Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Leave Your House Without Brushing Your Lashes!

Yes girls. Do not leave your eye lashes go nude when you're going out, and all dress up! Do brush them, and coat them with your mascara! They too, need something to wear when you're out and about in town! ^_^

Mascara is an absolute essential element in your makeup routine. If you weren't blessed with long dark lashes, then wearing mascara is a necessary evil. No question! If you're really late for whatever day and date at all, never ever leave your mascara! At least toss it in your handbag, and you can wear it in the car, or in the loo later on..or something.

You can forget your foundation, your eye liner, and even your lipstick when you're running late..but not mascara! Of all the basic make up essentials, mascara should be on top of your list, ok?!

So wear mascara everyday, everywhere. Got it? hehe ;p

Different brushes, give you different result.. So..choose wisely and according to your preference!

Just think about what a great mascara can do for you! - It could open up your eye and make it look bigger (and maybe flirtier) and then you pair it with your beautiful smile, and... Walla! - It instantly can create an entire look on your pretty face, honey!

So, wear mascara no matter what! Okie? ^_^

"I want long, long, longerrrr lashes pleaseeee!"

Anyway...I'd like to share with you girls my favourite mascaras in the world! I have tons of them! (This indecisive girl can never have one item that she likes! Everything also want to like oneee. Pffft). So here's my stash of my mascaras that I have currently, and the ones that I likeee...

I have 3 cute mascara containers from Stila, which I got years ago when I was their Girlfriend Club member. So anyway, each container I put different category of mascaras..

LOL. I arrange them according to their prices, and not according to their brushes! Like volumizing, lengthening etc! haha. 

Anyway, obviously the cheap ones are the most crowded ones! Just cause I wear them practically they'd run out so fast. Thus, I need a lot of back ups in there! (Yes, even to mamak stall, I'd wear my mascara. Heeee ;p)
Then, the medium price range, I'll put in another different container. These are the ones I wear occasionally.. like for outings ke.. and maybe sometimes to work/school..
Then the expensive ones. I only wear these on my special days. And on a date too! ;) let see what are my favourites among all these 30++ tube of mascaras that I have in there!

The "Not so Pricey" Range (RM 40 and below):
1. Rimmel Sexy Curves
2. Kate Dolly Lash
3. Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eye
4. Maybelline Define-A-Lash
5. Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express
6. In2it (I don't know the full name, but the brush is something like this!)
7. Maybelline Sky High Curves (Sorry forgot to add this!)

The "Quite Pricey" Range (RM 50 to RM 65):
1. Stila Multi-Effect
2. Stila MAJOR Major Lash (Oh,I love the name! hehe)
3. Bloom Full and Flirty
4. Stila Fibre Optic
5. Stila Major Lash
6. Clinique Lash Power (sorry, not in the picture - I left it in my handbag, I think!)
7. Make Up Forever Lengthening (sorry, not in the picture - it's inside my gym bag!)

(Btw, I got my Stila dosage from a friend who lives in the US. Thank God for that! ^_^)

The "Pricey" Range (RM 70 to RM 100++):
1. Estee Lauder MagnaScopic
2. Lancome Hynose
3. Christian Dior DiorShow
4. Christian Dior DiorShow Iconic (sorry, not in the picture- it's inside my handbag!)
5. Lancome Oscillation (sorry, not in the picture- it's inside my car! LOL)

So these are the ones that I like! What do you like, ladies? =)
Oh and by the way, I usually would wear at least, 2 different mascaras at a time! - Paling banyak pernah pakai, 5 sekaligus! LOL. And, in my handbag, I'd usually carry 3 different mascaras with me.. I don't know why.. Sometimes I don't even wear them to touch up or's just, my habit. I'm used to carry a lot of mascaras with me, wherever I go.. I just feel safe doing that..hehe

So..which mascara do you girls like to wear? Share with me! Maybe I can try too! - Or maybe we share the same taste in mascara? If yes, gimme five, honey! ^_^

P/s: Sorry for the low quality pictures. I only use my iPhone for this post, as my fat camera is inside my car! - Haihh..I left everything in the car, kann? Haiya. =/



  1. dni suka ..

    Avon Super Shock Mascara, Maybelline Magnum, Sendayu Tinggi Mascara, Lancome Oscillation..


    4 mascara ni selalu dalam stok bekas mekap dni hehe.

  2. OMGGGGGG banyaknya mascara u Waniiiii! Yup, i agree. Mascara is a MUSTTTT! Hmm..I jenis habis satu, baru beli baru. My fav for yang pricey is Lancome Virtuose & for wallt friendly, Maybelline Define A Lash & Revlon Luscious.

  3. Salam Wani,

    You should try Estee Lauder Mascara.
    Really can make you eyes like doll.

  4. Totally love the In2it!! Senang nak remove. Sky high curves dah takde kan dekat Malaysia?
    It was my first mascara.
    Masa tu around 2004. :)

  5. my fav is from diorshow iconic mascara which is given by my SIL...swear by this mascara!brush dia mcm yg double intensity mmg buat eyelashes jadi sgt cantik..hehe..

  6. waaaa banyaknyeeeeeeeeeeeee . takmau buat giveaway ke ? heeee

  7. Waaa...Banyak nya u'r collection..Habis guna ke tak??

    Entri Terkini: Top 10 Gajet 4G popular..

  8. awesome collection! i love stila major lash toooo! awesome aite? hhihi

  9. Dear, try Chanel Mascara Volume Intense, Intense volume & curl mascara , 10 smoky noir

    omg- their blush is totally my BIG ♥

  10. Wani, just wondering since you love mascara so much, how do you remove it each and every time u nak solat? Isn't it tedious to do so? And u have a lot of mascara! You do know that mascara has a "life span" of 3 months once it's opened kan? Just curios, how do you keep up in finishing all the tubes in 3 mths?

  11. ardini: thanks for sharing! gonna try that avon lah nanti!! ^_^

    reena: oh revlon luscious pon best ek? havent tried that! n definitely gonna buy it!! thanks dear!

    anonymous: yeah..i love my magna scopic from estee lauder! ^_^

    jajalzzati: aah dah takde.. tp overseas ada lagi =)

    kak suzie: yes yes yesss! bulu mata nmpk cantik kannnn?! i pon sukaaaa! tp mahal! sobs =(

    just wanie: heh. Insyallah nanti i buat k! ;)

    nur hanani: errr...habisssss...hehee ;p

    anonymous: gimme five!! ;))

    peggy wong: oh really? ive tried a few chanel mascaras b4..but i dun really like the result..hehe.. but, the one that u told me...hmm..i havent tried that one yet! So..gonna give it a try then! thanks dear!

    anonymous: yes of course I know the mascara lifespan is only for 3 months.. But, being me, who wears mascara practically the whole time n with a fat amount of it everytimeee... I can say that my mascara stays with me for a very short period of timeee! hehehe. - The longest i think...Maybe about 2 months? heeeeee ;p
    N btw, I normally would purchase the non waterproof ones. I dont like the wax in the waterproof they always make my eyelashes go bald! haha.. So, most of the time, i'd be using water to clean it up...or my make up remover: fasio or shu uemura

  12. wanyyy!
    i pun ada mascara in2it tu! just bought it last week, new arrival kan!
    it's called balloon brush, hahah, comel kan! n seronok pakai mascara tu, comel bulat n easy n won't clump ur eyelashes! loves it!
    n i pun ada rimmel sexy curves n maybelline magnum volum express. have u tried the latest maybelline mascara, mcm magnum gak tp dia film/superfilm or something film, lupa plak..yg tu pun mcm best je, senang nk apply =) n i think yg tu lg better than magnum volum express, IMHO.

    oh, in your previous post, psl color teal kan...yeah, i pun obses dgn teal gak skrg ni, rasa mcm color tu stood out the most antara color lain, well, selain merah (fav color)..

  13. Love the tips! Thanks for sharing!


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