Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of an Old Movie, and A Pair Of Big Bold Eyes

Hey there!

Ever heard of the film called Sangam? hehe. Yes, thattt old hindi movie.. which was in 1960's. Oh well.. when I was a little girl.. About 5 or 6 years old.. My dad always play the movie on our video tape recorder.. (Note: He likes Hindustani movies/songs. hehe). And I used to watch this movie almost everyday! LOL! Oh, and not to forget.. I used to sing by heart, all of their songs in that movie and memorized some of the scripts/lines too, without knowing what it actually meant! hahaha. ;p

But then, as I aged.. I forgot already all of these songs..and I can say, I forgot about the movie too! But the other day, when my brother tagged me, one of the songs in Sangam called Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega on Facebook.. Suddenly.. I remember everythinggg! I remember my childhood memories when this song was being played... I dunno why.. But I get a lil' mushy and sad..when it was being played.. yeah I know it's odd, but that was exactly what happened and what I felt like...

I grew up with this song being played quite the whole time. So when it is being played, suddenly.. I remember everything.. My childhood memories.. The things I do when I was a kid.. and stuff like that.. And suddenly, I feel so old! I grew up so fast!!

Anyways.. after seeing the video and hearing the song.. I decided to find the movie and watch it again..

I really really forgot how Radha (the girl in the movie), looked so damn beautiful!!! Honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off her throughout the movie! She's just too pretty! Her eyes are SO BIG! Her hair is really thick and dark (I have a thing with dark haired women, fyi! hehe), she has a white porcelain skin, her eyebrows are full, dark and amazing, and did I mention her eyes are bigggggg??! Yes, they really are, SO BIGGG! I'm so jealous! hehe.. And they don't have those 'dolly-eyed' contact lenses in those days! It was all natural! Ahhh...so pweetyyy la this Radha girl... or whatever her name was..


I love her simple make up in here! Loving the eyeliner!

I'm inspired to try this simple look!

I love her eye liner especially! And the color of her lips too! She looks so soft and innocent! Sweet, I like! ^_^

Patut la dua-dua lelaki dalam movie tu nak dekat dia.. Sebab memang cantik sangat! hehe ;p

Perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect brows, perfect nose, and perfect lips! Ahhhh... How niceee!

I am so gonna try this look and pretend that I'm Radha! hahahaha ;p


Friday, November 26, 2010

Vintage Glamour

If I have to pick one item for a 'must-have' pieces in my wardrobe, it'd be a blazer/jacket! A blazer or a jacket can turn any boring outfits into a more elegant look! Don't you think? =)
What I love about blazers is that you can pair it with anything — a t-shirt, a tank top, a sweater, and just about anything! You can roll the sleeves up a bit, for some added edge.

Just look at the girl! She wears a dull colored t-shirt, but she looks instantly chic after pairing it with the blazer! 

Anyways, I have a few pieces of blazers and jackets in my closet.. and they are mostly in dark colors.. I don't know why, but when it comes to blazers and jackets..I prefer them in dark colors rather than in bright ones..

And this season's must-have item is the Embellished Blazer! Last time, it was the 'Boyfriend Blazers'. But now, they 'upgrade' it a bit with some detailing! The suited-up style is getting a bit glitzier these days, ey?! Everything is blingbling or has some embellishment or some detailing in an outfit! But yeah. I do loveeee the epaulets, especially! I think they are pretty cool, on a blazer or a jacket!

What I love about this style is that the blazers now are slightly more fitted as compared with the Boyfriend Blazer, and with a bit more volume in the shoulders for that extra drama! This season’s embellished blazers incorporate beads, sequins, studs, and more, for a look that’s edgier, more eye-catching, and ready to hit the town!

Oh well.. I loveee this style so much! I think this style can turn a jacket, from that professional to everyday look, with a bit of glam added, without looking too much! I've seen a lot of great pieces from TopShop, Warehouse, Karen Millen, and so on.. And I'm so gonna collect some! hehe.. I love the shoulder detail trend, as it makes you look versatile and polished!

My jacket with beaded epaulets from a vintage store

Despite that extra shimmer, I think these picks would still remain chic and stylish, and does not look like you're overdressed or something! I think it's edgy. It's vintage yet modern... And simply fab! hehe. You can wear it with a dress for that girlie look, or dress it up your favourite skinny jeans and a tank top with that blazer, and of course, with a pair of super high heels!

Don't you think the shoulder detail, looks more chic and sleek than your high school prefect uniform?? haha ;p

I wore this vintage jacket with a zebra printed tank top to add a little vintage-modern vibe, which is quite retro, but without looking dated!

I'm lovin' my new jacket!

Okayyy.. Epaulet/Embellished Blazers, you're now on top of my list!!! Gotta hunt for more!!

-image source: Google.com


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everyone Connects Birthday Bash!

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of TM Everyone Connects before? Well.. Everyone Connects is actually a TM-powered movement for the youth to demonstrate the power of connecting, communicating and collaborating, fortifying the belief that connections make anything possible!

These two are the Mascot of Everyone Connects Virtual World

Just recently, which was last Sunday, on the 21st November, there was a party held by TM Everyone Connects, to celebrate their one year anniversary at The Curve with loads of games, performances, activities and prizes!

The event was attended by lots of people from all range of age, from kids, teenagers to parents. It was indeed an event with lots of activities were going on for the whole day..and they are: online games from EC GAMERZ, flash mob, special appearance by The Bunkface Rockband and etc!

Have a look at these pictures from the event!

The lovely EC assistant helping out with the fanship process

A little parental guide along the way

Starting 'em young!

Blowing the Birthday Cake!

Wow...so focused!

Anyways, the EC Gamerz introduced to the public during this event. For those who doesn't know what this EC is, well.... It is actually the short form for EVERYONE CONNECTS by TM. It was a virtual world where you are literally taking full control of a cartoon character in the website. You can check it out! It's real fun!

You can play around with your cartoon character, move around, chatting, etc! Like this!

To find out more about TM Everyone Connects join their Facebook! You can get started by surfing their website at: www.EveryoneConnects.net!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Simple Make-Up Look Tutorial

Hey girls! It's up!

The video is up! Hehehe. Sorry for taking quite some time to upload it! Thing is...this Shazwani Hamid girl, likes to talk toooo much! hahaha. So I had to cut a lot of clips in there..and did a little bit of editing! (as there were so many bloopers! - You know me, the clumsy girl. Asik jatuh barang la, tersilap pakai la, etc. Pfft. =_=' )
So..that explains why the publishing date has been delayed! ;p


In the video I actually explained why I use this and that product and why I like it and so on..but I had to cut all of it and just mentioned the products that I use, because YouTube only allow up to 15 mins of video to be uploaded. tskk. (My original video was about 28 minutes! Hahaha ;p - And I slashed it to 12 minutes and 23 seconds! Heee)

So..today, I'm gonna upload the video in here to share it with you girls.. =)

Oh..and, pleaseee, bear in mind.. this is the unprofessional make up guru, ohkayy! I just did this because you girls requested on it.. hehe

Shazwani Hamid. The Make-Up guru... NOT! ;p

So, here it is! (You'll about to see my naked and my muka-sembab-baru bangun-tidur face! tskk. Oh, and you'll also see how simple and very unprofessional my make up is! haha ;p)

Ok..I'm gonna shush now. Too much talking now. Or rather typing. Or whateverrrrrrr.

Okay, enjoy the video. I hope you learn something! hahaha (Penat bebel and explain sorang-sorang tauuu! LOL ;p)

So here's the pictures of the final result!

Simple, eh? (I don't like to use too many colors on the eyes. Oh well.. more like, I don't know HOW actually! Hahaha! ;p)

Do you like my lip color? I do, I do!! hehe ;p

"Okayy..I'm gonna get ready noww! Toodles!"


Friday, November 19, 2010

Gotta Love Drugstore Make-Up!

Remember last time I got the chance to be featured in Remaja for the Maybelline Simply Fabulous "Jom Mekap Bersama Liyana" segment? Oh well, I was a guest for their episode of mascara...and yeahh..I don't look like myself at all in that vid, kan?! haha. Yeah, whatever I'm just a guest, not LJ, right? ;p (I had to berlakon for the vid, during shooting and everythinggg.. It was quite funny actually. haha)

Anyways, I received some of Maybelline products on that day. And to be honest, I have never buy any make up from a drugstore brand except for one thing and only one thinggggg...which is: mascara. That is all I buy and use from a drugstore brand! Seriously. (Unless of course, people give me or something.. But to buy them myself.. Hmm..I just won't! haha) I don't know why...I'm just not so open to try those other make up stuff.. It's not about the value (you know like "I-only-buy-high-end-products") or anything.. It just never occur to my mind to try drugstore brands..

Like foundation, I already hooked on Chanel. And then powder, I only use white loose powder a.k.a baby powder, and lipstick/lipglaze and eye shadows: Stila... and so on..

And just so you know, the Body Shop was the first make up brand that I've ever buy for myself! I was only 14 at that time! That was the first time I buy some eye shadows! haha. But never tried them on, though.. because back then, I never really know how to apply make up except for mascara and lippies! haha. And Stila was the first brand that I buy and use! And I was 16! hehehe. I still remember my first purchase was the Christmas Set which has 3 eye shadows, 1 Lip Pot, 1 Lip Liner, and 1 Convertible Lip & Cheek Color. (Now already given to my friend, Naz. And she loved it very much too!)  I realllllyyy love the set! And like I mentioned in my previous post, I love Stila since high school! So yeah, because my real make up that I buy and try on my face was Stila (and hooked ever since then), so it never really occur for me to try other products! Heee. if you read my previous postings, you'll know that I'm a huge Stila fan (and so sad now that they're not here anymoreee T_T)

So nope, it's not really about the value of the product, whether it's high end make up or whateverr.. Because I do love Maybelline mascaras. And yes, I personally think that mascara is something that is not really worth buying from a high-end/expensive ones. Sekali sekala okay lah. But to buy it every time and for a girl like me who has to wear mascara 'everyday' and can't live without it, it's really not advisable to do so! hehee (I'll be broke in a jiffy then!)


So here are the things that I got on that day..

Some BB Cream and Foundation, 5 Eye Shadow Palettes, a Blusher, 3 tubes of mascaras, 3 liquid eye liners, 2 pencil eye liners. and 2 tubes of lip colors

And...I must sayyyy...


I never knew they produce such high quality make up! hahaha. (Pffft. How come I do not know about thisss already? haha) Seriously, I loved them! And I'm not lying! I love all the products that I got. Each of these that I got, is superb! Oh well, except for the BB Cream. I don't really like to use it actually. It kinda gives my face/skin looks fake.. huhu. But the AngelFit foundation is simply fabulous! SERIOUSLY! I think, this would be my new Chanel cream foundation! hehe. (Fyi, I read in MakeUpAlley dot Com, this foundation was rated 4.2 out of 5 by the makeupalley.com's members! How awesome!)

So yup. I think, from today onwards..I gotta try more drugstore brands and gotta love them! hehe =)

Oh yeah.. some of you asked me where's the video of me on that show.. (*maluuuu* haha ;p)

(Please click on the above image to view the video)

Well..this video is on Facebook, on Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous page. So here's some of the snapshots from the video..

I want super long eye lashes, pleaseee! 

Tiar used some technique to wear mascara on me..

Wiggles..and wiggles some moree.. 

And put about 2-3 coatings..until it is long enough..

And there it is! The power of mascara! Lifts, bolds, lengthens and curls! hehe. Oh, and also..it makes your lashes look flirtatious too! Heee ;p

Okay.. That's it for today! Now I'm gonna upload the make up tutorial that I promised, on YouTube... Stay tune! (Sorry for the delay! Gonna post it tomorrow, Insyallah!)



Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Festival of Sacrifice, equals to : The Festival of Being Fat! :p

Salam everyone!
I would like to wish every muslim a very Happy Eid ul Adha.. (I hope it's not too late to wish you guys in here.. - I was away, balik kampung.. So can't online! hehe)

So anyways.. How did you guys celebrate this Festival of Sacrifice? Well..mine's just a plain boring ones. I had my period on Wednesday.. So I can't perform any Ibadah..and can't do much things with this period cramps.sob sob..

Hmm.. Okay I know that my readers are not just Malays/Muslims.. So, for those who doesn't know what this Eid ul Adha festival is.. I'm gonna explain a lil' bit here.. Well..on the 10th of Zulhijjah (that's in our Islamic calendar - which falls on 17th Nov, last Wednesday), Muslims around the world would wear their nicest clothing and attend a special prayer gathering in the morning. (but I miss this! Well.. I am not allowed to..) And this is followed by a short sermon, after which everyone stands up to hug and greet one another. The traditional Eid greeting is "Eid Mubarak", which means "Holiday Blessings". Next, people would visit each other's home and partake in festive meals with special dishes, (and that's our usual lemang, rendang, etc), beverages, and desserts on this joyous occasion. (I hate Open Houses. It makes me fat in no time! >_<)

Anyway, in addition to the above explanation, like all the pilgrims in Makkah, those Muslims who cannot afford to do so, offer domestic animals, such as sheeps, or camels or cows and other livestocks, which are to be slaughtered as a symbol of sacrifice to commemorate Prophet Abraham's sacrifice of his son, Ismael. This is not only done in Makkah by the Haj pilgrims but by Muslims all over the world as well..

Picture source: Mr. Google (Thank you!)

And then next, the meat would be distributed for consumption to family, friends, and to the poor and needy ones. This Eid ul-Adha is a major religious event in the lives of Muslims.  ^_^

Anyways..I did not bring my camera when I went back to my dad's hometown, last two days.. So can't really post any picture related to Raya...
But hurmm... since the last Raya, I still haven't posted this Open House event that was held at my house in last October.. So now.. I think, I'm gonna interject some photos from the last Raya for this entry! hehehe (Just to give it a little Raya vibe! heh. Since I had no photos for this Raya Qurban! ;p)

So anyway..

My parents made an Open House for Friends and Family at our house last month.. It was just a small gathering for close relatives and acquaintances ..

The caterer was from The Pan Pacific Hotel

A day before, they came to our house to set up some of the stuff..

On that morning.. everyone was busy preparing stuff.. You know like setting up the tables in and outside of the house, bringing out the food and so on and so forth..

And me..on the other hand, was busy doing something in my room.. So I missed the chance to meet the first batch that came to my house.. (Sorry!)

Anyways.. here are the rest of the photos that I managed to get some..

This cheeky boy tak boleh duduk diam diam! Lari sana sini je kerja dia.. hehee

..and that's me, taking some food!

We have.. Roti Jala, Nasi Beriyani, Some rendang daging/kambing, Satay, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Lemang, etc etc..

I have to say... Their food was really marvelous! Seriously.. EVERYTHING is super nice! Good choice, daddy! (Next time, on my birthday parties - if you wanna do any, lah kann..haha.. Make sure the caterer would be from Pan Pac as well! Haha ;p)

I ate like two rounds I think.. Can't remember.. But seriously, everything is super delicious... And I mean evveryyything! I tried all the food! (which is very the unusual me.. Normally whenever I attend Open Houses, I'd take only some of the food..not all, like I did that day! haha)

This counter is my fave.. Why? Because it has two of my fave drinks! Teh Tarik and Sirap Bandung! I think I drank the Bandung about 11 glasses! Hahaha.. Seriously, it was thatttt yummy! ;p

Can't stop finding food to fill the big tummy of mine. haha ;p

I give this Mee Rebus 10 stars! Simply superb! (I hardly like Mee Rebus actually..)

Ohhh...and thisssss, The Cream Brulee! My God, it's really yummy! I had 3 bowls! hahaha. Yes I know, I'm Little Miss Fattie! ;p

Cendol! Mmmm.. ^_^

My bro's international friends. (Now I know where he get that  n*gga's black's accent. LOL ;p)

My neighbours/friends 

Cousins fought over a painting in my house! hehe

And meet Haikal, my nephew!

We are the Capricorn people..hehe

Mmmmuacks! Love you baby boy!

And that's it! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha people! Have a good one! (And don't forget to diet and shed that lemang you made it stuck in your body! hehe)


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