Sunday, February 20, 2011

50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend!


Can't believe my blog is featured in the fabulous InTrend magazine, again! - Last year, my blog was listed and chosen as the "Blog Pilihan InTrend" in their April 2010 issue. (And they gave me an Anna Sui items for that! - So thank you! ^_^) And this year... my blog was listed in their March 2011 issue as the "50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend" pulakk! How awesome!!
God..I love InTrend!!!! I feel like hugging the InTrend people now! hehe ^_^

I still remember, back in the days when InTrend was still new in the magazine world..and when I was not a blogger yet, I started buying lots of magazines, every month and read them faithfully as my fave pastime - and yes, InTrend was one of them! How can I not purchased them? It's a fabulous Bahasa Malaysia's magazine so far! ;)

So..anyway, everyday, whenever I have a free time during my high school and uni years, I would flip through all the pretty dresses, beautiful people, fabulous cosmetics, fantastic stories, and everything nice in those magazines, and cut them out, and put on this one board in my room, which I call it as a Hall of Fame Board, and named/wrote it as "Be Beautiful. Be Awesome" on top of the photo board, for the title.. - as an inspiration, motivation, to achieve all that when I look at the words and photos! hehe. (And I also secretly hoping to be featured in one of those magazines too.. one day, some day! HAHA ;p)

And little that I know... My little dreams came true. LOL! ;p

After flipping through the magazines for years and years, and not expecting to be featured in a fab mag or anywheree at all... Suddenly... somebody told me, that I was featured in the InTrend mag! I'm so surprised and exciteddd! hehe ^_^

Well...ok fine. Not exactly me, myself. But... my blog! haha. ;p
But who cares.. Still the same thinggg! I owned this blog right..and most importantly, they still put my face in there! can be counted as "masuk majalah" still, rightt??! Hahahahahaa! ;p

Anyway, enough babbling. Here's a little piece of me and my blog in the magazine! I'm so excited! Cuz they put so many of my fave stuff in there! I'm pretty sure my flower brooches/corsages, my rings, and my clothes would be very thankful to me! haha ^_^

My blog is listed in the Fashionista blog category, alongside with Emmagem, Fashion Online Malaysia, Proudduck, Tongue Chic, and other fabulous bloggers!

By the way, in that 50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend, they have 5 categories altogether, which includes Usahawan, Fesyenista, Perkahwinan, Hijab, and Cahaya Mata. - I thought mine would be in the Hijab category! Never mind..let's hope for that, for next year pulak! hehehe ;p

Go get yourself a copy now..and see what are those 50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend, and add them in your Bookmark/Favourite page!!! ^_^



You don't know how much this means to me! hehee. So thank you so much for listing me and my little blog in there! Here's to the team that has made this amazing Klik dan Blog column! Mmmmmmuacks!! ;)

P/s: I never knew I'm a "Fashionista"?? Heeee. ;p
Hurm...maybe after this, I should blog more about what I wear from top to toe, ey? Would that be good? What do you think? hehe



hanani said...

Tahniah wani.. :)

Entri Terkini: Mampukah MRT atasi kesesakan?

::whimsicalbiela:: said...

wooowww,, superbb,, congrats sis ((=

shilazizi said...

Congrats wanie...u're so fabulous!!!

cutefroggie said...

congrats wany..katak_ayu nak bagi kissss..muah!

Kancilbiru said...

wow congrats btw..:)

Daleela said...

wah.. congrates dear..

efa fairuz said...

nice to see u've been featured in Intrend again! that's also my fav magazine alongside cosmopolitan.. nice one wany!

oh i guess u should do that, the top to toe coverage on what you wear n whatnot.. :D

Yaya said...


Ami Schaheera said...

salam shazwani, thanks to you i got to know me & friends are also featured in In-Trend :D

Gotta go run and buy one now haha <3

~aL!n~ said...

hai wany..

congrates! u mmg fashionita pom..

btw, fyi, i knew ur blog frm in trend la..terus follow...hekhekhek

menunggu dan terus menunggu for ur fashion's entry ya..hahaha

gud luck dear!


~aL!n~ said...

hai wany..

congrates! u mmg fashionita pom..

btw, fyi, i knew ur blog frm in trend la..terus follow...hekhekhek

menunggu dan terus menunggu for ur fashion's entry ya..hahaha

gud luck dear!


hana said...

congrats to u dear!!..
sangat setuju dgn pilihan intrend!!!nuachhss!!!..

shilazizi said...

salam wani, just blogwalking.

congrats for being famous blogger by In Trend. U deserve it!

lil sharky said...


Nur Syazana Ramli said...


Ms Dots said...

Believe me you're not dreaming girl.. you really a fashionist..

reena said...


Oh yes. Please buat entry 'What I Wear' Wani!

oh farah said...

weeee!! blog saya pun ada lah!!! :D

Anonymous said...



schazwany hameed said...

Awwww..thank you everyone!!! You girls are awesome!!! *BIG HUG TO EACH ONE OF YOU!* ;)

kamariah said...

congrates deserved it..oh anyway,i was your silent reader but now not silent anymore..hehe

Zainatun Adilah said...

Omg i was like, am i really really there? Why?? Hhahaaha thanks for the info!

Delicious-Cuppies said...

tahniah dear! u deserve it... :-) like reading blog.. like u even never see u or meet u as a person... :-) but by reading ur blog makes me feel like i know u very well... hehehehe...

cik nur said...

wani congarate yer my dear
hepi blogging yooo

LadySiti said...

cayalah dude...I like!

eB ezrin said...

hi there, when we r listed... betoi ker dpt something?... boleh reply x?... nak tau la... x tau pn psl tuh... tq

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