Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ariani Exclusive Preview!

Earlier this month, I was invited to attend the exclusive preview of the new Ariani collection for 2014. I was one of the few bloggers who were lucky enough to get to attend the preview of their latest collection that was held at the Grand Ballroom of DoubleTree by Hilton on the 6th of March 2014.

The event was so glamourous and filled with lotsa surprises and excitement!

Sat one table with awesome bloggers Sabrina, Jezmine and Syahira

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Bridal Shower

So my Bridal Shower was held on the 1st of December 2013, which was 2 weeks before my wedding! The beautiful party was held at the Orchid Conservatory Room in Majestic Hotel on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Ah, the place is so lovely!! Have you been there? If you haven't, you really should check it out! It's really gorgeous! Made me feel like I'm in a botanical garden or something! Perfect setting for an afternoon tea session! ^__^

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Sweet Moments

Hello sweethearts!

How are ya? It's been awhile ey. Heeee. Now I know this blog has been hiatus for quite some time.. Really sorrrrrreeeyyyy! Blame my marriage for this! hahaha :p Well I've been kinda busy since I got married - First, I celebrated almost the whole month of my wedding events in December, then I continued with almost 4 weeks of our honeymoon in January..Then comes February, which we traveled quite a lot, back and forth trying to fit in with the environment and everything to my parents house, to my in laws' and to our place. Then packing, unpacking, moving in, arranging stuff, shopping for the household items, cleaning the house and etc. And then, BAM! Another new month coming in! Oh hellowww March! O__o

Jeez...time flies so fast these days! I need more hours in my days! tsk.

So anyways, I just watched myself and the husband on Astro Ria for Raikan Cinta Season 3, Episode 2. And oh God...I just realized that I haven't really update this blog with my wedding entries! Super slow, I know! Ish. Sorry guys! I just didn't know where to start, really! Like the preparations/pre-wedding, then the wedding itself, then the honeymoon...and then, my current married life and everything else in between! Heeee. Banyak sangat benda nak tulis sampai otak jammed! LOL ;p

Lagipun, dah 2 months plus dah I kahwin! (Quite basi already, huh? hehe). We took quite a long holiday after the wedding (one month of traveling!), so my mood to blog on my wedding has shifted to the honeymoon instead! - But somehow it just doesn't feel right to be blogging about the honeymoon part, when you haven't even update your readers on the wedding itself! haha  -  Just so you know, we're STILL on our honeymoon phase! So that explains why lately I update this blog sporadically! ;p (It's hard to be so semangat to update this blog laa, when you're so busy being a good wife! :p)

But today, after watching us on TV - watching all the preparations and the wedding itself, I really miss being a bride again and planning a wedding! I remembered how nice it was... The decisions, the planning, the options, etc! Although wedding really is a stressful job actually.. But it will all be worth it! Cuz these are the moments that will stick with you forever. So cherish every minute of it! 

It's true what they say.. the sweet moments seem to pass VERY quickly on the day, so simply enjoy the entire day and every moment of your pre and post wedding! ;)

Anyways, I know this wedding entry of mine is obviously a SUPER long overdue post as I have been married for more than two months now! Heeeeee! I know many of my followers/readers have been waiting for me to write everything about my wedding entries in here - thank you for all the sweet emails/messages, you guys! Thus I'm gonna start sharing & posting them one by one now, starting with the first event that happened on December 2013, The Bridal Shower. I don't want to squeeze everything in here. So next would be the Bachelorette Spa Party, then the Hen Night, then the Khatam Quran, then next is Henna Night, the Akad Nikah, The Receptions and up to The Honeymoon! Oh, such fun times I had! ^__^

Okay, I will stop talking and start writing now...and publish it tomorrow! Promise! See ya! ;)


Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Happy Wife

I'm enjoying my life as being a wife so far! Enjoying making breakfast or dinner for him, enjoying cleaning things and keeping them tidy, enjoying arranging his outfit/wardrobe, enjoying working out with him, enjoying watching TV Series that we downloaded for hours with him, enjoying doing things for him or with him....well basically I am just enjoying my married life so far! hehe. People say I look glowing after marriage. They thought I'm pregnant already! haha. Well I'd say, probably it's my husband who make me happier by the day! ^__^ Being married to my dear husband has been such a fun ride. Mashaallah, I'm so blessed to have someone like him to accompany me on this journey of life. He's such a beautiful man, I'm lucky alhamdullilah. 

We've been married for almost 3 months now, but it felt like it has just been a week! We never get bored of each other. We laugh a lot. And we definitely enjoy each other's company. I know we're newlyweds, and sometimes they get a little overexcited on this matter! hehe. But I've known him for 2 years plus now, and it still feels the same...and I hope we will always stay this way forever, inshaallah :) 
Sometimes when I look at him while he sleeps, I could cry...thanking God for this little gift that He gave me and for lending this kebahagiaan to me... and thinking what have I done right to deserve someone very nice to me.. :') Thank you Allah. 

I love mix and match the outfits with my husband. But only to weddings! Otherwise people would think we're that mengada couple! hehe

And I also love working out with him. He says he wants me to follow him for his weekly badminton session soon. Oh no....jogging je cukup laaaa. heheheh

Anyways, I'm not working right now...well at least not at the office! hehe. I work from home and at the same time happily being a part time maid! ;p

Anyone wants to hire me? hehe. Man...I love cleaning! (If you let me use some clean and nice tools that is! Read: Pink! haha)

Those are half of the pink tools he bought me to let me be a good maid ;p
Some brushes, sponges, wipes, dusters, brooms, you name it...I have it, just to make sure my sink looks squeaky clean and shiny! hehe. Yes, I'm partially an OCD

Oh! And I cook too. hehe

...but only simple things. Like this for instance! 
For the appetizer: Mushroom + Asparagus soup, Main Course: Beef burger served with beef bacon, sausages, salads and vege chips. Dessert: Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream. 

If you ask me to cook Gulai Masam Tempoyak Ikan Patin, sorry but I will send you to my mom's house! And you can learn from her! hehe. Ok, talk soon! It's husband and wife time! ;)

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