Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gathered with the SKTM Girls and Boys :)

I love Facebook! It connects your friends even if you haven't met them for more than a decade! How awesome is that? Those days, when internet wasn't even existed yet, I'm sure many of the schoolmates has lost contact and probably has forgotten about everyone already by the time they reach their 20's... But with Facebook, you can always stay connected with your friends..even after a decade you've have not met them! And from there, you can create an event, to meet and mingle with everyone who's on it...  Just make an "event page" on FB, and invite your friends, and see the response immediately! Isn't that cool? Oh, I love technology! =)
(wth.. I sound like an advertisement for FB. Pfft ;p)

So anyway, last Saturday, I attended the reunion for my primary school, SKTM at Chili's Mid Valley. Yes, you heard me. My primary school! Not high school, nor university. Well..actually last year, they did this gathering too, but I couldn't go. So this year..I managed to join and see everyone who are there!

Gosh..everyone looked the same, yet so different! Hehe. We're grown ups already!

Well..actually, after a decade of not meeting one another, nothing much is different. (At least to my eyes) Err... Except for a little tiny things, like new hairstyle/haircut, longer hair, new spectacles, new names, a lil' bit teenage pimples here and there, bigger smile, more friendly, and errr....more fat stuck in the body (Read: me) ;p

So this was us, 6 Anggerik, SKTM

And after more than 10 years of not meeting each other, so here we are.. in the 2011, getting updates and stories from everyone...

From left (clock wise): Conrad, Rachel/Mei Ping, Ashlei/Su Yeng, Kim Cheng, Shazwani, She Yen, WenJi (this girl used to sit right next to me in 6A)

Some of us is finishing their degree, some are working, some still waiting to get a job..and some even is taking a masters degree! (Some already married! Err...ada kaitan tak? heh ;p)

Pics, taken from my friend, Mei Ping

With Edmund Siew, the guy who planned all this...and also, the guy who belanja half of us! (He now works in Scotland, btw) 
Anyways.. Thank you Ed!!

With Ashlei.. She's a Junior Creative Design at an event company 
(She's actually my ex classmate in SAB too! hehe)

...and with Getha. She was in SAB too! Well..a few of us went into the same high school actually. Anyway, she works with CIMB, but gonna resign this Monday. haha. 
But.... I'll be replacing her! hehe

All of us!

I heard, next gathering would be in another 5 or 10 years time! that time, I bet everyone is a wife/husband/daddy/mother to someone eh? hehehe..

Can't wait to see that! hehe



  1. T_T rugi nya tak dapat nak datang....

    and my word veri is spelled "potat". Doesn't that sound a lil bit off hahaha.

  2. u yg the first from left tu eh? row blakang skali...(gambar kelas)

  3. You went!!!

    Ashley Ho Su Yee gila hot la dari dulu until now.

    So not fair that everyone must take class photo when I'm sick. Heish. Who got married btw?

  4. pakai tudung tapi tucked-in baju? tak sesuai lah... pakai la proper attire.... teguran ikhlas...

  5. is that a gucci belt and a bag i seeeee??! waaaa.. I wan to have a look at a closer image plis!! take a pix close up babe! they look gorgeous!

  6. u skrg tak keje ehh wani? u buat ape je? tunggu kahwin?

  7. keciknya kaki awak cik wani! sy jeles!

  8. Dear, lipstik kamu ni kaler cantek lah! Cerita la details sikit ye!

    Ada giveaway di sini~

  9. azfar: next gath sila datang pakcikkk! hehe

    anonymous: no, thats my friend named wina. I'm wani btw. heheh ;p

    amira: yup.. i did.. i was the last one to arrive sbb ada hal.. i thot mula2 tak nak dtg dah.. tp...dah alang2 kat luar, dtg je lah..
    n it was fun to meet all of them! ;)
    btw, the one that is married is the guy that we talked about over ym.. heheheh ;p (I still cant believe he's married actually.. cuz he doesnt look 'married'..hehehe ;p)

    anonymous: thanks. =)

    sha: heheh.. Yeah they are. =)

    anonymous: tak lah ;p

    @ddy: kecik???! kecikkkk???? LOL. Tang mana kecik tuuuuu. hehehe. Tgh berusaha nk kecik kn kaki ni, ada la...

    karipapsayur: heh.. cerita details? huhu.. Details nya begini: lumurkan the make up store lipstick in Bare.. and you're done! hehe ;)

  10. SKTM?sekolah kebangsaan taman muda?if yes... hey i was from that school as well.i grad from that school year 1996... hmm

    wonder if u kenal me or not.


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