Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the Extra Money Pops In..

......................................................... I went for a little retail therapy!!! ^_^

The stuff I Zara. 

I've always loved this store. It's either this, or TopShop. These are the two brands that I would always pop in, whenever I'm looking for some new tops to add into my wardrobe... Just cuz they have such amazingly magical outfits, that could make you look so pretty! ;)

Ahhh...going home feeling so happyyyyy!

The thing I love to do whenever I'm back from shopping is, to try them on for hours and hours in front of the mirror, trying to mix and match with different colors/styles, accessories, scarves, bags and shoes! And prancing around in my room until I'm tired. LOL.

Girls will be girls...right?? hehe

P/s: To my Chinese friends.. How was your CNY? Got a lot of Ang Pau, ah? Share with me some, lorhh... heheh. Anyway, Happy Cap Goh Meh to you guys! ;)



  1. waahhhhhhhhh .. i want it too.

  2. WOW!!!! DUIT Banya Banya ah??? Saya Mahunyeeeeeee.... :p

  3. Hi babe,
    A little advice, better to keep your bags at the back. Letak a bunch of paperbags in front, will attract pencuri as they know you are alone, and a woman ;)

  4. Wahhh Wani,bestnya dapat shopping macam U.Memang retail therapy betul la..:)

    Entri Terkini: 3D Model..Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah..

  5. dear... u really noe how to spent ur money.. hehehe

  6. Wahhhh :)))) $$$$$$$$

  7. hye wanie...bestnye kalau dpt jd ada baju & heels yang cantik2 ;)

  8. hahaha
    sme la dgn nur kalo beli kasut mestu try jalan2 satu rumah smpi puas hati hahaha

  9. wani .. jgn letak handbag cam tu ..bahaya lah .. i selalu letak kat kaki i .. tersorok sket .. u tau lah kan days nie ..hati2 dear

  10. Yang..bahaya u put your bag like time put it under driver seat tau :)

  11. dear, is zara still on sale ?

  12. u memang suka show off eh?? kenapa tak humble and down to earth mcm ur sister. i adore ur sister more.

  13. fiza: hehe.. ;p

    nathan: lol. me too! already finished now! hahahah ;p

    madam sooyaree: awww thats very sweet of u to remind me!! thanks dear! ;) *hugs*

    hanani: alah..sekali sekala nak unwind..n treat myself ok la...heheh. tiap2 minggu/bln mmg mati la kalau mcm ni..hahaha ;p

    daleela: heh. somebody's said that to me too! lol.

    yaya: lol

    lyna shaari: awww ure so sweet! if i dah x muat, or dah boring ke apa..i can pass some of them to u... kalau u sudi la..heheh ;p

    cik nur: kan! best kannn ;)

    anonymous: thanks for the reminder dear!! ;)

    annis: heh. i bet all girls like shopping eh..heheh ;p

    afina: thank u for the reminder...i wont put like that ever again! thanks love!

    sarah halimi: i dont think so.. but only left for stock clearance stuff

    anonymous: lol. it's ang pau money honeyyy.. ;)


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