Monday, February 7, 2011

Raina's Senior

I was flipping through an old album when I found this....

(click on the picture to enlarge!)
Me..when I was barely one year old..

And then.. I realized someone's face looked just familiar like mine when I was just a tiny Shazwani... Noticed the eyes...the hisap jari part, the play with ears thingy.... Guess who? =)

It was this girl!! 

My sister's daughter, Raina Aryssa!

Oh well.. but.. I'm fatter! ;p But still, our eyes look about the same! Even my mom said she looks like me when I was a baby...hehee.. *Tiba tiba excited sangat sebab terasa macam tengok anak sendiri*.... or *Terasa macam tengok diri sendiri masa baby* 

Pffft. Perasan. Raina comel lagi kotttt..huhu ;p

Aren't we look about the same? hehehe ;p

So.. Along, can I make her my anak angkat? LOL



  1. hye there..
    u r chomel too.. :) dont worry..
    semoga cepat dapat jodoh and dapat bby.. :)

  2. raina sgt comel ngan mata yg cute...mmg her eyes look like u mase kecik2... :D

  3. annis: kan! i geram tgk dia!!

    @fr!^n@: heheh.. thank u.. and Amin! ;)

    alyza: kan? she's so cute kan! such an adorable her momma! (and auntie. LOL. takde kaitan!) ;p


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