Thursday, February 10, 2011

School was Cool! :)

Hello there... My name is Shazwani, and you're about to read a lil' history of my life.. ;p
(Not that it is so interesting or anything.. But I just thought since it's a blog/journal that I would want to keep until I'm old.. So I figured I wanted to post some memories in my grandchild would know how awesome her nanny is! LOL. Yeahh right ;p)

Mind you, this would probably be my longest entry that I write so far.. Or probably the longest entry any blogger would write! Pffftt. Yeah right.. ;p
But anyway, this is an entry on a 20 years' story, of my life! So of course, it's gonna be long! ;p
(Well..if you find it boring, and too long, you can just leave the page. I won't mind. hehee)

So now... let see, the  woman  young lady I became today..hehe  ^_~

Guys! Something happened!!! All that I have typed in here were all gone!!!!! I don't know why!!! Is it because it was too long???! Sighh.. T_T
Goshh..... This is so sad! Does this ever happened to any one of you before??!! All my recent comments were gone, and so is my post after the "click more" button! WHY OH WHYYYY?!!

Hmmm... I'll try to edit and update if I have time... But I still can't get over thisssss....



  1. keje kat mana skarang wani? don't tell us u're selling PB too..=p

  2. OMG panjangnyaaaa entry ni Waniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  3. wani, how sweet of you sharing ur life, opinion and's such a loooooonnnnggg story but beutiful :)

  4. Tang kening tu je yang tak banyak berubah. Yg lain tu BOTOX ker??

    Ahaks, gurau je ;)

  5. Indeed! your school was cool! Baru tau sis Wani ada 4 siblings :D

  6. Fuh!!! puas akak baca dik...akak kenal someone dlm gambar wani ke jepun tu..Nabila...she's my friend little sister... :p

  7. salam...

    gambar baby yg sangat comel..

    :) folo ur blog....


  8. wow... so long la shaz...
    but it is a good one.. no regret.. ;)
    u have a wonderful chilhood time.. :)

  9. woww...such a nice life u had ever since you're a small girl.. Lucky you!

    and whoaaa...i didnt know ur such a brilliant girl?? Perfect scores, all years in your schools and university???!!

    wow. u gain my respect dear...
    Pretty from the outside. Beautiful from the inside. Nice clothes with great fashion sense. Bertudung. Solat jaga. Girly and Whimsy. Orang senang. And most importantly, you're not a bimbo! In fact, you're an adorable smart girl!!!! :)

    seriously, I'm impressed with you!

    by da way, I'm Ika. Been following your blog since 2009. But I have never comment, and dont have a blog. But this entry has really really wowed me!

    Keep up the good work! u're definitely my fave blogger!


  10. wani

    i think UIAM was awesome as akak studied kat matric sblh je kan..apapun..very nice & long seronok sgt baca !!

  11. high 5! i pon tak ske uia. bosan. naseb baik la my parents bag i keluar awal...then i masuk kdu! i lambat sikit habis dari my batch...but its ok, as long as i tak buat, apa yg i tak suka..

    nyway, nice story wani!

  12. xsempat baca ur long je,nmpk " PFFFFFT!!!!!

    Guys! Something happened!!! All that I have typed in here were all gone!!!!!....."

  13. Alahai..i pn teerlepas....ruginya

  14. alaa ruginya cudn't read the full entry :(


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