Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ariani Lebaran 2016!

Assalamualaikum and hello!

First off, Selamat Hari Raya! Wow...we're already in the mid of Syawal month. Cepatnya masa...Rasa macam baru je Ramadhan! huhu.. So far, this year our Raya was not really meriah as before because Ayden had chickenpox just a week before Raya! So we had to quarantine him from everyone with kids, thus no beraya for us! Sobs...

I was so excited for this year's Raya because Ayden can finally walk! (Last Raya he was just 2 months old!) So that means he can now wear the classic Baju Melayu with songkok and sandals! Awww..cuteness! And of course, mummy also bought a lot of Baju Raya with shawls/scarves too! Mana lagi kalau bukan pergi beli dekat Jakel Mall kan! Semua ada..senang! hehe

Oh my god... Boleh gila kalau pergi Jakel. Semua nakkkk! haha. Especially kalau pergi Ariani! I gotta say, I really love Ariani’s new range of satin printed scarves! Very pretty!!! I seriously had a hard time choosing which one to get! So I ended up with 5! Heeee

Me wearing one of my Ariani purchases on the first day of Raya! I love this range! The lace look so real! - It's a printed shawl by the way!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got the invitation to the Ariani Lebaran Fashion Show! The amazing event was held at The Grand Ballroom, St. Regis Hotel in KL, just a couple of weeks before Ramadhan.

Wearing Ariani square series scarf!

Sat next to the beautiful twin sisters!

Went there with my sister!

Ariani’s lebaran collection this year featured a combination of beautiful colours, materials and prints that are more unique, modern and elegant, with over 100 designs to choose from. Ranging from shawls to instant hijabs, Ariani 2016 Lebaran Collection includes hijabs in pastel and vibrant colours which are available in both plain and printed options, with price starting from just RM69.

In conjunction with Ramadhan this year, Ariani also featured a beautiful collection of telekung, known as Tarawikh Telekung Ariani X Siti Nurhaliza. This telekung collection is made from soft and comfortable materials, and they come in various designs and colours.

The last part of the fashion show is Ariani’s ready-to-wear collection. This year’s theme is Glam Lebaran and there are several special collections including The Maya Series, The Blooming Series as well as The Chantilly Series, which are priced affordably, starting from only RM179! There’s also The Premium Series RTW collection, which is specially designed for those who loves a bit of luxury and exclusivity. I love the minimal and elegant designs in this collection!

These are some of my fave collection. SO pretty!!

Oh by the way! Ariani ready-to-wear collection is also available in plus sizes! Yay! We are all shaped so differently so having a choice of sizes ranging from XS to XXXL is just great! I love how everyone just cheered and clapped loudly when the curvy models strutted down the runway. Yes, it's pretty refreshing to get to see real people with real body on the runway! Heeee

In case you guys still looking for Open House Raya outfits and shawls, Ariani RTW boutique is located at Wisma Jakel Shah Alam. Some of the Lebaran collections are also available online at Go check it out!

*Official photos taken from Galeri Ariani Instagram. 

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