Friday, October 30, 2009

Sumpah Lawak!

Sila tengok video ni!
Klaka gile mamat ni marah sgt dgn TNB sampai buat lagu and video! hehee

p/s: when i say 'lawak', it doesn't mean lawak as in lawak bodoh.. I meant lawak sebab dia emo gila and dia nak sakit sangat hati sampai buat video and lagu.. but no doubt lagu dia best. haha. =P


I love You.

Ini abah saya.

Saya sangat sayang dia.


Tiba-tiba je.


Ha..ada skali tu kan, I sent a text message to my mom, "Ma, I love you".. Pastu kena marah! haha. Bukan la marah apa..she got worried I guess, because I'm always maybe she thought macam I ni peliktibatiba she replied,

Mom: "Awak ni kenapa ni??"

Me: "Takde apa. Saje je"

Mom: "Laa.. Sudah lah. Pergi belajar"

Hahaha..Klaka jer.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Award Gala Dinner

It was held at Pan Pacific, Singapore. Our transportation and accommodation were all sponsored by Nuffnang. (Thank You!!)

Right noww..all I can say is that the trip was so damn awesome! Especially the Gala Dinner! This is the best event I've ever been to! (Oh, of course..including my sisters' wedding events too..but that's a whole different story. hee).

I am soo glad that I went to Singapore!! Yeay! =)

It was really nice you know, to attend events like this where you recognized and know who and who and so on.. I've seen a lot of beautiful familiar faces during that night..and that made the event more special..bcuz when I saw this particular face..I would "Hey..I know you.. You're from blabla blog right?!" or maybe.. "Oh I love you're blog! You're so cute!" and kalau tak dapat nak cakap pun just stare lama2 sebab macam kagum dapat jumpa depan mata instead of jumpa depan laptop je selama ni =P

Tak rasa pun macam ketinggalan or tak selesa ke or rasa-macam-tak-sepatutnya-berada-dekat-tempat-macam-tu-like-I-always-feel-whenever-I'm-at-such-glamourous-events or..awkward or whateverr.. Serious best! Nuffnang besttt!'s a BLOGGER NIGHT! And I am a blogger too..even though I'm just a tiny little bean..heh. But still..I am from SchazwanyHameed dot Blogspot dot Com. hahaa =P

Getting ready..

Anyway, today I am not intend to story-morry about the whole trip just yet (bcuz my 100-year laptop is causing me trouble whenever I want to online and to resize picture. Bummer! I seriously need a new one!!) So today I will just briefly update you about the event, kay.

- Makan best!
- Tempat best!
- Music best!
- And most importantly, I met a lot of pretty faces! huhu =)

Nicole Kiss was so damn hot hot hot!! (I sat next to her table! And I love her hat or something that was on her head..hehe)
I met the ever so tallslimbeautifulcantikmanesmenawankalbupipidiasangatkurussertalicinsangatdanrambutjugasangatsihat, Cik Hanis Zalikha. (Jumpa Mak dia jugak. Wehh..sumpah hot mama!)
Jumpa Kak Red yang mengancam
Jumpa Miu yang memang comel
Jumpa Kakak FoxyFarah yang memang sangat sangat lah sumpahcantik.
Jumpa Kak Ceera yang saya sangat suka tengok dia dengan her husband. They both are so damn super cute couple!
Jumpa kakak saya! (Ceh. Yang ni memang la)
Jumpa Kak Shila yang sangat sangat tinggggiii!!
Jumpa XIAXUE! (tp..dia kecik je orangnya..ingat kan tinggi.. Oh btw, she won 3 awards!! Hebat giler! They were "Most Influential Blog", "Best Blog Design" and best of all.. REGION'S BEST BLOG!! Wooh. Seronok gila.)
Jumpa Kennysia!!! Sumpah mamat ni best!
Jumpa Kak Nani yang cantik
Jumpa Nuffies! =)
Jumpa hotties from Phillipines, Australia and Singapore!!
Jumpa siapa tah lagi..

Banyak gile..

Semua sumpah hot. Sumpah best. =)
(Erk.. banyak nyee aku menyumpah! huhu)

Anyways.. I managed to resize these pictures only, before my laptop started to lag and whine again!! Ugh. =(

Okayy.. So enjoy the pics! (Will update more later!)

On the red carpet!

My sister, ShilaShower and Me

With Miu!!

With FoxyFarah!

Ayra's Mummy, RedMummy and Shazwanny (hey it rhymes!)

Kennysia! The funniest guy ever!!

I loveee Nuffnang! =)

Will update moree soon!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

"When I shop, the world gets better, and the world IS better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again

"They said I was a valued customer. Now they send me hate mails. "

-Rebecca Bloomwood-

And now I'm scared.

Like REALLLLY scared.



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dressing a Dress

Designing a dress can be tricky. It's either it turns out to be hot or not. I've sketched quite a number of dresses or outfits before (whenever I'm bored!). But only a few of them comes to life (bcuz I am SO bad in designing n drawing! =P ). One of it that made it's way to the real world was this! haha. But anyways..

I have a Blogger Awards Gala Dinner event to attend to..but I have less than 48 hours to create or to design or to buy and to think what am I gonna wear for the event. (Apparently my tailor called me n said she made a few mistakes..n that it looked weird!)

Oh, and now..I am panicking!

I cannot draw. I cannot create. I cannot think. I cannot even imagine how it'll look like. (Oh and now I'm so scared to pick up and go seee my baju tommorow. Nak pergi buat baru memang tak laa kan..dah hari apa dah ni wehh..iskk.. Daymm!!)
Hmm..I think I might just wear jeans to that Gala Dinner. ha. ha =P

Ugh..whatever lah..penat dah fikir..

I need more inspiration and I need more time. And not to forget, I need LESS STRESS AND ASSIGNMENTS AND DUE DATES AND PRESENTATION!!! =( (God help me. Please God..I need my lucky charm now.)

Hmm..takpe la.. I'll try to design a new one... ( Design je la. Dapat baju nye, tak tahu lah bila..haha) are some lovely dresses for inspirations..

From Bloomingdale's. (they really do have such great dresses!)

Eh..saree tiba-tiba? huhu

And these are from my favourite celebrities..

Anyway..I went out to Pavilion just now just to check out what do they have..and I found these mannequins wearing hijabi styles of dresses/abayas..

Hmm..quite a good inspiration! =)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brian Littrell is Cuteness

As I was doing my work.. I listened to some of the old BSB's songs (I'm a huge fan since I was 9 years old, btw)
And then..terdetik nak tengok their new video clip (Straight Through My Heart) I surf YouTube, but I found these cute videos of him.

This is a video of his marriage. Comel gila la dia ni!!

Bestnyerr ada lagu for his wife! (omg! I'm crying!)

Another cuteness..

And...I just found out that he got a swine flu!! Oh nooo.. sobs.

Get well soon B-Rock! I love youuu!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Woman with Big Belly

Pregnancy is so beautiful.

I love to look at preggy mommies. There's just something about those big round bump..
I personally think pregnant ladies are sexy! Especially kalau kurus and pregnant! Oh..super hawt!
Don't you think? =)

Anyway..I love this photo shoot of Britney Spears for Harper's Bazaar, which was taken quite a long long time ago..

She looked so pretty!


p/s: Dear mommies, how do you feel when there's 'something' or rather someone living inside your body?! Berat tak? huhu. It amazed me you know, to see people carrying another person inside her body! huhu. It's weird + interesting + beautiful + magical.
Oh MasyaAllah. =)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Isn't she has the sweetest voice ever?

I love her songs!

Okay..saya mood nak berangan n layan blues ni.huhu =P



Monday, October 12, 2009

It's a FACT!

It is a FACT that iTalk a prepaid calling card is a great way to talk and save! It’s actually true what they said; Anywhere, anyhow you save! Believe it or not, one of the best ways to reduce your phone bills (either fixed line or mobiles) is by using iTalk!

iTalk is a prepaid calling card that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, which enabling users to make international and domestic calls with fabulous benefits and innovative features. You can make domestic and international (IDD) calls from your fixed line, mobile and online via iTalk portal.

Throughout the year, iTalk lets you enjoy low domestic and IDD rates from just 10sen/min!. And during promotion periods, you can enjoy even lower rates, special deals and offers that you won’t find it anywhere else! So take advantage of its low rates and promotions people!!

If you ada bibik or maids from Indonesia yang selalu guna your house phone untuk call her kampong in Jawa Barat or Aceh or wherever it is, why not you buy for her this iTalk card instead? Cuma dari 30sen/min ke Indonesia. It can help you save a lot, you know! Or maybe if you have brothers or sisters or daughters residing or studying outside Malaysia, you can call them anytime and don’t have to worry about the bills anymore with this iTalk cards! iTalk memang murah!!

This is a FACT!

Kalau tak percaya, click here for the rates to make international calls.

Another FACT about iTalk is that they are so easy to get started and sooo easy to find!

iTalk is available in RM 10, RM 20, RM 30and RM 50 denominations.

You can get your iTalk cards from any TMpoint outlets nationwide, TM Authourised Resellers or at participating outlets displaying the iTalk signage such as Petrol marts, 7-Eleven, Maybank ATMs, or via online purchases via Maybank2u, RHB, CIMB.

Oh, and another FACT about iTalk is that you can get a FREE 10% talktime when you purchase RM30 & RM50 iTalk via softPIN.

Hurry! This is for limited period only!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm paranoid. I'm paranoid. I'm paranoid.

Why can't love just be as simple and uncomplicated as it supposed to be?

Why must I feel this way?

Oh God. Please help me.


Nak tulis banyak-banyak kat sini pun tak boleh. Nak cakap kat siapa-siapa pun tak boleh. Isu sensitif.

Haih. Diam je lah.

Taktahu lah apa nak jadi.

How I wish I was 18, back in Matric PJ.

Life was so much fun and uncomplicated back then.



If only tears were laughter. if only night was day. if only prayers were answers..

God please help.

Headwrap ala Turban Style

Lately I've been receiving quite a few numbers of emails asking me to do the tutorial on how I wear the turban style scarf or headwrap like I did during my trip to PD for HESS Family Day in 2008.

I'm with Taka the Japanese guy - He won the Best Dressed for man

I was one of the nominees for Best Dressed! (Bangga sebab I was the only one yang takde kena mengena dengan HESS Company, tapi dapat gak naik pentas! hee) goes.. (Please click on the picture to enlarge!)

I've numbered the pics. So here goes the explanation.

1) Wear the normal 5 bux serkup/anak tudung. Wear the black colored one. It looks much better than the white or brown ones, or any other colors.

2) Put your scarf on your head. (You should bent yourself while doing this)

3) After you've put n place your scarf nicely n comfortably, grab the front part tightly and,

4) Start twisting it.. till the end of your scarf (You don't have to tie it off at the end, btw)

5 & 6) After you've done twisting, bring the twisted scarf to the back of your head

7) For the extra scarf, u have to insert it at the bottom part of your wrapped head.

8 & 9) Adjust every part- front, back, upward accordingly, so that it looks nice on you. Make sure it is tight enough (but still comfy, of course). If u want to prevent or secure the twisted part from falling or undo by itself, use berry pins. Just 4 or 5 is enough. (Ask people to do the pinning for u)

10) Back view

11) Side view

12) Now, you're done! hehe ;)

Actually this turban style is just like the ones that people always wrap their head, after they've washed n shampooed their hair. That's how I got the idea! hehe
It's really simple, my dears!

Hmm..I wish to wear a headwrap like these.. (much cooler!)


Oh Erykah badu! So coool! How does she wear like this ey? Anyone knows? Please share! I sooo wanted to wear like this one of these days..hehe (Tak payah pakai heels dah..dah cukup tinggi dah ni!! LOL)

Or these! Minus the jambang misai and what not, of course! hehe

But Wani's turban style is the easiest. eheh ;P

Me in my La Senza's pinky robe. hehe =)

Okay.. Happy trying and Good Luck! =)


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Why do I feel so lonely?


Ugh. I hate this feeling.


A Hari Raya Gift

A new purse, fresh from the UK.



Thursday, October 8, 2009


Marriage is a really big word.

I'm REALLY scared.



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gloree Gloree Morning Glory

If I were to choose which era I would want to live in, it will definitely gonna be in the 1500's for the food (the era where you wouldn't even know the term 'instant food', 'fast food', 'less sugar, less MSG, less this less that' and can still find great food with original recipes bcuz everything was cooked in the most traditional way!) and the 1800's for the classic houses they live in, and 1950's for the fashion, 1960's for the lifestyle, and 2000's for the existence of Twitter, Mc Donalds' Double Cheese Burger, Blackberry, Blogger, Skype, Facebook, Digital Camera, Blair Waldorf, Gmail, MTV, Starbucks Coffee (okay.. Starbucks existed in 1912. But they only arrived KL in 1990's! =P ) and of course, the Internet! (okay fine. Internet pun dah lama! Tapi Broadband, Wireless, 3Gs, P1 WiMax etc etc only existed about a few years ago! kan?? heh.). Ha. Ha. I'm starting to merepek actually ;p

But speaking about has been a while since I last tweet or last update this online journal of mine. Real sorry for the sporadic updates, girls! Life's been realllly really busy. =(


Just like I told you earlier, I love love love the fashion in the 50's and 60's era. The fashion back then was so classy and ladylike. Practically everyone seemed conservative, ladylike, and proper. No super micro short skirts can be seen and found, and they wore gloves for evening and social occasions. Isn't that nicee? (I always imagine that their lifestyle was so calm and happy and very the sopan santun..LOL). And I also love their makeup and hairdo too! They were all about big eyes and big hair. I love the beehive hairdo with that bright eye shadows and super black eyeliner on the lids! Oh, so gorgeous!

Just like Sophia Loren! She is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!!

You know..lately I'm starting to get obsessed with doing the 60's makeup on myself after watching the gorgeous looking girls on The Promise video clip and also seeing VB wears sophisticated-ly all of her dresses these days..

If only I can wear those straight shirtwaist dresses with those pillbox hats! And get myself ready with the 60's makeup, style, hair and everything! And then imagine I'm in the 60's era! Oh, that'd be so grrreat! =P
(Okayy..I'm crazy, I know! You might find these boring..haha)

Anyways..enough about imagination and day dreaming. I have a real story to tell (or to share)! =)
As mentioned, I love vintage stuff, I love classy things, I love ladylike and girly things. So when I dropped by Boots on my last day in Bangkok, I was ecstatic and excited (as usual) to see or rather find some girly vintage looking stuff!! Beauty stuff to be exact! Did I ever tell u that I'm a beauty junkie?? Well.. I am! Like a huge fan of any beauty products!

Oh God bless Boots, that has never failed to offer me some great stuff with super great prices! That is the main reason why I love Boots even though it is just a drug store! (My friends and my sisters think I am a weirdo for liking Boots so much! haha!) =P

Well what can I say.. If none of the baju or designer jeans or even the fabest of a bag that u have in your closet or whatever it is... can't ever make you feel good about yourself..then why not treat your body with some great body scrub and shower gels? Or better yet, go and have a DIY whole body spa and then put on some make up on your nude face! At least you can hide all those imperfections and still look good! (and maybe feel great as well!). These beauty stuff do wonders on your body, you know! =)
So that's why whenever I feel like buying-something-but-I-don't-know-what-it-is-and-what-I-need attacks..I would always buy beauty products (body stuff to be exact) or shoes. These two are the safest things to buy. You can never go wrong with shower gels and a shoe that will always fit your feet! Plus, body stuff are also great for gifts! There are a lot of stuff ready to treat your body these days.. i.e. Body scrub, bath salt, body butter, body mist, shower gel, bath cream, powder bath, body mask, body spray, fragrances, body lotions, potions..and sooo much more!

If you must of my fave body stuff in Boots would be these two shower gels!

These two are from the Boots Original Beauty Formula range. The classic range.

Oh. They're amazing. They are cheap. They smell wonderfully great, and they give me a really good clean. And the bottles are so classy too! =)

Apart from loving the Boots Original Beauty Formula range, I love the Botanics range as well as No. 7 skincare range! These products really give you great results! (why oh whyyy Malaysia doesn't have Boots store?)


So on that very last day.. as I was browsing through the entire store, looking for my Bedhead shampoos that were supposed to be my last purchase , my eyes caught on something pinky and girly looking packaging.. They were some new products to my eyes!

It's the Soap and Glory!

Excitedly, I walked quickly towards the rack which were full with those pinky tubes, bottles and jars. I only saw three things at that time; The catchy wordings that they use to name their products, the classic looking girls on their packaging and the color pink for all their products.
Oh. These three factors are my favourite when it comes to packaging. They look girly and cute. They look vintage. And they're pink!

"You shouldn't have to spend an arm and legs just to moisturise one!" =)

Their catchy names, the people and the color they used for their product reminds me of Benefit's cosmetics combined with Juicy Couture stuff! Only thing, this brand is so much cheaper than those two brands! Which is so sooo great!

While I was excitedly trying the products and reading all the ingredients, the descriptions, and etc, etc that were plastered all over the boxes and bottles.. My brother came to me and said that I have to leave the store about 10 minutes time before we go back to our hotel..

Oh darn.. I got panicked! At that point I didn't know which and what to purchase! Honestly, their products are so worth it! I wouldn't want to miss a single thing! I want everything that I tried on earlier..but my hands and my basket were so full..and I couldn't add some other things anymore. So I only managed to take about 17 things with me. (Ughh. I hate shopping in a rush! Ended up making wrong decisions every time! hmm..nvm.)

So these are some of my stuff that I bought from the 60's! hehe

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in 6 different colors!

Shhhhhh! Flake Away Body Polish. Now He'll never have to know that all this time you've been flaking it.
Oh it also states here, "It might be fine if her friends are flaky, but a lady's legs should never be". hehe. Cute!

Clean, Girls. It's a creamy body wash that smells very adorable! =)

The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel. It's a pore refiner that works wonderfully!!! I am hooked with this pore refiner product. It does just what it says on the box!

Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em

In blue? Well this is one of the Soap & Glory Spa range. It's the Sugar Crush Body Scrub

The Scrub Of Your Life Smoothing Body Buffer.
Hahah. I just realized I bought tooo many body scrubs. This is what happened when u shopped in a rush. U only take what's in front of u at that particular moment..and apparently all body scrubs were standing in front of me while I was panicked on that day! haihh. Nevermind..I will make sure my body would not be flaky and scally anymoreee after this! =P

Clean Mary Cleansing Milk. What a cute make up remover, ey?

Clean On Me Body Wash

Super Eyes, Super Eyes Moisturizing Eye Gel

And some other things from other brands for friends and family! =)

Oh.. and I stumbled upon these sets from Soap & Glory!

I love the box and the shower cap! Sangat gedixcomel okayyy! Suka suka sukaaa! ;)

And these tooo! I want the dustbag!

What a cool case. I could make it as my pencilcase!

Best kan kalau pergi sleepover at your bestie's or maybe slumber party with your friends or sisters at one of your fave hotels and bring this case.. Pastu main2 mask, sambil buat manicure/pedicure, etc..haha. *berangan*

This is a 'Plane Jane' set. It could mean two things: Plain Jane (Someone who named Jane. Tapi Jane tu tak plain langsung sebab dia pakai semua benda nii..) or.. simply Plane Jane (it's Jane's hand carry bag whenever she travels aboard). Ok. Aku dah merepek.
But I like this set as well! Sangat gedixcomel kay! With all those creams and lotions and that pink pillow! Boleh bayangkan tak Jane bawak ni dalam flight? heh.

A manicure set! Siap ada gloves lagi youuu! ;)

Oh, I'm in lovee!

p/s: Can someone from abroad buy me one of these sets? I would love to own one! heh ;P

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