Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love Fine Dining!

For the Mother's Day eve and Aizat's Birthday dinner, we had a small celebration at Hilton Hotel.
We had it at one of the finest restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, that is Chynna Restaurant to have a fine Chinese cuisine for a family dinner.

Just so you know, this restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the KL Hilton.. The moment I stepped into the Chinese ambiance, I went ooohh-ahhh and a lil' bit of jakun. My oh my..this place can be described in one word, that is: Luxurious! Such beautiful settings and deco for a Chinese ambiance and environment! I really felt like I was in Beijing or Shanghai or know! We were surrounded by lanterns and wall hangings of ‘ancestors’ suspended on high beams, and with the grand tanglungs that were all over the ceiling, checkered black and white tile floors, black table linen, and with the soft lighting that makes all the deco looking so perfect.. and not to forget the grand entrance with 'Chynna' writings on it, and opulent looking cushion seats that were all soaked in the color deep red, the table setting that was arranged so decently (what a luxurious cutlery they have there!) and the gorgeous and slim Chinese ladies that welcomed us to our private room.. =)
Everything was just so...perrrfect..

The huge tanglung in our room..

Very nice, kan? =)

I dunno why, but like seeing how a table is set in a 5 star hotel or in a fine restaurant.. They are somewhat unique and creative and have this 'royalness' feeling whenever your butt sink into the chair and you sit comfortably waiting to be served.. heheh ;p

I love the display plate! Very Chinese and very unique!

Anyways.. after everyone has seated and admiring the ambiance (or the table setting - that was me!), we were served a welcome drink by a chap, known as the tea master who wears a Chinese outfit, carrying a gold teapot with a metre-long spout! This guy is from Beijing and has a skilled in the art of pouring tea with martial arts movements, using a teapot with this one metre-long spout! Hebat!

His 'show' was quite dramatic Everyone in the room was looking at him excitedly! =)

Macam-macam style ada. His kungfu moves while pouring the tea was amazing.

Mmmmm..tasted goood! It's a Chinese tea with ginseng. I super loved it! I had like more than 5 cups of that!

I hate the lighting.. Semua gambar jadi color tak besttt..I look like a ghost heree.. tsk

After a few minutes of enjoying our drinks, there came a server to our room with a huge lobster on his huge tray..

 "Dinner is served!"

Okayyy...more like starters actually..

They served each one of us course by course...

7 course to be exact! Oh my god.. Banyak gila kan?! But honestly, their food are too rugi not to eat!! This has got to be one of the best dining experience I ever had in my life! Sumpah sedap gila. Makin lama, makin sedap makanan-makanan yang dia served tu! Starting from the entree sampai lah ke dessert.. Omg..while writing this pon I dah terliur sebab teringat kesedapan dia tu! haha. And you know what, since the portion of food that they served are all quite small, so I left zero traces of my food on all my plates sebab tak cukup walau dah kenyang sangat-sangat! haha.. Serious sedap gila! Takde yang tak sedap langsung! YOU. HAVE. TO. TRY. IT. TO. BELIEVE. (okayy saya sudah tidak tahu macam mana nak explain betapa sedapnya ia..hahaha)
So I won't explain further on how the taste of each and every meal that I had there.. (Because I really think you gonna feel like slapping my face for having to say "sedap gilaaa" for too many times! But seriously, SEMUA memang sedap sangat-sangat!) 
Just look at the picture to interpret kay, since a picture worth a thousand words, ey? heh ;p

First up on the menu was a Three Combination of Lobster Salad.

And then came a very big bowl of Braised Yellow Shark's Fin Soup with  Crab & Roe, Shanghai Style.

Next, a Grilled Canadian Cod Fish with Cointreau Orange Sauce

Then, a Braised Homemade Pipa Bean Curd with Brine & Sauteed Chicken with Chili and Garlic Sauce

Stuffed Cabbage with Smoked Duck in Abalone Sauce

Seared Portuguese Creamy Prawn with Hand Rolls Rice

And lastly, a Pumpkin Puree with Fig Konyaku Jelly topped with Coconut Ice Cream

My happy and satisfied face! heh ;p

After we had done with our foods, elok pulak my battery camera habis! Grrreat. And then, masa tu lah pulak ada surprise for my brother.. His birthday was on 7th May, btw..
So the waitresses brought in a big carrot cake and sing along the birthday song for the birthday boy.. (Sorry, picture quality very bad, I was using my BB Bold. tskk)

"Happy 19th Birthday, Aizat"

And this is the 8th course! heheh ;p

Us. Sister and Brother. (The sister baru umur 21, adik dia sudah 19. huhuh) ;p

Happy birthday, brothaa! I love you always! =)

P/s: Your birthday present will be given later kayy. I'm kinda on a tight budget. Gotta get that thing done first! heee ;)




  1. i love fine dining too, this is a must try eating place! :)

  2. hi wani, may i know wani guna bb bold yg mana satu eh? 9700 ke? sbb quality gambar tak berapa elok. wonder sbb 9700 tu 3.2mp..ada flash, so nak tau its camera quality. btw, ur face sgtlah flawless :)


  3. Tapi mesti mahal gila kan? Huhu. Yang pumpkin something2 tu nampak sedap!

  4. wani, u looks so cantik & fresh!

  5. OOOooOO dah lama tak makan shark fin soup! I wish I could find one here in UK :(

  6. omg, u should see how they killed the sharks.... then u'll think twice abt eating sharksfin soup...

  7. mya: yeah, try it! it's really2 nice to dine there! =)

    kucing merah jambu: its bold 9000. tu pasal la tak clear. hehe
    btw, nmpk flawless probably bcuz of the mousse base tu kot. tp betul2 tak flawless pon..

    reena: taktau la dear.. am not the one yg tak amik pot. haha.
    btw, mmg sgt sedap pon pumpkin tuh.. Rasa dia mcm comel. sedapp!

    mrs syediz: awwww..thank u! ni yg nak stop pki eye make up dah ni since byk ckp nmpk fresh! heee =)

    nana: sedap kan shark fin's soup..i suka gilaaaa.hehe

    anonymous: erkk..really? why? how??

  8. comel gile ayah awak tngkp gambr aizat


  9. aduhai..ur skin texture adalah sangat aumm :)

    happy birthday to ur bro!

  10. iqwa: kan! i pon rasa comel bila tgk gamba tu! hehee =)

    lily lotus: aduhai..itu adalah sebab flash yer kakakkk..kalau tak, tak nmpk "aummm" pon the texture..hahaha ;p

  11. 19 yrs old but 4 candles?hihi..



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