Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Cutest Ads EVER!!!

I watched so many times already now... It's just toooo cute! I love this ad!!

I wouldn't mind if my son or daughter would be running around the house acting like this, if I buy them a Darth Vader suit! It's just tooooo damn cute! hehe ;)

I love the last part, when his reaction was like, "OMG! Did you see that??! I have the force, THE FORCE!!!!!"

LOL! What a cute little kid! ;)

P/s: They only uploaded this video on YouTube  earlier this month, and now it's only 10th Feb and the video already hit 25.3 million viewers! How awesome! hehe



  1. i had a good laugh haha

  2. indeed this ad is so cute.. :)

  3. Hehehe.. they showed this commercial for Super Bowl. Check out the Highlander 2011 commercial. You will feel like smacking that kid's head for sure.

  4. yvonne: hehe. me too! i watch it many many times, and still feel its sooo funny! hehe

    @fr!^n@: kan kann! comel sgt!

    sri rahayu mamat: i want my son to be this cuteee.. lepas tu upload on utube everyday, on all of his activities! hahaha

    madam sooyaree: yeah! i know about that.. i really think this one should win, instead of Kim K's ad. Hers was a bit boring..just bcuz she got a great bod and showed some skin, she won? Pffft.


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