Monday, March 14, 2011

Helping One Another

Hello ladies!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! We had a family dinner, and both my sisters came to our house with my cute little nephews and nieces! ^_^

Anyway, I have a story to tell you which happened on one of the nights when we were having our usual favourite spot for family dinner in Marriott..
So on that day, one of our local university (I think it was UM or UPM..couldn't remember), was having an annual dinner at the hotel.

We arrived there around 7.20 -ish, I think.. So just in time to perform the Maghrib prayer. But since I was having my period, obviously I did not follow my dad, my brother and my mom's footsteps to the mussolla. And instead, I went to the restrooms, just to kill time while waiting for them to finish. (I thought I wanted to camwhore a bit. haha ;p)

But the moment I pushed the restroom's door to enter, I was really surprised to see so many girls inside there! Seriously, it was like those public toilets at the R&R stations during festive seasons!! Well...almost like that. - So many people, and so many noises.. I couldn't really move around in there.. And I also have lost the feeling of wanting to pee with that kind of crowd and queue, at the time. (And of course, all my plans to being vain in the toilet has been cancelled right away..haha)

Normally, it'd be like thissss... Very quiet and peaceful. hehe. 
(This is a picture I took when the last time I came to Marriott for dinner)

See that... Empty toilets! ;)
(this picture was taken on the day I fell in love with Japanese food. Blogged here)

But not that night! I really felt like I was not in the right toilet!

So anyway, all I did was taking out my lipstick, slide it on my lips and took out my mascara, and apply some...from far! Not like in the above pictures where I was so near to the mirror.. Nope! - I was almost near to that white toilet door, actually. Thatttt was how far I was, from the mirror.. Because there were like a few girls who were in front of me and in front of the mirror.
And they were so nervous and excited at the same time to get ready for the dinner, I think! Some were doing their hair, some were tying and flipping their scarves on their heads, or helping their friend to put eye shadows on the lids, and some even just started to apply make up and didn't even get dressed yet! - And got panicked, of course.. hehe

Well..seeing some of the girls cluelessly and nervously not knowing what to wear first or even how to use them, reminds me of myself back when the word 'make-up' is still new to my vocabulary..

So I stood there, applying my lipstick slowly while watching every girls in the room and see how they would dress up for the night and watched them getting ready for their annual dinner.... (just to kill time, while waiting for the parents and the lil' brother. I thought I wanted to be in there just for 5 minutes!)

And then suddenly I heard beside me, there was this one innocent, clueless girl, talking to her friend and grumbled about how she doesn't know how to use any make up on..and sobbing that she wanted to look nice, but don't know how.. and asking for their help..

Her friends didn't know that much too, so they declined and continue with their business of course.. I mean at this kind of night/event, everyone wants to look nice right. So of course their face is their priority right? hehe..
So anyway, as everyone was busy with their own face to color up a bit.. this poor girl keep on asking "Am I doing it right?" - she was applying foundation at the time..  And really don't know whyyy she even did that..

And after she finished with her foundation, she asked her friend once again.. "Okay..then what?". 
Her friend handed her the eye shadow palette and said, "Here, use this.. Just apply it on your eyelids".

So this 'kepochi' girl, looked at her, while she was applying her mascara, - to see how that poor girl gonna apply the eye shadow... So there she was.. stood there, not knowing what to do..and didn't want to ask for her busy friends to help her either.. So she stood there silently, while holding the eye shadow palette, and reading what the descriptions/ingredients that was written on the label, I think... 

At that time, I really really felt so kesian towards the girl.. Because I really know the feelings of wanting to look nice but don't know how and so afraid to try because you think you'd look weird..

So I looked at the girl and smiled...and said, "Hey.. would you like me to help you with your make up? I can do it for you if you'd like". She looked at me with bright and exciting eyes, and with an immediate reply, she said "YESSS! Nakkkkk!!" Together with her friends actually... the four girls responded the same answers to me.. hehe. I find that cute! Everybody was desperate to look nice..and everybody wants help...

So anyway.. I helped the girl with her make up. I did exactly like how I always make myself up.. only thing, I was using their make up.. - It wasn't a complete set, though. And the colors were not really a good quality and I had a hard time sticking the colors to the face, actually.. But at least, it was good enough to brighten up the face a bit. So that's good enough, I think. But still, after a few attempts of trying to put on an eyeliner on her upper lids, I gave up. So I took out from my handbag, and used my liquid eyeliner instead. And I also used my mascara (and gave her away), and use my brow polish, by the way. - Cuz they don't have any brow pencil in the make up pouch that they bring.. (Luckily I bring my make up, ey? hehe)

So while I was doing her make up..some of the girls were looking at me surprisingly..because all of a sudden, one of their errr...I can say 'nerd' friends, had a little make up artist that came with her to the Marriott. hehehe ;p
Everyone was like, "Wahhhhh....lucky youuuu!".. And can't wait for their turns.

So I helped the girls with their make up, and their scarf. And..I ended up almost an hour in there and was sweating real bad! tskkk. But then after almost an hour in there, I had to stop because my parents were worried about me, not showing up at the restaurant, while they have eaten a few meals already! haha.. They thought I was lost. I guess, if they didn't call me that night to ask me where I was, I think I might just ended up coloring everybody's face in there, not knowing when to stop! heh.. It was really tiring actually, I had to stand with my 5-inch heels, and the place was so cramped up, making it so crowded and hot and sweaty... But it was okay..
At least I know, I have made their night. (err... well I hope I did! ;p) 
And hoping that they were happy to see that they too, can look beautiful.... =)


Really, making someone happy can really make you feel good... My parents taught me that really well. They always say, we must always help people when they are in need.. And I always hear this line from my dad like all the time, "The more you give, the more He will repay and give back to you". And I believed that.. Because it's true!

By making and helping people's day..especially the random ones, I would feel really really happy - knowing that I do not need them to repay me back, or feeling like I want them to repay me, one day, some day, somehow... Bcuz there won't be a little devil's voice in you that kinda "mengungkit" about it if things go wrong between you and the person you've know what I mean? But if you help random people, you know God will repay you somehow and  best of all, you didn't even know and remember the person you help! So..there won't be any case of "mengungkit"... And that noble act of yours would be considered as "ikhlas". So when you're being ikhlas, there'll be more chances for you to get your reward from Him, in no time! hehe.. Am I making any sense here?? (I hope I do! hehe ;p)

Anyway, it's a nice feeling...that you too, should do it! You can help people by giving a ride to those you see walking down the road, or helping people lifting up and carrying their stuff, or at least.. giving some donations in any kind of form, money, clothes, food, etc! Just as long as making them happy!! This is one of the reasons why I love doing "giveaways" in my make random people happy!
Trust me, by doing something good like this, you would really feel good about yourself, knowing that you have helped and done something right to people! =)
So...marilah kita sama-sama beramal! hehehe

P/s: So sorry, I didn't take a picture with this was a spontaneous act, and I was sooo busy doing the make up for the girls and was so tired from standing for 1 hour plus in there, so I forgot!! heee

P/ss: Speaking of helping people, with the Japan tsunami disaster, I think this would be the very best time for you to do something good and help the people in need!! They need prayers and help from all of us! Remember, even though your donation is small, but it will definitely make a HUGE difference!!! So PLEASE, we need as much donations as possible! You can donate via Groupon Malaysia (every RM 3 that we donated, they will donate RM 3 more, up to RM25,000. And the money will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross via Malaysia's Red Crescent Society!) 
So donate today!!! 



  1. Thanks for spreading the love Wani! Hopefully with our little contribution it'll go a long way to the people in need in Japan, insyaallah

  2. yeah. rasa happuy sangat bila dapat tolong orang kan.

  3. hehe, so comel of you wani! :) i'm sure those girls were really happy with your help :) u go girl..

  4. Ahhh, u are soooo sweet la Wani :))

  5. 1st time comment sini :)

    so sweet....i wish when i have a dinner...awak kebetulan ade kat situ jugak..*wink*

    just joking... :)

  6. Abis tu your parents and bro dah habes solat, wani masih duduk dlm restrooms jd mak andam?? hehhe. comel jekk

    Tsunami Jepun: Lantak pi la Hang Mati!

  7. u mmg baik sgt2 dear..:D

  8. u're so sweet..baiknya hati adik wani..

  9. alaaa nape tak amek gmbr dgn dia??nak tgk juga hasil ur makeup..hehe..u r so kind :)

  10. i was reading half way but i just knew exacly what u've done to them. heheh.. how sweet of u wani.. =)

    nway, btol sgt2 tu.. kita buat kebaikan sikit je tetapi dgn penuh keikhlasan, lagi bnyk tuhan akan balas kat kita nnt..

  11. i wish that i dalam toilet tuh jugak.. bole? hahhahaha

  12. alamak, you should have taken their pictures for kenang kenangan and place it here.

  13. Salam,
    My first time commenting here - what you did, that was really sweet !

  14. bestnya kalo sy pun ada kt dlm toilet tu..

  15. Oh ur such a darling Wany!

  16. comelnya... proud to be your reader?!! **eh bolehkan?!!**

  17. u're a very nice person wanie:)

  18. Hi wanie...

    Nice entry. You're sooo nice and sweet. So proud of you ;))

    (This is also my first time comment here ;p)

  19. melissa R: no problem!

    sarah mohamed: yup.. its nice to se their happy face

    aida narina: i hope so =)

    yaya: heh..thanks.. Im just helping the girls getting ready ;)

    eimma: heh.. ;p

    karipapsayur: lol.. aah. diorg smpai risau n at the same time pelik je mana pegi anak dia yg sorg ni pegii.. haha last2 kena call paksa masuk restaurant.

    alin: heh.. no just helping the girls getting ready for their night since they're clueless...huhu

    mrs adnan: heee..malu sayaaa. takde la... tolong sket2 je..

    suzie: heh sbb masa tu toilet tu sesak sgt n mcm tak sesuai je nak amik gamba..huhu

    liza hz: kannn? ;)

    nqr: hehehe.. tu lah kann.. boleh i onteng muka u skali! lol ;p

    namie xa'adea: tu lahh! i should have!! tp sbb i was kinda busy smpai lupa...then tiba2 my mom call suruh masuk the restaurant.. so terus lupa..

    rad: thanks! ;p

    saharinasaharudin: thanks ;)

    annis: heee...segan pulak terima pujian. huhuh ;p

    mamashikin: ;)

    riena: geee im blushing now! heheh

    liea: heh.. boleh plak mcm tu! hehehe... tapi boleh ;p

    shuhada: thanks.. and amin!

    chloe: thanks darl!

    anonymous: =)

  20. ure still chumel mcm dulu la darling..seriously aku x tekejut when u did all dat to them coz thats juz da way u are..ko mmg suke tlg org pon..ko slalu tlg aku..n sumtimes tu smpai x pikir diri sndiri..wpun ko penat cmne pon ko still nk tlg gak kan? hihi..dats good dear..i really love u da way u are..dont eva change a think k darling..miss u dear..mwaxxxx!!!!


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