Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Cutest Ads EVER!!!

I watched so many times already now... It's just toooo cute! I love this ad!!

I wouldn't mind if my son or daughter would be running around the house acting like this, if I buy them a Darth Vader suit! It's just tooooo damn cute! hehe ;)

I love the last part, when his reaction was like, "OMG! Did you see that??! I have the force, THE FORCE!!!!!"

LOL! What a cute little kid! ;)

P/s: They only uploaded this video on YouTube  earlier this month, and now it's only 10th Feb and the video already hit 25.3 million viewers! How awesome! hehe



  1. indeed this ad is so cute.. :)

  2. Hehehe.. they showed this commercial for Super Bowl. Check out the Highlander 2011 commercial. You will feel like smacking that kid's head for sure.

  3. yvonne: hehe. me too! i watch it many many times, and still feel its sooo funny! hehe

    @fr!^n@: kan kann! comel sgt!

    sri rahayu mamat: i want my son to be this cuteee.. lepas tu upload on utube everyday, on all of his activities! hahaha

    madam sooyaree: yeah! i know about that.. i really think this one should win, instead of Kim K's ad. Hers was a bit boring..just bcuz she got a great bod and showed some skin, she won? Pffft.


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