Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Have Found My True Love!

No, no it's not what you're thinking. That one would be way wayyyy too far and too long to find it just yet! haha

Anyway, on the day that I had just finished my very final paper, my dad brought us one whole family to have dinner at Marriott hotel. It was to sort of 'celebrate' my very very last paper for my degree. We went to a Japanese restaurant there.

Just so you know, I have eaten Japanese food quite a few times before.. Well my dad do bring us to some Japanese restaurants all along this while, like Hotel Nikko, Equatorial, some other Japanese restaurants in Klang Valley and such, but I just don't know whyyy..it never occur to my taste buds to like Japanese food.

Never. (Except for the raw salmon. Oh that one I just love love loveee it so much! But that's it. Only the raw salmon. I don't even like the nasi thing. So that salmon can't exactly be called as sushi, can it? heh. So no, I never like Japanese food).

Well.. the reason why I never liked Japanese food was probably because I had a few 'incidents' with Japanese food, kot? My first time ever was when I was 16 - I was in a student exchange programme in Japan. I was adopted by a foster parents in Osaka. So I stayed with them for about a week.
On my very first day arrived in Osaka, they brought me to a Japanese restaurants before going back to their home. I told them I cannot eat meat at all..so they ordered for me this one meal - some sort of noodles.. I think it was soba or something..and the 'soup' was just a plain icy cold water..and with some raw eggs in it and some other things that I wasn't so familiar of! Hmm..eating a cold soup? An icy cold soup with some raw eggs and noodles?? How weird is that? Goshhh! It tasted horrible! I never have ice cubes in my noodles! It's really weird! So I only ate two spoons.Tu pun dah nak termuntah dah.. The taste just so funny. =/
And next incidents happened in Hotel Nikko and Equatorial.. It was years ago. I vomited right after I ate all those stuff.. So there you go. Three times is enough for me to not like Japanese food! >_<

So..that is the main reason why I never really fancy a Japanese food.

But.... on that very day that my dad booked a private room in that restaurant for us to enjoy our dinner, at last.. I fell in love with Japanese food!

Seriously, it was one of the best cuisine in the world! How can I not know that Japanese food is awesome??! Kenapa dulu bila pergi any Japanese Restaurant, rasa macam their food is just so-so or normal? Nothing extravagant?
But this time... Oh god.. the food is just too marvellous and délicieuse! I likeee!

Anyway, we ordered these!

Sashimi. It consists of some fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces and served with some dipping soy sauce with wasabi. Yum! My favourite!

The right one is called Toriniku. It's a Chicken Teppanyaki or something.. And the left one is a bean sprout dish.. I dunno the name though..

And this is Cali Temaki. Which is California Rolls!

Enoki Teppan. I loveee this mushroom!

Cali Maki. Something like California Rolls, but these are cut into small little pieces. Which I like cuz easy and way more sopan for me to eat as compared to the coned Cali Maki! hehe

Gindara Terriyaki. We ordered 2 plates of this. Gosh, this is so yummy! Its the silver cod fish! I can't get enough of this!!

Gyu Tenderloin. (Note: Gyu is beef in Japanese)

Tempura Moriawase!

Dobin Mushi soup, one for each of us.. I really like the pot! So classic yet cute!

And lastly, our favourite dessert in the world: Matcha Ice Cream! This green tea ice cream with some red beans really really turns me on! hehe. Seriously, I absolutely love the creamy taste of it! Yum yum yum!! It just yummy! 2 scoops for me is definitely not enough la, daddy! hehe ;p

Our drinks. Despite having the usual Japanese Tea, we ordered this too. A Ginger Apple Nectar. This drink is packed with doses of pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, D, E, K B1 and B6! - as it contains with some refreshing juice combo of carrot, apple and ginger. It's a great drink for a good dose of essential vitamins!

Okayy..that is all the food that we ordered! Banyak ke sikit? hehe. We thought that it was way too much for us, but towards the end of our dinner, me and my brother thought that the amount of food that we ordered were not enough! The tamak little person inside of us said we want moreeee!! haha. Oh well..with the perfectly delicious taste of food like that, it is definitely not enough for me!
 They were all so absolutely scrumptious!!

Anyway..here are the rest of the photos during the 'pre-graduation' dinner.. Enjoy!

Daddy ordering food

Me posing with my source of vitamins! haha. (Sorry, I wear my naked face on. I was rushing. Just got back from the exam so I didn't got the time to make up and get dressed properly. tskk)

The waitress serving us the Ocha Japanese Tea..

I lovee that black thingy in that small blue bowl. What is that again? Seaweed, eh? Sedap dowh! ;p

Hmm...I really gotta learn how to use chopsticks after this! (more Japanese food to try! hehe). Using fork and spoon is just not cool!

Toilet break! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! ;P

My ring is bigger than that Dobin Mushi soup bowl! hahaha ;p


Thank you dad, for bringing me to this wonderful dinner. The food is awesome! And also, thank you for giving me education and every thing else that a girl needs. I know in a million years, I can never repay all the things that you both did for me, as much as you have given me! So thank you, thank you thank you THANK YOU, daddy and mommy! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

P/s: Heyyy.. I am no longer an undergrad student!  I now a graduate student! Yeayyy! =)
Now...what next? Err..continuing masters or work? Hmm..my answer would be, err... lepak! hahaha ;p

P/ss: Japanese Food, you're in my "Favourite Food" list now! =)



  1. sgt2 cantik ring tu very bold n beautiful! :) i don't know but i love to see you without heavy make up put on ur immaculate face.

  2. hi wany,

    ske tgk muke u x pki make-up... nampak comel n mcm bdk skolah... hehehehh...

  3. wani,u xpakai make up pun ok ape :)
    btw,i penah n i think xsuke makan japanese food.bile tgk je tekak jd kembang..cane eh rase raw salmon tu? :)

  4. wani, naked face pun dah comel.. tak nampak slack mane2 pun.. hehe

  5. u tak mekap pun chantek la wani :)

  6. hye wani~
    i think your naked face is much prettier~
    u have the neutral beauty babe~ :D

  7. i suka tang ikan ikan mentah tu! hehehheheh!

  8. wani,u look fresher and younger without makeup on.i like this look on you more compared to the usual.happy graduating!

  9. i think you look better without make up! Seriously!! :)

  10. nampak lagi cute without a make up

  11. owh that ice cream green tea sgt sedap kannnnnnnn!
    i had one in japan previously and sangat heaven ok!
    n i even tried their wasabi ice cream!!! yes wasabi! mmg confirm tak sedap la kannnnnnnnn!
    tp nak merase punye pasal, telan jugak few bite...the rest, goes down the drain...muahhaha

  12. wani, u might say u look plain, but to me u're just so sweet wearing that dress. simple yet adorable :)

  13. OMG love ur huge ring!! and the food tooooo *drool* Ur dad nak amik anak angkat tak? Hahaha..j/k!

    But oh trust me, memang tak cool pakai fork & spoon mkn japanese kan? Hari tu I kene gelak with my friends sebab my sushi almost "terbang" bile I grabbed pakai chopstick. Eeps! Maluuuu!

  14. macam ni punya makan ni, mau cecah 1k nih! betul tak wani? marriott kot! u're very lucky la wani. baru habis exam, terus bapak bawak makan tpt2 mahal..belum lagi kalau dpt result gempak..
    best nyaaaa jd u.
    i wish my family is like urs.hmm..
    anyway, i like ur naked face! sgt innocent yet sweet! kalau u mekap pulak nmpk very bold n sexy/seductive look.

    ok, thats all.
    keep on being comel ok?

  15. yummy!!! i love your blog!!

    apatah lagik bila ada entry food..n shopping..n travelling..(ok! ok!..i like everything about your blog!!)

  16. omg..
    geeeee...thank u for the compliments! i always feel like my face will look so damn pale whenever i dont use eyeliner, eye shadow or whatsoeverr..

    thanks girls for the sweet comments!

    and yeah, i love my big bold ring tooo!

  17. hi
    i'm ur silent reader. u looks pretty even without any make up. i luv reading ur blog


  18. i liked ur naked face..nampak natural yet sweet with ur age..klu u make-up nampak sedikit garang or maybe matured...heheeeeeeee

  19. awak mmg cantik!

  20. ceh..kena ada private room baru nak suka mkn Japanese food! ;p

    ok lepas ni try Unagi (belut) pulak. sedappp tak tipu!

    btw, i read somewhere that if u don't know how to use chopsticks, it's better to eat sushi with your hand daripada guna fork/spoon - which is what i do most of the time! ;p

  21. hi wani, saya rasa awak nampak lebih cantik and natural tanpa make up yg berlebihan. baru lah awak nampak muda. maksud saya sesuai dengan umur awak.

    jangan marah ye. ni pendapat saya yg ikhlas dari hati.

  22. Hi there wani! you're so pretty and your skin is so FLAWLESS!

    what is your secret?..care to share? ;)


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