Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday Blues

Oh...tomorrow's Monday! Back to work, people! I'm preparing my Outfit Of The Day tonight, to combat the Monday blues I'm feeling right now! haha.. - And I chose the Blue color, to go after the idiom "Monday Blues"! How ironic.. haha.. But I add some bright Orange to add a little pop of color over my blue and white paisley printed top! hehe

Ok, have a great Monday peeps! Gotta iron my scarf now..and then am going to bed! Night night! ;)


Saturday, September 29, 2012

How I Store My Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs!

This weekend I've been spending my time in my room, unpacking my stuff and cleaning up my make-up area.. Y'all know that I went to Singapore twice this month right? And I purchased quite a lot of Lush products while I was there. haha.. (Just can't help it!) So...when I get back home, I had to think how do I store these lushies that I purchased! I know I accidentally bought a lot the other day...and now I have a bit of a problem to store them in here, knowing that my stuff are all overflowing in this room! haha. ;p 

It's just's so overwhelming you know, when you're in the store, not knowing what NOT to get! Cuz everrry thing looks and sounds amazing! hahaha.. - I'm the kind of a girl who loves all things pretty and girly..and I don't just love make up and fashion.. I love body and bath products too! So of course this girly girl just couldn't resist not buying Lush products and had a really hard time deciding what to buy! (I spent more than 2 hours in there! haha. Thanks Michelle, for assisting me..and for making my wallet hurt a bit. haha ;p) 

Anyways, so when I got home the other day, I checked every item I got for myself..and I couldn't stop smiling! Heee.. I know they're not Chanel bag or whatever. They're just.....soaps? But oh well, like I said, I loveee all things girly and pretty! Even if it's just soap! haha. So I'm very sorry if I sound so lame in here. But I'm just so excited! - If only you get to see my face when I first got into the Lush store, you'll know what I mean! haha ;p

Anywaysss.....I love their bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars especially. They are like their famous items. I took quite a number of these darlings the other day. I can't wait to use them in the bath tub! They smell so yummy! But the slight problem is.. they're quite big and chunky..and very fragile! So I gotta take extra care of them, before I get to use them. 

I don't really take my bath in the tub that often. Normally I just shower. Bath tub is for days that are special..hehe. - Which happens like...once or twice a month it's gotta be a loooong way for my bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars to be used and finished! So I gotta find a way to store them properly but still look nice and presentable.. while they wait for their turns to be used each month! hehe

...and I got an idea! 
Using a clear bowl, and a plastic food wrap!

I wrapped each and every bath bomb I have with this plastic wrap, instead of the yellow Lush bag they gave me! So it's easier to choose and know which is which... Rather than having to open each bag, to find out what I'm looking for!

Tada! All wrapped up! Ready to be displayed in my bathroom...waiting for their turns to take a bath with me! hehe

They looked like some kinda candies or should I say...kuih? hehe

Ok, I gotta continue cleaning my room! Blog soon! Have a great week ahead! Take care girls! ;)


Friday, September 28, 2012

That Perfect Crisp White Bedding

Since I have been busy adjusting myself to working, traveling and blogging at the same time, I did not have time to find an article or post that is worth blogging that would interest you guys! Sorry if I'm lacking of stories in here! =/

Anyways, I've been in and out of KL lately.. to JB, Singapore, KL, JB, KL, JB, Singapore, JB, KL! Phewww! haha. And so when I arrived my room yesterday I realized how much I miss it! The first thing I did was jumping up and down my little white queen bed, and curl myself on it for a good one hour before I got up and changed into my kaftan and washed up.. haha. I can be such a kid sometimes! (or maybe I should say, all the time? LOL ;p) Anyways... so today I thought I would talk about making the bed! And how it can change your mood and your day! ^__^

I really think having an organized room and a clean bed, can really make your day after a hard day at work or something.. I don't know about you, but the first thing I would do when I come home, is to go to my room and put my stuff away..and just chill on the bed! Not the sofa in my living room, nor the chair in the dining hall, or the comfy couch in the family area..or whatever. Nope! I would prefer my room, my bed to relax! My room is my baby. I love my room very much, although I do not have the best room in the world..but this is my little space where I relax..and where I can be 110% myself, - because no one else is in this territory of mine! hehe. I feel so calm and relax when I'm in my room. 

And when going back home from work or traveling, and seeing a clean white bed when I enter my room, can reaaaalllly change my mood! I would smile the minute I see my bed! So yes, making the bed in the morning, can change your day at the end of the day, making you a happier person! hehe. 

Even though I know sometimes there is a major debate between yourself about whether or not you should make the bed, right? - You'd think that you are just going to get back into it in a few hours...right? So why put so much effort to make the bed that you would mess it up again..right? haha. (I used to have this kind of mind set too! Heee. Lazy me! ;p) But my mom taught me that if we used that argument for other areas of our home, we would never have clean the dishes, or do the laundry. Because why wash something when it's just going to get used again? haha. Mom was I always make my bed these days (except when I'm super late!), to please myself when I get back from work later on! Trust me, making the bed changes the look of a room! It makes a room more inviting and uncluttered looking and CLEAN! ^___^

Anyways, my kind of "best-dressed" beds, are usually the ones that only have one or two tone colors on it, all folded quilts and crisp edges! And for now...I love white bedding! Why? Because you can match it with any colors, and you can bleach it if you want, and you can play with other accessories and it would still look good, and best of all, it just feels better lying in bed under a white duvet! - Think hotel rooms! hehe

Plus, an all-white bed lets you mix in affordable linens or cushions or throws/runners too! You can get some pretty awesome stuff from I Wanna Go Home, or Aussino, or IKEA, or anywhere else! And you can mix white with such pretty colors like... Lime Green or Sunshine Yellow, or Mint Green, or anything, making your bed appear so much cooler!!

Mmmm... Crisp, light, cooler and refreshing white bedding. You will not be disappointed.

Mom bought me this 100% Egyptian cotton comforter set the other day.. It's a 500 thread count sheets. So comfortable, I gotta say! And she bought it together with some pearl cushion covers as well, which I loveee to bits! It's so nicee! Thank you, mother! ^__^

Since the usual bedding set only provides two pillow cases, I mixed this bedding set with my sister's wedding bed set pillow cases, which mom got from Hallmark last time.. since I have 6 pillows altogether on my bed! (not including the cushion, though! haha) - the other two pillow cases would be from Akemi. So I have 3 different brands and designs of pillow cases on my bed altogether now! 

I don't know why I have so many pillows. But I need all 6 of them. One for the head, one for the thighs. Two for the headboard. and another two for my left and right side of the bed. haha. And oh, the cushion would be to cover the face! ;p

Anyways, I think I first started making my bed when I was 12, to display all my pink beanie babies all lined up neatly in a row.. And 12 years later, I am still making the bed, except that I'm displaying my pearl cushions! haha.  Even if I have a lazy day, I still need to make the bed before I go to sleep. Or sometimes, I clean my room too!

What about you? Do you make the bed? Do you get the same fantastically pleasing feeling like I get walking into the room and seeing a crisp white bed so pretty and made? =)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just a Quick Update!

Hi girls!

"How are youuu?!"

It has been awhile since I last blogged or even Instagram! Do you miss me? haha. Hmm..I've been wanting to do a tutorial entry in my blog since I get a lot of requests on that so I thought I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks, but the thing is, I've been too busy running here and there in the last few weeks.. which has made me so tired now - driving around in and out of KL, traveling here and there, not enough sleep and rest. Phewww. It's exhausting, but I had fun being busy here and there..hahaa. And I am back now.. And my life has been great lately. Alhamdulillah... :)

Anyway, since I posted an entry about my Lush haul in the last post, I get a lot of requests from the girls, asking me to help those who are really keen to try and buy the awesome Lush products for themselves, for their sisters, friends, etc! ^__^  hehe..Glad that I have made you girls tempted to try it! LOL. But yesssss, I gotta say, Lush products are so awesome.. It's worth every penny! (Recently I have a huge stubborn pimple on my cheek for days - thanks to the sleepless nights and stressing out on some stuff. haha. But when I use the Grease Lightning serum from Lush, in just two days, the zit is almost gone!!! I'm so amazed at the result it gives me! I'm a happy Lush user! hehe ;p)

Anyways..I will get back to you ladies who ordered from me ya! As for now...I just wanna chillax a bit and enjoy my weekend! Body is too tired. I need to unpack my stuff first, and then I will sort out the orders!

Till my next post! Take care now! ;)


Friday, September 21, 2012

My Lush Haul!!!

Last weekend I went to Singapore cuz I wanted to shop! - Singapore really is the best place to shop, although things here are a bit expensive than in KL..but because of their variety of stuff over there, that makes Singapore is a shopper's heaven!!! Lotsa cool things to look at, lotsa awesome stuff to choose and buy! Oh, I loveeee shopping here! It's just like some other awesome countries I've been to like Paris, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam etc etc! Their stuff are VERY up to date..and lotsa varieties of items to choose, which I like!! ('s Singapore la! Of course they're up-to-date! hahah) here are my purchases! I'm so excited! Lotsa Lush stuff! hehe

Shopping day one

Shopping day two


THISSSSSS was my Number One reason why I wanted to go to Singapore so badly when daddy asked. 


Remember my Lush post last time? The one in Zurich, in December 2011? Ring a bell? hehe. Oh well... After I went to Zurich, and came back to KL, I regretted that I didn't buy their stuff that many. So when I went to Jakarta, Bandung, Hong Kong, Paris and Milan in the last 6 months, I searched high and low for this brand while I'm over there. 

But too bad, I couldn't find one. And I got to know, Lush only have ONE STORE in the South East Asia region! And they're available only in SINGAPORE! Not in Bangkok...not in Jakarta.. and of course, not in Kuala Lumpur!!! Oh so saddddd... T___T

So when I did go to Singapore last week, I grabbed myself as many products as I can although they're a bit expensive over there.. tskk. But where else can this girl find Lush store in S.E.A righttt? So I got myself the bath and body products that I like as many as I can - A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! hehe 

So anyways... let's see, what did I purchased for myself?

3 packs of gift box. Each containing different type of bath stuff..

The Rosie box. 

It contains the four different type of body products that have a hint of rosy smell! Mmmm!

"This gift was lovingly packed by Iwona's team" - Awww...thank you Iwona and the gang!! 
You guys have wrapped them nicely! ^____^

I was sooo excited at this point of opening my little gift! Hahah... (Things I do when shopping abroad... - I like buying things in a box/all wrapped up nicely/gift set, so that I'd feel like it's a present from someone when opening it in KL later on! hahahah.. - I know I'm weird! LOL. But do you feel like this too, when buying a gift set for yourself?? Or is it just me being silly? haha ;p)

The Sweetest Thing gift set! - At first I thought I wanted this for myself..But then I thought I wanted to be the sweetest sister, so I gave my sister this Sweetest Thing gift set instead!  haha

Let's see what do they have it in here!

I want thisssss especially! They don't have it individually in the store the other day! Only in sets..
I love the Shower Jelly! Plus, this one is purple in color! 
Oh well, never mind. I'll buy it the next time I pop into Lush store

Third gift set! The Out Of This World set!

It has two items.. Bar Soap in star-shaped and a Bath Bomb that smells so good! ^__^

Thanks Bart's Team!!


My own Shower Jelly! This one is called Whoosh. This is a new way to take my shower! Using jelly!! And it smells so goooood too! So refreshing!

WHOOSH! That’s the sound you’ll make after using this stimulating shower jelly. It’s made for the people that have a hundred things to do and no time to do them. To slow time down, you need the bright blue colour, moisturising jelly and energising aromas of lemon, lime and grapefruit. They will send you rocketing through the day

This would be a Shower Gel called Happy Hippy. It smells so fresh, lemony/citrusy. Next on my list would be the It's Raining Men! - It smells gorgeous! It smells soooo sweet! (Honey/Caramel-like)

And my Bar/Solid Soaps! Bought the Honey I Washed The Kids and Karma. (They have such catchy name, kan??! ^__^)

By the way, they claimed that their solid soaps are one of their most creative products and you won't find finer bar soaps anywhere else! They fill their bars with copious quantities of essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables all in a piece of affordable luxury! - You'll find more expensive ones, but that doesn't mean that they're better. With LUSH you get what you pay for and a whole lot more too!

Trueee! I loveee all their products..they're sooo amazing! Seriously!

So here's my solid soaps! Who says that a bar soap needs to be the usual boring rectangle or round shape??

Here's what they say about this soap:

Honey I Washed The Kids: The irresistible toffee and honey soap. Once you've sniffed it, you've got to have it. On paper, it's difficult to portray the full effect of this honeycomb and toffee scented soap. People who fully intended to walk past a Lush shop find themselves unable to resist its tempting fragrance. They inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and join the queue for the till. It's hard not to buzz about this one. (The top part, the brownish caramel color, is a real honey!! Isn't it awesome?! hehe. This smells too good that I just cannot resist!)

Karma: Top up your Karma quotient with a quick wash during the day. Buy a big chunk, slice some off for the washbasin and the kitchen sink then keep the rest for the shower. There's enough Karma fragrance in each bar to perfume your whole body each time you wash.

Another bar soap! In a star cool! hehe. This one is called Rock Star!

Rock Star: The creamy vanilla sweetie. Here’s a soap for all of us who know we ought to be attracted to sophisticated beiges and navy blues, but can’t help grabbing everything pink! The Rock Star soap smells just like Creamy Candy Bath, so all you budding starlets can shower and bathe with our sweet vanilla perfume.

The Body Conditioner! I didn't know...there's "body conditioner" as well! I thought only hair needs conditioner?? 
This beautiful body conditioner is called Ro's Argan. It smells sooooooo goooood, and it really does it's job! It really did make my skin feels so much softer and smoother! Love this to bits!!

Ro's Argan: A beautiful, rose jam scented body conditioner that’s full of the most emollient, moisturising ingredients possible to feed and nourish the skin. There’s cypress oil, capuacu butter, Brazil nut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and super softening almond oil, along with Argan oil of course, which is rich in vitamin E and incredibly moisturising and soothing on the skin. There’s also a touch of spring water to cool the skin down. The 20% glycerine locks in all this moisture, leaving your skin soft, smooth, supple and the fragrance leaves you delicately scented like a rose bush being kissed by the first rays of morning sun.

Next item that I purchased is their awesome Bath Melt! "When it comes to luxury at bath time, we don't hold back. Beautiful things, our Bath Melts. We use sinful amounts of natural butters to moisturize and soften your skin, loads of gorgeous essential oils, and then we add whatever it takes to give you an experience to make it well worth spending at least 20 minutes in the bath. Have one when you know you've earned yourself a real treat."

The Bath Melt! - This is You've Been Mangoed 
Cheery, fruity mango butter melt. You’ve Been Mangoed is bright and breezy, with nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it has just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day. Its fruity scent comes from skin toning lemon and lime essential oils, with a drop or two of invigorating lemongrass to get things going. Everyone should know the joys of being well and truly Mangoed.

The Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt
Magical, relaxing melt for softer skin. It could be the ultimate bathing experience, but we won’t know that until we finish inventing them. For now, it’s as wonderful as you can get. Each melt is wrapped in muslin, dipped in wild flowers and tied with a ribbon. According to the spell it is based on, if you spit three times in the water, your wish will come true. Cocoa butter and walnut oil melt, frothing slightly, leaving you a muslin bag of whole oats to give your skin a soothing and gently scented scrub. 
It’s truly lovely.

Next item is the Body Scrub! It's called Aqua Mirabilis

Our miraculous underwater massage bar for bodies. Be generous and buy your best friend (and yourself) a spa treatment to get your bodies into shape for 2010. This glorious spa-in-a-bar is Helen’s underwater massage bar with exfoliating ground almond shells mixed into a big bar of perfumed, moisturising oils. Use it in the bath or the shower and you will give your skin the treat of a lifetime.

Next item that I am sooo excited and can't wait to use them are the Bubble Bars!! They're like the awesomest item in their store! They're cute. They're colorful. They're in unique sizes. They smell SO BEAUTIFUL! They produced the kind of rich bubbles I want and need in my tub!!!! Oh....I loveeeee their bubble bars to bits!!! When I need a real treat after a hard day or something, I would definitely gonna pamper myself with these bubble bars!


My friend had a great time last time.. We reallllly did enjoy our bath the last time we use this one bubble bar called The Comforter. - It really IS comforting!!!

Here's what they say! At LUSH we don't just take baths; we appreciate them. We relish them, revel in them and do everything we can to make them enjoyable. We like to fragrance them with essential oils to scent our bodies and put us in a better mood, illuminate them with candlelight and sometimes, even share them. Crumble one of these under the running bath water for a superbly bubbly and stunningly fragrant, luxuriously inviting bath.   ^___________^

These are the Bubble Bars that I purchased for myself! Each of these, can use up to 3-5 usage! Cool! ^__^

Next on the list is the Bath Bombs!!! I loveeee their beautiful smell, their pretty swirls, and the amazing designs/colors. 5 stars definitely, for all the Bath Bombs!!! (My really really favourite one is the Twilight, Dragon's Egg and Sex Bomb)

"We take every opportunity to make each bath a special occasion, not a boring ritual. The best way to enjoy bath time is to make it fragrant, relaxing and slow - a reward for making it through the day. A LUSH Bath Bomb will suit the purpose (and we're not just saying that because we invented them). Welcome them into your bath water and surrender your naked body into their fragrant clutches."

Next is the shampoos! This one is called the No Drought - Dry Shampoo

No Drought gives your hair an extra day without washing. Just massage it sparingly into your scalp and through your hair, and then shake it out (if you've got long hair, you might need a quick brush to make sure you're covered). Corn flour and talc absorb excess oil and leave locks soft to the touch. Lemon, grapefruit and lime oils will give your hair a fresh and fruity fragrance too. No need to wash; just go!

The solid shampoo! This one is called New!
Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. In times of stress and hormonal change, like pregnancy and after giving birth, your hair can start to fall out. Fortunately, this is usually temporary, but it’s a distressing thing to happen. The New Shampoo Bar is for those times. We make it with bay, clove and cinnamon essential oils to stimulate the scalp. Calming nettle, peppermint and rosemary add shine and soften the hair.

The massage bar! It's called Soft Coeur. Just rub it in between your hands and it will produce some oils for you to massage! Very unique, ey?!
The honey toffee bar with a soft core. The Soft Coeur was designed for a romantic tryst. It got its name from its chocolate and honey soft centre, which you can melt and smooth all over your lover’s body to make him or her extra tasty. Helen wanted to call it Soft Centre, and it morphed into Soft Core before metamorphosing into Soft Coeur. It’s made with honey and suitable for honeymoons. It’s as good for your skin as it is for your relationship.

Next item is the Face stuffs. I purchased three different Fresh Face Masks - Mask of Magnaminty, Oatifix and Cosmetic Warrior. And I also purchased their toner, Tea Tree Water and the cleanser, Herbalism (the last four items are not in the picture - forgot to take them out from the fridge when I did this photo session! LOL)

The Toothy Tabs! A new way to brush your teeth with! Forget the usual, regular toothpaste! Toothy tabs is a great way to clean your teeth! This would be my new traveling toothpaste! So light, so small, so convenient!

"The innovative solid toothpaste from LUSH! Our inventors have done it again- turned a widely used liquid product into solid form. Toothy Tabs are vegan, preservative-free and incredibly effective at cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath. Using them is simple! Crush your favorite toothy tab up in between your teeth, wet your tooth brush and scrub away like usual. Give your mouth a good rinse afterwards, and voila! Fresh, clean teeth and a brilliant smile."

Isn't this the CUTEST dish wash soap everrrr??! Just send the dirty dishes away with the fairies!! Hehe. Simply fill up the sink or your dish soap container with hot water, an give this fairy a good swish around, making lots and lotsa soapy bubbles!! This fab new invention, makes an amazing green alternative to all those plastic washing-up liquid bottles that end up in landfill.The washing-up fairy is scented with lemon and best of all, this soap is much much kinder to your hands than the usual standard washing up liquid! You can even use the leftover water to give your plants a drink after the dishes are done!! Awesome, huh?!

Lush also sells their tin containers to put all the solid body products you've purchased!

Ohhh I loveeeeeeee all my Lush products!!! They're amazingggg!

"Bathing doesn’t need to be boring when you can choose from some of our finest inventions – Bath Bombs, Bubble Bar Slices, Bath Melts, and our collection of rather sensual soap. Yes, we even make soap sexy. Once you go LUSH, you never go back."

Lush Lover.
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