Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dangerous Dessert!

I was looking through my iPhoto just now, and I came across this picture!!  *salivating*

An Arabic dessert called Kunafa'!!!!
(Yes, it may look ugly...but the taste is just sinfully delicious!)

Ishhh... Very bad timing! I'm PMS-ing right noww.. and I just want all things sweet! I've been eating fine chocolates (with fine amount of sugar inside, that is! Pfffttt), cupcakes, shortcakes, Red Velvet cakes, Chocolate cakes, macaroons, some malay kuih2, and cekodok pisang and all things unhealthy and high in sugar and FAT. Haihh. I hate to have eaten all just 4 days!! Arghh.
And I'm sure, all that would definitely go straight to my bum! Haihh..

But..I've got no other choice but to satisfy my cravings jugak jugakk...otherwise, I'll turn into a fiercely crazy young lady whose hormone is imbalance, and always wanna yell at things! LOL ;p

Anyways.....when my hormone was a bit balance (because I just drank 2 cups of hot cocoa), I... ter-click and ter-saw that picture in my lappy! Dammmit! >_<

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my goddddd.... After seeing these pictures, it made my saliva dripping.. and made my laptop wet! haha.. Seriously..I've been wanting this dessert so badly ever since I came back from Saudi...

It's the best arabic dessert ever.

........anddd it's the most delicious and fattening dessert I've ever eaten! (Well... Ok. I've eaten so many fattening food actually ;p)

Anyways... If you're not that familiar with this dessert, well.. Kunafa' is actually an Arabic dessert,with a cream cheese filling in the center. - There are many types of fillings in the basic recipe, like cheese, banana, nut, and cream just to name a few.. But my fave one would be the original one.

I could finish the whole thing, even though it's a bit muak if you've eaten so much... But honestly, the taste is soooo sinfully sedap. Perisa gemuk.


Anyone knows where can I find and get this Kunafa' dessert in KL?! Pretty pleaseeee... This PMS lady has starting to grow her nails longer and ready to battle, after seeing that pictures! ;p




  1. hai wani...
    i'm ur silent reader. sy tinggal kat Madinah. Kunafah mmg sedap, lemak berkrim kan. kalau dekat sy dah pos kan kunafah tu utk wani.. cuba try cari kat restoran arab kat kl tu maybe ada kot..

  2. try pegi sek 9, shah alam dear! :)

  3. benda ni mmg sedap!! :D nak pinjam gambar kunafa' masuk blog? haha :D thanks thanks!

  4. hi!!
    first time comment sbb selame nih jd silent reader tegar:)

    perisa gemuk??like it!

  5. hai salam, masa kat saudi ingat tak pergi kedai kunafa tu kt mana? dekat dgn mana?

    rasanya in kl, bukit bintang try middle east rest, mostly ada hidangkan dessert termasuk kunafa.

  6. yummy!
    teringin nak rasa..
    agak2 dkt arabic restaurant dkt sini ade ke?

  7. kesian...
    kunafa sedap kan dik? akak suka jugak...kat kuwait ni melambak2 kunafa ni..i also like the baklava..hehehehe...sabar ye...kalau dekat akak dah pos kunafa kat u..:)

  8. owh...I always thought dat middle east food sumenye tak sedap..too plain n simple..m i right?

  9. wani..try tgk kat tarbush @ bukit bintang/sunway pyramid..tapi akak penah makan yg inti kacang je kat situ..yg lain2 tak sure ada ke tak..

  10. last time u came up with the word "rasa tebal". sekarang perisa gemuk? hahaha.

  11. hi im ur silent reader from jordan. memang sedap seminggu sekali i bantai. that explains my large body frame right now. tapi serius sedap.

  12. mcm best je.. nak jugakkk.. mana boleh cari eh?

  13. dear, try this Al-Rawsha :

    i noe most arabic foods mmg sedap even it is super sweet...


  14. hi wani...I selalu baca post u citer pasal pms nya craving...i just rasa mcm mana la rasanya perasaan itu...but then last week my 1st period after 10 months gave birth to my gurl....I hd same i really understand pe yg u tulis hehehhe....

  15. Dulu aku tinggal di Jordan, kalau petang2 bosan takde kerja aku selalu belasah kunafah ni kat restoren. Memang sedap terutama masa tgh panas2.. dia punya cheese melekit2.. perkh... mana aku boleh dapat kat sini? kalau nak buat sendiri tak tau kat mana boleh dpt ricotta cheese.

  16. Hi,,,,, coba try kat Damas Sweet dekat ampang point :D sedapppp


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