Friday, April 27, 2012

My day so far..

Long (boring) journey
Sleeping. Dreaming. Sleeping.
Back pain
Knee pain
Everywhere pain
Cursing my shoes ;p
Japanese dinner
Room Service Spa at my room
Relaxing Massage
Chocolate Sugar Scrub
Chocolate Facial Treatment
Chocolate Bath


Hehe. Oh, I'm sooo...gonna sleep well tonight! Body feels soooooo goooooddd after a loooooong and tiring day! hehe. Awesome massage and scrub!! Love the chocolatey smell on me!! ^__^

Okay..gotta catch my sleep. Tomorrow we're going jalan-jalan some more. Night! Catch you later!! ;)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I survived Hong Kong! :p

Just a quick update you guys!

I just came back from Hong Kong two days ago.. and was awesome traveling on my own, without daddy's supervision! hehe.. I feel so grown up! LOL ;p are some of the many pics I took during my short trip to Hong Kong. Will update more on this, promise! ;)

.....and now, I gotta start unpacking my luggage and pack new stuff for my next trip... which is.......tomorrow! Erk. *still haven't decide what to bring!*

Ok, I really gotta go now...I have to pack my stuff and catch my flight tomorrow at noon, to Jakarta! Will be back on Tuesday! - I have booked a full week at a spa to unwind, and relax my tired body! hihihihi.. Okay byeeee!

Take care girls! Will write soon! ;)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can't Wait! :)

This was the last time I went to Disneyland. Oh, can't wait to be there again! ;)
Such fun, happy times!!! Doakan saya selamat pulang dan pergi ya! Tata!

See you there Disneyland! 



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camwhoring with My Favourite Mask! :p

Remember last time I did a review on the Leaders Clinie masks? Well...I gotta say, it's my favourite sheet mask now!! Yes, it IS the best face mask I have ever tried so far! Seriously! I love the fact that the material of the mask itself is soooo thin and the amount of serum/ampoule that's soaked in there is a lot!!!! It is definitely not like the usual sheet mask, really!!! And that's why I just have to tell you girls again, how awesome this mask is! hehe. 

Anyway, since I've mentioned to you girls last time about these masks, so today..I'm gonna share with you my most favourite mask! 
.........and yes, I camwhored with it laa, of course! (Note: The things I do when I like/love something! HAHA ;P)

Okayy..let's start! hehee

"Okay...Hmmm...... Today I think I'm gonna share with my readers what is my fave masks since I haven't blog about beauty stuff for quite some time.."

"Oh, I just remembered, this week I haven't had a facial at home yet! So it's perfect timing! hehe. So yeah, gonna post an entry about a mask then!!"

"But hurmm....which one shall I pick? 
Last time I did the TeaTree one, since I got a pimple that I guess, this time I'm gonna use the hydration mask then.. Because since my skin is clear from acne now, but just a bit dehydrated. So, I'm definitely gonna need a soaking wet face mask!"

These are the two essentials! hehe. It's from the Leaders Clinie!"

"But today, I'm gonna choose this blue coloured packaging! 
This one, is for hydration, girls! And also to achieve softer and smoother skin! It balances out the sebum production, purify the skin and tighten the pores! Mmmm...sounds great, ain't it?! So let's try!"

"The N.M.F stands for Natural Moisturising Factor."

(Sorry. I was using my webcam in this entry. So that explains why the photo above appeared terbalik!)

"Let's see..what do they have in here..."

" wet and so thin and so soft, ah??!" 


"Boo!" haha. ;p

"Their masks fit nicely on my face, and it would stick on snugly on the skin! 
Very very comfortable, I tell you! And what's cool is that, the skin can still breathe with the mask on! 
So yes, this gotta be one favourite mask of mine!" 

"The texture of the sheet is soooo good as well.. 
Oh, I really love this mask, I gotta admit!"

"Ok dah habis pakai.. Dah boleh posing dah." Hahahah ;p

 Okayy... See that... There's only little parts on the skin that has air! This mask is too soft, it'll stick on snugly on the skin! - Especially the sides of the mask..normally other sheet masks that I tried before doesn’t really stick on well. So this like an airtight mask, I would say! haha - The mask has covered and sealed my face entirely! I like! I like I like! 

Wait for 20 minutes for the serum to absorb!

Okayy...dah pakai mask, apa lagi... Posing depan webcam ni lah jawabnya kan! hahaha. 
Nama pun entry khas untuk facial mask kannnn... So muka saya je la yang awak tengok yerrr.. Hahaha ;p

"Ok, time's up! It's 20 minutes already! Let's remove the mask!"

"Tada! My skin is soooooo moist now!!

....and glowing too! hehe"

"Pat dry the skin, and you can see the instant result it gave your skin! For me, the skin felt more hydrate..and the pores seem a bit smaller! So yeayyyy!!"

Mmm...go get it girls! It's really an awesome mask! ;)
You can purchase it through here: Hansaegee Nature website! I got mine from there..they are the only ones selling this brand in Malaysia, I think?

Overall, I would rate Leaders Clinic Mask a 4.5 stars out of 5! This is mainly because I really like the material of the sheet, (they're using a silk cellulose sheet) and how it fits nicely on my skin. Plus, the amount of serum/essence/ampoules or whatever they called, in each pack is really a lot! It's like there's more content than mask!! hehe. - Because there was some serum dripping off when I took the mask out of the pack! And it was a wee bit hard to unfold the mask when I took it out from the pack, cuz it was sticking with each other as it was too wet with the essence/ampoule! So yeah...the mask is really really good! xD

Go get it, and let's camwhore with the mask on like I won't be the only one that is a freak, who likes taking lotsa photos during a mask is still on the face! hahaha ;p

Ok, take care girls! See you in the next post!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday with Shida

Ok. Kami gedix. HAHA ;p

Had breakfast with my friend, Shida in Marriott on Sunday. We sure did a lot of camwhoring session. heheee. - I will update you later on that. Right now...I just thought I wanted to post my attire on that day since a lot of people thought I look good (via FB/Instagram - though I think I look rather...umm...normal..? heh. I mean nothing extravagant. Just normal/plain/boring colours on me...)

Ok anyway, so here's what I wore..

MNG scarf that I turn it into a turban
Earrings from Aldo
An off-white studded shirt from Warehouse
A black silk pants from Topshop
A chunky bronze ring from Diva
Black shoes
Grey leather bag

Yums! Their waffle is niceee!

Hahaaaa... We ate a lot! ;p

Shida and I

The Gedix Wears Prada ;p

Have a happy week ahead everyone! ;)

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