Monday, May 26, 2008

Sex and the City

Hey have u guys heard about Sex and the City: The Movie? I am soo excited! I can't wait for it to hit our cinemas! (kalau ade la.. or not, have to download it larh..hmm..)
Ouh.. I loove romantic comedy! =)
I know the tv show was famous. but I haven't got the chance to watch any of their shows.. Isk.. though I never watch it,I know I will like this kinda story... =)
And I also know, there will be plenty of clothes or shoes or bags for me to drool over!

I can't wait to watch!

p/s: kan best kalau Victoria Beckham jadi berlakon dlm ni..isk..


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A day at the spa

Find me a woman who does not love a day at the spa! hehee..
I loovee to pamper myself! Don't you love to feel groomed and gorgeous? =)

Today I went to One Utama.. to splurge myself with a complete whole body treatments!
Lately I've been so jaded and my life got so complicated and dulled and..stressful and not so normal..and tiring..and there's a lot of assignments to be done and homeworks and so many sleepless nights!! So I think, I deserve a little me-time to freshen up a lil' bit! hehe.

It has been a while since my last beauty treatment.. be it facials or body massage.. I think it is almost 1 month plus since my last treatment.. So I really need some time to relax myself! For me, massage is the number 1 thing that will make me feel better. And some other stuffs too like hot stone, aromatherapy oils, herbal therapy, hot tub or steam bath and deep cleansing facial. Those things would do the trick. =)

And for today, I started off with a facial treatment at Clarins. =)
Then later I went to Thai Odyssey to have my aromatherapy body massage. And then, to Russell Hair Salon to get my hair washed and a hair treatment.. and since I'm having my period, I went to get my nails done too! hehee

"Hey,u better do my hair like Victoria Beckham, kay!" hehee

Yippie me! I feel soo verry much relax now! I do think that having a beauty treatment every now and then is a MUST!

It makes you feel awesome when you spoil yourself once in a while..
Ouh, what an amazing day I had! =D

*big smile on my face*


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother-daughter day's out

I was so bored to death sitting in my room doing nothing..
when suddenly I heard someone's knocking on my door..
Bukak2 je..
"Wani, jom teman mama pegi Pavillion.Mama nak beli jewellery case. yg leather tu.. Lgpun mama nak blanje kwn mama mkn. Dia laki. Tak kan mama sorang..Awk ikut eh?"

Okeh! Right away ma'am! hehe =)

"Tapi mama xde baju la.Semua dah pakai..Lgpun mama nak match kan dgn bag hitam ni..Awk pilihkan la.."
Ouh.. gedik jugak rupenye mak aku ni ek..huhu =P

She wanted to blanje her 2 friends(from her Kursus Usahawan), mkn at The Loaf. These 2 guys are from Batu Pahat,Johor. And they've never been to Pavillion. They wanted to see how cafés and restaurants in KL are like..(btw,they dream of owning a cozy little café in Batu Pahat someday)
So mum brought them jln2(huhu..mcm tour guide je) and makan2 at 2 places: Mezze and The Loaf..

We got this free vouchers!

We got 6 cuppa coffees! and 2 slices of chocolate cake for freee!

I'm not a fan of a choc cake, but I must say this one is soo delicious! So moist and yummy!!

Ouh,and this one is sooo sedappp! Lamb kebab or something. It reminds me of the kebab I ate in Istanbul. Sgt sedap! Rase sgt daging..huhu. Tapi dia bagi 3 ketui je. kedekut! hehee..

and this is..Morrocan Soup. Pun sedap!

"hmm..nak makan roti ape ye?"

Oh, tidak ketinggalan.. Wani the Bunny..huhu ;P

Ok,it's time to go home now..


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's wrong with me??

Do I Have Insomnia??

For about one and half weeks now, I haven't been able to sleep properly. I feel tired and sleepy at a relatively normal hour,around twelve or after midnight, but when I go to bed I can't fall asleep. I lay awake for hours, and then when I do fall asleep, I only sleep for an hour or so before waking up again. It is soo anoyying! I feel so damn sleepy and tired but I couldn't sleep!! And lately I've been avoiding coffee and soda. I do not take caffeine at all and not taking naps during the day. I did see my doctor, and all he gave was my sleeping pills. If I don't take them, I couldn't sleep at all.
Oh, what's happening to me? =(

And I even wear my silky sleeping mask in order to force my eyes to close and sleep! But still, this didn't work!! and sometimes I take milky drinks right before I sleep.. and put some lavender fragrances or read some boring materials, hoping that all these could help me drift off..

The only thing that could make me sleep is my sleeping pills! But I don't wanna depend on my pills. It is not normal! iskk..
Oh, what should I do?

In search of a cure for my sleeplessness, I decided to search sleep disorders on internet. I always thought that insomnia was just not getting enough asleep.
One interesting definition that I found described insomnia as the 'perception of poor-quality sleep'. This seems to indicate that it can almost be caused just by a person thinking that they aren't getting enough sleep.
Insomnia can refer to difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, problems with not sleeping late enough, or feeling unrefreshed and tired after a night's sleep. Insomnia can cause such problems as sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. It can be divided into three main categories, transient, chronic or intermittent.

Transient insomnia is if it lasts from one night to four weeks. If transient insomnia returns periodically over months or years is becomes intermittent. It is chronic insomnia when it continues almost nightly for several months.
Transient and intermittent types often do not require more treatment than an improvement in sleep hygiene.

Insomnia is the body's way of saying that something isn't right. Things that may cause insomnia include stress, too much caffeine, depression, changes in work shifts, and pain from medical problems, such as arthritis.

Many people have insomnia. People who have insomnia may not be able to fall asleep. They may wake up during the night and not be able to fall back asleep, or they may wake up too early in the morning.

There are many factors that can contribute to insomnia, and different issues trigger each type of insomnia. Transient and intermittent insomnia can be caused by something as simple as the sleeplessness that occurs just before a big test, and are very common and considered a normal stress reaction that will typically go away. Depression, internalized anger, anxiety and behavioral factors are the most common reasons for insomnia.
The most frequent behaviors include consuming too much caffeine, alcohol or other substances, excessive napping, or stimulating activities such as smoking, exercising or watching television before bedtime.
Insomnia can often be linked to mental illnesses or other diseases; for example, chronic insomnia is usually caused by depression. When a person is having sleep problems because of something else, it is called secondary insomnia.
Environmental factors, such as discomfort or excessive light, and changes in a normal sleeping pattern, such as jet lag or moving to a new time zone, also cause transient insomnia (1). When none of these factors are contributing to a person's sleeplessness, they are considered to have primary insomnia, or insomnia that isn't caused by other obvious causes.

People who have insomnia tend to worry about the fact that they are not getting enough sleep, and sometimes their daytime behaviors contribute to increased lack of sleep.
Worrying and stress will only increase insomnia, and habits developed to make up for a lack of sleep can delay the return of a normal sleep schedule. These behaviors include napping during the day, giving up on regular exercise, or drinking caffeinated beverages to promote staying awake or concentration.
In order to regain normal sleeping patterns, insomniac have to practice good sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene consists of basic behaviors that promote sleep and try to change behaviors that might increase chances of insomnia. These habits include going to sleep and waking up at the same time, not taking naps during the day, avoiding caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol late in the day, getting regular exercise but not close to bedtime, not eating a heavy meal late in the day, not using your bed for anything other than sleep or sex, making your sleeping place comfortable, and making a routine to help relax and wind down before sleep, such as reading a book, listening to music, or taking a bath.


I think I should start take a hot milk everyday just before my bedtime and read some novels while listening to Kenny G's and take a warm bath b4 I sleep.. And I should buy a new pillow la.. Duck feathers or something.. Or maybe Getha latex pillow would do just fine.. hmm..

Give it a week la.. Hopefully everything's gonna be okay. Or not, kena pegi specialist la..heh.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 HESS Family Day

(Okay,this might be quite a long and boring entry! Sorry babes u have to bare with me for a while! hehe)

Last weekend, after the AUDC days were over, Girl invited me and Naz to join the Hess Family day at Port Dickson with Girl’s family. Was held at Guoman Hotel Port Dickson. For 3 days and 2 nights… so, ape lagi..kitorang join je la.. hehe.. =)

Day One

The journey to PD took about 4 hours! Because Girl’s big sis wanted to join the treasure hunt contest. Or not, we could arrive PD in less than 2 hours.. hehe..
So.. for the treasure hunters, we had to decorate our car.. and to dress up a lil’ bit for there was a competition for that too.
Flag off was at Titiwangsa @ 3.00pm. Our team named ‘The Wave’ by the way. Dunno why we chose that name. Maybe because of the thing that Naz's colored and drew looked like waves kot. Hehe.

Naz busy coloring the waves

Pimp my ride..heheh

It turns out that we were the only one that has decorated our car! =)

HESS GM,Mr. Robert and Harries's pony

..and The Waves family.. or rather the New Yorkers..haha

The treasure hunt was really exciting! And funny too..tergelak2 nak selesaikan benda tu.. Especially the ‘go-ahead-nod’ part! Girl laa.. suka sgt buat lawak.. Hehee..
We were really trying to understand what the quote was all about.. We got the answer only until the last half an hour…
If I’m not mistaken, the quote says:
“It sounds like a go ahead nod when you take an O out of the brand’s name,
It is next to the color of hulk,
And is best to serve with Aladdin’s lover,
With add something less to make it healthy.”

Or something. Can’t really remember it.

Puas kitorang dok memikir kan… Rupa2 nye it was Yeo’s Jasmine Green Tea.

YeO's Jasmine(Aladdin's lover) Green Tea(color of hulk) with less sugar

At first we thought it was the Super Power coffee or something..
Sbb kan iklan dia ada mcm Jin hijau tu.. hehe.. Tp pikir2 balik tak lojic, tak kan nak suruh beli mahal2 pulak, sampai 16ringgit sbb yg mase Mamee tu murah je, bape sen je. Lgpun,yg jasmine and green tea tu kitorang mcm dah agak.. hehe.

So puas kitorang cari Jasmine green tea.. Brand je yang mcm tak dpt agak lg.. pastu nasib baik ternampak air Yeo’s tu.. The moment Naz nampak je air kotak Yeo’s tu, kitorang menjerit excited kuat giler! hehehe..
Ye la, after 3 hours of thinking what the heck it was, of course we’re excited! Semua org dlm kedai terkejut pandang pelik..haha.. malu k! ;p
But never mind, the answer was right. hehe..

Sampai2 jer… fuh.. badan saket!! 4 hours in car! hehe.. But nvm, we had fun! Best sgt! Dah la kakak girl tu klaka. Huhu =)

baru sampai

Ouh I was so excited, katil dia best! Besarr!! Huhu.. dunno what size they are. It’s smaller than a Queen-sized bed, but bigger than a Super-single sized bed,tho. Boleh tdo 2 org dgn sgt selesa.. hmm.. Maybe it’s a princess-sized bed, I think. Heh.

Our room
The beautiful view from our room

We're arrived at our room mase dah nak dekat maghrib, then terus mandi, solat, etc cuz around 8pm we had a BBQ dinner at Aquamarine & Open space. I prefer to eat in the Aquamarine, ada air-cond. plus it’s a non-smoking area. But they wanted to eat outside.. So, terpaksa berhijrah la.. heh. I don’t mind pun…

Although it was a buffet dinner, I didn’t really eat heavy meals that much. Just one piece of meat. And 3 rounds of shark’s fin soup (I really love shark’s fin soup, btw) It was scrumptious! And some deserts…

We're bloated after that..

Then later Girl and Naz ajak main foosball.. I suck at this game. So I played only one round because Girl made fun of me. Huhu. Plus tgn saya saket and I’m sick of losing. hehee.. So I played a car racing game instead.. Token dia 1 jek. So ok la. huhu.

Girl suke main tipuu.. heh ;p

Then later, it was time for our bed! Ahh.. What a long day we had!

Day Two

9.00 am: Breakfast at Aquamarine.
I ate a lot, man! Was really damn starving and food was really good! hehe

My starter: Salads and some chicken ham and beef bacon

Cereals mix with some peaches

Mushroom omelet with cheese, baked beans and tomato, and hash browns&chicken sausages

Nasi Lemak

Strawberry yogurt, some pastries and a brownie

Burpppp.. My stomach felt BIGGG.. heh =P
Haih.. mcm mane laa mau kurus ini macam..huhu.

Then, around 10.30am, we gathered at the lawn area for the opening ceremony and a Fun Tele-match and then followed by a prize giving session..

Opening ceremony by Aidan Mckay, the vice president

Adam Harries with his Ibu. They were the Green Team.

Run Harries! Run!

Girl joined the Tele-Match too. Main pecah2 belon.

tired Auntie Girl and her little man

I’m not sure which team won.
After all prizes have been given away, we went to the face painting and henna booth. We had our hand painting session. I got one for myself! hehee =)

I wanted a high heel shoes pic or maybe a crown or a star. But unfortunately we can’t choose the pictures cuz they had their list already. =( So I chose a rose to be painted on my wrist instead.
I’ve always wanted to have a tattoo at my wrist if I were to have a tattoo. I personally think it’s sexy. Hehee ;p

Flower Power!

Later, we had our lunchie at Aquamarine. I didn’t eat much. My stomach was still full at that time. So I took coffee and some kids meal like sausages, nuggets, etc only.

And then of course, we had our photo momentos. Hehe.

..and this is Naz’s so-called artistic photos; a glass in a glass. Hehee ;p

and this..

Okay, this one's nice ;)

Gedik Santai.haha

Then we all balik bilik and rehat, solat, ,mandi, baring, tdo, take pictures sum more..huhu and sempat main try2 baju for the dinner. Hehe.. I was told that we have to wear something red for the dinner and they also gave us a little something to be worn for that night.

They gave us a kain pelikat and a songket..

So then, Naz and I tried to 'invent' a new style. Haha. I mean, obviously there will be plenty of people to wear the songket like some sort of kain or sarong or pareo. Or something. You know like the usual ones..
I wanted to look a bit different.heh.. ;p

So, after we tried to lilit the songket here and there for an hour, then only we got the idea. Huhu. My outfit was quite simple,tho.
We couldn’t think of anything else because the kain was not enough.
Anyway, it was the combination of Naz’s and my ideas to make it look like that.huhu.
Big thanks to u Naz, for being my ‘designer’. Hehee.

Later, around 5pm, Girl ajak mandi with little Harries and his ibu . I didn’t have swimming attire. Plus, it was freakishly hot.
And I wasn’t really in the mood to be tanned because I already have a golden brown skin tone. Haha.

..but I brought essential stuffs for them to use or borrow. huhu.
You know like sunblock lotions for face and body, tinted moisturizer, tanning lotion(to get the bronzing and shiny effect! saje menggedik! haha =P), the after-sun cream.. some magazines and novel, ipod, sunglasses, lipbalm/lipgloss, body and face spray, and some wet tissues..

Stuff to bring in your beach bag..hehe ;p

So me and Naz just walked around the pool area and took some pichas.hehe.
That's what we do! =)

Harries and his mom

Ouh,me being so poyo.hehee


After girl had finished swimming, we got back to our room and started to get ready for the gala dinner.
While getting dressed, I dunno why I was freaking nervous. Maybe because for the first time ever I was gonna wear something that is not exactly real clothes and not really myself. Plus, I haven’t really got the chance to try it for a lot of times.
I mean, for the first time ever, I’m gonna wear a songket without any seam and my outfit for that night all depends on my safety pins.

So there I was, thinking what if suddenly when I walk, the pins all broke and gone?
What if my headscarf suddenly undone by itself?(cuz I wasn’t wearing any pins!)
What if I fell when I walk in my 4 inch heels and they’re not that comfortable cuz I haven’t bite them. What if this, what if that, etc..

And Girl was serious about giving my name to the kakak in charged for me to be nominated for the Best Dressed.
And I seriously do not want that to happen as I have a serious freakishly stage fright!

So there I was, getting ready in the room while being so penakut and nervous and menggelabah.haha. Pastu Girl saje tambah kan lagi my nervousness.
She said she will put my name in the HESS Got Talent competition. She wanted me to sing pulak! I was damn freaked out sebab Girl ni bukan nye boleh caya sgt kadang2.. Hee.
And I am not the kind of a person who can be spontaneous any time, any where. Ever.
For a moment there, I thought I was getting ready for my wedding because I was feeling a lil' edgy and freaky. Haha. =P

Dah la kitorang siap lambat! hadei..

...and Erykah Badu did go to the ball! hehee

Luckily kakak Girl arrived early so they have reserved seats for us. And our table was at the front corner of the stage. Depan speaker. Pekak telinga haku..

Tiga Sekawan @ Hess gala dinner

There were quite a number of people who compliments my whole attire for that night.hehee. ;)
All thanks to my buddy, Naz, Girl’s mom’s scarf and also Girl, for invited me to this family day thingy.
Thanks gurls. =)

the atmosphere at HESS gala dinner, all RED! We're the Man United supporters! heh.

Everybody was wearing red!! It was like a Chinese New Year and we’re having the ‘makan besar’ thing. Hehe.
but I did not makan besar at all. I was too nervous to have two things in my stomach; butterflies and heavy foods! Hehee. Tengah makan pun Girl lagi kena2 kan saya… iskk..
Dia suruhnye haku nyanyi jap lagi. mana laa aku tak menggelabah!

While having dinner, there were pictures playback for the past 2 days programmed and then, there were also emcee games with participants.
It was really fun and exciting! I like one of the games, that requires the wifey to stick her hubby’s body and face with cello tape on whichever part they like as many as possible and then to take all the stickers off using only their mouth within 5 minutes.

It was so cute to see them kissing and biting their hubbies’s faces and heads and other body parts. The team that has many stickers left loses.

the woman in the green sarong dress won!

And then there were also the answer presentation of the Treasure Hunt contest and of course prize giving to winners. We didn’t win for the treasure hunting part. But we won the decorating car part! hehe.
Durh, it was obvious that we're the winner cuz none of them who has decorated their cars. huhu. And the prize was a RM 100 Isetan vouchers!

Well, at least our effort's being paid off! Woohoo! Another reason to go shopping! heheh ;p

Tok Mak & Harries

Later, it was time for HESS Got Talent… few people were singing. I think there were about 4 participants kot..

And then…there comes my part! I was nominated for the Best Dressed for the night. There were 6 nominees altogether. We had to act like were models. and there’s a lil’ bit of interviews and after that, we had to catwalk a bit.
Huh, as expected, I was sooo menggelabah! I almost fainted okay!
Luckily I did not. Phew.

The contestants

Anyway, here's my video:

hehehe.. =P

The winner was based on crowd cheering when our names be called upon. The crowd cheered boisterously for each and every model. Klaka pun ade jugak. And it was quite a tough decision to make for the judges to judge for the cheers of the fans.heheh. Sbb semua pun mcm lebih kurang je jeritan diorang..huhu..

Ok, obviously I did not win. I am not even one of HESS staffs.
So of course no body would recognize me to cheer out loud for me. Ha-ha. (it is as if I were the Hess staff member, I'd win..huhu) =P Heh..

But never mind, after all I am not dressed to win for that 100bucks Isetan vouchers. (Although if I get it would be great. I mean, I could buy new shoes for free!) Hehe ;p

Anyway, the Miss Hess for 2008 was this girl

She was wearing a red dress with a pink songket wrapped around her waist and a red patent pumps

After prizes had been given to all the best dressed male, female, boy and girl, there was a singing contest. There were 3 groups and each group had to pretend and act like they were a rock band.
All songs that were played were more like a classic rock song.. or perhaps a rock kapak song. Huhu.

"Sweet Child O' Mine"

sway with me..

And then prize giving session and lucky draw.
After that, free and easy karaoke but we didn’t wait until the whole event was over.
Kitorang penat nak balik and tdo terus.. huhu.
Tapi sempat amik gambar lagi b4 balik..hehee =)

With Taka, a japanese guy who won for the Best Dress-male

Day 3

It was our last day!
Bangun pagi2, and we had our last breakfast at Aquamarine

Lepas mkn kitorang gi naik Banana Boat! Takot!! Seb baik air x dalam..huhu.. dah laa haku x reti berenang..
But it was fun!!! Mase terbalik tu terkejut giler! hehee

kitorang dah tenggelam..heh

Pastu balik bilik..mandi,siap2 and start packing our stuff cuz it was time for us to go home! sobs. =(

my bags..err..for 3 days.huhu =P


This was the best Family Day I've ever gone to! Seriously, MAB pun x sebest nih.. hehee..

Ok, thats all for today! Tata..

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