Friday, March 1, 2019

Peace Out with Traveloka - The Escape I Never Knew I Needed!

So a few weeks ago, I was invited by Traveloka to join a staycation with fellow bloggers and vloggers to experience a night stay at The Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur. The name of the staycation was "The Escape You Never Knew You Needed". At first I really thought that we would just hang out and chill at the hotel, but it turns out, they made a list of workshops and really really fun activities for us for the whole day, that it really WAS the escape I never knew I needed!!! 😍

I think for the past months (or should I say years?) I have been soooo busy being a mom that I forgot to have a little fun and some me time. The staycation have let me being away for awhile from my kids and just have a little fun with the activities that they have planned. There were some  leather craft workshop, sugar cookie decorating workshop, creating clay art, and making body scrub/lip tint etc! It was so much fun! 😍I had a great time!! (Although all the way through the workshop my mind can't stop thinking about my baby in the room with her dad who I haven't fed yet at that time! Lol)

Ice breaking session

Anyways.. in that workshop we learned that Traveloka has now curated some interesting activities and attractions for some top travel destinations/cities that you can plan for your loved ones when you're visiting the city of your choice! 😍

So senang la, semua dah ada dekat dalam satu website! So you can just book and plan your activities ahead when you want to travel! After you have booked for a flight and hotel for your next travel destination on Traveloka, you can see their sections on Top Attractions what tickets to buy to plan your vacation ahead 

It'll be less of a hassle when you have planned everything for your itinerary for your vacation. For example, if you were to visit Hong Kong, you may want to buy the Disneyland tickets beforehand rather than queuing and wasting time waiting in line. As travelers, your time is precious! So plan well for your vacation and avoid the lines!

Anyway, in that workshop...we also did fun activities that maybe you too, can plan with your friends or family some day! I loveeee a hands-on workshops for me to take part! These activities are perfect to do on baby showers, birthday parties and so on! 😍

We did some leather craft workshop!

This staycation is filled with various activities that was soooo fun! I never knew I needed this kind of escape and a break from my mommy life! Seriously hilang stress buat activity ni semua! Lol. Thanks so much Traveloka for this experience! If you guys wanna travel or find activities to do with your loved ones in KL or anywhere in Malaysia or overseas, you may want to check out Traveloka guys!

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