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My Second Labor Story

Hi guys!!! My goddddd it has been ages since I last logged into this blog! I'm not sure I should just delete this blog or still keep it! haha.. But I figured, hmm...maybe there are some things that I wanna remember here, so I shouldn't just delete it lah even though I don't update anything anymore! huhu.. Anyways.. it's the end of 2018 already man!! Sooooo fast lah this year goes by! And right now I am forcing myself to sit down and write here because this year I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and I wouldn't want to start raising her differently than her brother! I don't want to be that kind of mother who likes to pick a favourite and treat differently among her kids starting from they're this little. Her brother has a full story on this blog. So it won't be fair to her if I don't write about her too. Even though there are some things that I did differently now that I have a second child.. (First child syndrome is real guys! hehe) But I love both of them so dearly and equally the same! And I'm trying my very best to give them the same treatment.. So anyways I think I have not tell you guys about the full story of my labor, no? I just updated a bit only on my 'gram. So here goes.. the first and last post of 2018! HAHA 😂

First off, I didn't know whennnn exactly I got pregnant. I have irregular period for as long as I can remember. So when I did pregnant that September 2017, I really couldn't be bothered why I didn't bleed that month. Because sometimes I get my period, sometimes I don't. So I didn't get my period that September..and then came October, I also didn't get it.. Butttt I started having nausea and I bloated soooo bad that month! Oh yeah, I also have gas problem since my uni days. My tummy is alwaysssss bloated. Like really bad. Sigh. So when I was bloated that second week of October, I really thought it was just one of those days that my tummy bloated? But when it was dragged to a few days, and it also comes with a little nausea feelings, and I stillll didn't get my period, I started to get worried. "Am I pregnant??? But when??? We didn't even......? Or did we??? Whennnn??! I thought we were using protection??" Hahahaha. So after the signs of me being pregnant is quite spot on, I rushed to the pharmacy and bought a whole bunch of pregnancy kits as if one isn't enough to tell me that I'm pregnant! hahaha..

 I told my husband that we're officially pregnant on his birthday, October 20th. Yes I waited for a few weeks to tell him! Although that time I already almost 3 months pregnant! So I made the decision to tell him on his birthday and wrapped the sticks in the box as his birthday present cuz I'm a cheapskate wife, I don't buy things for my hubby anymore. I give him priceless present only! hahaha. And he was sooooo happy! He already said he wants another one by the time Ayden was 2 year old. So I guess maybe he hijacked my uterus and made me pregnant without me even noticing! Bahahaha

So anyways..I only did our check up in November..I was already 3 months pregnant that time.. And I couldn't tell when exactly I got pregnant, hence I didn't know my EDD a.k.a estimated due date for my labor. We did our check up with a few different doctors and hospitals during that first trimester. And 3 of the doctors I went to said 3 different dates for the EDD! One is 3rd June, another one is 7th June and another one is 9th June! LOL. So yeah..we didn't know exactly when is my estimated due date..but it's around end May or early June lah I assumed.

My second pregnancy is very different than the first one. My nausea was really bad! It was until towards the end of my pregnancy! Some people just had it during the first three months, me on the other hand, had the whole 9 months!!! It was so exhausting...but Alhamdullilah I had a healthy pregnancy still.

During the whole 40 weeks of pregnancy, we had a lot of problems or should I say challenges that we came across along the way.. Because of my husband's work schedules, we did our checked up at 5 different hospitals because I just couldn’t decide which hospital I should deliver, with his crazy work schedules and also which gynae I want until the very last minute/trimester/appointments because during that whole 9 months, we traveled back and forth to Damansara, Kajang, KL/Melawati, Bangi, and Cheras! 😂

And we checked up at Prince Court KL, KPJ Damansara and KPJ Kajang, Columbia Asia Cheras and Andorra Hospital. Yes I just couldn’t decide which gynae I want because last time I didn’t really “connect” with my doctor in Prince Court..cuz he’s a guy maybe? Or maybe cuz he didn’t talk that much? (I like a doctor who explains things and love to talk - just like me. Lol) But my doctor in PCMC is fine, really! Maybe it’s just me. It's just that I didn’t have that “AHA!” vibe with him. Lol. My husband as usual he doesn’t like changes. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t like to change to anything that’s he’s already comfortable with. So he insisted on seeing the same doctor in PCMC because I have records there, dah kenal doctor and some nurses there etc. But I told him that this time I want to “shop” around for gynae. I don’t just want to settle. I want to find what’s best for me and myself because it’s my body, I’m the one who’s giving birth here. Not him. Duh. Lol. Because last time it was my first baby and I didn’t know what to expect. So when the nurses at Prince Court said no women gynae available for me at that time and that I have to wait for a few months for my next appointment to see the most sought after woman gynae there, I thought like.. “oo ok lah, any doctor also can la. Because beranak is still beranak and you’re going to feel pain with any doctor also”. Lol. Plus, I want things to be simple and easy cuz later my hubby will bising sebab it’s hard for him to arrange his schedule to go for a check up 😏 So last time I only went to see one doctor only all the way through my pregnancy and labor. And this time...since I have experience already, I want to choose what's comfortable for me! :)

So after experiencing my first labor, although everything was fine really, but I just have this feeling of wanting to try other doctors the minute I found out I was pregnant. This time my hubby agreed that we go to some different gynae just to compare so I can make up my mind on who’s the best. This time around I told him, “it’s my body. Please let ME choose and be fussy this time!” And so he let me be. Lol.

The first few months we checked up at Prince Court only. After entering second trimester that I started going to KPJ, and Columbia Asia. Every other week, I checked up at 3 different hospitals that it’s driving my husband insane. Hahah. First week KPJ Kajang, second week Prince Court, third week Columbia Asia and then KPJ Damansara. And it goes on for a few weeks. Because at that time I was still unsure on where to settle in and have my labor because you know...we were traveling a lot of times every who knows suddenly my water broke somewhere among those locations I mentioned kan. So I needed to ensure I have my records in all the hospitals I checked up with so in case of anything, I can beranak anywhere of the four hospitals lah! Lol. 😂 Then I entered the third trimester and I remembered the hospital that went viral on FB last year. I remembered the hospital was beautiful and new and the gynae was my sister’s gynae for 3 of her kids. So I asked her, “ok tak your doctor?” And she told me nice things about her and highly recommend it... so againnnnn... I dragged my husband to teman me go check out the hospital for a check up there. Andddddd added Andorra to my hospital list! hahaha 😂

So during my third trimester that I started checking up in Andorra. To be honest, I hated having my check up there. Even though it was just a few times jee, butttttt it felt like I was there for a longgg longggggggg time! The system is quite terrible honestly. Because of the crowd I guess? Orang Malaysia ni pantang benda viral, semua nak try jugak kannn...hahaha. I'm not sure now macam mana lah, but earlier this year it was quite bad for me and I already felt like crossing Andorra off my hospital list! But.... my gynae, Dr. Kham was very very veryyyyyy nice person and warm and sooooo motherly!!! I only did my check up there about 3 times I think? And I still went to the other hospitals for the third trimester check up. I told my husband, honestly I don't know what I want... LOL. After trying for many doctors, it's hard to make decision pulakkk..hahaha. Because every hospital I went to ada pros and cons. So I said to my husband, let the baby decides lah when she wanna come out. After all, we don't even know the exact EDD and our schedule changes a lot too. So I said, let the baby decide when and where she wanna come out lah!

Then June 2018 came, and I don't have any signs of labor yet. With my first, I was overdue. I had to induce at 41 weeks.. So I thought with my second one ni, I will have to be induced jugak lah... I was secretly praying that my baby will be overdue so I can have more time to prepare her things as I was not prepared at all! I was too busy the whole pregnancy that I just didn't prepare much for her arrival. So we did our activity as usual.. And on that 5th June, I still don't have any contractions or any signs of labor. It was already passed the estimated due date that the first doctor said my EDD would be on the 3rd June. So...I still think my baby will come next week. Just like his brother. haha.

So we went out that day, breaking fast at Dpulze Cyberjaya. We went back at around 10 something, after the store is closed. And then suddenly, I felt something came out from down there! It felt like period. Something warm like blood. haha. So I rushed to the toilet to check what was it. I thought it would be the "bloody show" sign. And then to my dismay, it was green color!! I panicked! As I knew that that is meconium (fetal/baby's poop)! I was like shittttttttzzz. My baby is stressing out in there and she pooped...because she was overdue??! I knew that it was very risky now and dangerous! Oh no...I was so panicked and we went straight to the Emergency Room at Andorra as that was the nearest hospital at that moment! We were like 5 minutes away! Luckily I did my check up there 3 times so I had my records there! So my husband dropped me at the ER, and went back home to take my hospital bag etc

They checked me up, and said, I haven't dilated yet. Not even 0.5 cm. LOL. So after an hour they checked this and that in the ER, they called the doctor. Doctor said, bring me to the labor room straight. So around 12 something I was already in the labor room. I was pretty scared because my husband is not around yet and kept on thinking who will have to take care of Ayden because we didn't have a maid yet at that time because the week before, our maid ran away (Screw you stupid lying agents! May you rot in hell) 😏

So I prayed to God to help make our labor an easy one and to somehow let me deliver this baby with my husband beside me and that Ayden has someone to look after him somehow. I prayed hard for that. I knew that it will be impossible...because there were only the two of us at that time and it was already 1 AM. Tak kan nak call my MIL or anyone kan datang jauh jauh just to look after that one budak so I can deliver the baby with my husband in the labor room.

Hazim said I have already done it so he said I can do it on my own...😏 At that time I wanted to cry..I don't know why I felt like I got no husband and no one beside me during one of the hardest and important moment in my life. hahaha. So yeah, my husband decided that I will be going for the labor alone and he will look after Ayden if Ayden still didn't want to sleep. tskk

But God works in mysterious ways I guess. And Allah heard my prayers. The moment my husband reached the hospital with all my things, Ayden fell asleep so he put him in our room and asked the nurses to update him if he wakes up or cries..and then he went back to the labor room to check out on me! I was only 1 cm dilated that time. Doctor came in, and explained to both of us that actually it will be a risky labor if I want to wait until 10 cm, because my baby is under distress and already passed stools. (Maybe she really was already overdue just like I wanted -__- ) so she suggested for a Cesarean delivery.

Dr. Kham said, now is 1 am and by 6 am I should already deliver the baby to avoid complications for the baby. So she said it will be best if we just opted for Cesarean delivery now to save the baby and not risking other health complications later. I asked my doctor would it be okay if I want to still try for normal? Because I feel like I have 5 hours to go before 6 am and anything can happen in between that time. Plus, I delivered my firstborn about 5 hours plus also.. So the doctor agreed, but said by 5 am, if still not a good progress, we will have no choice but to go under the knife. So she induced me for labor to start..and gave a few nasihat and teach me to read this one surah/ayat to ease labor...and asked me to ask for forgiveness from my husband too. Then I waited for my labor to come while wishing hard I won't go under the knife..

At 3 am I was already 5 cm. So I thought by 6 am I can do 10 cm la only 5 cm to go! haha. But my body just doesn't respond well to the drug I it stayed 5 cm for 2 hours plus. At 5. 20 am, the doctor came in to check on me again, she said I was only 5 cm still. So she has decided that I will have to go for C-section delivery. Sigh...

I was really unprepared and not ready to go for operation. So I was really really realllly scared! Everything happened so fast! The moment they numbed my lower body parts and I can't feel my legs at all, I got panicked! They asked me to lift my leg up but I can't do so, and then I got panicked even more..that I almost fainted because I was so scared! That feeling was so frightening.. I cannot calm down.... Probably because I wasn't ready kot.

Anyways. I was pushed to the labor room around 5.30 am.. Just right before we went to the operation room, everyone who is involved in the operation room gather all around me and recite doa. Rasa nak nangis sangat masa tu. Takut sangat tengok orang doa keliling you, ok! Lol. All I kept thinking was Okayy. I'm going to die today. This is itttttt. This is my last day on earth. Good bye Hazim....take care of the kids! That was on my mind that time. Seriously perasaan yang sangat takut sebab tak bersedia langsung nak kena belah! huhu..

Dr. Kham was too nice though and she let my husband in as well. Kalau ikutkan emergency Cesarean mana boleh kan. So anyway...masuk labor room around 5.30 AM, by 6.00 AM, Ava Marissa was born!!! I was like...ehhhh dah siapppp??!! I didn't die?? It's thatttttt quick??? hahaha. And I didn't feel any pain at all?? Oh man, this is so cool! Next child C-section je lah!! Senang nyeeee... I can do this every year then! Bahahaha. Although cesarean delivery is advisable to gap about 2-3 years at least, just so you know. hehe. And then right after my husband recited the Azan for the baby, the nurse called him and said Ayden dah bangunnnnn! Oh thank God!!! Just right on time!!! God grant my wishes!!!! I get to deliver my baby quick, I get to do it with my husband beside me and Ayden was safe and sound the whole time I was in labor! Alhamdullilah.. 😅

Below is the video of my labor that my husband took.. Thank you for being so cool Dr. Kham!!!

So in the end, my baby has decided for me to really make up my mind and let me beranak there. hehehe.. Cesarean delivery is not that bad actually! The pain will be after the labor of course but it's not that long la.. Even my husband said he prefers C-section labor for me because he said it's fast and he saw me looking like it was not that painful... -__-  The pain starts after the labor lerrrr. Memandai je dia. haha.. For a week plus sakit tauu! But then after that, you'll be fine inshaallah!

Andorra Hospital was a very nice hospital and service though. I highly recommend it but I don't recommend to do your regular check up there because waiting for your turn can be really annoying. (Not sure now macam mana). The shortest waiting period would be 3 hours and the longest we have waited was about 5 hours. So I recommend you to check up just twice, to get your record there and then check up somewhere else if you can't bear the waiting hours for your check up. hehe. And I get a lotttt of questions regarding the whole cost of delivering in Andorra too. Again, I don't know if price has changed now, but at that time the whole process is about 12k for 2 nights stay. Their service was so good! And food is amazing too!!!

I will update more story on the service in Andorra ok? In my next post! Dah tulis panjang panjang ni tiba-tiba rasa best pulak nak start blogging balik! hehe. Ok lah, till my next post! See you next year!

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