Friday, February 4, 2011

The Guy that Made me Stayed Up All Night

His name is Luan. He's an American citizen living in Texas.... He's actually a black women who's stuck in an Asian guy's body! Well.. a Vietnamese, to be exact! hehe.

And yeah, he's gay. Hehe.

He is a YouTuber who talks about his life and what's happening, or what revolves around his world.. I stayed up all night long, until morning, just to watch all of his videos!! Yes, ALL! Seriously, this guy rocks! ;) (but... he does curse a lot!)
And for the first time everrr, I like gay! hahahaha.. They are too funny! (Not that I hate them before.. It's just, I never really have gay it never really occur to me to like or dislike them.. hehe)

By the way..I found his video on Facebook, posted by my friend one night.. and then, just after watching that video, I immediately subscribed to him! He's just too damn funny. I have never laughed out loud so hard, practically all the time, whenever I watch anyone's YouTube channel.. All of his videos are worth watching.. He's just soooo funny! Watching him, makes me wanna have a gay bestfriend! LOL ;p
I really really really like him! He never fail to crack me up!! ;p

So here's a few of my favourites! It's a gotta watch all of his vids.. It's worth it! He's SO FUNNY! And btw, he has a few YouTube account actually. (Yes, I stalked him! LOL. ;p). So...go on, and watch him! hehe

Oh and by the way... may I remind you again, he cursed a lot.. Yes, A LOT. hehehhee.. So if you're sensitive about that...err...just shut your ears..ok? heh ;p Because he really does swear and curse a lot! Oh, and he also talks super fast..which I likeee! ^_^

These are my most favourite! I'm gonna list all the 8 videos that I love! Do watch them! He's super hilarious!

Okay..happy watching! ;)

1. You don't need a boyfriend to feel good!

"WHY bitch? Bitch WHY?!"

"Calm your tits!"


2. This bitch in Calculus..

"I'm talkin' like Gucci & Prada."

"It's a like a mother f*cking Neiman Marcus on her face!"

"I feel like a rapist, and I'm gonna touch on everything..."

"Moving on to how she did me wrong, because I think I raped her enough, I don't want to get her pregnant."

"She better be glad she was ugly, I count that as a handicap and I can't hit a handicap person"

Dayyyummmn. He made me teared with his words!!! 

3. An "@" sign is not an "A"

"I better not see some shit like, Sexy Sparkly Glitter Princess 305, bitch who the f*ck named you that? They needa get slapped in they f*cking face!"

"Those little...those little..Oh my god! I don't even know what to call them! That little sperms symbol to decorate their name.. I mean gurrrrrlllll... come on!"


4. I hate testing!

"Which of the following is NOT related INVERSELY to NOT some shit, but NOT this and NOT that but NOT this, NOT my ass, and NOT this, BUT ALSO is NOT this UNsomething NOT this."


5. Believe in yourself!

"You have to be a goddamn stupid bitch to buy an AbLounge...... *Sighh*
 Lemme go show you my AbLounge."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, that is hilarious!!

6. Screw Fine Dining, give me a burger!

"Fine dining? Bitch...fine dying!"


7. Group projects are so frustrating!

"You mean to tell me if one person f*cks up, everyone f*cks up but you assign me A f*ck up...... 

Hahahaha. I feel you, Luan!! 

And lastly...this one.. I find this one, is the cutest!! I love how he speaks to his mother in a very slow, asian accent.. His asian accent is so cute when his mom is around! No ghetto at all! hehe

8. Mama's Legacy

You can view the rest of his videos on his channels! Go subscribe him! I did already! hehe.. Can't wait for his next videos! I already khatam all of his videos! haha




  1. Oh.My.God. What have i unleashed? LOL. What's his other Youtube accounts?

  2. hahahahaha! Tu la amy! I blame u! heheh ;p
    Dia punya other utube accounts ada kat channels dia.. Tgk la.. ;)

  3. Thanksss its really funny!! hahahaha.

  4. he so damn funny! leka tgk vids!tq dear..


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