Wednesday, July 28, 2010

40 Random Things About Me..

40 Things I Like..
  1. Internet (I can live without TV but not internet)
  2. Funny people who can make me laugh real loud.
  3. Driving with a good song on the radio 
  4. Vanilla ice cream
  5. My family and friends
  6. Victoria Beckham (for the awesome clothes that she has and wears, for always looking so amazing, for being the hottest and stylish mom ever, and for being so adorable when she's with awesome people and when she's with David and her kids)
  7. The sound of rain pouring down..
  8. Shoes
  9. Guys like David Beckham (be it the look, the style or the hubby/daddy material type. Heheh)
  10. Awesome cupcakes or any sweet things
  11. Receiving letters
  12. Cool weather
  13. Lacey hipsters underwear
  14. Spanish language
  15. Vintage stuff
  16. Going shopping (I love browsing stuff, and I love it when I step into a store..with the smell of italian leather shoes, or the smell of new arrival clothes on the rack, and etc... and I also like it when I bump into some cool new stuff, and to see some gorgeous stuff on the display, and so on.. The experience of going shopping is just amazing, isn't it?! I find shopping really is therapeutic!)
  17. All the pretty and girly things - And that means: hair, cosmetics, fashion, accessories and so on.. that are related with being girly (and pretty!) =)
  18. Twittering
  19. Drinking icy cold freshly squeezed juice. Any juice! Cranberries, tomatoes, apples, oranges, strawberries, mango, etc etc! I absolutely loveee juice! They make me happy!
  20. A good book that can make me laugh all the way! And some love movies that really really touched my heart!
  21. Expensive chocolates. They really do taste so delightfully sinful!
  22. An old t-shirts. Especially if the material is super soft!
  23. A good song
  24. My hands, my fingers, my nails, my lips, my ears, my hair and my shoe size (because I personally think that the size 6 is just the right (and nice) size for a woman's foot. Not too small nor too long. heh)
  25. Mc Donald's McFlurry Oreo and Vico Kotak.
  26. Russell Peters's stupid, funny, hilarious jokes!
  27. Just stay in, sitting on my awesome bed and do nothing
  28. Nice people and cute little animals!
  29. Taking pictures
  30. Traveling
  31. Night time.. (I feel much calmer, happy and bahagiaaa during night time.. That's why I love staying up till late nights.. hehee ;p)
  32. Coffee!
  33. My mom's gulai masam tempoyak. Oh my god, it's just so yummeyyy! I really gotta learn how to cook that!
  34. A cozy room
  35. Good food or comfort food and also Fine Dining =)
  36. Clean bathroom, clean towel and clean bedsheets
  37. Doing romantic/sweet things for my loved ones
  38. Singing
  39. Taking my bath for 2 hour  =)
  40. Being in love! ;p

40 Things I Dislike...
  1. Traffic jams (when I am super late for something) 
  2. Women drivers (Yes, I am aware of my gender. But really, women can be so stupid sometimes, when they are on the road! And that always pisses me off! Blearghhh!)
  3. Driving with no awesome songs on the radio (I'll get bored then! So when I feel bored, and with women drivers coming in my way, I'll get mad easily) =P
  4. Bumpy roads, busy roads, and damaged roads.
  5. LIZARDS, LIZARDS AND LIZARDS!!! I can go haywire if I see them! >_<
  6. Banana and Durian. (I don't like the smell and the taste of durian, and I only eat banana, only if you have make it into something else like shakes, banana splits, banana fritters, cake, etc etc just as long as it is not those raw and butt naked bananas! huhu) ;p
  7. When my eczema attacks! (that's usually would happen if I wear/touch things that are dirty. I know, so gedix kan? haihh.. But what to do. I've sensitive skin! Sobs. So siapa nak tahu tangan dia bersih atau tidak, silalah pegang saya! haha. Kalau kulit saya bertukar menjadi merah dan gatal dan berbintik bintik atau kulit saya menjadi tebal dan huduh, haa..that means you're dirty!!! So go away and don't touch me! And go get yourself some Dettol! heh ;p)
  8. Slow internet connection!
  9. Being sick
  10. Packing and unpacking my clothes whenever I travel
  11. Waterproof mascara that is sooo water proof! haha. I know, that's the main purpose but it's really hard to take it off! Nak amik wuduk nanti pun susah!. That's why I love non-waterproofs! Easy peasy! =)
  12. My eating habit. (I don't eat healthily. But I'm trying to be!)
  13. When my Blackberry is being a biatch that I have to always restart it! >_< 
  14. All those annoying invites/groups/etc on Facebook spamming my inbox and my homepage!
  15. People tagging me on some pictures in Facebook that has nothing to do with me
  16. Some stupid/weird pick up lines I get from guys.
  17. LIARS.
  18. Pretentious people.
  19. Clothes that make me look fat than I already am! >_<
  20. When I'm in the mood to tweet something which I think is kinda interesting, and then my BB started to hang and become so damn slowwwww! Yeesh. I hate that moment! =(
  21. PIMPLES AND SCARS! Damn youuu! =(
  22. Bras that are too tight that it hurts
  23. Crocs shoes. No offense to Crocs lovers, but I think they are pretty weird looking shoes or slippers or whatever you call it! hehe ;p
  24. Rude people and smokers
  25. Bitches who think they're cool and bimbos who think they're hot! Oh, and snobbish people too! Blearghhh! 
  26. My body figure (I want 36-26-36! Heeeee ;p), my height, my skin tone/color, my skin condition, my set of teeth (I think I wanna wear braces again lah! Sigh. It doesn't look like how I want it to be..tskk), my short legs (how I wish I have longer (and sexy) legs!), my feet (yes I do like the size of it, but I don't like the look of it! - I think they look so manly with those really huge toes! Blearghhh!), oh..and my hair fall problem too! tskkk =( Hmm...tapi nak buat macam mana lagi kann..terima je lah. Tuhan dah bagi cukup sifat pon nak mengada lagi. Lempang kang. (Okay okay. Bersyukur mode is now on!)
  27. Windbags
  28. People who borrowed me some money but disappear after they got what they want and never want to repay. Grrrr. (Nevermind. karma is going to bite you in the arse!)
  29. Braggers
  30. When I'm being so gelabah.
  31. Hot weather
  32. Me being fat. Fat face. Fat arms. Fat hips. Fat thighs. Fat butt. Fat belly. Fat err...apa lagi eh? Hmm.. lately ni, my perut is starting to become like, mancung ke depan sangatlah! Haiyaaa.. Bila mau kurus ni?? >_<
  33. Paying bills! Sobs T_T
  34. When I talk so honestly and at that particular moment, honesty is not the best policy. AT ALL.
  35. When I'm being too honest almost all the time. Ishhhhh. Tak sukaaa. My friends called me someone yang lurus and terlalu jujur. Hmm.. But I don't think I am that lurus or jujur or whatever. It's just.. I don't really feel okay to not telling people what I feel like, or what I'm supposed to tell...Sebab nanti saya rasa bersalah sebab dia tak tahu..  Errr.. am I making any sense here? haha. Okayy nevermind, whatever. Only my friends know what I'm talking about! =p
  36. Busybodies, control freak and judgmental people
  37. When I don't really know how to lie.. (successfully! ;p) Seriously, I gotta learn how to lie without people can detect that I'm lying! Yeeshh. Tak aci!  =(
  38. Random people who missed call me for no reason. Or perhaps they expect me to call them back? Hmm.. Apakah?
  39. People who likes to take advantage on other people. Or, someone who doesn't appreciate nice things we do for them, and taking them for granted. Oh..and selfish people too.
  40. And lastly, being emo like what I'm being right now! haha.. (So not good! ;p)

So..I gotta shush now..before my 40 Dislike list become a 100! hehe.. Plus, you must be so damn bored kannn.. Heee.. 
Well..that's what I usually do when I got nothing else better to do. - I listed out stupid things! haha

Okay, that's it. So those are the 40 random things about me! Eh.. I mean 80! ;p
Bye for now!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Nice To Your Skin!

You might be surprised to find out that the skin is the largest organ in your body! Yes, it’s true! Some of you might not think it as an organ. But well, like your heart, stomach, and brain, your skin IS an organ! It holds everything together. Skin covers and protects everything inside your body. Without skin, people's muscles, bones, and organs would be hanging out all over the place! Yikes!

A few weeks ago, I went to the Vaseline Amazing Skin Launch at Villa Manja in Ampang. The theme was “Your Skin, Your Story, Your Life”.  The campaign highlighted the importance of the multiple benefits of proper daily skincare and also to seek and empower women to love and appreciate their skin, not just the face but the entire body by giving it the care and nourishment it deserves.

I learned quite a lot from attending the event. I learned that we need to take care of our skin, because it constantly protecting us all along this while without we realizing it. And I also learned that normal skin loses about 80 to 100 grams of water into the atmosphere everyday which is why an effective moisturizer that provides adequate hydration all day long is important.

Your skin is constantly protecting you. Your skin keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. When you take care of your skin, you're helping your skin do its job. And taking care of your skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Well..our skin is actually such an amazing organ. It lets you feel things by touch as well as being your waterproof barrier. It protects our bodies, helps keep our bodies at just the right temperature and allows us to have the sense of touch.

It protects you.

And what does your skin ask for in return for all the wonderful things it does? Just a little care and considerations. Therefore, we need to stop taking our skin for granted and protect it with the right products as to return the favor. Vaseline believes that your skin is amazing and it deserves to be treated! So let's find out how to take good care of the skin you're in with the right products.

Recognizing the need for daily hydration and replenishment, Vaseline the expert skin care brand for over a century unveiled its amazing skin care range with the best products designed to meet specific skin care needs.

  • Total Moisture – Ensures ten times more moisturisation and protection that is customed for dry skin.
  • Intensive Rescue – Contains Glycerin which instantly triples moisture and Occlusive which help to lock moisture in all day.
  • Aloe Cool and Fresh – Enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts to deliver refreshing hydration
  • Healthy White – Contains yogurt serum and vitamin B3 with triple sunscreen protection to replenish skin with sheer burst of hydration, bringing out the healthy fairness and natural radiance of the skin 

Anyway, here are the rest of the pics at the event. Enjoy!

The gorgeous Jojo Struys

They were dancing gracefully..

With my sister

Me in Villa Manja

Oh, and we also get to enjoy a free 15 minute shoulder massage! Cool!

That's Reena and Hanis Zalikha's mom

..with Hanis Zalikha

..and with Reena

Learning about skin..

Us, with the beautiful woman, Daphne Iking

Here's the goodie bag that I received! These are all Vaseline products and some bathing tools! Coolies!!



Friday, July 23, 2010

Do-It-Yourself a Top to Toe Treatment!

Hey girls!

I have a question for you! Normally how long would it take for you to really cleanse yourself and pamper your body every day or every week? For me, daily shower would take about 20 minutes..(or..if I am running late for something..maybe about 10 minutes only! haha) but if I have a really really big day like a special date or like a big event to attend or could take me from 30 minutes to an hour in the shower room! hehe..

But...on the days where I want to really pamper myself from top to toe in the bathroom, I'd spend about two hours in there! Heeee.. I know! You must be thinking..apa yang I sental sampai 2 jam, right? hahaha.. While you guys had done with watching your football match, I am still in the bathroom doing God knows what! hahahaha ;p

Well..I have this habit since I was in secondary school. I just like to pamper my body.. So every week, if I have time, I'll make sure I would spend at least 2 hour in my bathroom and spend some quality time with my own body. hahahaha =P

So anyways..
I'd like to show you how and what I normally do when I'm spending my relaxing 'me time' in there.. After a long day at work or at school or shopping or whatever at all... a nice long soak in a hot bath is just the ticket!

Here's how I do mine:

Run your bath until it is a comfortably hot temperature, be careful not to make it too hot..otherwise you might burn yourself.. So make sure that the bath is not too hot cuz it can irritate your skin, and you won't feel that it is relaxing..

Next, put some essential oils (about 8 drops) or your favourite bath gels and some bath salt.. If you have tired feet or aching body or whatever at all, bath salts can help improve the way you feel and ease away the tension..

Take your time to relax, to reduce stress and to make you feel good about yourself. Sit comfortably in there.. Put on some nice music.. (I always bring my BB inside the bathroom..and sing along to some NeYo songs.. or maybe Kenny G's..) Take as much time as you like.. I normally would spend at least 30 minutes soaking in the tub.. And if you need to add more bubbles and froth, do add some more of your favourite bath gel.. Mine would be this one from Botanics (from Boots).. It smells really really good that I feel like licking myself! hahaha. Anyway, I read somewhere, that a warm bath can help relax tensed nerves. And it can also improve your health.. Cool!

While you're in there don't forget to scrub your whole body.. Use some body loofah or sponge or pad or brush to scrub and exfoliate your skin..

And then when you're done, treat your hair with some love too.. My daily shampoo would be Sunsilk (the pink one) or Toni & Guy (the pink one as well), depending on my hair condition on that day.. But for treatments, I use these products:
 Ba Wang Shampoo & Conditioner OR Rene Furterer Shampoo, Essential Scalp Treatment Oil & Conditioner. And some olive oil and paste from L'Occitane for the hair mask..
(This step would take about 30 minutes)

And when you're done with your hair.. how about you do a lil' facial for your face? =)
Lately I have received a lot of questions from my readers as to what I use for my facial care and regime.. Well, to be really honest with you, I don't really know what exactly the brands that I really really use.. as I constantly changing brands.. So it's hard to tell what products I actually use. Heeee. (I know, not good.. But I just couldn't resist not to buy those with a really good packaging or smell or whatever) 
But as of now, I'm using...

 Dior HydraLife Facial Cleansing Gel, Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, Bloom Buff Off Apricot Kernel Face Scrub, Bloom Clean With Envy Green Clay Mask, and some whitening tissue mask, a brand from Japan which I don't know what it is... - but I bought this at Watson's.

So after I have cleanse my face and scrub my nose and my whole face, I use this mask. I loveeee the smell!! And the texture too! Clay mask is best suited for oily/combination skin. It dries up in a short period of time and is considered as a detoxifying mask. 

While waiting for your mask to dry up, how about you read some of your beauty bible?! =)

Or magazine! God, I love Victoria Beckham. She is SO fine!! And I love her legs!

HAHA. I'm so green. LOL ;p
Do I look like Mrs Incredible Hulk?? hehee ;p

Well..after the mask has dried, rinse with cool water and scrub the mask off your face. Your skin will be free of dirt and excess oil! (P/s: Do not do this in front of your husband. You'll scare him away with this greened face! hehe. Victoria Beckham says she always do her mask when David is away.. Comel kan VB tu? Nanti saya dah kawin pun nak buat macam tu lah jugak..hehe)

And then.. after I have washed away all the green mask, I pat dry my skin, and put on this whitening tissue mask..and try to relax under the duvet.. Just so you know, I love love loveeee this kinda facial mask because it really hydrates and moisturizes my skin!

Heeee... I know I look ridiculous with no nose and eyebrows. haha 

So this is how I would look like when I'm old and all my eyebrows has turned white, ey?! hehe waiting-for-husband-to-be-back-home face! Hahahaha! ;p

Anyways..after all of these spa, facial care and a lil' hair treatments at home activity, I'll make myself a cuppa hot tea.. A calming ones like Chamomile or Verbena or Peppermint or something.. 

Ahhhh....bliss!!! Life's goooood!

Okay ladies...time to pamper yourself and treat your body with some tender, loving and care!!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great Song!

Currently addicted to this song! "Send It On" by Disney Channel Stars - Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez

Listen to it! A very meaningful song!

I love the wordings of this songs!
Especially these words..

"A word's, just a word, 'til you mean what you say"

"And love, isn't love 'til you give it away"

"We've all gotta give
Give somethin' ta give, to make a change"

"Send It on, On and On
Just one that can heal another"

"Be apart, reach a heart,
Just one spark starts a fire!"

"With one little action
the chain reaction will never stop!"

"Make it strong,
Shine a light and send it on!"

"Just Smile,
And the world will smile along with you"

"That small act of love,
stands for one become two!"

You can view the rest of the lyrics, here




Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Salam all,
Maaf jika entri kali ini, berbunyi sedikit pelik..or should I say, emosi or whatever that it may appear to you lah... This is my blog.. my diary.. so.. Saya tidak tahu di mana patut saya luahkan lagi jika bukan di sini.  =/

Well.. if you've been following my blog, you'll know that my personal love life is not something that I would talk about in here. Unless, he is my fiance or my husband.. (then of course kalau boleh hari-hari nak cakap pasal dia, sampai korang pun bosan. haha). So no, you're not gonna find entries like who am I currently have a crush on, or who am I dating and such. Maybe because being me, who is sometimes (or maybe all the time) a pessimist, I always feel like anything bad can happen to anyone in no time.. so I just feel like I'm not 'supposed' to post up things like that selagi belum 'kukuh'.. because like I said, anything can happen between me and my partner. And then I jugak yang malu/tak suka nanti..lepas tu kena delete and whatsoever.. Kan ke menyusahkan tu. Hmm..

Unless lah kalau dah ada ikatan.. Mak bapak dua dua pihak dah setuju ke, dah restu ke apa ke kan.. So.. nak cerita apa apa kat sini pon, I think ok jugak lah kot.. Even though, still, shit things can happen too even when you're engaged or married. Yelah, kalau dah nak jadi tu, jadi jugak lah kan.. Itu cerita lain.

Well some of you might say, benda dah nak jadi, nak buat macam mana, right? But still, I just don't feel okay to write about my love life in here unless kalau dah ada ikatan yang sah. Selagi I tak sure he is 'the one' or tak sure whether I nak orang tu to be my soulmate, my partner ke apa, selagi tu, I won't share anything in here..

Yelah, I think macam apaaa je kalau bulan ni cerita pasal Sameon, bulan depan cerita pasal Sahak, tiga bulan lagi cerita pasal Robert Downey Jr. ke kann..pastu tahun depan, tiba tiba je kawin dengan Bedul bin Jantan.. hahaha.. get what I mean right?
So..nope, I would save all my love stories in here for my fiance and my husband =) be really honest, I am not the type that have a lot of male friends, or the type yang ada flings or whatever you call it..or the type yang suka nak kawan dengan lelaki dengan secara tiba-tiba. No, I'm not that type. I mean like, kawan lelaki tu ada, tapi memang sangat sedikit. Boleh di kira dengan jari, siapa je yang saya bertegur sapa kalau dekat sekolah dulu ke, atau dekat matrik ke, ataupun dekat university.

Memang saya macam ni. Saya selesa berkawan dengan perempuan sahaja.. Entahlah. Ataupun maybe sebab saya tak reti berkawan dengan lelaki kot. Ataupun sebab saya seorang yang sangat pendiam bila dengan orang yang saya tak kenal kot. Ataupun sebab saya kurang selesa dengan lelaki (gatal). Ataupun sebab.. Eh banyak pulak ataupun..haha

Anyway.. the reason why I wrote my title for this post as "Takut", is because..I don't know why..but lately ni I always think about marriage. Yes, I admit I do want to get married as early as possible.. Well..because firstly of course, sebab nak elakkan maksiat as much as possible. Second because I wanna be loved by a person whom I can call my husband..  So I used to dream of getting married as young as 21 or 22.. And dreaming about my majlis akad nikah, my reception and all.. haha. Tapi..entahlah. Macam takut nak kawin. Maybe I just like the idea of getting married at that young age.. You can call me perempuan gatal or whatever, but I have my own reasons for that..
But bila fikir fikir balik, nak menempuh alam perkahwinan tu yang buat saya takut.. Because I takut nanti I chose the wrong guy to be my partner. Of course, kita nak kahwin ni kalau boleh untuk selama lamanya. So of course, kena pilih betul betul. Silap pilih, memang menyesal seumur hidup.

So..before kahwin, of course lah kena kenal siapa orang yang kita nak kahwin tu kan.. Or maybe in other words, bercinta or 'coupling'... But my idea of having a love relationship ni, bukan just macam main belasah je apa yang ada or just for know like, sebab orang lain ada, you pun nak kena ada jugak. Sebab konon nya having a boyfriend ni, is like a trend or the 'in thing'... So siapa yang takde tu, adalah manusia paling pelik sekali di dalam dunia.
No, for me that's not the way it should be.

Call me an old fashioned, but for me, nak ada relationship tu, biar lah lama and memang menuju ke arah perkahwinan. Meaning, serious lah. Bukan just setakat nak ada boyfriend just for the sake nak ada title "I ada boyfriend" or "I ni laku and you takkk.." or whatsoever.
Dekat sekolah boyfriend lain, dekat matrik lain, lepas tu masuk university pasang boyfriend sampai 5 sebab konon konon nak ada banyak choice -padahal dah tahu dah apa yang dia nak, lepas tu kawin dengan orang lain yang dekat tempat kerja you pulak. Asik bertukar tukar pasangan. I don't know about you, but for me.. I tak suka buat macam tu.
Hmm.. that's just not the way I am. I mean, I tak suka tukar tukar or try try pasangan. haha. (Tak tahu macam mana nak explain ;p ) 
I don't even like the idea of doing that! Hmm..

Since I was a little girl, I always imagined.. (Ye, imagined ye.. Not I want or It should be or whatever) my future husband and I fall in love at the very first moment we met or talk or whatsoever lahh.. And then, bercinta and not long after that kahwin. (Hahaha! So fairy tale!) Rather than... you know like..kenal sekejap, and then sebab salah sorang antara the boy or the girl tu suka kat salah sorang tu, lepas tu terus 'couple', and then you TRY to like him or her..lepas tu after a few months or maybe years, baru tahu tak suka dia, or maybe'll realized that is not what you want, or maybe you feel like you guys are not meant to be la, and et cetera.. And then ended up dumping each other. Sigh. Kan ke buang masa? Lebih baik you simpan all the love that you have in you, for your one and only husband.

I don't know, but maybe I ni memang perempuan pelik or too fairy tale ke apa..but I do believe in love at first sight. Maksud nya macam, first time tengok/kenal that someone, you'll feel something in your heart..and that person pun sama.. Haa..faham tak apa I cakap ni? hehe.. know that scene in the movies when the guy look at the girl..and then the girl glances back, lepas tu macam dua dua ada rasa something? Haaa...that sort of feeling la..hehe. Entah lah, I rasa macam..those kinda things/feelings memang datang dari Tuhan..and..Insyallah it's gonna work. Rather than.. you nampak this one person, lepas tu you try so hard to get him or her, to like you back..

Well..maybe I'm wrong. I mean yelah, tak semua kisah percintaan orang sama kan? Orang dulu lagi la, mak bapak yang pilih and kahwinkan anak anak diorang.. Tapi bahagia jer. And ada tu pulak yang kenal seminggu je, lepas tu terus kahwin sampai berpuluh puluh tahun. Itu semua jodoh... Kuasa tuhan.  And I've seen a lot of people yang first time nampak each other,  terus dua-dua suka sama suka. Contoh terdekat is my dad. He saw my mom for the first time dulu masa dekat university, lepas tu terus suka and terus ada rasa nak jadikan my mom his wife, and then both my sisters pun sama. Dua-dua kisah percintaan mereka pun comel. Haihh..wonder when is it gonna be my turn. haha.

Hmm.. And saya selalu tengok people having a relationship for so many years, lepas tu tak kahwin pon. So, that's why..saya tak suka nak bercinta atau nak ada boyfriend lama lama. Takutlah. =/

For me, nak bercinta atau memilih pasangan tu, biarlah fikrah nya sama dengan I. Meaning, jiwa/pemikiran/the way he view things, lebih kurang sama macam saya. Nanti takde lah berlaku perselisihan fahaman. Yelah, nanti kang, I cakap clubbing tu berdosa, dia cakap no it's not, but drinking is. I cakap main judi tu haram, dia cakap alah it's only for fun. And so on. I'm not saying I'm an angel, but what I mean here is...nak cari pasangan hidup tu, kenalah yang tahu agama and hukum hakam agama.. Bukan semua benda dia langgar jer...
Nanti kang, dia pandang benda benda dosa ni remeh, kita pandang dosa tu adalah tetap dosa. So...susahlah nanti kan?

And that's not it, banyak lagi yang perlu di pertimbangkan in finding your soulmate or partner. Dari segi keserasian/compatibility, dari segi financial dia, dari segi kematangan dia, dari segi tanggungjawab, dari segi hati budi dia, dari segi agama dia, dari segi perangai dia, and the list goes on! Nak kahwin ni kena tengok 360 darjah punya sudut dan segi! hehe.. Kena betul-betul cari orang yang you rasa you boleh sehidup semati dengan dia... Tak semestinya kalau dia dah ada all the perfect criteria on the "checklist" yang you nak tu, it means dia lah yang terbaik untuk you.. And tak semestinya jugak kalau dia ada kekurangan dalam "checklist" you tu, dia tak sesuai untuk you. It all depends on the person itself. You yang rasa semua ni.. You yang tahu whether you sesuai or not dengan dia.... So, you should know siapa yang sesuai dengan jiwa awak... Yelah, even if dia maybe jenis tahu agama, tapi bab bab lain, fail. Payah jugak. Contoh kalau dia tu boleh dikatakan tahu hukum hakam agama lah kan, and boleh membimbing...tapi kalau panas baran ke, semua benda yang kita buat tak kena ke.. Dia tu kuat jealous ke, dia kuat merajuk ke, and so on...haa payah jugak.

Ataupun, dia jenis baik.... dari segi hati budi, pekerti, kata-kata, etc.. And bertanggungjawab or penyayang..and so on la... .tapi solat 5 waktu pun dia tak jaga langsung. Hmm.... ni pun..susah jugak lah. Sebab dia sebagai lelaki mesti la kena bimbing anak-anak dan isteri. So kalau diri sendiri pun dia tak jaga, apatah lagi anak-anak dia.. And silap-silap..esok dia mati, anak dia tak tahu pun nak solat mayat macam mana..or even baca yasin untuk dia. Kan susah macam tu...

So..what I'm trying to say here is, semua benda kena dan mesti balanced. And I think, that is the hardest part lah untuk mencari ni..because we'll never know what we gonna get.. Belum tentu kenal 10 tahun sekali pun, kita kenal dia betul betul.  Hmm.. So..tu yang buat I takut sangat ni, actually...  :(

Banyak je benda yang nak saya tuliskan..Tapi, takpe lah. Biarlah saya simpan and pikir sorang sorang. Cuz I'm sure korang pun dah penat baca apa I tulis nih...kan? haha.
But whatever it is, banyak benda yang perlu dipertimbangkan when making your choice in finding your soulmate. So kalau dah jumpa yang fikrah korang sama, pleaseee..kahwinlah cepat cepat.

But anyway.. as time goes by, I takde lah rasa macam nak sangat sangat kawin muda like I used to be. I mean, after seeing a few people that I know, that has been married for a few years, tapi macam macam hal dah jadi between them, I jadi macam takut nak kawin. So no, for now.. chill je dulu. I'm just gonna observe everyone..lepas tu kalau ada orang masuk meminang with background and everything semua okay.. Ha..then maybe lah kot I akan start cerita di sini.. hahahaha..

P/s: No, saya tidak ada siapa siapa pun lagi. Tengah tunggu my prince charming from my own imaginary fairy tale tu untuk datang and say those three and four words.. hahahahaha =P


Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner at Whisk

Last week, I went to Whisk for the first time! Yeayyy! At last! I've been seeing people tweet/blog about this place...and I so wanted to taste their macaroons! And at wish has come true! hehe. Well..actually, the initial plan was to have my dinner at Mamak stall or someplace like Johnny's for their steamboat or whateverr.. But I ended up going to the Empire to have their delicious macaroons! hahaha. (what a weird food for a dinner, ey? LOL)

So I tweeted Alia my friend, since she knows how to get there.. And she agreed to tag along.. So I fetch her at her house, to accompany me and show me the way to get to the Empire..

This is Alia Illani. Cantik kan the color of her t-shirt? I like this kinda yellow! =)
(and stop looking at my jerawat! Heeee)

And arrived at Whisk! I was quite surprised that this shop is a lil' bit small. Cuz I imagined that the space is like...Starbucks cafe or something.. hehe.. But what the heck right.. It's a cute cafe that serves greaaaat macaroons and cakes! =)

When we arrived at the macaroon bar, we saw only a few macaroons left for us! Sobs! But 10 pieces is enough la kan..

So these are the yummy and colorful macaroons! They are our starters! hahaha

My fave one is peanut (the one in blue) and chocolate. Yum!!

And then we ordered their pizza too! Pon sedap!! I like the idea that they served their pizza on this some sort of..erm... like a chopping board! How cool!

And then for our dessert..we ordered this Red Velvet cake! Sumpah, sedap gila! Tapi kinda scary sebab dia merah sangat.. Too much coloring I think! (tapi dalam gamba tak nampak sangat..)

Cam whoring adalah wajib! ;p

While we were having our dessert... Alia was playing around with my camera.. She snapped some candid photos of me while I was tweeting and drinking and eating..hehe

"Oh hyee camera!"

"Okayy...that guy is hot!"

"Alaaa..something wrong with my tweetphoto.. Why can't I upload the photo of this Red Velvet cake?! Why god, whyyy?! Sobs."

"Hmm..I really hope there's nothing wrong with my BB or my tweetphoto! tskk.."

*frustrated face..while waiting for my BB to restart*

"Ok good! It's on now! Umm..nak tweet apa eh? Lupa dah tadi.."

"Hmm..this Berry Chiller tastes goood! Tweet pasal ni lah!"

"Ohh..there's a camera in front of me! Look Wani, say cheeese!" 

Heh. Mengarut je.

After we've done with our food, I ordered some take outs too. Another 10 macaroons, 2 Red Velvet cupcakes and a slice of Hummingbird Cake.. They were for my mother and brother at home! And they love it too!

So you too, should give it a try! =)

P/S: This place would be great for a date with a friend! Very cozy and best of all, their cakes are so delicious, at least to me! =)

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