Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adding More Colors to My Work Attires

When I think about what to wear to work, black and white always comes into my mind.. It's like, there's no other colors than those two!

Every single time when I think about working/office outfits, I don't know why...but those two colors would pop into my head, and then I'd start remembering the tops that I have in those two colors and started to imagine what to wear it with, and just 'suddenly', forget or rather abandoned my others tops in my closet.. Sigh... It's like my mind has been set to think, that colored tops are only for outings..and only black/white is appropriate for office. Ha. Ha.

Although...black or white does seem 'decent' and would always appropriate and always nice to wear to work...rather than bold striking colors (at least, I think so! ;p)
Because I really think that you can never go wrong with those two colors...

But then...  When I look at the clothes that I tried on for the office wear last time, when I was playing dress up in my room.. I realized how boring that color is! Most of them are black or white! Ugh. How boringggg! Kan?! =(

So.. I dived into my closet, and try to find some colors..to inject in my working attires.. And.. I found some!! Hoorah! How can I forget that they've been hiding in there all awhile this time?

Thus today, I thought I wanted to share some of my colored / 'fun' working attire that I have in my closet (which I didn't realized I have it for so long already!), apart from black or white..  LOL ;p

So these are some of it! (Errr... I knowww, there's still black & white that I tried on, in here! Haha. I just couldn't leave this color, could I? ;p)

1. A boyfriend shirt in Navy Blue which I bought in Jusco. Cinch it with a woven Grey waist belt

2. Club Monaco Black White blazer, pair it with a zebra printed spaghetti-strapped shirt from a vintage store

3. Green Mustard blouse with pockets and gold buttons. Got this from my mom! It was hers. She wore it in the 80's..and now, hands it down to me! Oh, I love vintage stuff! - I wore it with a Black pencil skirt from Cotton On

4. Animal printed tops. Can wear them alone, or with some waist cinchers. - In this picture, the Brown cheetah printed top is from Topshop. And the Black & White cheetah printed top is from Zara. And the Black waist cincher is from Coast

5. A long sleeved Mimpikita Zara pleated Green chiffon top.

6. Cerulean colored chiffon shirt with pleats at the front. From FCUK

7. A Cream colored oversized cardigan from MNG, an Orange silk tank top from Portmans and a scarf from Marks & Spencer

8. Karen Millen 3/4 sleeved zippered top, in striking Yellow

9. Waterfall blouses. The Red one from Principles. And Black from Warehouse. (And the Grey vest is from Zara)

10. Red checkered top/jacket from Forever 21.

11. Violet blazer from Agenda.  Dark purple halter top from Seed. White pants from Warehouse. White patent bag from Dior

12. A Turquoise sleeveless silk top from Target. Black blazer from a vintage store. Scarf from Warehouse.

Hmm...after listing out all the rainbow colors, above... I realized, I did not try any of my Pink tops! That's so weird! For a girl who likes pink...hehee
Well, maybe next time when I wanna try out my clothes and play dress up in my room again, I'll snap some pinkies... Ok?  ;)

So tell me ladies, what is your usual color that you wear to work? Share with me! Is it black and white as well? hehe ;p



  1. I always wore colorful blouse n shirts to office. but black n white still kena ada jg.safe attire to office teeheee ;p

  2. I always love color terang-terang!

    I suka no 5, 6, 8, 9 :)

  3. hi waney...

    last night i mimpi u one family (except aizat and ur along) solat berjemaah dalam bilik i.
    seriously i tak tahu kenapakah i mimpi mcam tu....

    neway, u sangat comel.

  4. i like no.1,2,7,10 & 11...
    and the rest quite not suits with you lah darling..too oldies for you i think..
    its just my 2 cents shazwani...

  5. errrr blue black that some ppl mistakenly tot as black?

    hehehehehehe used to wear those "funky colors" when in marketing line n office attire yg not so office attire. but now in diff line, yg require serious looks so juz black, white, dark blue n dark brown

  6. I love love love number 3,6,8 and 9!
    probably cuz i just love shirred shoulder blouse kot? haha! you looked fab as usual babe! :)

  7. ohhh i loveee injecting colours into my work attire or else misti boring jee rase. i have yellow, blue, cerulean,plum, tangerine, yellow. senang cakap my bajus are like pensel warna luna lah hehe. semua ade. hehe. eh twit i dont have brown n grey. somehow my eyes misti attracted to the ones yg colour nye bright2.
    now im collecting headbands to match 'em lol

    - AD

  8. wanie, baju semua cantik2. tp macam x brapa nk sesuai la dengan umur wanie sekarang ni. too serious dan mcm bleh buat wanie lagu up 5 thn kot... it just my 2 cent.

  9. stormz: kan? black/white is the safest color for office! hehe,, tp boringgg.. I love colorful outfits!

    reena: i pon! ;)

    annis: LOL. omg..funny jer..masuk ni, dah brapa org (stranger) asik mimpi psl me n my family solat jemaah..huhu..
    what does that mean eh? mcm scary pulakk..hehee

    anonymous: oh really? hehe.. well yeah..im not getting any younger! So, main try2 baju 'org tua' la..heh ;p
    but thanks for ur thots.. wud try to avoid looking old by wearing that! ;)

    suryati: oh ok... Hmm... kalau mktg line, mesti boleh pakai any fun, funky tops kannn..without being judged or something...hehe.. Best nyaaa ;)

    afra: awww thanks! i love number 6, 8 and 9 too! hehe

    anonymous1: ahhhh..that is so coooool!! wish all of my baju have all the colors like urs!!!

    anonymous2: heh. what age does these baju are for, actually? i thot office attire shud look serious? yes? no? hmm..


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