Monday, August 31, 2009

Couldn't Sleep..

Hmm.. I was lying down on my bed tryna sleep.. After about a few times rolling here and there on my new voluptuous and luxurious mattress, I looked at my Man Utd annoying little clock, and it was already 4 am. Goshh.. I couldn't sleep. Another an hour to wakey for sahur even though I am not fasting today.. Hmm.. Mummy's gonna wake me up for breakfast and for class in about 1 hour time. So no point trying to sleep when I couldn't even stop my mind from wandering around.. So I get up, went to toilet and wash my face. Dunno what to do. I felt so sleepy but yet I couldn't sleep.
My eyes hurt. And I got a bad throbbing headache. Hmm.. I think too much. Sometimes I hate myself for thinking toooooo damn much that it hurts. But I dunno whether the pain in my head was because I didn't sleep the whole night or was it because I think too much? Ahh.. Whatever.

The weird thing is..I don't even know what did I think!! Because there were a lot of things on my mind that it kinda like bercampur aduk until I dunno what the real and main subject was!

Hmm..part of it was about my future. What do I want to do in this life. When will I get married. Or will I ever gonna get married? And.. when will I see your face again? And how to make you guys happy. And part of it was about acquiring new bags? haha. And I thought on changing the layout of my blog.. Or maybe change the title or url... And also, I want my money grow on trees.heh. =P (and that I can go cruisin' with you anytime I like..heh. Seronoknyeee)
Oh, dan juga..I can't stop thinking about her! Heesh. And tengah hari karang nak makan apa.. Kat mana.. N lepas tu, jap lagi nak jawab exam pulak...haih..
And soooooo many other things that it hurts so much! Pening kepala aku laaa weh..

Otak..oh otakku..stop it laa... sakit pale nii... tsk.

Headache + Can't sleep.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Very First..

The ever so classic bag of all time!



P/s: I still can't believe it.. I actually get to own one! Super Thankies D!!


Friday, August 28, 2009

True Love Story

Hmm.. I bet by now some of you already know about the story of Katie Kirkpatrick, but well.. I still want to post it here cuz I just received this email about 5 days I thought I wanted to share this with you..

The girl in this story is Katie Kirkpatrick, she is 21 . Her fiancé, Nick Godwin, 23. These pictures were taken shortly before their wedding ceremony, held on January 11, 2005 in the US .

Katie has terminal cancer and spend hours a day receiving medication. Katie had chased away cancer once, only to have it return - to clog her lungs and grab hold of her heart. Breathing was difficult now, she had to use oxygen. The pain in her back was so intense it broke through the morphine that was supposed to act as a shield. Her organs were shutting down but it would not stop her from marrying Nick, 23, who was in love with Katie since 11th grade.

In this picture, they were waiting for the nurse to come and start Katie's treatment at McLaren Regional Medical Center in Flint on the morning of January 12, 2005.

Nick Godwin who works night shift as a Lapeer County Sheriff's deputy took Katie to the medical center after a night's work, three days before their wedding. In the picture, Nick Godwin, left, is waiting for her and takes a moment of rest while his bride Katie Kirkpatrick, right, gets an intravenous procedure to reduce the amount of fluids her body is retaining at McLaren Regional Medical Center in Flint on January 12, 2005.

Katie holds some of her daily medication for several minutes before taking them as she waves in and out of sleep because of the morphine she takes while sitting in the living room of the family home in Metamora.

She was in a lot of pain in the days leading to her wedding taking morphine and numerous medications to help her. Niki Kirkpatrick,right, took a leave of absence from work so she can take care of her daughter, Katie who now needs constant assistance.

Katie walks past a photograph of herself when she was homecoming queen at Lapeer East High School where she also was a co-valedictorian. the photograph sits on a table in her family's home living room in Metamora.

In spite of all the pain, organ failures, and morphine shots, Katie is going along with her wedding and took care of every detail. The dress had to be adjusted a few times due to her constant weight loss.

Katie puts on some earrings a few minutes before walking down the aisle to marry Nick Godwin, 23, who she had known since 11th grade, at Church of Christ in Hazel Park on Saturday January 15, 2005.

An unusual accessory at the party was the oxygen tube that Katie used throughout the ceremony and reception as well.
The other couple in the picture are Nick's parents. Excited to see her son marrying his high school sweetheart.

Katie Kirkpatrick, 21, and Nick Godwin, 23, a Lapeer County Sheriff's deputy whom she first met when he was in 11th grade, get married at Church of Christ in Hazel Park on Saturday January 15, 2005.

Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin, right, in her wheelchair with the oxygen tube, gets serenaded by her new husband Nick Godwin, and his best men during the wedding party on the dance floor at Boulder Point Golf Club and Banquet Center in Oxford, MI, on Saturday January 15, 2005.

At the reception, Katie had to take a few rests. She was exhausted. Her face looked as white as her gown. The pain do not let her to be standing up for long periods.

Katie died five days later after her wedding day.

She did not let sickness stop her from living, take away the hope or faith that made her believe she had a future. She had a lovely wedding and she had love and she gave love and love doesn't die. And that is how Katie beat cancer.


I cried when I read their story! What a strong and determined young woman, Katie was. I am truly amazed at her strength, to get up and get dressed and to be able to get married when she was really really sick and weak!! That is soo amazing! And what an amazing and awesome man, Nick is!! He loved her so much that he never left her side! To stay with her through her treatments, and most importantly, to marry her instead of breaking up and running away! That's just so damn amazing!

Watching a women so ill and weak getting married and with a smile on her face makes us think..

Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it last. We should stop making our lives complicated.

Life is short.

Break the rules.

Forgive quickly.

Love truly.

Laugh constantly.

And never stop smiling.

No matter how strange life is,

Life is not always the party we expected to be.

But as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I miss twittering on my TwitterBerry



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camera Girl

(Caution. This is an entry with loads of pictures! You might feel a little bored! / Perhatian, entri yang penuh dengan gambarajah! Jikalau bosan, anda boleh balik ke tempat duduk anda) =P

Hmm..I was skimming through my Cost Management Accounting book as I have a quiz tomorrow morning..but after a few minutes of doing so.. I got bored looking at those yucky notes..
Then I wanted to listen to some Kanye West music (love his songs!)..but then I got lost in all those numerous folders that I created ages ago.. (fyi, I got more than 15,000 pictures in my lappie and entah brapa Gig la my music folders pulak..haha)


Then after opening each one of those folders..I found some very interesting pictures of me in the past! Damnn I looked funny and blackie! (esp during my primary school) haha ;P

And then I realized something about myself..

Something funny and weird..

I never knew and never realized that I am such a camera freak ever since I was a little girl!!

Look, look, look!! I was only 4 years old!

Okayyy.. kecik2 lagi haku dah pandai gedik depan camera dah =P

When I looked at all these pictures of me, I can such a little girl know how to act and pose in front of the camera without anyone asking to do so? Hmm.. I guess it comes naturally and have always loved the camera ever since I was a baby! =P

Just look at my legs, my arms, my hands, my smile, my shoulder, my whateverrr and a little bit of everything! Mesti ada saja cara tersendiri untuk pose dan bergaya depan camera! haha =P

Now let's take a look at some of my photos! Ada aje pose yang aku akan buat..haha =P

I was 4 years old!

This is me when I was about 3 years old! haha

I was 5

In our house back in Croydon

Ceh..kaki wajib silang! =P

Kakak kakakku yang 2 lagi tu rilex jer bergambar... Aku je sebuk nak control macho..haha =P

I was 9..

My first time visiting Gold Coast =)

I was about 10 years old..

Form brapa tah..


Anddddd.... Up until today, I still use the same pose!!! haha..
Sampaiiii lah ke besau panjang.. Saya masih menggunakan pose yang sama, ey?! hahaa ;P

(Penulis masih lagi mengekalkan pose yang sama iaitu menyilangkan kaki dan mencekak pinggang atau membengkokkan tangan atau kaki. hahaha)



Cukup. Cukup. Banyaknyeee gambar!

Sudah terbukti penulis memang tak reti bergambar dengan cara berdiri tegak..hehe =P

Ok la..mahu sambung study!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sudah Jatuh, Ditimpa Tangga Pula!

That is me!!



I am damn pissed!

I just spent or rather invest my money on something.. (and quite regreted it..but nevermind..)

So basically, I am quite broke right now. And I do not want to pay anything at all other than my fuel, my tolls, and my food until my money being debited to my account again. I REPEAT, I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND ANYTHING UNIMPORTANT AT ALL.

And then..

Just when my BB bold is starting to function like any other BBs are supposed to function, and just when it started to have some cool applications, and just when I started to have interest in my BB, just when I discovered something cool on my BB, just when I decided that BB is cooler than an iPhone, just when I started to appreciate gadgets, just when Radzique has given me a new number, and just when The Company has unbarred my account, and just when I had just pimped my triple B with some hot pink swarovski crystals...



(Dah la on the very same day I pimped it!!)

Keypad and trackball dia dah lari..

If I press the letter 'A', huruf 'OU' yang keluar.. If I press 'Select', huruf 'HI' yang keluar..If I press 'Call' huruf 'BY' yang keluar.. (Nak hye hye, bye bye pulak dengan akuuu!)


Bengangg nyeeee!!!

My handphone is my life!!! I cannot live without a handphone.

Dah tried macam macam dah.. Guna hairdryer, letak dalam beras, letak dalam air cond..balut dgn towel.. haha..tapi semua pon tak berkesan!!

EEE.. Geram nyee..dah la phone2 yang lain semua takleh pakai..

Oh god..macam mana nak contact orang for this week? Or better yet, macam mana nak bangun sahur and pergi kelas???!!!

(Karang..jadi lagi macam dulu..Bangun2 je, dalam keadaan terkejut..the first thing keluar dari mulut haku, "Heeeeee! Tak pergi lagiiii!" - Girl and Naz, if u guys know what I mean! hahaha!)


Hmm..I should change my title to Sudah Kering Poketku, Blackberryku Masuk Air Pula!!


P/s: Nanti pi kedai, kena keluar kan duit lagi..
Dah la aku bodoh gadget. Satgi pi kedai, depa tipu haku plak. Adoi.. Dah la takde phone. Takde duit pulak. Demnn..

Demnn You.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eco-friendly Shopping Bags! these days we can see the trend of carrying the reusable shopping bags among shoppers has begun, here in Malaysia.. It's good to know and see that some people has started using these bags instead of plastic bag, which is non biodegradable and would harm our environment and country in the long run... =)

Seriously, one of the things that I’ve really been wanting to do in my life is to start actively carrying reusable shopping bags, and to cut down on my plastic bag consumption.
Err..but to be honest with you..I only carried this type of eco-friendly bag, once. which I got from Jaya Jusco. Bukan apa..tak cantik la design dia! Tak best nak bawak around the mall! hehee =P

See! It's dull and boring! ;p

Plus, it's quite troublesome for me to fold the bag nicely and toss it into my purse, each time I wanna go for shopping! I need something easy and fun!

So I was just thinking the other day when I went to JJ and saw these type of bags at the cashier counter... Wouldn’t it be nice just to have a matching pouch/sack and then just cram the whole bag in that sack? That way, it'll be so much easier to bring the reusable bag in my handbag!

And then..magically, few weeks back, Molina from TheLilCaliph store contacted me and showed me the bags!! It was my first time seeing all those lovely, fun, cool, nicely designs reusable bags!! Oh my god.. I was soo excited! Tak tau mana satu nak pilih! Semua cantik sangat.. Dah berangan dah nak shopping kat Tesco bwk bag bag tu!
Pergi klas pon macam comel je kan, bawak beg macam ni..

Bag from Baggu Bag shopping!

Bag from Envirosax

Or just...jalan jalan...

Bags from Envirosax

Or even melepak!

Bag from Flip and Tumble

These bags are super lightweight and portable, (and colourful!) which makes them more attractive and fun! And I've chosen three different colours for myself!

Fyi, sells this reusable bag in three brands.. and they are from Envirosax, Baggu Bag and Flip and Tumble.

I love all three of them. Each bag from each brand is unique.

Well here's a little bit of info about these bags:


The philosophy of Envirosax is to help create a better future for our planet by spreading the environmental message through colour and script using the Envirosax eco-friendly bag as the vehicle.

Using eco-friendly reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags is a culture that has evolved very quickly. Envirosax bags makes the ‘move in the right direction’ easier by providing a bag that rolls up and becomes a lightweight and portable, in 400gm package.

Bag dimensions (unrolled) 17.70” x 15.75”
Bag dimensions (rolled up) 4” x 1.5”
Weight capacity 18kg
Bag weight 400gm

Envirosax bags are water resistant and each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags with to reinforced seams. There are attractive designs for men, women and children.

I really love the kids series!! They are sooo cute!

You can view what's available in store, here!


Based on the form of the iconic plastic grocery bag, a BAGGU does the same job without harming the environment.

Because reusable bags only reduce waste when you use them, we made BAGGU light weight, so it's easy to keep with you for an unexpected errand, and so beautiful you’ll actually want to carry it. Using one BAGGU for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags.

Changing our own shopping habits is one small thing we can do to make a difference.
Be Good and Reuse.


A modern shoulder style bag that's designed for those of us who only seem to remember our reusable bags the moment we need them. The biggest difference between Flip & Tumble and typical totes or reusable bags comes down to a single factor: size. Flip & Tumble’s bags can be rolled up into a tiny wad that’ll fit anywhere for easy transportation—purse, messenger bag, coat pocket, etc. A shoulder pad keeps heavy loads feeling light. Lightweight ripstop nylon holds 25 lbs. Machine washable cold, line dry.


And here's another great news for you readers out there!

You can purchase all these three brands of this reusable bags at the Parenthood Expo in Mid Valley from 21st August 2009 till 23 rd August 2009!! (this weekend!)


I will be at the booth and handling purchases for all 3 brands of these reusable bags on Saturday and Sunday. You can refer to the image above for the location of booth.

If any of you wanna buy any of these fabulous bags, please mention that you are the reader of my blog because if u do so, you will stand a chance to win a holiday package of 3 Days and 2 Nights! The destination of the holiday package will be a surprise. (I will announce it next month.)

However, if I am not available at the booth when u want to make a purchase of the bag, just mention my name, and then Molina (the owner of the store) will mark your receipt, for u to win that holiday package. =)

Ok, so I'll see you guys this weekend in Mid Valley!! =)

Schazwany Hameed.
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