Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steal the Beam with Teal

I find myself wearing too much boring colors these days. It's either Black, White, Brown, Grey or Black and White. Pffftt.

Black and white could be boring if you wear them from top to toe. You needa add a little bit of color to make them appear less boring than usual, and to create some intensity in your outfit... Be it your bag, or shoes or anything! ;)

Say...purple/pink with black and white, or dark green with your black and white... or teal/aquamarine colors, to pop in some hue in your outfit! ^_^

Top: Cheetah printed black and white silk top from Zara

Pants: Plain silk black trousers from Topshop

Scarf: Teal colored chiffon oblong scarf from Pasar Malam

White ribboned pearl brooch from Accessorize
Amalfi teardrop stone ring from Accessorize
White patent satchel bag from Dior
Dark blue watch from Fendi

Shoes: Teal colored heels with beads and studs from Nine West

Last time I wear this top with my black scarf and a black pants (how boring) but then I wore it with a venetian red Celine handbag, just to paint a lil' color in that outfit.. 
Or... I wore it with my hot pink pants with a hot pink scarf, and with my pink Kelly bag! ;) - Just as long as I don't look black and white all the way from top, to my toes! ^_^



  1. Color clashing is so in now.. tapi kene pandai mix and match juga.. if not nampak pelik but you do look great wanie :)
    great sense of fashion

  2. nice post!this is kind of post that we want from a fashionista :) <3

  3. cherrie pie sweety: oh geeee.. thank u honey! yes, color clashing is nice kan kalau pandai matching kan things.. last time I wore a light green outfit with some cobalt blue accessories! hehe ;p

    white purple flower: thanks dear! i think since intrend 'call' or rather 'gave' me that name..(haha ;p) well.. i think i should do this kind of "what i wear" post more often, ey? hehehee ;p

  4. Tu kasut Nine West yang u beli dengan i dulu kan? Hehe. I love the shoes! Cuma i tak berani beli sebab tinggi sangat.

    I never thought contra colors akan in sekarang coz i was so into it last year.

  5. u have an actual Kelly bag? cool!

  6. oh mi god.. you're so prettyyyy... subhanallah..

  7. aku pun ade cencen tuuuuhh

  8. love it when u combined the leopart print wif teal color-my fav!
    lovin it sis! :) hve a wobderful day ahead!


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