Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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It's Seventeen Again! :)

Today's date is January 17th, 2012.

It's a happy Tuesday for me. Today is my day. Today is my birthday. A little girl named Shazwani Hamid was born on this date, years and years ago - at 11.26 am to be specific, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur... She used to be so tiny. And now...she's a grown young lady! Oh, how time flies!

I was only a few months when this pic was taken...and now...I'm a big, biggggg girl already! O__o

From wearing diapers, to wearing bibs, to wearing rompers, to wearing dresses and skirts, to wearing t-shirts, to wearing baju kurung, to wearing jeans, to wearing blouses, to wearing school uniforms, to wearing scarf, to wearing robe,  to wearing dinner dresses, to wearing working shirts, to wearing heels! hehe..

Oh, I'm a grown young lady.

Welcome to the club of being a grown-up, Cik Wani! Next on the list would be: "to wearing a white dress, to wearing maternity clothes, to wearing mommy's outfit, to wearing....err... kain batik?" LOL. We'll see what I'll be wearing as an old lady! hahahah.. ;p

Well.. Happy Birthday to me. 



Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Lippy and Make Up

When making a strong statement with an obvious lip colour like the saturated chilli red pouts, dont over do it! Or you'll end up looking trashy/cheap like how I did it last time! hahahaha - So keep the rest of the face subtle and add contour with a wash of russet-beige eyeshadow on the upper lids!
 I just tried this look last week, by the way.. but dunno whether it's okay on me, or not! hehe

Remember last time I attempted to wear the red lip look to a fashion event? Oh well...after trying on a various different looks, I still ended up wearing my normal make up that night! Pfft. You know, the brown eye shadow, with eyeliner, mascara and a nude lips. Well that's my usual make up. That's my safest make up.  I don't really like bold make up actually. I think it would make me look too serious and too grown up, although I am already a grown up. heheh ;p (For events, I think...okay la. But for "normal" days...I don't think I would prefer that on me...)

But being a girly girl, I do like to try on different looks and play around with colors and whatnot... But not just try them in the room, but actually able to wear it outside of my room! But I just can't do that... Especially if it's the Red Lip look! Cuz not everyone can pull off the looks. I've seen some girls bragged about how trendy and up to date they are with that kinda look, but to me....it just seem so wrong, and I don't want to be one of those girls..heeee.. And that's why I play it safe by not trying new things! haha.. Guess I'm just afraid I would look terrible like them instead of looking nice..haha.. But I've seen a lot of girls wearing it, and I do like it..and always wanted to wear it and trotting around with my chilli red lips, without feeling weird or feeling like I'm in my 50's already or something like that. haha... But I can't!
I think, I'm just that boring that I couldn't help but to feel awkward if I were to wear other than my usual style, in front of people! huhu..

But I thinkkkk......This time I pretty rock this Red Lip look....ermm....kot?? heheh. ;p (In my perasan opinion laa..hahahah ;p)

Not too red and bold, not too trashy/makcik look. And not overly done or whateverr.. Just......the right amount of color on me.... Err..I think? heh ;p

So what do you think? Did I succeed? Or I've failed?

Look 1: Orange-y Red lips
On me: Powder, light shade of brown eye shadow (only one shade), lots and lotsa coats of mascara, orange and red lipstick.
Wore this look with nude color outfit - Brown turban, off-white blouse, nude pump heels, black pants, red clutch and gold/bronze accessories.

Look 2: Chilli Red lips
On me: foundation (one shade lighter), powder, light brown eye shadow (only one shade), very fine line of black eye liner on the upper lid, one coat of mascara, very red shade of lipstick.
Wore this look with pale color outfit - grey scarf, cream shirt, black pants, grey handbag, and a little red accessories to complement my lips! hehe  - red rose buds on the shoulder and a red peep-toe heels. ;)

While friends said I look fine, my boyfriend and brother still think I over do it. My boyfriend always prefer me in natural make up or better yet, wearing as close to nothing on my face.. And that means, no make up whatsoever at all. Pfffft. *rolling eyes* Men. They never really know about colours, I think? haha ;p

Oh well...Okay okay, I know most men prefer us all in a simple white T-shirt and jeans and a bare face yadda yadda yadda..right? All the natural, simple things, right? So sexy, so casual for them! But.... I do not wear make up or dress up to impress guys or whoever. (Unless, if I have to. Like the first date or something! LOL ;p) 

I do it for myself. I wear makeup to entertain myself and mayyyybe, to impress other women sometimes. Just a bit. Cuz I like beauty things and I like sharing it with people who has the same interest as mine... And makeup for me, is just to enhance beauty, and not covering up ugly. (Well, only sometimes...when the ugly side in me popped out! heheh) So anyways..I like sharing these beauty things with these ladies that use/wear beauty things and has the same interest as mine.. Cuz isn't it fun, girls? heheheh..
And just what this blog is for, actually. It's for the people who share the same interest as mine. Not for boys! ;p
If you know me well, you'll know just how many girl friends I have (and almost no guy friends. hahaha.)

I am a heterosexual/straight woman, but I tend to care more about what other women think about my makeup than men actually! And I also care a lot about what these pretty ladies put on them. Like...I'm sooo impressed when I see gorgeous ladies! They just bring out the lesbo in me! hahaha.. ;p I guess, I like a well groomed person. A pretty woman. And I think most women pun sama....right? We like pretty things. But most men just don't get it why we put on all these ridiculous things on us, as they thought. Hahaha.. The intention of wearing makeup and dressing up isn’t solely to impress men la. It’s just part of how we groom ourselves to look presentable in society....right girls? ;)

Oh, I really do hope men realize this! LOL ;p

So anyways, I'm aware that my mode of self-representation is often more impressive to women and gay men than the dudes... so girls, what do you think of this Red Lip look I had on earlier? Is it okayyyy? LOL.;p - (OMG. My conclusion is too long for this part! hahahahah ;p)

Ok till my next post! ;)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Leaders Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack

Remember last time I did a post on the Leaders Clinic Masks? Oh, they have such awesome masks! (Go read my review here, if you haven't already) Anyway, I've read somewhere that their nose pore strip is as great as well. So I'm gonna try out their Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack pulak!

Well.. well well....we all know that the nose contains many oil glands, right? And when the pores become clogged with oil, dead skin and bacteria, those little nasty whiteheads can form... So it is a very common spot for whiteheads to develop over there.  Yeeek.
Thus, it's so common to see some visible whiteheads or blackheads popping out on people's nose if they don't treat and clear them out... (I've always feel so geram whenever I see visible blackheads or whiteheads on my friends' noses. I felt like wanting to picit them out! haha ;p) Anyway...there are many ways to loosen the whiteheads.. You could steam your face to make them disappear, or cleanse your face using your fave cleanser/scrub regularly or..... you could use a nose strip! I like to use the latter method the most! It's such an awesome feeling seeing most of  your "dirt" has been sucked up! hehe

Anyways.. this is my third time using this nose pore strip.. (I used it last week once, and this week twice). So after using it for quite a few times, today I'm gonna share it with you girls and write a lil' review on it ;)
I'm sure you guys are familiar with a nose pore pack...right? They have a lot of this thing in the market.. But what makes this pore pack from Leaders Clinic different than the others is the ingredients in it! - It is made from Sulfur that is useful for acne medication, and problem skin treatments! Because sulfur can help to kill bacteria on the skin.. And it also contain Charcoal, which can absorb/controll excess oil on the skin and is excellent for exfoliating, and refining pores!

Another interesting thing about this product is that, after using this nose blackhead strip, there is a step two!! - It's the Pore Stamping Serum, they called! The result of this serum is pretty visible. After applying the serum, my nose area is getting less oily and I can see that my pores are getting smaller. Oh gotta love this product! ^__^

Read on..to see how I use it and the before/after result! hehe (Beware, it's a little nasty though. Haha ;p)

This is their Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack. 
It consists of two items in the pack. One is the blackhead remover strip, and another one is the pore serum gel..

One box comes with 10 strips and one tube of that serum gel to be applied after you've removed the strip..

So let's see how I've used it!

Step 1: Take out the sulfur blackhead suction strip
(It has quite a nice scent, by the way! ^___^)

Step 2: Cleanse your face and wet the nose area 
(that's not shine/oil on the nose. That's water)

Oh, look at that nasty white/blackheads on that nose! I kept it for 3 days just for this post! Heeee ;p (Yuckkk, I know! haha)

Step 3: After you've wet your nose, apply it on your nose like usual..
And wait for 10-15 minutes.......andddd.. play around with your headgear while you wait. Pffft ;p

(Yes, I have a pimple popping out over thereee. Very unsexy. But..whatever! It's that time of the month! haha.  ;p)

Step 4: After a good 15 minutes, strip it off, baby! 


Okay I lied a bit. What a drama queen! Pffft. It's not that painful, really. In fact, it's very easy to remove actually..hahah..

So let's see the (nasty) result! 


Step 5: Take a good look at your own dirt...and think twice whenever you've washed your face whether it's really clean or not. If it is not, maybe you should start considering using this nose strip as well! It takes out almost all your dirt! hehe ;p

Step 6: Clean off any residue and pat dry your skin and see the difference the strip has made to your nose after it has sucked all your dirt! No more whiteheads heading out! hehehe

Step 7: Apply the Pore Serum to "close" the pore! This serum will tighten up your pores after it has sucked all the black and white heads on your nose! 

Step 8: You're done! hehe.. 

My review/comment: I like both products! Especially the Pore Stamping Serum. It tightens the pores and it's a non-greasy cream and lightweight, which is great! This pore filler refines, soothes and keeps my skin fresh after using it! ^__^ My nose area is much more smoother than before! And I like the texture it gives me after applying this serum! My nose felt soooo much smoother! No more little bumps on my nose! And the Blackhead Suction strip on the other hand, is very easy to use. And realllllyyy sucks all the dirt on your nose! My nose area is much more cleaner, and there is no irritation at all to my skin. LOVED THIS PRODUCT!
I am so going to use this nose pack regularly for the next few weeks and months! I hope to see a hugeeeee reduction on my whiteheads and blackheads and less oil sebum on my nose!

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5!

If you are keen to try and purchase this product, check out Hansaegee Nature, an online store that brings in Korean brands for beauty products!! ^__^ Check them out to know more about other products they have!

And just to let you know, Leaders Clinic, is a highly popular Korean brand for beauty products! And they are now available in Malaysia! So yeaaayyy! Go get them at Hansaegee Nature store!

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