Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I Spent My Day Being Alone! Hehe

As much as I love having company when I go out, especially with my loved ones, but sometimes a girl does need her own sweet time being alone too, right? Especially if it's a whole day shopping spree or pampering day.. Mmmm..

To be honest, I love going out alone. I find it therapeutic.. I can go anywhere I want. Do whatever I want to do.. Eat what and where I want to. No one can argue with me except my brain and my heart. hehe (that happens all the time! I'm always confused with them! haha ;p)

But one thing I hate about walking/going out alone is.... you can't decide which and what to buy.. You got no one to tell you which one you should choose, which top doesn't make you look fat, which color suits you, and etc.. Then you ended up buying all the choices that you took earlier.. And came out from the store with a huge smile on your face feeling like you're on top of the world, having all the pretty things in your carrier bags and best of all, you're so confident that you don't need anyone to tell you their (uncool) opinion...beacuse you (think) you got it all under control... and then next thing you know, when you reached home.. someone said, "Cik Wani, why did you buy thisssss??! They don't look nice on you laa..You look like a fat momma". And then you'd ended up crying and regretted that you went there alone and didn't want to bring your mother or your sister or your best friend or your boyfriend or your auntie, your neighbour... or even your cat, earlier on! Pfft.
Pastu menyesal tak sudah.

That's what happened to me almost all the time when I shop. Hmmph... Girls!

*rolling eyes* haha ;p

(My eldest sister always laughed at me because I always purchased things that look quite or is similar to the other things that I bought that day! The difference maybe in the colors ke... or maybe satu ada ribbon, satu takde ribbon ke... Pffft)

I hate it when I'm being SO indecisive when it comes to buying stuff I like. Haihhh.. Why are they sooo beautiful? Why babe whyyyy?! T_T

Anyways.... last weekend I went to Bangsar Village to pamper myself. I've been wanting to do facial for months (no time/ forgot/ ermm...busy?/ err..ok I got no other reason anymoree. huhu ;p) and I also been wanting and craving to eat Red Velvet cupcake from Delicious for days now (I'm PMS-ing and I need my RV dosage, thank you very muchhh)

So.. I went to Bangsar Village to have some me-time.

Yes. Alone. ^_~
(err... Am I supposed to be happy or is this an "uk owww?" ;p)

So I booked an appointment earlier.. To do a facial treatment which they called it as a "Correcting Treatment"

"Yeayy.. a 'Correcting Treatment'! Sounds good.. They gonna make me prettyyy and correct and 'korek' my face, ey?"

I love putting and soaking my feet in this warm bubble bath.. 

So the treatment begin... With cleansing my face, wash the shoulder as well... and shoulder massage comes after ward, massage the face, deep cleansing, apply some AHA, steaming the face, exfoliation, extraction, shoulder massage again, put some antiseptic onto my face, mask, etc etc.. you know lah.. (actually I can't remember the whole treatment that much because I was enjoying the facial rather than focusing what she put on me! hehe)
And... I fell asleep in there. Their pillows are so soft and comfy! They gave me two pillows. One for my foot rest.. another one for my head. It's those pillows with duck feathers. I slept within few minutes. Mmmm... So niceeee... =)

Oh and by the way, my beautician asked me how long I have not been to facials.. and I replied about a few months.. and she was a bit surprised and said, for a few months long, my skin can be considered as goood! She said it's not that bad. Not so much "dirt" in there. Whaaaaat?! Heeee.. I thought I have really bad skin! (I have whiteheads on my nose! T_T)
(Or she was just tryna kiss my ass? LOL ;p)

And anyway... then when I finished and went to their reception area... I have only one thing in mind to purchase. - My Purifying Serum. Buy that and only that I told myself... 


I came out from that beauty salon with signing up a facial package treatment, and another four new items that were not in my "To Buy" list. Pfffft. 

Oh well, but I am not regretting any of it because Sothys products are doing good to my skin. Plus, the things that I bought are the things that were not in my regime yet.. And it's good to take care of your skin, right? This is what I call an "investment". You invest in something, for future use! ;p
I mean...we gonna use this skin until we're old rightttt? Righttttt? (please say yes, please say yess.. so I feel less guilty for spending on them..huhu ;p)

Anyway... next stop, I went to get my............

Red Velvet Cupcake from Delicious!!!

...and a Corn Beef Spaghettini 


Ahhh.. What a great day I had! So how was your weekend ladies? ^_~



  1. sounds gud, if u dun mind, how much does it cost for the facial treatment? n same like u, if kat saloon or tempat yg sewaktu dgnnya, i'll end-up buying those things yg not in the buying list coz kesian org dah penat berjual

  2. wani....mahal x facial treatment kt sothys ek?

  3. suryati: well it depends on what treatment ure doing.. like mine, i take the correcting treatment.. and its 220 per session

    anonymous: umm...pricing about 160 and above, depending on what treatment ure doing


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