Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Fondness for This Style

Since I had my eyes on Rizman Ruzaini latest collection the other day, I fell in love with Kaftan Dress instantly! To be honest, the first time I heard and knew about this fashion, was about a few years ago (I was still in school)... And at that time I was surprised to find out that Coach made a dress called as 'kaftan'; a word which I thought came from my mother tongue language! So I was kinda feeling a little bit proud that time, cuz they commercialized our 'baju tidur'! hehe.. (But apparently, kaftan is not originally from our land, but Persian? haha. - I just found out about this! ;p)

Oh well..anyways, I never knew that all these while, the apparel that most of us, Malaysian, wear to bed could be worn to a party or dinner or something! hehee. Even though it was already in the market, but that was the very first time I knew about this trend and fashion! Heeee.. ;p

Hmm.. But yeah, to be honest, I never really like the fashion actually.. Only certain people can pull off this style.. Tall and slender people, that is! But some say, this style is universal...everyone can wear it.. Hmm.. I don't know, it's just not to my liking... Even to bed! I don't know.. I just find it very unflattering and unattractive lah, those batik kaftans! Or so they call it as 'baju kelawar'. Hmmm... (Yes, I am thatttt gedix. I like wearing nice clothes, even at home! ;p)

(I prefer sexy lingerie...or..just a simple (pink) t-shirt by Paul Frank with "I'm Awesome" printed on it, and match it up with my hot pink Victoria Secrets sweatpants or something! ;p
Ask my roommates while I was staying in hostel.. They hardly seen me in a kaftan! Heee ;p)

So yeah, I don't really like that style. But after seeing Rizman Ruzaini's collection the other day, all of a sudden, magic happened and I realized that I do like that fashion now! That's the power of Rizman Ruzaini's touch! hehehe.. It could change my liking instantly!

Hence, I bought one for myself.. Just thought of trying this fashion, and change my sense of style a bit..

This, is a light grey kaftan dress with embroidery at the front and a loooong bow at the back. I could wear this dress with my fave shoes in the world, and my Fendi Hologram Suede Clutch. Mmm-hmm..

This dress is super feminine. I like! I really love the embroidery detailing and the long bow at the back! SO cute! This kaftan dress is from a boutique called Femi9, which I bought while I was in Mecca last 3 months. (They do a lot of pretty long dresses, I tell you! And yes, all their designs really really do suit their name, which is so Feminine!)

I really wish they open one store in here..

And I also wish that this dress comes in other colors as well. Bright colors, that is! This color is pretty dull actually.. But that's alright, because we don't really have to shine all the time now, do we? hahaha. Okayyy... I am blabbering ;p
But yeah..this dress is not meant for a grand dinner or something.. I could use this on a nice dinner date or something, kan kan? heh, my mission is to find another kaftan dresses to stock up on my dress collection.. Really hope to find one that I like, with a fantastic price tag too, of course! ;)



  1. masa tengok kat rumah hari tu macam tak perasan sgt dress ni cantik. bila dah pakai baru nampak cantik. and u look tall in it!

  2. hi much does it cost..?if u dont mind...:)

  3. sometimes grey colour pn boleh meletop matching dgn u punya glitter shoe awsome :)

  4. gonna be the best for Raya Haji girl. chill.. ;P

  5. along: hmm..tu la.. Yup, am wearing a 6 inch heels! ;p

    anonymous: about few hundreds saudi riyal

    pinky@heart: thank u!

    cik nur: eheeee tu laaa.. kena pandai mix n match n play around with accessories

    arn sweetrider: heeeeeee. no lah. just some normal baju kurung will do on raya haji.. =)

  6. Wah cantiknya! I'll definitely suruh my MIL pegi usha since she is now there :)

    Thx for the info!


  7. hye wani~
    lawanyyee kaftan u..i pn ske kaftan since dye da de mcm2 style n bkn mcm bju tdo lagi~~ =D

  8. mommy of fiona: yup yup! they have a lot of pretty long dresses! go ask them to check it out! =)

    gadiskaca: thank u honeyy! ;)

  9. i pun ske kaftan.. :D
    mmg sgt gorgeous!! wani nampak elegant wearing this kaftan dress. nk sgt tgk the bow at the back ;)

  10. THANK U! Nanti if I pakai lagi this dress, i'll take a snap at the back of this dress kay! hehe


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