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Hello there! My name is Shazwani, I'm the author of this blog! I'm a 20-something girl who were born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I recently just got married to the love of my life, whom I met 7 years ago. I'm a passionate lover, a hopeless romantic kinda girl, and a girl who loves enjoying her life! I live by the principle of 3Ls; Live. Love. Laugh. - Love the life that you live. Live the life to the fullest. Surround your life with the people who makes you laugh! hehe  

If you must know, I really love and enjoy being a girl and a woman - always have and always will! I'm a girly girl who loves all things pretty and neat! Part of being feminine means I can light candles, have a bubble bath, wear pretty lingerie, spritz on my fave perfume (that would be J.Lo Still and Chanel Chance), cook in high heels, have an organized wardrobe, or wear sparkles and flower in my hair for no reason! hehe. And having a husband makes me feel even more feminine now! Especially when my husband appreciates every little things that I do! Ahhh...the joy of being in love!

Like most women, I love dressing up and getting dolled up! I really enjoy playing with make up and colors. There's just something about a black eyeliner that can make you feel pretty on an ugly day, wouldn't you agree, ladies? My make up staple would be an eye liner, a mascara and a lipstick! Oh, I'm obsessed with mascara! Please share with me if you've found a big fat mascara that gives you that flirtatious eyes, so we can be friends forever!

Something in a woman's life that I have yet to experience, is being a mother! As much as I love being a wife, I know being a mother couldn't make me happier! Carrying a life within you for 9 months and then birthing it into this world must be a joy beyond comprehension! And then to think, you have the next few years to nurture and love your child and watch him or her grow up! If you are a mother, then you must already know what I'm talking about, right? Oh, I can't wait for that to happen and then later having a new section/label on this blog called Motherhood! This is one of the reasons why I love blogging! I love the fact that I could record my journey in this life and view them in words and pictures! That way, I could remember every single story and place, behind each picture I took, even after 10, 20 years or more!

But for now, let's just enjoy being married to my best friend, first! hehe.

Picture taken during Farhana's Baby Shower. The theme was Pregnant Ladies! haha

Other things about me apart from being a girly girl, is that I'm a nature & animal lover. Which explains why I love traveling so much. I don't just love exploring other people's culture and places, but I also love discovering God's creations and appreciate the beauty so much! It widens my horizon and knowledge. Seeing beautiful landscapes like cliffs, white sandy beaches, beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, forest, waterfalls, etc are so awesome! It opens up the mind, we discover new things and ways we can input in our lives, it clears up the mind, it gives us inspiration and it could let us see the many possibilities. - The feeling that I have seeing those amazing places is just so overwhelming.

So if you love traveling, curling your lashes, trying new cosmetics, doing fun things in a great pair of high heels, and enjoy good food just like I do, then you're AWESOME, and we should definitely be friends! Because that's basically what my blog is about! ;)

Well this is my happy place where I share my dreams, my thoughts, my experiences and my interests. So welcome aboard! I hope you'll enjoy reading my little journey in this life and I hope I could inspire you guys in some way or another! :)

Have an awesome day ahead!

With lots of love,
Shazwani Hamid.

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