Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Hexagonal Chain Bag

I am very much in love with this bag! Oh, I would love to own one.. Guess who's the designer? I'm sure many of you bagaholics out there, already know, by looking at the design/shape and the chains.. Yes, the designer is Victoria Beckham! =)

This bag above, is made of black buffalo and features a hexaganol chain with pale gold hardware and nappa lined interior. Mmmm... Nice!! ^_^

Ahh..I would love to own one of her bags! I think all of her bag designs' look simple, yet stunning! Well..yeah, she borrowed and get some inspiration from her faves bags - Hermes, Valextra, Chanel. But they turn out to be amaaaaazing! Don't you think? Her bags are very classic, simple and with structured designs, which I think would last you for many years!

I want one...pretty pleaseeeee...

Victoria was seen in JFK Airport few days ago ready for NYFW, looking so stylish as usual and toted her Hexagonal Chain bag from her spring 2011 collection. 

Nice, isn't it? (If they are not nice, most of her bags wouldn't be sold out everywhere! Rrright? - And her first handbag collection wouldn't be sold out in just an hour on NAP!)
Oh..she's awesome!

P/s:'s time to get myself a new handbag la! Nak bag apa eh? Wink! ;p



  1. hey. have u watched serendipity? =)

  2. niceee! me likey to!

  3. aires: Aires??? Lesak? Is that youuu? hehe. Hye!! Serendipity? LOL. That is soo random! ehehe.. And yes I have.. It's a great movie, kan? =)

    Anonymous: yupsy! =)

  4. yup. i like the scene where the guy gets the book as wedding gift from his fiance. damn sad man the scene.

    i think ur the one who ask me to watch it long time ago. btw, nice blog u got here =)

  5. aires: heheh.. I forgot already that movie's story line la.. I watched it when I was 17 or 18.. now old already maa.. So dah lupa cane cite tu. LOL ;p
    My all time fave movie is The Notebook ;)
    If im not mistaken, u're the one who said it was a good movie as mentioned by ur friend ke sape tah.. So, since that day, I tried to find high n low for the movie..and's a really nice story! hehee
    God..I love Noah. hahaha ;p

    (LOL. Why r we talking about movies in here?? heheheh ;p)

    Anyway..thanks! U kinda surprised me actually.. Tiba2 appearing on my "girly" blog. LOL ;p
    But nice to hear from u.. Seriously, didn't expect u found/read my blog. Terasa malu sebentar..hahaha ;p

  6. ya the notebook was epic. cant deny that. that guy wrote letters everyday for a year man..

    "Why didn't you write me? Why!? It wasn't over for me. I waited for you for seven years and now it's too late"

    haha. u havent change a bit. mcm dulu. still like that 17 years old gurldix i chat with on ym. =D

  7. aires: hahahaa!

    "I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year!"

    "You wrote me?"

    "Yes... it wasn't over, it still isn't over!"

    *kissing in the rain*

    Awwww...hahhahahahahahaa.. My fave part/lines in the movie! hahhaa..

    Oh really? I haven't changed? Heee.. Heard that from a few people alreadyy.. that a good thing or a bad thing?? haha..
    Hurmm... *thinking* hmm.. it could mean that I'm still young, eh? haha. Yeah right wani... ;p


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