Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Traveling 101: Our Family's Style!

Since I was a toddler until now, my dad would bring us one whole family for a holiday trip, at the end of each year, every year. He'd ask us where we would like to visit and then he would plan it out. (My parents are so expert in traveling).

So last winter, Zurich happened.

One thing about traveling to Europe with my family is that, we (by we, I meant me and my brother or anyone else besides my parents that would tag along during the trip with them) would miss out on the experience of eating out and enjoy the special dish or unique food at the particular country that we visited! tskk..

Why? Because My parents are not really the type that likes to try new things. And like most older generation here in Malaysia, they would prefer the plain white rice with savory dishes than a baguette with chicken fingers and mashed potatoes while sitting at a cool cafe or something like that! hehe. They said, the western food is too plain, or too boring, or tasteless or yadda yadda yadda... And with us being a muslim, it's kinda difficult to find halal restaurant in the city that serves decent food other than the Middle Eastern food. - We feel that the "arab food" can only be eaten once or twice in a week. More than that, we would feel sick! (My mom is the number one person in the family that dislikes Middle East food so much...and I don't know why! hehe..) And my dad is the type of a person who needs rice everyday for him to kick off his day...especially when traveling, which would need a lot of energy as he said! So, what other options do we have, if there isn't (halal) Thai food, or Indonesia food to be found around the city that we visited?

Oh well.. home cooked meal would be my parents choice! Yes, mommy still cook even when she travels. She never relax from working and busting her butt off in the kitchen even when she's on her holiday! God bless her for that!!!  - Me and my brother, the younger generation, the Generation Y people that is..haha, on the other hand, can go with anything because we're cool like that! heh..  I'm not really a picky eater..I can go with any food! Rice or no rice. Bread or pasta. Seafood or red meat. Oh well, anyyyy thing will do, just as long as I won't be starving! But if you ask me, yes of course I would want to experience and enjoy the food there, when I travel! It's part of the traveling experience, right? But I gotta admit, being a muslim, it's kinda hard to find nice, decent restaurant other than the Middle Eastern food store :)
So when traveling with daddy and mommy around, eating out ain't really gonna happen because they need their usual dosage of rice...hehe. But that's fine, cuz I still do try out on my own, some of the food that I find interesting while I'm there! So it's cool.

So anyway..

On the first day in Zurich we spent half a day going to the markets and shopping malls, buying groceries for the week, since we stayed there for quite awhile. We would do this every time we visit Europe - Our very first day activity would be buying groceries!

We went to Migros, to buy our groceries for the apartment

The thing I loveeeee about the supermarket in Europe is that they always always always have beautiful, fresh food! I'm always looking forward to go to their supermarket and buy the awesome veggies they have..the super fresh and super sweet fruits they have to offer, the delicious juices, the fresh milk (Oh my godddd! So yummy!!), the chocolates they have, the ice cream, ahhh and the list goes on! 
I loveeee their supermarket! Lotsa awesome products! 

Making your own fresh orange!

This is such a gooooood chocolate! I wish Ovaltine in Malaysia would have this chocolate bar too!

And one ritual thing that me and my brother would be doing whenever we're in cold countries, is to buy their crisps! There's something comforting about eating a yummy salty crisps in a cold weather!

Lotsa selection of crisps! 

I chose this. My brother took his fave, Lays. Sour Cream.
We'd have this every day, when we were there. Haha ;p

What's this? It looks like some kinda chipmunk food? =/

Fish! Since we can't eat meat! hehe.. 
(Normally we would go to the halal butcher to get our source of white and red meat!)

Ahhh...guess what is this!

It's a Mayonaise! In a cute tube! It's cool right! hehe
We should have this in Malaysia! For chilli sauce, mustard, thousand island, etc!

My basket

What's this? Coffee grinder or something?? =/

After an hour walking in the market, browsing stuff, choosing veggies, fruits and whatnot, I find myself at the bedroom section! My fave area! hahaa
(Kitchen department is not as exciting as the bedroom area! :p)

This thing caught my eye!!
It's candles! Lots of them! And so colourful!
(I have a thing with candles, btw)

Should I get this? No? Yes? No? 
Then came mummy and she said.., "Apa tu? Dah-dah. Tak payah membazir. Letak balik. Awak tak perlu tu". ("What's that? Enough. You don't need that. Put it back")
Fineeee mom. I don't need another candle in my room anyway! haha

Mom doing what she does best....buying stuff for her kitchen back in KL.. hehe

Before going back, we stopped by Starbucks to have our hot Toffee Nut Latte. Yums.

Just a walking distance from our apartment to the supermarket!

After arrived our apartment, cooking and cleaning begins! I helped my mom to prepare the washing and cutting the veggies, arrange the stuff we bought into the fridge, cabinet, etc...while she prepares some other dishes..

And usually, this samak part would be my job! As a muslim, we need to ensure that the cutleries and crockeries are clean before we use them! ^__^

This would be our family's typical stuff to bring when we travel, besides the instant noodles and serunding! hehe 

And these....are the cheap and delicious coffee I'd have every morning! It's soooo good and convenient, I wish they have it in KL!

Cooking the veggies..

 Chicken curry, veggies, sambal ikan bilis and serunding daging!
Bon appetit!

Every time when we travel.. We would have breakfast at home, and lunch outside and then, maybeee dinner at home as well, if we didn't dine out when we were out on that day. So, every time when we have walked for the whole day, sightseeing, shopping or anything like that...I always pray hard that my dad would want to have dinner outside. - So I don't have to prepare the food and can just relax my butt off! haha.  ;p
Because why?? Not that I'm lazy or anything..haha, but're on a holiday, and you've walked for hours and hours, and when you get back home, you just wanna have your warm bubble bath and just sleeeep! But if my dad wants to have dinner at home, me and my mom would have to prepare the food...tskkk. (Kesian jadi perempuan kannn... Adik aku balik, siap boleh tengok tv, mandi apa semua. Jeles aku! heheheheheh ;p )

Anyway, I'm always so amazed at how my mom is so happy to cook when she's on a holiday!! I always thought to myself, isn't she tired? I never heard she complain about not wanting to cook for the family even when she's exhausted! She always wanna please everyone with her cooking.. She'd say, "Why eat outside food. You never know what they put in there. Mama nak korang makan sedap-sedap. Plus, it's not really that hard pun. Cooking is easy. Mama masak simple2 je pun..  Mama masak kan lagi sedap, berasa, and lagi puas dari makan luar.." - Which is true actually! Indeed, my mom is a superwoman, I tell you! Never met any mom like her yet! 

But for me, a girl who rarely spends time in the kitchen, would feel that cooking is sooo tiring and complicated! hahaha. Especially when you're on a holiday, and you just wanna be lazy ;p
But of course, I don't complain when mom ask me to do this and that and help her out. It's just that I'd ask too many questions like why this thing look like this, and why that thing have to be like that, blablabla...that it annoys her so much! haha. It's sooo funnyy I can't help but to giggle when she's mad when I "ter" do that asking questions thingy...heheheh ;p

Sorry mama! I ask questions more than a five year old kid would! Heeeee. I'm still in a learning phase. Lots to learn! ;p

♪ ♫ Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. ♪ 

Anyways, so that's my family's style when going on a holiday! We bring Malaysian food everywhere! hehe ;)

Talk soon!


The Four Favourite Pairs of My Raya Heels!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Every Eid's Tradition!

Hey everyone! I took some time off from blogging... I was in my Raya mood for too long! hehe.. ;p Anyways,  guess it's still ok for me to wish y'all a Selamat Hari Raya!!! - Here in Malaysia, we celebrate Eid for a month! haha (I was told that other muslim countries would only celebrate Eid on the first day of Syawal, or just a week, or some even didn't celebrate it! tskk)

Anyways.. Since I have many viewers outside Malaysia, I would like to share with you guys what normally we do on this special day of celebration that we called as Hari Raya (which literally means Celebration Day! hehe)  - I was asked by my Muslim American reader to explain this! ^__^

The end of Ramadan (the holy month in Islam) is the end of fasting and the beginning of the new Islamic month, Syawal. So for Muslims, it is the end of a month of abstinence, reflection, charity and religious deeds and the beginning of the festivities and all the sense of renewal it brings! The days up to Eid has always been an exciting time for me, personally. Cuz it's the time that we get to gather all the families and relatives and get together, the time to seek forgiveness with each other, the time to enjoy the awesome food they serve, the time where I get new clothes, (although.....I often get new clothes for myself every other month! LOL. - But hey, which girl doesn't like new clothes, right?! ;p), the time where I get extra money that we called as Duit Raya which is normally were given to those younger, usually unmarried, family members and friends (glad I'm still in that category! More money for me! LOL), the time where we get to enjoy free food for a month because everyone is having an ‘Open House’, which is the Malaysian tradition where we literally open our doors to family, friends, and neighbours, Muslim and non-Muslim alike! It's the time where most of the Malay's homes or kitchens are stacked with yummy boxes of cookies and biscuits that we called as Kuih Raya! (My fave one would be anything with Cornflakes and oat/almonds in there! I like crunchy stuff!) And most importantly, it's the time where I have an excuse to look fabulous! ;p

In the days leading up to Eid, many return to their respective hometowns in order to celebrate with their families there. The normally crowded streets of Kuala Lumpur are deserted few days before the first day of Syawal or Eid, as people are starting to balik kampung/travel back to their hometowns in other parts of the country, to celebrate this special day with their loved ones, leaving the city quiet. However this year, our family celebrated our Raya in KL since both my grandparents from my dad and my mom's side has passed away, so we didn't stay for a few nights in the kampung like we did every year. (Read last year's preparation of Eid in my kampung here

Wearing a hot pink baju kurung, Tie Rack scarf, Bally nude bag and Zara heels. 

So anyway, on the first day of Eid, normally the first thing we do early in the morning is to take a special bath that we called as Mandi Sunat Hari Raya (it's just a normal bath, but we have to recite some verses before bathing) before we get dressed into our best Raya attire. For men, they'll wear the attire that we called as Baju Melayu complete with a sampin (a piece of cloth that's made out of a songket fabric, with gold thread, that would be wrapped around their waist) and a songkok (a black 'hat'), and for women, we'd wear our Baju Kurung. These are our national and traditional costume! hehe.. Then, we will go to the mosque for the Eidul Fitri prayers.

Back from the mosque, it is the time where we pay our respects to the parents/elders by kneeling in front of them, and kissing their hands, and requesting a blessing and forgiveness for any wrongdoings that we may have done.

And then it's time for Duit Raya! 

After that, it is time to visit the relatives! (and some would visit the cemeteries to pay respect to their departed loved ones - our family would normally do this during the Ramadan month or the first day of Syawal)

My crazy, funny cousins!

All of my relatives from my dad's side

So that's a description of how we Malaysian celebrate our first day of Syawal or Eid! And lastly, wherever you are in the world, I would like to wish y'all, Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!!! ^__^

Yours Truly,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eid Mubarak

Salam all,

Wishing all my muslim friends a Happy Eid! May the blessings of Allah be with you today, tomorrow and always! Do forgive me for all my wrongdoings and mistakes to you whether intentionally or unintentionally! I wish you all have a blissful Raya! ^__^

Save some Kuih Raya for me ya! I love Samprit and any choc-oat cookies! hehe ;)

Have a Happy Raya everyone!

Shazwani Hamid.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Truth hurts.


Salam everyone..
I never thought I would be writing this post.. But here I am, writing it right now, today.

I know that this blog of mine is not like some other blogs where they blog about their thoughts or talk about some personal stuff and etc. Yes, I rarely do that here..

My blog is supposed to be happy and fun. A place for me to post things that interests me. And not something that's too personal. But today, it's different. I just have to write this. As much as I hate to do it, I really have to be a grown up and face the world and end the assumptions people have made about me. I was told that the sooner I say it, the sooner I'll recover and be better, inshaallah.


Please know that this entry has been the hardest post that I have ever done in my entire life. This dugaan that I have to face is the biggest test that has ever occurred in my life. Only Allah knows just how deeply hurt I am. I have been keeping this for quite some time and I don't quite know just howwww to write about thisssss, or even to tell people without feeling so low. Especially those who know me.... Even right now, I'm still not sure how to write this. It took me a few hours to think what exactly should I write in here..
Sedih, malu, geram, marah, bersyukur, benci, semua ada. Macam-macam perasaan wujud dihati.. :(

I have tried writing it a few times before. But it all ended up with a blank page as I just can't proceed with my writings when tears began to stream down my face.. And I ended up pressing the "Delete/Backspace" button each time, and started to channel my sadness and anger in a different, and happy post, like my beauty and travel entries instead.. heh.  But I know that eventually, at some point..I will have to tell people and to stop abstaining myself from facing the truth and the situation. =/

So here I am today, holding back my tears...writing The Truth. The truth that so many people wanna know about. (I know some of you have even Googling about me and about it! Pffft.) The truth that I hate to tell. The truth that I can't believe that it's happening to me. The truth that hurts me so damn much. ='(

Oh well...some of you may have probably know about this by now.. Or maybe already sensed something about me and my engagement right? - Because I have heard stories that people have been talking about..and I even got a few comments/messages/SMSes asking me about my personal love life from people that I know, anddd strangers! Thank you for your concern, honey.

Well yes, my engagement with that man (I can't even say his name now) has ended. It happened for a few months back. But only now I have the courage to tell everyone here since the engagement is officially terminated. - I figured, it would be easier for me to write a post in my blog rather than telling each and every one who knows me  either personally or through my blog.. Because I've had enough of people congratulating me and asking me questions about my engagement, about my wedding, about the dresses, about the colors & themes, about the date and stuff like that... Sigh. I know they meant well but it's too much pressure for this girl. T___T

I NEED to stop being stressed out by spilling the truth here, so that I can start open a new chapter of my life. Because I deserve to be happy.

Truth be told, my November wedding is off, and my engagement that was held last January has come to an end. We were engaged for a very very verrry short period of time! It was only for a few weeks. Yes, it was that pathetic. And that was the reason why I was extremely down. I don't know how can anyone could face what I have faced before. And I sure hope no girl would ever have to face this kind of thing ever ever everrrr! Only God knows just howwww deeply hurt I felt when it happened. I felt like running away. I felt like screaming. I felt like my world is over..and that it's hard for me to get up again. I felt stupid. I felt extremely down and depressed. I felt really really EXTREMELY guilty towards my parents, knowing that they have spent a lot of time, money and effort to make it happen for me. (Sorry mama, and abah! tskk) And I especially felt extremely guilty towards myself too, for letting this thing to happen to me! :(

Part of me hates that it happened to me..but another part of me is somehow glad that it happened.. Because it made me realized something..and it has made me more mature I guess.. This is like satu tamparan yang sangat hebat for me. And I've learned my lesson!

Well I am not going to get into details of what happened between us, because I need to jaga hati a lot of people, even though I feel that I deserve to have a say in this.. But I'm not really here to blame anyone or talk bad things about anyone..or berniat nak memalukan siapa-siapa kat sini. Especially his family, when they did nothing to me. So yes..I'm not here to salahkan siapa-siapa. I'm just here to end the assumptions people have been making. Sigh. God, I hate pressure.. It's not healthy.

Of course, I was really really brokenhearted. I have never ever imagined I would be facing this kind of phase. (Of course, no one would!) And until today, I keep on asking myself, whyyyyy did it happen to me?? Whyyyyy did I proceed when I know it's going to be bad?? Whyyyy did I ever get engaged?? Whyyy did I let that thing happened?? Whyyyy didn't I speak up and be the brave girl?? Whyyyy did I let him abuse me mentally and emotionally?! I should have known my values and my rights. Whyyyyy I was so weak and so afraid to stand up for myself??!! Whyyyyyy did I even meet him in the first place?! Yes, I have come to a point where I regretted the day I met and know him. It made me think just how weird it is that the person who used to be your number one priority..becomes the last person you want to meet...if you ever have to!  Sometimes love can be blind and make you do stupid things (like continuing a relationship when you already know it's not going anywhere or it's bound to cause major catastrophes. Haihh). I am not really the kind of person who likes to hate other people. But with him, I just can't stop myself from feeling like this! Cuz things are still fresh in my mind. And it still does affect me up until today..although it has been about half a year now. - Sedikit sebanyak, benda ni does affect me today....and that's why I hate it so much! I want to be ME again! =/

I was depressed. I was shocked. I was traumatized. And I was miserable when it happened.  I didn't sleep. I didn't eat. I didn't go out. I just couldn't do anything. For a month! Sebulan duduk terperap dalam bilik..thinking howwww can I face the world! Thinking how stupid and blind I was! But as much as I hate that this thing has happened to me, I know that I can't fight fate and destiny. Ini semua takdir dan ketentuan Allah. And I have to accept it. I have to. Ia sudah tertulis..  I always tell myself, "ada hikmah atas apa yang berlaku" or "Allah has so much better plans for me", to keep myself sane again. But, deep down inside, who am I kidding right? I'm just a normal human being with feelings. I'd be lying to myself if I say I'm okay and this thing does not affect me at all. Because it does. Or at did.


Anyways... I'm all better now. Alhamdulillah, syukur! Thanks to all the support I get from my parents, my very best friend who has helped me A LOT throughout my hard times. (I love you so much for that! hihi), my Along, my brother, the articles I've been reading, my friends, my cousins, my maid, etc, who were there for me when times were so hard back then. Well honestly, I am not 100% healed yet, but I'm almost there, insha allah. Maybe another 10% more. haha.. - Every now and then, whenever something triggers the button, I wouldn't lie that I don't feel anything.. (Like Cheryl Crow said, The First Cut Is The Deepest! hehe) That is the reason why it's kinda hard for me to just let go of it already, although I know he is SO not worth it..but I just can't help myself. I'm only a human being... Cuz the sakit hati and pain is still there.. (Tell me how does a girl recover and being 100% normal and happy again, when she was being abused mentally, emotionally, financially and almost physically?? TELL ME. Sighhh..)  Hmm.. but for what it's worth, I know all this feeling is just temporary. I know I'll be 100% okay again, inshaallah.. Let's hope that this healing phase would be fast! And I'll meet my soul mate who would love me just how I wanted to be loved..and adore me just the way that I am... soon! Amin. Inshaallah! :)

So I'm free now.. Alhamdullilah.. I thank God that I see it sooner rather than later. Like my parents said, nauzubillah...kalau kahwin dengan dia.. Daripada anak dia hidup bahagia, tiba-tiba nanti jadi sengsara just because tersalah pilih pasangan hidup.. So, saya berasa bersyukurrrr sangat, Allah telah tunjukkan dan selamatkan saya dari lelaki sebegitu. Seram sejuk bila difikirkan kalau saya ditakdirkan berkahwin dengan dia. Thank you soooo much God, for stopping it and made me realize! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for saving me! *sujud syukur*

Now..I just wanna be happy again, like I have always been! It's time now for me to let go of the past and time to embrace all that awaits me! I can't wait! I KNOW, ALLAH HAS SO MUCH BETTER PLANS FOR ME! I KNOW HE WILL DEFINITELY REPLACE THIS FEELINGS WITH SOMETHING SO MUCH GREATER THAN THIS! INSHA ALLAH. :)

Lastly, I hope and pray no girl (or guy) would ever have to face this emotional and mental abuse.. And don't ever have to face a "putus tunang"/ "putus cinta" situation. The pressure is so great I tell you.. Sigh. But thank God it's over now! Syukur!!

And here's a little advice from me, if you’re already in a bad/unhealthy relationship (even if you’re engaged) and you don’t think it’s going to get any better, act fast! DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP! You should know your awesome values! Because like my sister said, no guy is worth your tears..and the one who is, won't make you cry - And she was SO right! :) So if you know that your relationship is not healthy and you're not happy, jangan biarkan ia berlarutan sampai ke jinjang pelamin! Think about your future. Jangan takut apa orang lain cakap atau fikir sebab orang memang tidak akan berhenti bercakap. What people think about you is none of your business. What matters the most is you and your life! Because when you’re already married (to the wrong person), it would be too late! Marriage does not solve the problem; it will only create more of what is already there! So my advice is, jangan bercinta 100% mengikut hati dan perasaan. Bercintalah guna otak! haha.. Dan 40% lagi, baru guna hati. LOL - Boleh ke nak guna mathematics in relationship & love? Hahah.. Maybe? ;p
Oh know what I mean, right! hehee ;)

Anyway..I think I have spilled enough. Time for me to stop now... Phewwwww!! Finally..I did it! I've let it out!  - It took me months to write it in here! And only now I have the guts to publish it?! haha. And boyyy....That was easy?! heh ;p
Now let's start a new chapter! Boleh bukak buku baru dah! Yeay! hehe. It's time now for me to let go of my past, and embrace all that awaits me! ^___^


P/S: What is meant to be, will find it's way. Insha Allah :) 


Yours Faithfully,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Farhana's Baby Shower!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to my friend's baby shower held at her condo in Jalan Tun Razak. (forgot the name of her condo! haha) It was my first time going to a baby shower, as none of my close friends are pregnant yet! hehe. They are either married-but-don't-wanna-have-kids-yet, or just-got-married, or still-on-their-honeymoon-phase-even-after-3-years-of-marriage, or just-engaged, or just-divorced or.. unmarried yet, etc, etc. So yes, Farhana's baby shower is my first! And it was awesome! Everything was blue...and cute! hehe ^__^

See...all blue...and cute! hehe

Even the dress code was such a cute idea! 
"Pregnant ladies!" haha..what a brilliant idea! ;)

And this is how I look like when I'm pregnant I guess? haha

This was my table..
(She told me, everything was from Ikea. She put up everything together by herself! (with some help from her friends and bibik, of course)

The pretty flowers that she and her team made it themselves! It's pretty right?! 

The delicious menu of the day! It was served course-by-course

Every guest has to write this little note that Fana left on each of our table, for her baby!

My boring wishes for the baby...

And that blue thermos is one of our door gifts! It contains hot cocoa! (because the soon-to-be-mommies in here, cannot drink coffee! LOL)

Our first course!

The appetizer. Garlic siakap on a bed of arugula, served with balsamic dressings

Soup of the day!

French onion soup served with cheese and crustini

That's my buddy Farhana!

Ahahahaha. Look who's bump is bigger? ;p

Lotsa activities were held that day. We sure did have a lot of fun!

Everyone is pregnant! haha

Flaunt it baby! 

One of the activities was to guess Farhana's baby bump measurement. Whoever can get the measurement that's closest to Farhana's bump, wins!

Everyone was busy guessing and comparing it to their own fake baby bump, hoping it's the same like Fana's! haha

The judges are choosing the ribbons that matches Fana's bump's measurement

My bump is the biggest and the most round...and fake looking! haha ;p

The third course..

It's quiche! - Beef bacon, asparagus with garlic!

Next game was Baby Shower Bingo!

When it comes to games...I'm always unlucky! A lot of "almost".. Sigh

While we were playing the game, I saw the crews were busy preparing our desserts.. And I couldn't wait that time! I loveeeee dessert! haha.

And oh myyyyy.....this dessert was superb!!!! 
It was crepe served with homemade strawberry coulis and creme pattiserie. YUMS, I tell youu! Nak lagiiiii Fana?? heheheh ;p

Next was another dessert!

It was a mix berries sorbet

While we enjoy our dessert...there was another game held!

...and this time, the game involved some baby diapers! haha

There were 8 diapers altogether..and inside each and every diapers, Fana left some chocolates in there..and we have to guess, or smell, or taste the poop.. eh I mean the chocolate, and state the brand  of the chocolate that she put in there! haha. It was fun!

At first...everyone was like.... "Euwwww! That look like some real shit!" haha


"This reallllyyyy look like a baby's poop!"

I pinched a little..and taste it! I was so determined to win, so I smell and taste all the 8 chocolate diapers! 

Mmmm... haha

...but I got one wrong answer! Pfffft...

This girl won! 
She must be so expert at smelling her kid's diaper! LOL ;p

This is Fana's nephew! He's sooo handsome, kan?!

Last dessert! Assorted mini cheesecake!

Another mini dessert... 

The very pregnant Wani with Juliana

Farhana...known this girl for 2 years now

Apart from the cute little thermos we get to bring home, Fana also gave us an umbrella and a soft cushion pillow!

Cute props!

This yellow pants is the only pants I have, that is stretchable enough for me to put my bump! hehee ;p 

Photo session!

Si comel!

The soon to be Mommy and Daddy!

Thanks Fana for having me at your awesome baby shower! You gotta let me know who was your caterer! The food was delicious! hehe. And lastly, I hope everything goes smoothly with the arrival of your new baby! All the best to you and your precious little one. Can't wait to meet your new baby boy! ^__^

Enjoy every moment of looking after your baby ya, because they fly so fast! And don't forget to pamper yourself every now and then! I can be your shopping, and traveling and spa pampering session buddy! hahaha ;p 

Wishing you all the best with your expected new arrival.. Happy baby shower Fana!! 

Aunt Wany.
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