearby Sorrento Beach.

9. Swan River
The Swan is a seemingly endless and gentle river intertwining the feet of beautiful Perth. Perth and the Swan are recognized as one in the same. The gentle river meets magnificent green parks, which hover below the beautifully towering expanse of the city. Take a leisurely stroll or cycle along the gleaming Swan River, with a dual cycleway/walk trail offering commanding views of the city skyline and Kings Park. Be sure to visit the stunning Swan Bells at Barrack Square.

10. Shopping Centre!!!
  • a) Harbour Town
Visitors to Perth can't afford to miss Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre, the state's first purpose built outlet shopping precinct.

  • b) Hay St. Mall
For a retail fix, there’s no better place than the Hay St Mall for a shopping tour. The largest shopping complex in Perth, its home to literally hundreds of boutiques, chain stores, department stores, and eateries.

  • c) Karrinyup Shopping Centre
This is the biggest shopping mall in Perth. It is SO big! The shopping mall is only a 2-storey building, but there are so many shops in there! There's a lot of big departmental stores like Myer, David Jones, Woolworths, Big W, anddd more than 170 specialty shops/boutiques in that shopping centre!

Perth is the only capital city in Australia where you can chose to either explore a world-class restaurants, picnic in one of Australia’s oldest conservation areas or watch the sunset over the ocean, all within 30 minutes from the city. And with more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia, whichever activity you choose, chances are that there will be a blue sky overhead. It’s no wonder Perth has been voted as one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Find out more about Perth and Western Australia by following the blog of the Extraordinary Taxi Ride. And if you are looking for a holiday package to Perth, AirAsia has something special to offer. Visit their website for more details and grab it now!!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Modeled for LG

The two most gorgeous people on earth posed and modeled for this new LG phone! Oh..I love seeing both of them! They both are my fave celebrities in the world!!


It's stressing to look at them and then look at myself in the mirror! haha ;p

Just look!

Victoria Beckham and her BFF, Eva Longoria Parker are the most recent faces of the LG advertisement campaign.

On another note, Eva opened up recently about her friendship with Mrs. Beckham and that other British beauty, Kate Beckinsale.

“We all three are not big drinkers,” Eva said. “Kate, Vicky and I are very, very boring people, we love to stay in each other’s home. We either go to Victoria’s house, or my house and we kind of just stay in. We have dinner, we chat, we talk. Kate comes to our game nights, we play different games and it’s a lot of fun.” - They always say that they are boring people (especially Victoria). But I think that's just cool and cute! (and fun too!). I personally would prefer to do that and chilling in with my two best friends rather than doing some other fun stuff with some random people..

While Victoria is a game night regular, her husband David never attends. Eva says the soccer player is far too shy to participate in games like charades, and so stays away when Victoria is playing them. “David refuses to come over for a game night,” she laughed. “He’s the shyest person in the world so he actually doesn’t like to.”

Eva also revealed her admiration for Victoria. “I aspire to be like Victoria one day, in the way that she is an amazing businesswoman and an amazing mom at the same time”, Eva told the British edition of OK! magazine. “I hope to continue my career and be as close to my children as she is to hers.”

Oh Eva, I would want to be like that too!  
I aspire to be like Victoria one day, in the way that she is an amazing businesswoman and an amazing mom at the same time!”

Anyways, here are some of the videos of this advertisement. Watch them! They both are too cute! (and too glamourous too! heh)

Aren't they too cute not to like? =)

And here's a photo of what Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker wore on the night of fashion and technology event that they hosted with LG Mobile Phones at West Hollywood’s exclusive SoHo House last month.

I love love love Victoria's new hairdo! Wavy curls! So nice!! And Eva's & Victoria's dresses too!!

Oh so fah-bu-lous!!! But I don't really like Vicky's make up though..

Okayyy.. and now, I so want the phones! (and their dresses!) ;p

source: DenDen


Friday, June 11, 2010

Bubba Gump With Amira

I had an awesome lunch the other day with one of my classmates. Her name is Amira Marzuki. She slept over at my house last weekend since my parents were away and she was staying home alone as well. So I invited her, Alia Illani and Najibah to my house.. We had a make over session and some gossiping on that night! Heee.. I likeee! Well, not exactly gossiping 100% la. Most of the time we were talking about love and soul mate. heh. That's what an early twenties girl would usually talk about, ey? Like there's no other topics in the world! haha. But who talks about the Gaza attack or politics or something on a slumber party/sleep over with girlfriends on a weekend? heh. Well, we don't. That's too serious to talk at 2 am in the morning! Hmm..
And anyways when you grew older, say like when we're in our late twenties, our daily topics would be probably about our marriage and husbands and work life, etc.. And as you became older like 30's or 40's, you'll talk about babies and kids and so on! Nak sekolah kan anak kat mana, tuition mana bagus, result anak siapa lagi bagus, makpak sehat ke tak, etc etc.. hehe..

Goshh.. Women will never stop talking! haha.

(Ok. I am blabbering. Sorry.)

Anyways..the next day we went for a lunch at Bubba Gump..I was craving for something sweet (PMS attack, fyi).. and that night, Amira was talking about this one Chocolate Mud Pie in Bubba Gump that she had earlier..and the way she explains it makes me salivating and craving for it..Hence, I hunt it on the next day! I am!

This is Amira Marzuki. She is single. Ceh.. Promote. haha ;p
(I like her eyebrows by the way.. They look so sharp and so sexy with the right make up! I would love to have that kinda brows..but dunno how to do that..tskk)

And this is Shazwani Hamid. Haha. And she wants to marry Brian Littrell and Ne-Yo. Cuz they both have such an awesome personalities. Heeee. (ok, tiba-tiba) ;p

Ahhhhh...and here comes my fave part! My drinks!!! was super delicious!! The name's Jenny's Favourite (what a cute name, for a drink). It's a mixture of raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and some frozen yogurt or something.. I forgot..

Really nice.


And now it has become Wanny's Favourite! ;p

This is Amira's meal: "Of Course We Have Scampi". (What a complicated name they gave! haha). A tender shrimp sautéed with Capers in Lemon-Garlic Butter, served over a bed of Linguini. Hmm..Well, for me, though the meal's name is quite unusual or rather weird, but for me the taste is just like a linguine carbonara with shrimps and some lemon..heh. I thought it would taste like something I have never tasted before! But no doubt, it was nice! =)

And this is mine!! "Shrimper's Heaven". And indeed, it was heavenly served with a lot of shrimps!! This one's specially for those who love shrimps! (like me!) Each cone has different kind of shrimps! Coconut Shrimp, Chilly Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, and there's also some Fries, and they gave me some delicious Dippin' Sauces too! first I thought..hey, how am I gonna finish all of these??

But... don't be fool by the food presentation y'all! When I took one shrimp from one of the cones, I was like... "Laaa...only this much??! For that kind of price I paid, you only give me this amount of shrimps? I am so hungry..and I am sure I'd still be hungry even if I have finished all of these. Bummer! Should have ordered pasta or something.."


This is the Tempura Shrimp (yes, only four. Not Fantastic Four, but a freakin' FOUR shrimps!) ;p

This is Coconut Shrimps. Yep, just like you see. THREE.

And this is Chilly Shrimps. Ohh..this one, the amount of shrimps are quite a lot. I guess this is the most easiest way to cook. Only dump them in a hot water and after they have cooked a little bit, put them in a fridge and serve! While the rest of the shrimps, they have to salut tepung apa bagai.. and then goreng, etc. So I guess that's why they were being a little kedekut to me! haha ;p 
But anyhow, I love this one the most! Very juicy! And best of all, there's no oil involved! ;)

And this one is Fried Shrimps. Ahhh..this one, they're being a little generous. heheh. There were 6 shrimps in there.. Not that much, but still a lot than the rest of the tepung salut-ed shrimps they gave me. =) know what.. despite the amount of shrimps that I thought were so little as compared to the price I paid, surprisingly, I WAS FULL even though I was still eating half way of my meal!

In the end, I forced my friend to finish up my meal! hehee.. Dah la dah order dessert lagi! Adehh.. sumpah dah kenyang sangat.. But still, I wanna taste the mud pie that Mira said was awesome..

The sexy Mud Pie. It was BIGGGG, okayy! Like a medium sized cake! How were we supposed to finish it all??! We were so full..and my belly looked like a pregnant lady already! But still..I don't care, this tamak little person inside me was dying to taste it! Even Umie Aida tweeted (according to Amira) that this Mud Pie is oh-so-ohsem!

So..let's indulge ourselves with this!

The official first bite! Ahhhh... the chocolatey taste!! And the ice cream...and the cookies, and the snickers choc that were put inside it...and the whipped cream...and the peanuts...Need I say more? heh. It's perfect little tastes of heaven! (Okayy.. I am salivating now! Ishhh).

Kenyang perut, suka hati..

Heading home now! 

That plastic bag that I was holding is the Mud Pie. I couldn't finish it all, so I asked them to pack though I know it's an ice cream and by the time I get home, they'd be melting and all..but I don't care. The taste is so awesome that I get the idea of freezing it back in the freezer once I reach home..haha

I wanna  indulge with it all by myself! Ahhhhh...yummy! =)

Thank you Bubba Gump, for the awesome food you served me!

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