Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They Have a Happy Home Now...

Remember this post?

The Heels in the Wheel post...

You knoww... The one that was published in InTrend magazine in April 2010? The Heels in the Wheel post... Ring a bell? heheh ;p

Oh well...since I am no longer staying in a hostel, and no more traveling back and forth from my house to my hostel - to take and to send my clothes and my laundry and what not...


I can now store all my shoes in the shoe closet in my room! Yeayyy.. No more "walking shoe closet"... They have a happy home now. Much more comfortable for them to stay.. hehe

 I just de-cluttered my shoes from their boxes or dustbags, to store them in my closet.. Now let's have a look...

But these are only my favourite ones.. The rest that is not so lovable by me, I'll put them in the "family shoe closet" downstairs
(Oh btw... Yes, I still haven't hang my Audrey Hepburn canvas on the wall.. Heee ;p)

When I was happily doing this job, I realized that I haven't got any green colored shoes! (Yeayy..time for shopping, I guess? heheh ;p) 


Here's how my little shoe closet looks like..

No... Not this actually.. hehe. This is all my fave shoes. So I didn't put them in the closet.. Instead, I displayed them on a rack, making it as a decor in my room! =)


Now thisss, is my little shoe closet!

I couldn't take the full length of it..Because my camera couldn't capture the full length of this closet..and also because I am so short! T_T

So... I snapped every tier, so that you could have a look at them.. 

One tier could fit about only 8 pairs of shoes.. So since I don't have that many shoes, thank God it could store all my fave shoes in here! No need to buy another closet! hehe. And I arranged them according to colors, by the way.. easier to choose, right?!

There's a little more space in here actually... Hmm... it's a good sign for shopping, I guess?? heheheh ;p

P/s: I hope one day I'll get my "Walk-In Shoe Closet", just like them! AMIN! hehe ;p



  1. wow so delicious your shoes!

  2. wow!.......sangat teratur......

  3. salam perkenalan wani,

    do you have any tips macamana nak jaga kasut agar tahan lama dan tak rosak bila lama tak pakai?


  4. very neat and tidy...and i just love the classifications. if i do have colored shoes, for sure i'll arrange it your way. but somehow, no other color than black, white & grey could be found in my shoe closet. :)

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh banyak kasut wanie .....by the way i suka sangat gamba kasut2 duk dalam bonet kereta tew sangat kiut hahhahah

  6. u've got such a delicious shoe collection babe! what a great eye u have!!! I so cant wait to see ur new closet! hehe

  7. wow!!!how i wish i have it too

  8. wani, nk tanye sket la..
    everytime u beli new shoes, pernah x kaki u sakit first time pakai? bukan sakit sbb kasut tu x elok ke ape, tpi org kate the term is 'kasut gigit kaki'? i kdg2 malas beli new shoes sbb x pakai pon, coz awal2 pakai mang sakit kaki especially heels.. tpi bile tgk ur collection, geramnyeeee!!! soo cantik!

  9. waaaahhhhh...geramnye tgk kasut2 u...semua cantik2...

    kalo la i bleh kumpul kasut cam u...bestnye...

  10. i wish size kaki kite same so dat haku bley pnjam kasut hang..hehe..tp haku pon mcm la reti sgt pakai kasut tinggi..huhu..btw,rindu ko =)

  11. ladysiti: hehe. thanks!

    notti netti: supaya senang nak pilih! ;)

    yours truly: umm.. put that thing that sucks kelembapan.. it works on my leather shoes... also, put them in a box or dustbag if u have any..
    nnt, insyallah they'll be in good shape ;)

    arn sweetrider: LOL. try and get some other colors! it'll be fun! ;)

    miss moon: hehehe.. i pon suka! ;)

    anonymous: awww thanks! maybe u shud start collecting too! hehe

    emywinchester: penah! like almost all the time! what i do is, pegi kedai..suro dia stretch/longgar kan the shoes...
    or kadang2..i just pakai the shoe a few days in my house, with socks..and walk around my room! hehe

    alyza: thanks!

    naz: hehehe.. too bad ure not my size! kalau tak, boleh pakai kasut aku kannn..hehehe
    btw, rindu awak jugakk..hehe ;)

  12. I Adore ur shose.. but to high for me.. (i already have the long legs.. ahakss).. I have a suggestion.. if u can put the shoes in their box, but before that take a picture of the shoes first then glued it to the box.. and u can store with the box, then ur shoe storage will be more proper.. its just an idea.. hehe

    nway i like u!!


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