Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Every Girl's Dream!

A walk-in closet!!!!!

Well.. I am not that type of SATC girl. I am not Carrie as for the clothes, or her bags, and surely not her shoes. And yes, definitely not even Samantha! tskk. But.. every time when I see any girl's walk-in closet, I want to have one, and I want to be one of those girls. Just because of the functionality and the beauty of this kind of room. And the privilege that you'll get to linger in that room and see all the beautiful things just before your eyes, and feel so happy, even when you're having a really bad day....

A walk-in closet is a lavish yet practical solution to cramp and store all your beautiful things into it! It offers an excess amount of storage options...and that's why it is what every (shopaholic or girly) girl's dream of having! ^_^

Imagine..having lots and lots of spaces for your clothes, and your shoes, and your bags..etc! Oh goshh.. Just thinking about it, makes me so excited! hehe.. There'll be no more wardrobe malfunction! - My closet behaves more like a black giant hole in which my clothes seems to just disappear within! Sigh..

Sometimes it's really tiring to dive in my closet, and to find that newly purchased TopShop blouse of mine, in my entire wardrobe, and having to tear apart all the clothes inside it, just to find that one little blouse to wear to work.. - I have such a  little space for my heaps amount of clothes! tskk. (Errr... 2 and a half cupboard for your clothes is little, rrrrright girls? Yes.. it's only two and a half! Not even a three..how sad!) 

And don't let me start talking about my bags' space/cupboard. It's pathetic! I cramped up everything inside that tiny little space! It's no wonder I always wear the same bag over and over again, just cause it's tiring to search in what seems like a little garbage in there! >_<

I wanted everything on a display.. Easy to search and choose.. A walk-in closet is definitely a nice feature to add in a bedroom.. Seriously...I don't mind having a tiny room, but as long as I get a hugeeeeeeeeee closet!!! hehehe ;p

It just makes clothes preservation easy. And plus, it provides maximum convenience to change your clothes with everything that you will need close by! Ahhh... There is nothing better than being able to get dressed with ease!

And that is why... this little girl, does need a walk-in closet! Well.. which girl, doesn't? hehee ;p

Imagine...having a lot of space to hang your clothes, your shoes, your bags, your little items..and so on.. and with some big fat giant full-length mirror in it, and extra, extra space to stand around them and do your business while lingering on that pretty little things of yours!! Ahhh...bliss!
A walk-in closet can also serve as a dressing room, which provides an organized space for getting dressed and do your make up and hair, or in my case, tying and wrapping my scarf! =)

Anyways.. I was browsing on the internet to get some ideas of walk-in closet designs.. as I'm thinking to revamp my room... And I stumbled upon so many great designs, that my eyes hurt from not knowing which shall I put aside for reference! There's just too many that I love! Ishh

However, Carrie from SATC's closet is still my number one choice! Simple yet  amazing! I likeee!

It is a rectangular room with doors in the narrow sides. The one door is the entry from the bedroom and the other goes straight to the bathroom. I would love to have this kinda room! It's perfect!

Why I love this closet, is because it has a one side for masculine's closet and another side for herself! I find it so cute, and sweet!! And then, in the middle of the room, there is a central zone with down-scent spot lights, just over the daybed. Over these spots there is the hidden lighting also...which makes the room appear glowy and glossy.. and look SO pleasant! I really think lighting contributes greatly to the look and feel of a room!

However... I don't quite like her shoe closet! (Too little space! heh ;p)

But I love love loveeee that she has lights in here! This space is full of lights! It's like a display rack on a shoe store! Coolness!!! I can just sit still in front of these amazing shoes..and watch a shoe movie! hehe

Anyway...let's drool over some closets that I like..

This room reads: Girly and Neat. - Flowers, White. and a little pink! ;)
Everything is kept inside that wardrobe.. I can't see what's inside it.. Hmm..I wonder what clothes and shoes inside there! Btw, I like the zebra printed couch, and that purple rug. It's cute! 

This one...can't see that much. But I do love her shoe rack! So many heels to rest in there!! ^_^

Ahh..this one. Posh meets Glamour. 
I think this room has a feeling of luxury.. I don't know why, but there's just something about ivory wardrobe and closet, that gives the room a little poshy feeling..

This one..I can't see the whole room, but I like how she arranged her stuff in here! It's pretty! 
(but this one actually looks like the ones from the Ikea book! LOL ;p)

And lastly... one of my favourites! 

I call it a Disneyland for a girly girl like me! hehe.. It's super girly and sweet!!!! I finally understand what this phrase means "It's like a fat kid in a candy store" ..or cake or ice cream..or whateverr that is sweet! heheh ;p 

Ahhh... Can't stop drooling over these closets, kan?! Jom mimpi pasal a walk-in closet nak, malam ni? hehee ;p

P/s: One day, when I get my walk-in closet.. I can already imagine the stuff that I'm gonna put and display around the room. Especially the little Kelly bag that dad got for me! No more storing it in that huge orange box! hehe.. Mmmmm... Can't wait for that! ;)

-images/sources: googled.



  1. wow fab walk in closets dear @__@

  2. aku pun mauuuuu

    aku blh laa my shoes, bajuss n bag mcm carrie bradshaw! ;p

  3. i wish i pun ade satu walk-in closet...alahai, bile lah leh dapat... ;)

  4. Bestnya kalau ada. Memang semua wanita inginkannya..

    Entri Terkini: Nak Tak Tips Cantik??? Jom la baca...

  5. yvonne: kan! i wanna have one! hehe

    hanis: rrrightttttt. ;p

    alyza: i bet it's every girl's dream to get these wardrobes kan!

    hanani: yup2.. Only the lucky ones will get it.. haihh.. so envy n jealous of them! hehe

  6. kat sini mmg org x lipat baju, hang je sume dlm walking closet. Harus balik Mesia nnti buat menda yg sama, tp x mampu la nak posh2 hehheh

  7. why u always want to follow your sister?

    I have read this post in your sister's blog last month, if Im not mistaken. but for sure thingking of reading in your sister's blog is not a mistake.

    Get a life!

  8. an15: wah really? that's cooool!! ;) well, as long as ada satu, ok la tu kannn..hehe

    anonymous: LOL. Y r u so serious babe? relaxxx..hehe..
    Follow?? haha. Honestly, I did not follow her my dear. Hers was about shoe closet.. Thissss is a WALK IN CLOSET I'm talking about la... which is two different thing.. And yes, I blog about this, bcuz I am planning to do a walk in closet in my room soon. So I need to get a lil' idea. Is that wrong? =)

    Chillax. No body's following no body. ;)

  9. hai Waniey....best kn kalu ade walk-in closet cm gitu...mmg every girl's dream pun....walaupun sy xde la ade byk baju or shoes tp still nk berangan gk...hehehe...mane la tau in future, collections makin byk, so walk-in closet cm gini mmg sgt praktikal...cm best je tgk sume collection tsusun kemas...dulu suke tgk MTV Crib, suke tgk closet celebrities, jeles pun ade gk...hahaha


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