Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Khatam Quran Ceremony

So my Khatam Quran was held a day before I got married. We decided to have this ceremony quite at a last minute actually! Heck, we always make a decision about everything at a very last minute also! haha - Everyone seems to be very occupied with work for discussions, so....last minute planning is what would happen normally! -__-  

Anyways about 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding, mom finally decided to have this ceremony, since there weren't so many things to be prepared and arranged for the event. There were only about six things to plan to be exact; order the food, make the dress, book the photographer & videographer, call the PA system guy, and buy the door gifts for the guests. That's all! Cuz the pelamin/stage, carpets, tents, table settings and etc were already installed for the wedding. Hence it's obviously convenient to manage two things at the same time as the effort that we needed to do for both events was only once! So having this Khatam Quran ceremony was just like killing two birds with one stone! hehe. We set the date to be on the 13th of December 2013, on a Friday morning just a day before the wedding...

Here's the highlights/snippets of the event/majlis. Took by the d&d Studio, a professional videographer who used to work with LH Media. I love his video! (But the date in the video is wrong though! haha. Never mind, he already edited it and will give it to me soon. Thanks guys!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Hen Party

So 3 days before my wedding, my friends decided to throw another party for me! The Hen Party, or the Bachelorette Party as some people called it... as a symbolic gesture of the "last hurrah of fun" before a woman ties the knot! Well, I would say "it's a last chance to torture the bride-to-be" more like! haha.
Leen, my friend, loves planning and coordinating a party. She has been planning parties as a hobby for years! So she was the one who planned all of this! Together with my sister, and Fadd too. 

At first, I was quite unsure whether or not I should be attending the party, as the wedding was just around the corner! I already canceled one slumber party that my friends were supposed to throw for me on that Friday earlier, at Le Meridien Hotel , - because the timing was really really difficult for me! (I had food testing, fitting for the dresses, buying some last minute stuff, and etc. Everything happened back-to-back!) Sorry girls! T_T 

So initially I wanted to say no to this party as well, and decided to stay at home for a week before the wedding. After all, I already had two parties with the girls that two weeks before, The Spa Party and The Bridal Shower. But well...what can I say, I'm not the type that can stay in the house for a very long time! haha. Hence, I decided not to cancel this party, and just go out and join the girls that night! (Note: If you ever wanna go to a party that's just before your wedding, make sure to tell your mom and bring the sister too! Mom would definitely approve! ;p)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nuffnang Featured Blogger

I was surprised to know when Nuffnang called me last month, and said I am the Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of April 2014! I mean, I know I rarely update this blog nowadays (blame the husband! hehee :p), so when they informed me on that, I was quite surprised that they would still feature me on their page, being a bad blogger that I am! hahah. But really, what a nice thought! I'm so honored! Thanks guys!

Read more on it here! :)


Friday, April 18, 2014

The Bachelorette Spa Party

A lot of planning goes into getting ready and prepared for a wedding, and a sensible bride should know that their beauty routines, should be ranked high on the priority list! - Right above floral arrangements and just below the reception hall reservations! hehe. I've got tons of special treatments needed to be done for my big day, blame it on the stress! So like any other bride, I needed the skin, the teeth, the nails, the legs, the hair (although I'm wearing hijab, but that doesn't mean I am entitled for having a bad hair day, no? I gotta ensure my husband thinks I have a beautiful hair! ;p), the body, and so on, are looking at their best! So for my wedding, I've been doing a lot of spa treatments in Indonesia, having made one of my wedding dresses there! - Kill two rats with one stone, ey? hehe. 

Although..I did cover most of the beauty essentials before my big day, somehow there are a few things I couldn't get my hands on it. Like my teeth for example. I was so busy running here and there, I missed my last appointment with my dentist to go get my teeth whitened! I got them cleaned, but I didn't get them whitened :( Well they're not that yellow..but you know, they're not perfect! I was supposed to get my teeth done and fixed (with filler), and whiten them on my last week before the wedding, but some things came up, I couldn't get them done! Sad. 

Oh man...I just wish my fave drink in the world, wouldn't stain my teeth so much! Ladies, don't drink coffee ever, if you wanna have a perfect  wedding  teeth! haha

And another thing that I didn't get to reach my goal was obviously my weight! I was 60 kg before, yes..obese. hahah. I wanted to be super skinny for my wedding. My target was 47 to 50 kg, but I only managed to get to lose 5 kg before the wedding. So 55 kg je lah yang mampu! tskkk - It's hard to lose like 15 kg in 3 months time, when your fiance always brings you out to makan! T___T 

Anyway, the other beauty treatments I did was pampering the skin, the hair and the body. I spent a lot of time in the spa place with my then-fiance-now-husband at the amazing Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Jakarta. Well I'm lucky to have a partner who loves going to the spa just as much as I do! Hence, going to Jakarta for plenty of times before the wedding has given me the privilege to enjoy luxurious spa treatments at their massage parlour to calm those pre-wedding jitters! I've been a bridezilla for a few weeks..so with all the amazing treatment in Taman Sari, has helped me to decompress and ease my pre-wedding tensions a little. I'd spent like 4 to 6 hours every time I go to Taman Sari. It's an amazing place!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The First Date

I think I haven’t really talked about how me and my husband met, have I? Well, it wasn't really a romantic story, but it is something that I could not forget - How fate and destiny has brought us together. And how true the words, "if it's meant to be, it will find it's way" are. When I think about how me and my husband met, and how I had to go through a lot of obstacles before finding him (which was just right in front of me, all these years!), I could cry...thinking how great God is, and His plans! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life Lately..

Oopss...I did it again! Well hello guys...... I really have no excuse this time! haha. I'm just simply busy lately that I rarely have time to sit down and update this blog properly. Really. :(

Just last night, as I was rearranging my clothes in the closet, my husband stared at me and randomly said, "I'm not sure if you know this hun, or maybe I have told you but you may have forgotten it... But just so you know, being married to you for 3 months now has been such a wonderful journey for me. You're an amazing roommate and a perfect wife. I just want you to know that" --- Then he continues playing with his Candy Crush game on his phone, without waiting for my answer like those words mean nothing to me -___-

I was just about to say "awwwwww....you're too sweet baby..blablabla..." but because he said it in a really cool, casual way,  I didn't know how should I react. Kang kalau cair kang, dia gelakkan aku macam biasa, kata perempuan kelakar sebab sensitif sangat, tu pon nak cair! haha. Sabar je lah -___-' 
Well he's that type. You know...the unromantic type of guy. hehehe..The one who's too macho (or should I say malu?) to show their feelings simply because they're men. Pffft ;p 

Plus the ambiance wasn't too romantic either..I know he was just randomly say that to naikkan my semangat untuk kemas bilik lagi. So I didn't wanna perasan. LOL. So I replied, "Oh...Ok. Cool.", as if those lovely words he said didn't matter to me. hahaha. Tapi dalam hati, Allah je tahu betapa happpppppyyyyy sangat aku, suamiku puji! Pahala oh pahala! My mission to be a perfect wife for him kira menjadi la ni kot...hehehe. Then I continued doing my chores, realizing that my husband IS the reason why I didn't update my blog lately! Heeee. Cuz I'm busy being the perfect wife for him! Happily catering to everything that he needs...

...and always be by his side 24/7! Except when he's outstation.

Well, I'm happy, mashaallah. 

Last time, I used to fill up my free time with blogging and doing random things online or any other things I like to do. But these days, I'd spend all my time being with my husband! Talking...cooking, eating, cuddling, watching movies, shopping, driving, jogging, cleaning...or whatever! I loveeee having him around! He light up my world... Oh, nikmatnya alam perkahwinan! I hope this honeymoon phase will not end. I love being in love cuz I'm a hopeless romantic kinda girl like that! :p 

I bet you must say newly weds are so annoying huh? hahaha. I just really love being a wife! Knowing that everything that I do is pahala! Thank you Allah for lending the perfect husband for me. Alhamdullilah.

Till my next post! ;)

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