Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fashion Valet's First Event

Hye girls! How are you? I'm doing gooood!, not just good. Cuz actually I am SO excited and in a great mood because I just won a cutie, lovely "multi-purpose" chain! Wanna know how and why I got it??!

Well.. I was invited by Vivy Yusof, the founder of to attend the exclusive FV's first ever event in Bangsar Village, last Tuesday! The event was about launching a new brand in Fashion Valet line. - It was Minz a designer jewellery and accessories label.

The event went so well and was so awesome! Bravo Vivy and Fashion Valet team!! ^_^

It was held at T Forty Two. I've always wanted to try and dine in here whenever I'm in Bangsar Village...but somehow, I always ended up going to Delicious, just to get my fave Red Velvet cupcake there! haha

So anyway, I went there with my sister..and because she (still) can't drive, I had to fetch her at her house..and before that, I was having a wardrobe malfunction (apparently...all of my clothes seemed to errr....shrink. Blame the washing machine! Yeah rightt.. Truth is, I'm too fat now! tskk T_T) So..we came a bit late.. - The event started at 3 pm. But...we arrived there at about 3 something... 
And so the event already started. Hee heee ;p

Fashion shows..

Models showing new collections from Minz accessories...while we sipped our lovely cuppa tea..

I loveeee the necklace that this model is wearing! Sorryyyy... I can't take the close up picture of her! She was moving too fast! 

All of the models posing with Minz designers and FV managing director -which is the beautiful gorgeous lady, Miss Vivy of course! ;)

Everything and everyone was so lawa oneee...

Seee....isn't she a beauty? Love her hair! hehe. Seriously, I gotta confess, I have a girl crush on her! LOL. She's just soooo pweety! Dah la kurus! Haihhh... When will I ever gonna be thin thin thin thinnnnnnn?! T_T

(Sorry, if you find it annoying that I keep on saying she's pretty. LOL. That's just me. If I see any pretty ladies, my mouth can't stop admiring them. Tak percaya tanya my sisters or my friends... Kadang-kadang mereka macam nak sepak saya jer sebab I sometimes do sound like a man and sounds too jakun too! LOL. Well...I just like beauty and pretty things....or human! So just...bare with me kay! ;p)

I love the tableware. Especially the cup and the saucer! Super naiseeeee!

Ohh...and for the first time everrr, I tried and heard of a "Creme Brulee" flavored tea! And my's sooo nice! I will definitely gonna hop into this cafe again!!!

So anyway... despite getting free food and free flow of their nice tea while watching all the models showing and displaying all the pretty necklaces, bracelets and everythingg.. After the show, we get to see, touch and smell all the Minz collection to have a look at them more up close! Mmmmm....

These are some of the collections that I snapped...
By the way, this very picture above, are my most favourite collection among the others. I love the chains with bow, and the gold bangle!

Oh, and beside the accessories section, there's another of my favourite section too!

 It's the food section! LOL ;p

*Dia jakun tengok makanan*

Patut la dia gemokkk.... Huarghhhh.... T_T
Oh by the way... this is another beautifulgorgeousprettyinspiring lady! Stephanie Chai!

*Okayyy...after seeing so many kurus ladies over there, I vowed not to eat and chew anything else other than water*

Chehhh.. Ye ye lah tuuu. Sekejap je.. Lepas tu nanti dia lupa lagii... And back to her routine. Pffffttttt.. 

I was having a really really bad-tudung day! I really don't like it when my scarf started to misbehave and make my face looked so booooolat! (although it actually really IS, round. Pffft)

So...when that happens, I had to snap like a zillion pictures just to get the righttt photo! ;p

Anyway..I was so excited because I met my friend Nona at the event! It has been about 5 years since I last saw her.. - We went to the same matriculation centre before she flew to UK. She hasn't changed a bit.. Still fabulous and kurus. 

...oh and also Amira, my kindergarten + primary + secondary school friend too!  
(Seee....everyone there was so kurus and tall oneeeee. Haihhhh)

I was admiring the long multi-purpose chain on the display...not knowing that I actually won that one! hehee
(I answered one of the questions correctly. hence I got it! Yeayyy! ^_^)

The Fashion Valet team

Lastly, with Vivy Yusof the MD of FV ;)
(By the way, my top was from FashionValet! Bought it months ago..)

 After the event... I. Really. Cannot. Wait. To. "Repair". My. Scarf!!  >_< me go to the ladies!

Now thisss is when my scarf is behaving normally! heheheh.. 
(LOL. Do you see any difference? haha. Kalau dah muka macam tu...nak buat macam mana lagi kannn? Pffft ;p)

Anyways..I came home with a happy face as I got these...

Some goodies with vouchers and chains!! Oh, and cupcake too!

So this is the chain with tassels that I've been eyeing before! Thank you Minz and Fashion Valet!!!

And these are the vouchers that I got!
Gotta shop at Minz now now nowwww before it expires! hehe

Visit Minz, girls for pretty accessories to add in your collection! ^_~



  1. i have a solution kalaw u taknak complaint u gemuk, n bile3 nak kurus. kurangkan makan dessert, and exercise. i think u should promote healthy lifestyle dalam blog you. if you take a bar of chocolate, you dah kene lari 10 km. so, kalaw everyday makan dessert, lagi banyak kene lari. well, you banggakan dapat masuk in trend and what not, so y dont u promote healthy lifestyle? rakyat malaysia ramai yg obes. so, kalaw u promote since you are so "in trend", maybe ade laa 10 org akan follow. the bigger number the better

  2. kak wani. scarf yg kak wani pakai tu beli kt Tie-Rack ke?? coz I ade tudung sebijik mcm kak wani pny. tp I x reti pakai tudung mcm ni and turns into selendang mcm kak wani. :(

  3. Vivy!!!....everyone love her!I agreed with you,she so pretty+rich+brilliant+down to earth...etc...etcc...

    Wani...start from today you need to collect more tops in this green. You look so fabulous and you skin look so glowing with this colour.Trust me...this green is new black for you.

  4. i pun suka tgk pompuan cantik n bergaya.mulut i memang takkan stop from talking pasal si cantik2 ni.sampai kadang2 my family n frens cakp i lesbo. LOL..

    i just adore and cant stop talking about the beautiful n gorgeous lady :)

  5. wani sgt cantikkkkkk! love the colour. s

  6. bestnyaaaa x ajak punnn huhuh

  7. wani..bila nak update u punye trip ke maldives?? i been waiting ok..sgt teruja nak tau u punya story and all ur excitement..even i xpergi pon, kalau dgr u cerita terus boleh feeling ade kat sane skali..haha..update la cepat2 k!!

  8. wani,which gucci is that?how much?tq

  9. Omg.. you're so pretty wany!


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