Monday, March 12, 2012

65 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend!

Oh. My. God.

I feel so honored! My blog is featured in the fabulous InTrend magazine again! Three years in a row now, they featured this humble blog of mine in their awesome, fantastic mag!!!! Awwwwhhh...gotta love the editors!!!

They have a few categories. 6 to be exact. Which are Fesyenista (fashion blog), Hijabista (hijab/scarf blog) -not in the photo above though - forgot to include when I did this collage! Heee.. Sorry!), Si Cilik Manja (parenting/kids blog), Usahawan (entrepreneurs/business stuff blog), Santapan (food blog), and Mahligai Cinta (love/weddings blog). And they have a Special Category as well...which yours truly is being nominated here! ^__^

The first year, which was in 2010, they chose my blog as the Chosen Blog of the Month, for their April issue and I got a little something from Anna Sui as a gift, for that.. - and I still wear it until today, by the way! (So thank you InTrend! ^__^)

And then, in 2011, they featured my blog as the InTrend's Choice of 50 Blogs in Malaysia, and categorized my blog for the Fashionista category..

And this year....

They nominated my blog as the Beauty Blog in Malaysia! Awwww....I'm really really realllllllyyyy feel so honored to be nominated for this! And I'm so touched that the editors write such awesome words about  me  this blog, and also, so happy that the InTrend juries/judges chose this blog as the Malaysia Beauty Blog!!!! It really means a lot to me!


Now...let's see what did they write about this blog, for this special nominations/category! hehe ;)
 Kategori Kecantikan:
"Shazwani Hamid bukanlah nama asing dalam gelanggang blog Malaysia. Hijabista yang menggilai aksesori bold ini gemar bersolek cantik dan tampil urbanista. Menyorot banyak informasi fesyen dan kecantikan, Shazwani tidak kekok berkongsi tips dan ritual kecantikan istimewa dengan pembaca. Lebih menarik, kebanyakan entri pasti disertakan foto DIY eksklusif kerana sifat Shazwani sendiri yang gemar mencuba dan bereksperimentasi. Unik, itulah rahsia Shazwani memiliki ramai pengikut tegar. Kunjungi blog ini dan kamu akan ketemu jawapannya mengapa ramai pembaca menyayanginya."

For those who can't read/understand Bahasa Malaysia (just found out that I have foreign readers! hehe) let me..uh...translate it for you! heh. Not word by word though..I'm not so good in translating words with the very right meaning/sentence or whatever...but I'll try my best to come as close as what they say here..hehe (for those who think I'm not explaining/translating it right, please let me know ya! Heeee ;p)
Well it says here...
Beauty Category: 
"Shazwani Hamid is not an unusual name in the Malaysia's blogosphere. This 'hijabista' (hijabi + fashionista) has the craze for bold accessories, and love to groom herself to look pretty/chic and urban. Highlighting a lot about fashion and beauty information, Shazwani is not shy to share her special beauty tips and rituals with her readers. What's interesting is that most of her entries,  she'll attach some exclusive DIY photos, because it's her nature/personality that loves to try and experiment things. Unique, that's her secret to have many avid followers. Visit this blog and you'll know the answer, why so many readers loved her."

Am I translating it right?? Heeee... I don't think so, but more or less it's quite similar, I guess.. (Sorry if it's not. And please correct me if I'm wrong. Am not so good with words! hehe ^_^)

Anyway... I love every word of it. Seriously, InTrend has really brighten my day, the moment when I saw this in their mag! Tak percaya how happy I was...tengok my tweet! hahaha.. I just loveee every word of it and the fact that they put my blog as Malaysia Beauty Blog category, just really really made my day!! ;)

Thank you so much InTrend! I love youuu! ^__^

P/s: Oh.. More reasons to blog about beauty stuff!! Yeayy! ;)



  1. Yeay!! I will expect more beauty tips from you after this. Congratulations dear! =)

  2. wahhhh bestnye.awak mmg layak terpilih sbb awk buat dgn ikhlas. and you are such a very nice person*even i have never meet u in person, i just can guess it from ur blog.some of the pictures are from ur entry on foot spa at home kan?? good luck wani, for ur future,in ur life. i know u gonna have a blessed life,lagi2 dah nak kawen ni.

    yours truly,
    cik moleq

  3. tahniah syazwani... Tahniah yg berkali-kali... sebab banyak kali dapat anugerah yg begini... :)

  4. congrate...u deserve it!!!

  5. Miss in trend bulan bile ni?

  6. You're awesome. That's y people love u! Just stay the way u are ya shazwani! N congratulations! U deserve it!!

  7. congrats babe!! i pon selalu bace blog u try on my own.. mmg best! keep it up darl!!!

    btw, do follow my blog ye! ;)

  8. Tahniah atas kejayaan tulis blogg yang luar biasa!! Anda seorang hebatsss

    *matilerr bahasa malaysiaaa kuuu

  9. congratulations dear~ You totally deserved it..keep it up! Love to read your blog..

  10. Awesome blogger!! Love your you too =)

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