Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our last "Makan Besar" with Family

On Saturday, that's before Raya.. my dad invited both my sisters' families to join us for an iftar at Pan Pacific Hotel before everyone balik kampung..

It was so merry as we have everyone there... There's my dad, my mom, my brother, Azhar, my sister Iza and Hanis. There's my brother-in-laws, there's our maids, and there's nieces and nephews running around everywhere! hehe

The food was great. But I think I prefer Marriott Hotel, as they have such variety of food and drinks.. But the ambiance, I prefer here. Marriott or any other hotels, during iftar normally are too noisy and too crowded! This one...okay la.. =)

Some of the food stations there..

Here are the rest of the photo during that night

Hanis's family

Along's family

Abang Razali..with his son, Hariz

Me with bibik-bibik

Me with my sisters

Raina si comel!

Isn't she gorgeous??! mother, like daughter. Pretty

Kakak dan Adik

The iPhone family. LOL. Everyone loves iPhone!

Family Tree! 
Abah on top, then sebelah kanan all the girls, and sebelah kiri, all the boys. Tengah-tengah Aizat's. hehe.. Anyways, Hanis's iPhone case is the most stand out ones! Pretty, glittery case. I did that before on my BB but took it off cuz I think it's kinda leceh. Huhu. but after seeing hers, I feel like doing it again! heheh ;)

There's other things beside iPhone that I like....

Like theseeee! Shoes with studs! hehe

Taking photo session before going back
(Btw Along, I want my pic with Ayra and Hariz pleaseee...hehe)

My bibik with Raina. Everyone loves her pretty face!

My nephews, Haikal and Hariz

Nephew and Niece


Junior. Intermediate. Senior. hehe

Have a great Raya everyone! ^_^


Friday, August 26, 2011

I Can Smell the Kuih Raya Alreadyyy!

Oh I loveee Eid! Everyyy thing is nice. The baju. The setting of the house. The food. And the people! And yesss...especially the Duit Raya! LOL. I'm sooo looking forward for that! hahaha ;p
Anyways..yeah, you can see a lot of really really nice people in these two months; Ramadhan and Eid. They are generous. They are gorgeous. They are wonderful. And they are colourful!

In these two months, you can see people are giving out charity, sharing food, helping one another, giving out Duit Raya, or even handing out some presents! Oooohh I likey! hehe ^_^

And within this whole week especially, I can see so many people are busy baking cookies, sewing Raya garments, busy shopping for their Raya needs, making ketupat, lemang & rendang, pasang the newly bought curtains, and so on! Oh I love Raya! hehe. Speaking about Raya...have you guys prepared everything yet? Well for me.. not much to be done here in my house cuz I'm going back to my dad's hometown on Sunday and I can't wait to see (and maybe help, if I know how! haha) my grandma to make some lemang!! Yeayyy ;) And as for today, I'm going to pick up my Baju Rayas from my designer. I hope it'll turn out to be okay...

Oh hey... I just realized that it's only days away to Eid!!! And I can smell some kuih raya already! hehe.. Look look lookkk... These are some of my kuih raya for this year! Yums! Can't wait to open them and stuff my face with each one of it! hehehe ;p


Famous Amos

Crabtree & Evelyn

Something from Patchi

This is my favourite! Guess what's inside? hehehe

I love how they packed all of these goodies. Such creative people.

Oh....theseeeee! Fidani, I love youu! Come to mommehhhh!

And lastly.....

...a little something from daddy! Thank you papie! ^_^

Wishing all muslims Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin! Siapa buat open house, sila jemput saya. Saya nak makan. hahaha ;p

Okayy...Happy holidays guys! ;)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Red Lips

Red lipstick is a universal classic color and has yet to go out of style. And I've been meaning to buy and wear this color, but every time when I draw this color onto my lips, I'm just so afraid of getting out from my room! I think, I can never pull off this look! It's too bold for me I guess? Or maybe it was just me? Or maybe bcuz I didn't know the right way how to apply it! hehe..

As much as I love to see people who can pull off the red lips look, and would love to try out the look, I think, it won't and can never look good on me! tskk. Hmm...I don't know la, but I still prefer to stick to my usual lip color; pink, orangey, brownish, nude, pale, soft red, and so on.. So, whenever I'm in doubt, I always go back to these usual favourite colors of mine.

It's much safer I think. (Oh, I'm such a boring person! Don't dare to try out different things! heee)

So anyway... the other day, while I was browsing some stuff at Topshop after work, the SA came to me and asked me to try out their make up. They have some new colors/stuff according to the SA. Oh, I do love their make up so much. It's really really awesome. (I'm gonna switch to this brand bit by bit!) So I tried different, different colors on my skin. I even tried their purple lipstick! And surprisingly, it looked good on me! I guess because I have a naturally pink/almost red lips, so..when I glide that purple color on my lips, it turned out to look nice with that two color combo, I think? Hmm..

I didn't buy the color though because I still look the "same" like any other make up look I tried before.. I said to her, I wanted to look something different. Something that I've never tried she asked me a few questions, and suggested me The Red Lips Look, as it's the IN THING, she said. Well...I know and well aware about that, it's just that, I'm not the kind of person who would wear just about anything on the trend/fashion even if it won't and does not look good on me... But, she did ask me to try it first..

So yeah, I played around with the colors they have... I tried mostly red shades..

Oh myyy...I tried so many different look, and the SA convinced me that I look nice with the red lips look, and I can pull it off. Unsure of her statement, I even asked a pretty girl beside me who were trying to find the right shades for herself too! Haha. Sorry babe, I had to kacau your shopping moment! But yeah, she agreed with the SA too.. But still, I was so not confident with the look! Part of me said it was okkkayyy. Not too good, but not too bad either. But part of me said it kinda look "over" and dramatic and bold (in an ugly kind of way! haha). Part of me said I don't know! haha. Of course lah, this was my first time trying a red lip look (unless you count the Tarian India & Tarian Melayu contest I entered during primary school, as well! ;p), so of course, I was pretty nervous as to the outcome! But the SA keep on saying how nice it looked on me, blablabla... - I thought maybe she was just trying to sell the stuffs.. So I said to her, I wear that color first..and will decide later..

Well, I was alone and had no one to tell me whether I look okay or not. And I didn't want to buy something that I'm not sure of, that I would wear it again and again..although it just cost me about 40 plus..  I mean, why buy something that you REALLY unsure of! So yeah...I walked around the mall with that shocking red lips (it's kinda like a bit of orange too, I think..), and I noticed that every one who were near/noticed me, would glance at me, and leaving me feeling a bit of self conscious! haha. I don't know whether because it's too red and look SO weird on me...or because it's nice? (HA HA ;p)...maybe they didn't even realize about my lips, maybe it was something else and I'm just being so perasan and so paranoid and self conscious lebih lebih. LOL ;p soon as I entered the car (A'ai fetch me), he was kinda surprised with my look/make up (with that bright red lips and bronze powder I put on my face! huhu) and said it's kinda a bit too much!!! Hahaha! So there you go! That explains why the weird look I got just now? LOL. more red lips for me, I guess! ;p you be the judge! hehe

Oh well..can't really see I think? It's the only picture I took, and plus, the color has fade a bit by the time he arrived to fetch me... Ahhh...never mind! I have another photo of me wearing a red lipstick..and this time, it's REALLY red! hehe

This one! Heeee ;p 
Does it match my earrings and my top? hehehe

I was trying out different look in my room, last time.. This was my attempt to look like zaman dahulu kala. (That explains the ugly bold eye brows. LOL) And yesss....I failed terribly! Heeee. Well actually, I got an invitation to attend a fashion show for MIFA or something..for the Raya Fashion Show, and the theme was "A Tribute to Saloma".

And the dress code was "Dress to the Era". It was really on short notice and I had nothing to wear and none of my clothes in my wardrobe can really suits the theme. So I thought of playing around with make up pulak lah... And tried to match the red lips with my top and earrings and shoes. But then, yeahh..I've failed terribly.. hahaha! ;p

Oh yeah, and I ended up not going to the event pun! haha. Well, not really because of my outfit nor make up...or whateverrr. It's because I was workingggg! Sobs... That's the thing I hate about working, because when you started working, there are so many events that you had to turn down as you're so busyy and got no time! Oh, such a bummer! tskk. Oh well...that's life, ain't it? Nothing's really pretty, Wany. Including your red lipstick! LOL. Apa kaitan.. ;p

So anyways...what do you think? Do I look okay with the red lips look? Or stick with this kinda make up? :)

A much simpler, nudy make up! hehe

Well....I think red lips would only look nice on special occasions, and not to be worn for a daily look, right? Hmm...I think, I'm still gonna brush up my skill for this red lips look again, till I won't look least to my eyes! LOL. Cuz it's nice to change the style a bit, isn't it? hehe ^_^

Have a great day everyone!

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