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My Experience With Etihad Airways

Remember last time when I mentioned about my great experience with Etihad Airways, when I was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah last few months? Well today, I'm gonna blog a lil' bit about my journey with this airline as this was my first time boarding with Etihad..

I've been traveling with a few airlines before like MAS, Qatar Airways, JAL, Royal Jordanian, Emirates, and etc etc, just to name a few.. And I gotta say, this is one of the best airlines I've ever board with! (The worst would be Royal Jordanian, btw! - I thought all the seats and the luggage compartment were gonna crash on us.. It was shaking all the way! hahaha. But that was in 1998. Now, I dunno lah.. hehe)

Anyways.. My first choice would always be MAS! (Gotta love Malaysian product and service, aite?! hehe ;p) Second would be, Qatar Airways (simply because at that time I was in their First Class.. And it was super awesome! ;p - Well...I was 14, and it was my very first time boarding in a First Class! So I was a lil' bit jakun! haha. Of course, who wouldn't ey.. cuz they treat me like a princess! heh ;p). And third would be Emirates... ^_^

And now this.....

Etihad Airways.. The national airline of the UAE

Checking-in were in progress.. 
Daddy was doing his thang while the bodyguard were watching him.

After we have checked in.. We went to the VIP Lounge and to the surau.. Well, like I mentioned in my previous post.. that morning I got my, I can't pray..and instead, I do what I like to do when I'm bored! hahaha

Camwhoring that is! LOL 
(Sempat lagi! No wonder God made me forgot to bring my charger that day! hehe ;p)

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, rightttt? hehe. 
While my mommy was touching up some powder on her face, I was actually trying to capture a full snapshot of my abaya. It's a nice abaya with beadings and everything.. But unfortunately, they don't have a full mirror in that surau.. So I can't show it in here.. Bummer..

Anyways.. after we did all the necessary things before boarding.. you know like scanning our hand carry, checking our passports,etc at the immigration and some other stuff.. 
It was then time to board the plane. (It was around 9 pm)

So there it is.. I was the first few to board! hehe

I like this flight because they arranged the seats individually and exclusively, so every passenger has their own privacy..and you won't even see another passenger sitting right next to you or in front or whatever.. It's like every one has their own space and compartment! So it's really cool..

Here's what they say:

"Sit back and relax in luxurious business class flat bed seats with 49-inch seat pitch and generous recline.
Enjoy a world of space and privacy with business class seats placed in 1-2-1 configuration, offering direct aisle access to every guest. A privacy shell around every flat bed seat adds that extra touch.
Sleep easy in seats that stretch out into 6ft 1-inch full flat beds."

Now...isn't that sounds comfortable enough? hehe

My seat was at 5K. It was a window seat. In a Pearl Business Class
(You should go check out their Diamond First Class Suite flights! There's a private cabin and a changing room!! Super duper cool!!!)

Upon arriving, they served me a few choices of drinks, as a welcome drink. And I chose a carrot juice.. They gave me a welcome note and a Food Menu as well.. =)

Now this..would be my footrest..

And below the footrest, there's a room to put your stuff. You could store your handbag in there..or maybe shoes! Just like what I did.. 
Bcuz my Anya Hindmarch Jourdan bag is a tad too big for the, I put the bag beside my seat.. More secure! hehe

Ahhh... comfy and has quite some space for my leg! It was comfy enough. So yeay! hehe

After I have finished with the drinks, the flight attendant handed me a warm towel for me to freshen up a bit and together with the amenity kit

...and a few minutes later, it was time to take off! Goodbye KLIA..

The seat has a little details such as an adjustable headrest, footrest, lumbar support and an inbuilt massage! How cool! But.. I was having a lil' bit complications though, on understanding how this thing actually work! haha. Apparently, they have too many buttons to press! I get confused easily! haha ;p

"Hmm...which button should I press?"

I pushed too many buttons just to get the right angle and the right position.. So I'd be comfortable all the way through the journey! (I hope I did not spoil the machine! - Just so you know, I'd be like Mr. Bean if I see more than two buttons to press! haha ;p)

Okayy.. I am comfy enough now.. 
Time to watch some movies.. I opted for Kick-Ass movie bcuz I've missed to watch it at the cinema last time..

After about half an hour watching the movie..the sweet flight attendant asked me whether I want to have my dinner at that time..or whether I want to wait until I feel like eating.. 

But being me, who is always so lapar  almost all the time.. of course I wanted to eat right then and there! haha ;p 
So I looked at the Menu, and made my choice..

First, as usual before they serve the entrée, they'd serve me some fresh bread with variety of condiments to slather onto my warm yummy bread

Next, comes the entrée.  It has 3 choices of starters.. Arabic Mezze, Ocean Trout and Curried Potato and Leek Soup. I chose the second one, the Ocean Trout, with mixed herbs, soft cheese, peperonata and soy sauce. 

Mmmm...real yummy!

And then.. the Main Course. 
Among the four choices of the meals, I chose this Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin with baked potatoes, vine tomatoes, and some beef jus with red onion confit.. (whatever that thing is! haha)

The rest were: Masak Lemak with Fragrant Rice, Braised Chicken in Arabic Spices and lastly, Warm Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Salad.. 

I should have chosen the chicken or the masak lemak lah.. The beef wasn't so nice.. =( Luckily I was full already by the time the main course arrived.. (Thanks to that one loaf of bread that I ate earlier! hee). So, I did not finish my beef..and did not order any more desserts..even though they all seemed SO tempting!

For their desserts, they have a selection of; Saffron Cake, Mango Smoothie, Fresh Fruits, Lemongrass Creme Brulee, Banana Panna Cotta, and Providore Natural Ice Creams

Oh. Isn't they sound delicious??

But I could not eat anything any moreee. I'm too full. I just wanna watch my second movie..

I watched Toy Story ;)

...and by the time the movie has started about half an tummy called me up to order something to munch while watching the movie..

So I took out the Food Menu and have a look at the 'Kitchen Anytime' order some food..

And I ordered myself two scoops of their Providore Natural Ice Creams. Oh. My. Gawddd. The taste of the ice cream is just so heavenly! They were so creameyyyy and milky and yummey! I feel like ordering another scoop..but I was quite shy for eating too much! hahaha ;p

By the time the movie has finished.. it was about 2 am Malaysian time already.. And I got tired, and wanted to sleep and rest.. So, I went to the toilet and cleansed my face and remove my contact lenses.. Cleaned up myself, etc.. 
And then I freshen up my skin a bit before bedtime.. (Yes, I need my serum,  moisturizer, etc even on a plane.. Bcuz I'll be so dehydrated while on air!)

Some of my skin care regime.. (All in travel sizes! ^_^) I forgot to bring one major thing though.. My hydration tissue mask! =(

Anyways, the most important thing is to drink a lot of water while on air! And yes, and not to forget the La Mer Cream as well.. This cream is very rich..which is so good for the skin! (my skin is so dry whenever I'm in a flight! - Well..I think everyone's the same too!)

All set..and ready for bed..
(I left this Dior spec of mine in Jeddah! So sad!! I love this spectacle so much.. And this is the only picture left with me while I'm wearing this spec..tskk)

And then I took out the amenity kit that they gave me.. And start using the stuffs in it.. (The amenity kit that I got this time..isn't as fun as these, like the last time I got..)

 It consists of a pair of wool socks, a suede leather sleeping masks, earplugs and some dental care..

So I put on the socks, loosen up my hijab a bit, put on the sleeping mask.. open up the warm blanket..and took out the soft pillow that they gave me... and try to sleep! (Sometimes in other Business Class/First Class flights, they gave me a pajama set for me to change, just in case..
Hmm.. It'd be nice if this airline give me one! My abaya was a lil' bit tight and the material was uncomfortable for bed, actually! haha)

Changed the channel to a channel that recites Quranic verses.. And put on my headset, listened to it..adjusted my seat position to the bed position..hugged my pillow so tight.. Recite the bedtime prayers/doa.. and try to sleep!

A few hours later... The flight attendant woke me up.. We have arrived in Abu Dhabi for transit..

So I put on my shoes, went to the toilet, brushed my teeth, adjusted my hijab, etc.. And get ready to land..

Transit for 1 boring hour..

..and then back on the plane for about few more hours to Jeddah..

And there we are... Touch down Jeddah!

By the time we arrived Jeddah.. Everyone was so exhausted already! We hate long flights! Too tiring.. I want real bed! heheh

Anyways, it was quite early in the morning.. So the driver took us straight to our hotel at InterContinental..

..and daddy doing his thing again. Checking in..

The moment I arrived the room.. I was so happy! The bed is too huge for my body! So yeayyyyy! I loveeee big beds! And yes, they're sooooo really comfortable.. I slept within few seconds the moment my head and body was on this bed! hehe

So yeah.. after I arrived the room and get changed.. It was time to catch my 6 hour sleep! (I only slept about 3 hours on the plane).


The end! So that's the whole experience of my journey from Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi to Jeddah! Will continue about my experience in Jeddah later, ya! ;)



  1. Wohooo! that was some awesome flight you had! ;)

  2. nice experience... tq for sharing...

  3. Wow thats nice and luxurious !! The food on board looks yummy too!! Thanks for sharingg

  4. xpernah ag naek etihad..
    pling worst rsennyer kuwait airwys..

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  6. kulit wani cantik sangat.. but looking at your skincare regime.. n la mer.. hmm no wonder lah.. hehe

  7. wany,
    ni mcm yg dlm cite SATC 2 tu eh?

  8. bestnya jadi orang kaya...
    Untung nya u wani.. kecik2 dah naik business/first class..

    akak sampai ke tua memang tak kan dapat la..
    but thanks for least dpt jugak tgk mcm mana experience naik flight mcm ni..

    akak naik airasia je selalu nya..hahahaha!

  9. Wani, my blog updated. Check out gambar-gambar anak-anak buah you! LOL

  10. Rayyan: Yud..Indeed! =)

    Red clutch: ur welcome!

    Jessying: Yeah it was.. Especially the desserts! hehe

    Syima: was..alhamdulillah =)

    ella: i plak tak penah naik kuwait airways..hehe

    Mizzniss: thanks! =)

    efa fairuz: haha. i tuka2 la.. Depends on the situation.. kalau tgh ada jerawat attack, i pakai products for acne.. la mer i only use bila kulit betul2 kering.. otherwise i would only use sothys products =)

    memey anuar: err..i tak tgk lagi SATC 2! Can u believe itttt? haha.. Haritu masa kat cinema tak sempat.. =(

    anonymous: erm..alhamdulilah.. =)
    takpe, airasia least dpt experience naik air plane...kan? heh =)

    abg raz: yup..dah tgk! nanti nak curik sikit gambar! hehe
    thanks! =)

  11. Untung jadi anak org kaye..

  12. bestnyerrrr..


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