Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello from Jeddah!

Hey everyone!

How are you? I'm doing good over here! I had a great journey from Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi to Jeddah - Such amazing experience with Etihad Airlines. Anyway, I am now in Jeddah for a few days as daddy has some meetings to attend.. So, I'll be leaving for Madinah on the 10th and then only to Makkah on 13th or 14th (I'm not so sure, what was the plan exactly). And then insyallah I will be back in Kuala Lumpur on the 17th.

We stayed at Intercontinental Hotel here in Jeddah, by the way.. And my godddd, I loveee their beds so much! Haha. I don't know whether it is because I am so tired or because the bed and pillows are just so awesome or what! Hehee. Because everytime I lay down and put my head on the pillow, a few minutes after that I'd sleep peacefully and soundly! (I always have trouble in falling asleep btw) So that's why I loveee this bed so much! Hehee ;p
Oh yeah.. And food has been great to my tummy as well! So..yup, alhamdulillah, I'm doing okay here.. So far so good! :)

Except for ONE thing.. One MAJOR thing for me (as a blogger/reporter. Haha) - I FORGOT to bring my camera charger!! Oh darn.. How can I forget that kinda thing? I mean, camera is like the next major thing to bring when you're traveling besides an extra underwear. Hmmm..nevermind, I'm just gonna buy a new one IF I find any Canon shops.. Otherwise, I just have to take pictures using my BB then! Sobs.

Okay..that's a little update on my Day Two in Jeddah. Sorry, no pictures. I'm only using Blackberry to update you guys. Hehe

Ok..signing off! Have a great day ahead guys!



  1. Selamat pergi & selamat pulang ya!

  2. hai wani... sy ni ur silent reader, and sy tinggal kat Madinah. selamat menyambut ramadhan mubarak kat sini... :)

  3. lupa nak ucap selamat jalan kat previous entry.

    so selamat jalan.. dan jaga diri baik2 wany :)

  4. alhamdulillah.....selamat semuanya ya!!

  5. so blessed..kita teringin sangat3 nak belum rezeki..huhu

  6. miss u already dear..slamat mengerjakan ibadah k darling..tenangkan hati anda..doa byk2 ya =))

  7. wou, great!!

    puasa dekat sana, whut the luxury experience huh. zai teringin sangat-snagat nak puasa dekat sana taw, so enjoy ur puasa wani, please do appreciate every minute when u in Masjidil haram as well as Madinah.

    so, selamat berpuasa :))

  8. hi wani,

    if u dont mind, bole share tak, ape jenis font yang u guna as ur title entry tuh? kiut sangat lah.

    and did u edit it with html or how? huhuuhuh

  9. Kirim salam pada Rasullulah saw , mohon di panggil sekali lagi untuk masa terdekat ini.
    Moga wani mendapat umrah mambrur, selamat pergi dan balik.

  10. Salam Schazwany!

    1st time drop into your blog. nice posting and simple decoration (auch! not so much HTML code may be..)

    =D bloggers from Malaysia..


  11. Wow!
    good one!


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