Sunday, February 6, 2011

Face Mask

Do you use face mask?

I do! I do! I use it every week! So what about you? What type of face mask do you girls like to use? There are many types of face masks, and they are: clay masks, cream masks, peel off masks, fruit extract masks, yogurt masks, and gel masks, just to name a few in the long lineup of facial masks in the market. Well for me, I prefer clay mask and a peel-off mask. Both masks absorb excess oil and dust particles while they dry.. And they also tighten up my skin and pores and help to stimulate blood circulation. That's why I love these masks.. Plus, they are suitable for my skin type. ^_^

I don't know about you, but I think adding a face mask in your skincare regime is vital.. It is a beneficial step in your skincare regime! However, you do not need to use it face mask is a weekly routine. (Trust me, you don't want to use them everyday.. It won't do any justice to your skin, if you use it too often.. And plus, masks could be really expensive too!)

Facial masks can really clean your face, tighten your pores, hydrate, brighten and exfoliate your face, depending on types of masks you're using... It is very important before you buy a facial mask, you must first recognize your skin type and then buy them accordingly. No matter your skin type, there is a facial mask suited for you. So buy them accordingly, bukan main hentam jer..hehe

As for me, most of the time.. I would use clay masks because I have a combination skin.. And they are great for my skin. But these days,  the skincare that I use right now, is making my face a little bit dry.. So, my beautician suggested me, to use a facial hydrating/sheet masks twice a week..

So the other day, while I was browsing through the products in my fave drugstore, Watsons.. I saw these masks.. with different color packagings and types.. The brand is called My Scheming. They are from Taiwan.. Lovely cute packaging. And it's very cheap too! ^_^

So I thought I wanted to give it a try, since my L'Occitane hydrating cream mask is about to finish.. so, I bought all of them! Different color/type is for different function.. But all of them is a hydrating mask..

Facial Cloth Masks

I like these masks because they don't have a strong fragrance in it, which is great because try imagine to sit for at least 20 minutes of not being able to breathe properly! hehe. The masks from this brand has a very soothing smell... Which I like! Seriously, try using it while laying down on the bed! You'll sleep like a baby! hehe

Gotta love it! ;)

It also rejuvenates the skin. Well, all sheet masks' main objective is to balance up the skin hydration level.. So it basically does like what other sheet masks do. But the essence from this mask is not too watery nor too sticky too, which is so great because you can just peel it off and let the excess essence on your skin to dry.. And your skin would feel SO SOFT afterwards! That's why I love it!

Anyway, do try it! It's less than 10 bucks per piece (I forgot how much I purchased in Watsons. Probably around RM 7 or maybe RM 8. Can't remember!)

These are my favourites! Lavender, Bulgarian Rose, Sakura, Pearl Extract, Aloe Vera and Bird's Nest

So ladies, do indulge yourself and enjoy vibrant smooth skin. You deserve it!



  1. nice review! as for me, i just go for homemade remedies bcos it's cheap and definitely safe on skin -_-

    i think i should give this a try. thanks for sharing!

  2. no i dont.. i gi facial ajeeee sbb malas nak facial2 mask nihhh dok reti

  3. so true! yesterday i've tried one of those garnier peel off mask and later i found out that my skin is better aaaannnd smoth.. no doubt bout that.high five miss wani!!

  4. ween: ur welcome! and yeah i like home made masks too!! ;)

    hanis: yo lahhh kakak... -_- hehee..

    dniealias: kan?! mmg muka rasa smooth n lembut je! *sep2!*

  5. Dear, suker dengan entry nie...:) I too, love facial mask, tapi just takder maser nak buat jer...:(

  6. three musketeers: thanks.
    Hmm..try do it, before bed time, perhaps? Just 15 mins dear!

  7. Dearrr,if you suka musk My Scheming yang you pakai tu, i boley jual dengan you harga yangg sangaaaaaatttt murah, Rm2 per pieces for any flavour :)

  8. syazwani, i link belog u kat entry i yee!if u xsuke bgtau tau! :)


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